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He emerged from the back door carrying a backpack stuffed with a change of clothes and his life savings, as little as they were. ... On this side it read: “Welcome to Canada,” and on the reverse: “Welcome Home.

Author: Piers Platt

Publisher: Piers Platt


Category: Fiction

Page: 12

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Jack Frost's father fought in WWII. His brother fought in Korea. So when Jack's own draft card arrives, there's no doubt in their minds that he'll do his duty, and fight in Vietnam. Jack loves his family, but he also knows that killing another human being is something he can never do. Welcome Home is the story of one man's struggle to maintain his innocence amid the brutality of the Vietnam War, torn between his family's expectations, his loyalty to his brothers-in-arms, and his own moral code. Subjects: Short Story / Short Stories, Vietnam War, Drama, Conscientious Objector, Historical Fiction, Free / Freebie
2013-08-26 By Piers Platt

They were standing about fifty feet away, lifting their small tote bags out of the back of the Buick. Jacqui's worn Star Wars shirt was ripped on the ... Kelly had cool, gray eyes, and her smile was inviting, as if to say, Welcome home!

Author: Eric Smith

Publisher: North Star Editions, Inc.

ISBN: 9781635830057

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 352

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A unique anthology featuring adoption-themed fictional short stories from a diverse range of celebrated Young Adult authors. The all-star roster includes Mindy McGinnis (Not a Drop to Drink, Katherine Tegen Books, 2013), Adi Alsaid (Let’s Get Lost, Harlequin Teen, 2014), Lauren Gibaldi (The Night We Said Yes, Harper Teen, 2015), and many more.
2017-09-05 By Eric Smith

... told me couples couldexpress preferences forage orgender ofa child butsingles could not.I rejectedanother localagency because itwas clearly uncomfortablewith mothers whowould continueto work outside the home following the adoption.

Author: Lita Linzer Schwartz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135421052

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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Examine the pros and cons of nontraditional adoption! Welcome Home! An International and Nontraditional Adoption Reader is an essential guide to the process, pros, and cons of adopting children from outside the United States, with special needs, and/or from a different racial/cultural background. The book documents every aspect of the adoption procedure—from working with “facilitators,” adoption agencies, and attorneys to mixed reactions over a child’s possible loss of heritage as the result of a transracial or multicultural adoption. Parents and adoptees offer unique, firsthand perspectives on the cautions and benefits of nontraditional adoption. Americans adopted more than 20,000 children from other countries in 2001, a number that reflects humanitarian motives, the desire to adopt a child from a specific country, and/or frustration with the domestic adoption system. Including a foreword by United States Representative Ted Strickland, Welcome Home! is a practical resource for anyone thinking of establishing a family or adding to their own. The book provides insight into the adoption process, open adoption, biracial adoption, adopting a special needs child, cultural attitudes, and how to handle an adopted child’s questions in later years. It also addresses specific adoption issues, including: how to verify an agency’s credentials; how an agency negotiates with the birth mother; state and country laws and practices; tax benefits; and expenses, including legal and medical costs; and includes research findings on the Northeast-Northwest Collaborative Adoption Projects (N2CAP) Welcome Home! tells the stories of: Naomi and Fred, an intermarried couple (she’s Jewish, he’s not) who adopted a Greek baby in 1962 “Tina” and “Lee,” a lesbian couple, who adopted a baby from China Marianne, a professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Lund in Sweden, who adopted babies from Iran and Thailand—several years after her divorce Pamela, a divorced mother of four biological children who has adopted babies from Viet Nam and China All of her biological children Mildred—Pamela’s mother and the children’s grandmother Karen, adoptive mother and national chairperson for Families for Russian and Ukrainian adoption (FRUA) William, adoptive father of miracle sisters from Romania and many more! Welcome Home! is an invaluable source of unusual insight for psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, adoption agencies, counselors, social workers, attorneys, physicians, academics, and, of course, anyone considering adoption.
2013-10-08 By Lita Linzer Schwartz

Published in the United States by Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House Children's Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York. ... Welcome home, Bear: a book of animal habitats / by Il Sung Na.

Author: Il Sung Na

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780385753777

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Follow Bear as he visits animal habitats around the world—and comes to appreciate his own home—in this new offering from the creator of A Book of Sleep and A Book of Babies. Bear is tired of waking up every morning in the same green forest, so he decides to search for a new place to live. He visits the birds in the trees, a mole underground, a camel in the hot desert sand, puffins in the cold arctic snow . . . only to realize his own home is the perfect place for him after all. Welcome Home, Bear offers rich illustrations, bright colors, and a simple, spare text—all wrapped up in a beautiful, kid-friendly package. Readers meet animals in their habitats around the world—and return with Bear to the one place he is truly happy.
2015-07-07 By Il Sung Na

Welcome Home someone says! Granted good intentions, but we never come back once we have left, too much of it lives on within, and a part of us died over there, a part of us we can never get back, never to be the naïve young innocent ...

Author: Chuck Sanders

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781609762421

Category: History

Page: 242

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Death is often welcome for soldiers who returned from Vietnam because it appears to be the only means of peace within. Knowing that each day could, and in all probability, will be his last, the soldier's thought process becomes distorted and his animalistic instincts take over and allow for total abandonment of inhibitions. These soldiers answered the nation's call and they paid the price for the freedoms we as a nation hold dear. They are also the ones who continue to pay the price for the combat experience and that part of us that died in country. These men suffer from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and this is their story.
2010-11 By Chuck Sanders

Why didn't you come back , anyway ? " " The first few weeks , I hoped you might find me and take me back home , but you never showed up , " she said . ... Tz was an emotional mess" zt was imdossible to Erag WELCOME HOME , ABBY 133.

Author: Jan Gallagher Dunn

Publisher: Jan Gallagher Dunn


Category: Fiction

Page: 219

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She won’t be used by a man again. He has a bad track record with romance. Abby fell in love with Jackson when she was nineteen, not realizing he was from the wealthy Hawthorne family. His father sent her away to protect the family money. She returns five years later, escaping a nasty fiancé – determined not to fall in love anytime soon. She never planned on running straight into Jackson and his gorgeous eyes. Jackson knows Abby is the only women he’s ever loved, but he married the wrong woman after she left. His late wife’s family is trying to stake a claim on his daughter. He proposes a one-year platonic marriage. He can handle the fact she’s more beautiful. Too late, he discovers she smells just as sweet as he remembered. Abby is wonderful with his daughter. He’s a man who can run any business and control any situation: why can’t he keep her arm’s length? Can they keep their marriage strictly platonic as they planned? And as the days pass-- do they even want to?
2022-05-23 By Jan Gallagher Dunn

Tyler turned his back on Ward and walked toward the front door. ... get it,” Ward called out awkwardly, his voice trailing off as the three Hugheses and Addy disappeared into the house. ... On it was written, Welcome Home Addy and Ward.

Author: Terry O'Reilly

Publisher: JMS Books LLC

ISBN: 9781634861229

Category: Fiction

Page: 163

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A broken-hearted Ward Cartwright left town to join the army when his boyfriend Tyler Hughes turned his back on their love and married a woman. Ten years later, Tyler is a widower with two young boys, and Ward has returned home. He is hopeful he can re-establish his relationship with Tyler. Even though a decade has passed, Tyler still feels tied to the family-owned feed mill. He has folks depending on the mill for employment, there are his children to consider, they live in a small town, and ... But despite this, Tyler finds there are plenty of benefits to giving Ward a job in the mill -- lots of out-of-the-way places to explore Ward’s army-honed, muscular body. Just when Tyler resolves to live more openly with Ward, rumors begin to surface, not just at the mill, but at his sons’ school. Ward knows the upcoming battle is just as serious as anything he’s faced in Afghanistan. Instead of fighting for his country, the soldier is fighting for his lover’s heart. Will Ward finally emerge victorious, or will Tyler’s self-doubt and fear of prejudice win out again?
2016-06-18 By Terry O'Reilly

thinking there's more that could be done to prepare the guys before they ship back.” “I's important. ... While serving himself another helping of lasagna, he asked the appropriate , 148 WELCOME HOME DADDY.

Author: Carrie Weaver

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426838347

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Keep life simple, safe. Avoid risks. Annie Marsh learned that the hard way when she was just a kid. So what possessed her to forget those rules for one night with Reservist Drew Vincent? Could've been the fact he was shipping out the next day. Regardless, next thing Annie knows, she's a new mommy…and her son's daddy is missing and presumed dead. That is, until two-plus years later when she answers her front door. Turns out Drew is not only very much alive, he's about to discover he's a dad. And that initial spark between Annie and Drew? It's on the verge of becoming all-consuming. But how can she trust her heart and her son to a man who risks his life every day?
2009-08-01 By Carrie Weaver

Boy, he must've waited years to throw her words back in her face. Leeann swallowed hard against an old ache she'd ... And Bobby. . .welcome home.” Chapter Two Bobby dropped his arms, the movement causing him 20 WELCOME HOME, BOBBY WINSLOW.

Author: Christyne Butler

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459214255

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Bobby Winslow was always fast. But no matter how many races he won, the sexy, sought-after race car driver could never quite catch up with her. Leeann Harris. His high school love, who'd broken his heart when she turned him down for the bright lights and paparazzi flashbulbs of a modeling career in New York. Once, their love was the talk of Destiny, Wyoming—Leeann, the town beauty with a bright future; Bobby, the boy with something to prove. But then they both crashed and burned, and Destiny called to them. And maybe this time they'd find that what they were looking for had been there all along….
2011-10-01 By Christyne Butler

He died saving the whole squad. so I planned to do this for Ronnie, and once that was finished, then I could continue on to my home town. Like I said, I'm from a little town called Dinsville, Georgia, and with us being from the same ...

Author: William Bateman Jr.

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1463448422

Category: Fiction

Page: 246

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A young man was born and raised in the turbulent times of the 1960s Civil Rights Era. Raised by a mother who was a die-hard regregationist, and who was an avid member of the Ku Klux Klan. The boys father finally abandoned his family, After he had been attacked by the klan, and beaten within an inch of his life. Frustrated by his wifes bigoted attitude, and her insistence in her effort to try turning their son into a bigot. The boys father solved his situation by joining the Army and going off to the Korean War, and sending his wife checks to help her and the boy survive during the time he would be away. Once the boy was in his late teens, he felt like his mother was smothering his efforts to think for himself. So he joined the Marines, and with his being indoctrinated with thoughts and ideas taught to him by both his mother and the Klan, he now studied in depth, the blacks he saw. He was mixed in his feelings about black people, but, he had a very limited contact with other people of color. This was a way to find out for himself, whether his mother and the klan were right about the things they were trying to teach him. When he entered the Marines, and after basic training, he was shipped out to Tan Sunut Air Base in Vietnam. He was housed in a barracks where he found a situation that he couldnt control. A situation where he was housed with young men of all races. How he copes with what hes discovered as a member of the Marine Corps, is what this story is all about. How he is transformed from a full blown biget whos younger life was completely dominated by the teachings of his mother, and the not too subtle ways of the K K K. Into a young man, who through the oral as well as the physical teachings of the corp, was turned into a true Marine. But! this is not story about Viet Nam it is the story of how hes truly transformed after he returns from Viet Nam. But! You, the reader, will have to come to your own conclusions about this story.
2012-06-29 By William Bateman Jr.