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Responding to this demand, Working on Health Communication provides a practical guide to the process of designing, implementing and evaluating campaigns. The book follows the campaign design process step-by-step.

Author: Nova Corcoran

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446209783

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 200

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Good communication is at the heart of strategies for effective health promotion and public health. At a time when lifestyle and preventable diseases are still on the rise, practitioners are in need of the skills to deliver effective health messages to the right audience, at the right time. Responding to this demand, Working on Health Communication provides a practical guide to the process of designing, implementing and evaluating campaigns. The book follows the campaign design process step-by-step. It covers every stage from selecting theoretical models and identifying the message and target audience, right through to running the campaign and evaluating its success. "Real-life examples" of actual campaigns are used throughout to show how theoretical ideas work in practice. Working on Health Communication is ideal for students and practitioners in public health, health promotion and other health-related areas who are working on health campaigns.
2010-12-10 By Nova Corcoran

The more tasks you build into the timetable now, the more likely you will remember to assign the work, ... Selected Readings Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, Communicating with Youth About Alcohol: Methods, ...


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9780788100802

Category: Health & Fitness

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Discusses key principles relative to specific steps in health communications program development, and includes examples of their use. Covers: planning and strategy selection, selecting channels and materials, developing materials and pretesting (pretesting -- what it can and cannot do, pretesting methods, plan and conduct pretests), implementing your program, assessing effectiveness, feedback to refine program and more. Each chapter includes a 3selected readings2 section. Includes: information sources, sample forms, glossary, bibliography, etc. Photos and drawings.
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Pietroni (1992) describes the 'baby' of interprofessional work that is hin- dered by the need to develop a language, which can be shared by all its LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION members. This is a description that will surely resonate with ...

Author: Stuart Wix

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780443073960

Category: Medical

Page: 224

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Multidisciplinary Working in Forensic Mental Health Care provides a practical guide to the establishment of effective multidisciplinary working methods in the care of mentally disordered offenders and others. examines the theoretical basis of multidisciplinary working in a mental health context provides a practical guide to establishing multidisciplinary working considers training needs, team building, risk assessment gives an overview of research in the field
2005 By Stuart Wix

Now in its second edition, topics covered in the book include: - Mass media - Diverse audiences - Evaluation - Media analysis - Campaign monitoring Case studies and interactive activities in each chapter encourage critical thinking and ...

Author: Nova Corcoran

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446290446

Category: Medical

Page: 248

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Communication skills are essential to effective health promotion and public health practice. This textbook bridges the gap between health communication theory and health promotion and public health practice. It provides students and practitioners with the knowledge and skills they need to design, plan, implement and evaluate programmes and campaigns. Now in its second edition, topics covered in the book include: - Mass media - Diverse audiences - Evaluation - Media analysis - Campaign monitoring Case studies and interactive activities in each chapter encourage critical thinking and creative campaign design practice. It will be a valuable resource for students, lecturers and practitioners working across health promotion, public health, communication, media, healthcare and nursing fields. Nova Corcoran works as a Senior Lecturer in public health and health promotion at the University of Glamorgan.
2013-02-01 By Nova Corcoran

CDC medical staff were dispatched to New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania; CDC communication officers were sent to ... the ability of communication officers working in health departments to mount a coordinated response for most ...

Author: Parvanta

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9781284065947

Category: Medical

Page: 530

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Introduction to public health communication / Claudia Parvanta -- Population health : a primer / Patrick L. Remington -- A public health communication planning framework / Claudia Parvanta -- How to communicate about data / David E. Nelson -- Understanding and reporting the science / David E. Nelson -- Communicating for policy and advocacy / Claudia Parvanta -- Health literacy and clear health communication / Erika M. Hedden -- Behavior change communication : theories, models and practice strategies / Claudia Parvanta -- Formative research / Claudia Parvanta -- Media vehicles, platforms and channels / Claudia Parvanta -- Implementating a communication intervention / Claudia Parvanta -- Evaluating a health communication program / May Grabbe Kennedy and Jonathan DeShazo -- Clinician-client communication / Richard N. Harner -- The role of communication in cancer prevention and care / Wen-ying Sylvia Chou, Danielle Blanch-Hartigan, Chan Le Thai -- Crisis and emergency risk communication : a primer / David W. Cragin and Claudia Parvanta -- Health communication in resource-poor countries / Carmen Cronin and Suruchi Sood
2017-03-21 By Parvanta

Health Communication needs to specifically seek out critical and interpretive health researchers to review this work. Finally, there can also be specific awards and scholarship for critical health scholarship.

Author: Shaunak Sastry

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889665631

Category: Social Science


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2021-03-05 By Shaunak Sastry

Barbara Crawley ( M.S. ) is a Social Science Research Analyst at the Health Care Financing Administration ( HCFA ) and ... She created the Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health and now oversees its work , chairs the Work ...

Author: Ronald E. Rice

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761922334

Category: Computers

Page: 459

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Based firmly on research, The Internet and Health Communication provides an in-depth analysis of the changes in human communication and health care resulting from the Internet revolution. The contributors, representing a wide range of expertise, provide an extensive variety of examples to vividly illustrate their findings and conclusions.
2001 By Ronald E. Rice

Discourse and conversationanalysts working in healthcommunication can find important opportunities tostudy participants' online communicative processes concerning reproductive healthand contraception. Animportant questionto studyishow ...

Author: Teresa L. Thompson

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483389783

Category: Reference

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From the dynamics of interpersonal communication between health professionals and clients to global command-and-control during public health emergencies that cross international borders, the field of health communication bridges many disciplines and involves efforts from the micro to the macro. It involves navigating personal, cultural, and political complexities and an ability to distill complex technical science into quickly and easily understood terms for ready distribution by the mass media--or to an individual patient or to the parent of an ailing child. Despite an abundance of textbooks, specialized monographs, and academic handbooks, this is the first encyclopedic reference work in this area, covering the breadth of theory and research on health communication, as well as their practical application. Features: Nearly 600 original articles are organized A-to-Z within a three-volume set to provide comprehensive coverage of this exciting field, including such topics as theories and research traditions; evaluation and assessment; cultural complexities; high risk and special populations; message design and campaigns; provider/patient interaction issues; media issues; and more. All articles were specifically commissioned for this work, signed and authored by key figures in the field, and conclude with cross reference links and suggestions for further reading. Appendices include a Resource Guide with annotated lists of classic books and articles, journals, associations, and web sites; a Glossary of specialized terms; and a Chronology offering an overview and history of the field. A thematic Reader’s Guide groups related articles by broad topic areas as one handy search feature on the e-Reference platform, which also includes a comprehensive index of search terms. This A-to-Z three-volume reference is available in both print and online formats and is a must-have for libraries and researchers who seek comprehensive coverage of the theory, research, and applications of health communication.
2014-04-18 By Teresa L. Thompson

The most cutting-edge health initiatives being communicated in organizations have evolved into a vision of overall wellness, integrating employee assistance programs, work– life, and wellness programs. According to Thompson and Swihart ...

Author: Teresa L. Thompson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136931673

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 704

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The Routledge Handbook of Health Communication brings together the current body of scholarly work in health communication. With its expansive scope, it offers an introduction for those new to this area, summarizes work for those already learned in the area, and suggests avenues for future research on the relationships between communicative processes and health/health care delivery. This second edition of the Handbook has been organized to reflect the goals of health communication: understanding to make informed decisions and to promote formal and informal systems of care linked to health and well-being. It emphasizes work in such areas as barriers to disclosure in family conversations and medical interactions, access to popular media and advertising, and individual searches online for information and support to guide decisions and behaviors with health consequences. This edition also adds an overview of methods used in health communication and the unique challenges facing health communication researchers applying traditional methods to efforts to gain reliable and valid evidence about the role of communication for health. It introduces the promise of translational research being conducted by health communication researchers from multiple disciplines to form transdisciplinary theories and teams to increase the well-being of not only humans but the systems of care within their nations. Arguably the most comprehensive scholarly resource available for study in this area, the Routledge Handbook of Health Communication serves an invaluable role and reference for students, researchers, and scholars doing work in health communication.
2011-08-24 By Teresa L. Thompson

Chapter overview This chapter explores participatory approaches to communication for health and explains the importance of working with communities when communicating about health and social change. We examine the principles and ...

Author: Belinda Lewis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781137478641

Category: Medical

Page: 272

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This book is about communicating for health and social change. With a clear focus on public health and health promotion practice, it provides a unique introduction to media and cultural studies perspectives on health communication. Health Communication explores the dynamic world of contemporary mass media and diverse forms of alternative, mobile and social media: - How are communities using media to communicate about health and advocate for social change? - What are the challenges and opportunities involved with using the media for health communication? - How can health promotion practitioners utilise media to create opportunities for more participatory and empowering approaches to health communication? This indispensable guide to health communication provides readers with detailed and practical insights into the role of media and culture in contemporary health issues. Accessible theory is blended with case studies from around the world giving students, academics, and practitioners an invaluable framework for practice and a rich source of material for discussion.
2014-12-02 By Belinda Lewis