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This is one of the main reasons why Max Your Memory is a book that's visually led with fun and engaging illustrations and short chunks of easily digestible text. Since learning becomes much easier when it is fun and relevant to us, ...

Author: Dr Pascale Michelon

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9781409374558

Category: Medical

Page: 192

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Boost your memory power with the ultimate brain workout Max Your Memory with this fun programme packed with 200 fun exercises, puzzles, tips and strategies to sharpen your memory skills. Designed to improve all aspects of your memory including long-term, short-term, visual and organisational, you'll also find helpful tricks that can be applied in everyday life helping you remember all those phone numbers, faces and names that seem to slip your mind. Use the helpful "check-in" and "check-out" boxes to record your score and chart your progress as you improve. Max Your Memory is one book you shouldn't forget to buy.
2012-01-19 By Dr Pascale Michelon

Here's a test of your long-term memory. This is one area where older people tend to excel. Youngsters, whose brains are firing on all cylinders may, even so, find it harder to recall the distant past than their elders.

Author: Robert Allen

Publisher: Collins & Brown

ISBN: 9781910231470

Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

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Memory is like a muscle - you either use it or lose it. Memory plays a crucial role in our lives because it is closely linked to intelligence. Unless your memory is well stocked with information, what have you got to draw upon when you need to solve problems, make decisions, or think creatively? Then there's all the everyday stuff like remembering where you put your car keys, not missing anniversaries, or revising for exams. So, can you really improve your memory in one day? Yes, you undoubtedly can. This book provides you with the all tools you need to improve your memory radically. And the more you practice, the better your memory gets, so we've included a month's worth of day-by-day tests and exercises to make your memory super strong.
2015-01-30 By Robert Allen

Q A Q Does this mean it's pointless for me to use any memory-training games? A While I can't discount every single one, in general there is a lack of strong evidence that such games will boost your memory.

Author: Darren Bridger

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

ISBN: 9781907755545

Category: Self-Help

Page: 257

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In Boost your memory, expert author Darren Bridger provides 52 brilliant ideas and brain training exercises that will help you make and store new memories effectively and re-arrange your existing memories for more effective recall. Boost your memory will help you perform better at work, and make sure you never forget another anniversary or important detail again. Simply brilliant.
2008-06-24 By Darren Bridger

Simple and effective techniques to improve your memory 50MINUTES.COM,. BOOST. YOUR. MEMORY. Issue: how can I stop losing my train of thought during a presentation? How can I remember the name of that person I met during the last ...

Author: 50MINUTES.COM,


ISBN: 9782806279408

Category: Self-Help

Page: 30

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Ready to take your career to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about improving your memory with this practical guide. We use our memories on a daily basis to learn and retain a large amount of information, making it imperative for us to look after them as much as possible. Regularly forgetting things can take a toll on our professional efficiency, interpersonal relationships and overall wellbeing. This guide will provide you with invaluable information on improving and maintaining your memory. In 50 minutes you will be able to: • Learn and retain important information more easily • Identify which techniques work for you for remembering and recalling various materials • Keep your memory in tip-top condition with our helpful and practical advice ABOUT 50MINUTES.COM | COACHING The Coaching series from the 50Minutes collection is aimed at all those who, at any stage in their careers, are looking to acquire personal or professional skills, adapt to new situations or simply re-evaluate their work-life balance. The concise and effective style of our guides enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of a broad range of concepts, combining theory, constructive examples and practical exercises to enhance your learning.
2017-05-24 By 50MINUTES.COM,

Supporting your Memory The memory does not work in isolation, but as a part of the brain and the body as a whole. It follows that, if you are to maximize your memory's potential, you must adopt a range of simple support measures to keep ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9781405359573

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 72

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Train your mind, enhance your mental abilities, sharpen your memory and be more successful following expert tips, techniques and checklists. Now in ePub format Make forgetting a thing of the past and discover how to improve your concentration, retain and recall accurate information and organize your thoughts effectively. Explore different mind-improving options and put them into action with the aid of helpful flow charts and illustrations. Follow as a complete course, or dip in and out of topics for quick reference. Life-enhancing tips - take it wherever life takes you!
2008-01-10 By DK

They are based on surveys that studied people who generally did not have any information about how their memories worked and who consequently tended to neglect them . In other words , the tests showing that human memory declines with ...

Author: Tony Buzan

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 1406610186

Category: Brain

Page: 190

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The potential of the human memory is phenomenal. But do you know how to make the most of yours? In this edition if the BBC classic Use Your Memory, the secrets of how to improve your memory are fascinatingly revealed by Tony Buzan. He teaches you how to improve your memory for names, numbers, dates and lists and also for speeches, articles, poetry and whole books. There are sections for card players, for people learning new languages and for those studying for exams, as well as an intriguing chapter on how to recall your dreams. Use You Memory will- Be particularly useful for school and university students throughout their studies, and especially during review and exam times Be useful for business people and for those wishing to improve their brainpower as they advance in years. Allow anyone to join the rapidly growing number of mental athletes who are preparing themselves for memory competitions and championships. All the classic memory systems are explained, plus, of course, Tony Buzan's own world-famous Mind Mapping technique.
2006 By Tony Buzan

Discover the Memory Improvement Tips and Study Skills of the Ancient Greeks Vernon Macdonald. The whole key to developing your memory involves turning upper case Bakers into lower case ones. The memory techniques you are about to learn ...

Author: Vernon Macdonald

Publisher: Martin Knowles

ISBN: 9781494875947

Category: Education

Page: 58

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Discover how to train your mind to easily learn and recall critical information on command, just like the ancient Greeks From the student studying for a test to a business professional, a powerful memory can be your ticket to success Imagine that you are a student studying for an exam. Do you think having the ability to effortlessly memorize dates and names would be an advantage? Or maybe you’re a professional giving a speech. How much more impressive would it be to your audience if you gave it without notes? No matter who you are or what you need to remember (grocery lists? People’s names?) a robust memory is a huge advantage, a game changer even. Who wouldn’t want a powerful memory? However, if you’re like most people your memory today is likely anything but. You likely forget the names of people you were introduced to 2 minutes before. Remember a single phone number? Forget about it (literally). Why is it that despite the advantages that a photographic memory would bestow so few of us possess it? Why are our modern memory abilities so flabby? It wasn’t always this way. In ancient Greece the idea of a trained and disciplined memory was not the foreign idea it is today. What’s more it was not only great statesmen and philosophers like Cicero and Plato who had amazing memories, virtually everyone did. The reason for this is that before paper was commonly available it you wanted to remember information of any kind you had to memorize it in some way, there was no other choice. This is why the ancient Greeks and others all developed memory techniques that anyone could do with a little practice. With a little practice yourself, so could you. Since ancient times we have used almost every technological advance to essentially out-source our memory. We all use short cuts such as paper, computers, cell phones etc. to remember information our memories used to. As a result our brains memory abilities have gotten flabby from disuse. The truth is that our brains are like muscles. When they are not used they become flabby and weak, but with a little exercise they can become muscular and strong again. This is what my book “Improve Your Memory Today!” does. It shows you how that you too, with a little practice, can use these ancient memory techniques to have a super memory. Think of all of the advantages that will be available to you once you possess a trained and disciplined mind: • Easily and quickly remember names and dates – great for students! • Recall facts and figures that will impress your business associates • Give speeches without notes • Remember poems, famous quotations or even entire books • Never suffer from the embarrassment of forgetting a person’s name 5 minutes after having met them! • Easily remember telephone numbers without the use of your cell phone • And much more! None of the techniques that you will earn in “Improve Your Memory Today!” are difficult, but they will all have a massive positive effect on your ability to recall critical information. If you are tired of having a flabby memory get this book and start training your brain today!
2014-01-01 By Vernon Macdonald

How to Remember What You're Starting to Forget Janet Fogler, Lynn Stern. time to think about what you need to ... Recognize and deal with the factors that may be negatively affecting your memory. In this book, we have discussed factors ...

Author: Janet Fogler

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421415710

Category: Self-Help

Page: 168

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“The finest handbook we’ve seen on the subject.” —AARP Magazine Appliances and car lights turn themselves off. Smartphones and laptops remind us of appointments. Google lets us search for information we can’t remember. Yet with all these advances, we still grow frustrated and anxious when words won’t come, when we misplace items, or when we forget the name of the person in front of us. Now, University of Michigan social workers Janet Fogler and Lynn Stern have completely updated their friendly, practical guide to memory improvement techniques, many of which can provide immediate results. Recognizing that people worry something is wrong with them when they forget things, they suggest that the antidote to worry is taking positive action to help us remember what we want to remember. They provide tools for understanding and improving memory, including sixteen helpful exercises. Simple techniques like writing information down, creating a catch word or phrase, altering something in your environment, and reviewing details in advance can put you actively in charge of retrieving information more easily. As in previous editions, Improving Your Memory reinforces memory techniques through real-life examples. This accessible handbook also discusses how memory works; how it changes with age, stress, illness, and depression, and why people remember what they do. “One of the most complete memory training guides available . . . This volume has clearly emerged from considerable practical experience with conducting memory courses.” —Contemporary Gerontology
2014-10-23 By Janet Fogler

You're wondering if it is time to get your memory evaluated. ◦ Yes! If your memory problems are interfering with day-to-day aspects of your life, you should definitely have them evaluated. • You just had another “senior moment” where ...

Author: Andrew E. Budson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190494957

Category: Medical

Page: 344

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With more than 41 million Americans over the age of 65 in the United States, how much (or, perhaps, what type) of memory loss is to be expected as one gets older and what should trigger a visit to the doctor? Budson and O'Connor address these concerns in an easy-to-read yet comprehensive style, featuring clinical vignettes and character-based stories that provide real-life examples of how to successfully manage age-related memory loss.

If you have a life that is in turmoil on a daily basis, unorganized and over packed with activities, never allowing yourself adequate care, your memory is certain to develop some degree of suffering. It is surely something that will ...






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