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Leisure and Place : Cross - cultural perspectives reports on leading edge research into cross - cultural studies of young people's ways of knowing in Europe , Asia , Africa and Australia . Based on their leisure and recreational ...

Author: Margaret Robertson

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1594540292

Category: Social Science

Page: 241

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Young People, Leisure and Place reports on cross-cultural research into the personal geographies of young people. It explores young people's leisure and recreational pursuits, including favourite places, and.offers a tentative theory of adolescent thinking and development. The major themes explored are the impact of globalisation on young people, their reference systems and their use of private and public spaces. Evidence is presented of global, national and local dimensions of growing up in different countries in a post-modern world. The book contributes to a better understanding of issues of contemporary citizenship in a globalised world where the commodification of knowledge blurs boundaries and values. Effective citizenship in a world of time-space compression and instant access to diverse sources of information is problematic. This book provides a fascinating insight into the discerning values of young people. As they reveal their hopes and dreams within the knowledge society, the young people involved in this cross-cultural enquiry also highlight their conservatism and the traditional core values associated with their homes and families.

No research on young people, leisure places and violence has been carried out until the implementation of this project. The theme, qua tale, is new. However, since 1995 – precisely the period when violence and insecurity have become ...

Author: Éric Marlière

Publisher: ASP / VUBPRESS / UPA

ISBN: 9789054874201

Category: Social Science

Page: 207

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This penetrating study of the violence associated with juvenile leisure activities combines research from six European countries--Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom--to gain insight into the cause of the violence and to formulate effective strategies for solving the growing problem. Separate diagnoses made by the different investigative groups serve to enrich and complement each other, providing a more complete image of the factors involved in conflicts occurring in these contexts as well as supplying the appropriate preventative measures. This study brings a new understanding to the underlying causes of the violence, and presents an eye-opening look at the problems faced by today's youth culture.
2007 By Éric Marlière

Discos and pubs were mentioned frequently as places where trouble was so frequent that they were better avoided. Drunkenness was mentioned in this context, but the 'bouncers' in many city centre discos or just the crowds of people ...

Author: Anthony Glendenning

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134950928

Category: Psychology

Page: 202

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Covers new ground in examining the importance of leisure in the socialization of young people. From a seven year study of 10,000 young people, it analyses leisure in relation to school, sport, friends, class, gender and health.
2003-09-02 By Anthony Glendenning

This has had an enormous impact on young people's leisure lives, but now, according to one commentator, they are 'leaving in droves' (Marder, 2014). We must ask why. Third places or 'interstitial' spaces and young people's leisure ...

Author: S. Gammon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137428530

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 238

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This volume aims to map out the complex relationships leisure has with notions of place and space in contemporary life. Illustrating the transdisciplinarity of this key feature of leisure studies, it explores how leisure places and spaces affect personal, social and collective identities.
2016-01-12 By S. Gammon

Consequently, some committed local residents have provided structured leisure activities for young people. The activities usually take place in local community centres, many of which are in need of renovation and, due to a lack of funds ...

Author: Tina Byrne

Publisher: Combat Poverty Agency

ISBN: 9781905485222

Category: Poor

Page: 96

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2006 By Tina Byrne

In most places young people's leisure opportunities have become extremely limited. They have been staying at home watching television, which they say has improved. If they go out this is most likely to just hang about.

Author: Elisabetta Ruspini

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317187172

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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A New Youth? provides a cross-cultural perspective on the challenges and problems posed by young people's transition to adulthood. The authors address questions such as: What are the experiences of being young in different European countries? What can we learn about the differences of being young in non-European countries? Are young people developing new attitudes towards society? What are the risks associated with the transition of youth to adulthood? Can we identify new attitudes about citizenship? On a more general level, are there experiences and new social meanings associated with youth? The volume is comparative between various European and non-European countries in order to identify the emerging models of transition. These characteristics are connected with broader social, political and cultural changes: changes related to extended education, increasing women's participation in the labour market, changing welfare regimes, as well as changes in political regimes and in the representation and construction of individual identities and biographies, towards an increasing individualization. The work offers critical reflections in the realm of sociology of youth by providing broader understandings of the term 'youth'. The detailed analysis of new forms of marginality and social exclusion among young people offers valuable insight for policy development and political debate.
2016-03-16 By Elisabetta Ruspini

(2000) found that families with disabled children tend to have less access to leisure places and activities compared to their typically developing peers. There seems to be a disproportionate absence of families with disabled children ...

Author: Dimitra Hartas

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030600013

Category: Education

Page: 126

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This book explores the shifting geographies and contexts of children's play and learning. The author examines both free and guided play through the lenses of class, gender and disability, drawing links between face-to-face and online interactions. As young people increasingly spend time in virtual environments it is important to adjust understandings of how, and when, they engage with learning. The book examines play as a continuum of activities and peer interactions, interrogating what it takes to bridge the gap between academic and wellbeing goals for children with disabilities and disadvantage, as well as those at the intersection with other markers of difference (e.g. gender and race). It will be of interest and value to scholars of play and education, as well as those working with disabled or disadvantaged children.
2020-11-21 By Dimitra Hartas

Youth jobs, unemployment, and “no-job-no-education” Counties in Sweden with large portions of rural population tend to have ... Youth leisure and ICT use in rural areas Recreational activities play important functions in people's lives.

Author: Vania A Ceccato

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135005559

Category: Social Science

Page: 394

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Crime is often perceived as an urban issue rather than a problem that occurs in rural areas, but how far is this view tenable? This book explores the relationship between crime and community in rural areas and addresses the notion of safety as part of the community dynamics in such areas. Rural Crime and Community Safety makes a significant contribution to crime science and integrates a range of theories to understand patterns of crime and perceived safety in rural contexts. Based on a wealth of original research, Ceccato combines spatial methods with qualitative analysis to examine, in detail, farm and wildlife crime, youth related crimes and gendered violence in rural settings. Making the most of the expanding field of Criminology and of the growing professional inquiry into crime and crime prevention in rural areas; rural development; and the social sustainability of rural areas, this book builds a bridge by connecting Criminology and Human Geography. This book will be suitable for academics, students and practitioners in the fields of criminology, community safety, rural studies, rural development and gender studies.
2015-08-27 By Vania A Ceccato

Youth leisure, class and place Youth leisure has long been a source of public and political concern, in the UK and elsewhere. Traditionally this concern has focused on young people's presence in public space, and their potential for ...

Author: Blackman, Shane

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447330523

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 312

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Though they tend to get less attention than other disadvantaged groups, huge numbers of young people today in Britain are marginalized, experiencing isolation, social hardship, gender and ethnic discrimination, and overall social stigma--a situation that has been exacerbated by the combination of austerity measures and a weak job market that has all too often cut young people off from support and employment. This book sets that marginalization in the broader context of austerity, poverty, and inequality to show both recent changes and long-term continuity in the position of young people, with a special emphasis on the voice of youth and the forms of resistance they adopt.
2017-06-28 By Blackman, Shane

Drawing comparisons between the experiences of young working-class people across the centuries is clearly a rough ... adult supervision and 65 per cent of children aged 7 to 11 were permitted to visit leisure places on their own.

Author: Simon Sleight

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134789979

Category: History

Page: 294

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Baby booms have a long history. In 1870, colonial Melbourne was ’perspiring juvenile humanity’ with an astonishing 42 per cent of the city’s inhabitants aged 14 and under - a demographic anomaly resulting from the gold rushes of the 1850s. Within this context, Simon Sleight enters the heated debate concerning the future prospects of ’Young Australia’ and the place of the colonial child within the incipient Australian nation. Looking beyond those institutional sites so often assessed by historians of childhood, he ranges across the outdoor city to chart the relationship between a discourse about youth, youthful experience and the shaping of new urban spaces. Play, street work, consumerism, courtship, gang-related activities and public parades are examined using a plethora of historical sources to reveal a hitherto hidden layer of city life. Capturing the voices of young people as well as those of their parents, Sleight alerts us to the ways in which young people shaped the emergent metropolis by appropriating space and attempting to impress upon the city their own desires. Here a dynamic youth culture flourished well before the discovery of the ’teenager’ in the mid-twentieth century; here young people and the city grew up together.
2016-02-11 By Simon Sleight