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Short passages, comprehension activities, and parent tips--perfect reading homework!

Author: Mary Rose

Publisher: Teaching Resources

ISBN: 0439517796

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30 reproducible high-interest passages for kids to read aloud at home. READERS are excited about their new reading skills and gives them their moment in the spotlight.
2004-08-01 By Mary Rose

24.99 ( 978-0-7868-0657-7 ( 5 ) ) Week - by - Week Homework for Building Reading Comp & Education Resources . 71990-2 ( 5 ) ) Sagebrush Education Resources . Hachette Bk . Group . Fluency : Grade 2-3 . Mary Rose . 2004.



ISBN: 0835248518

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high or higher test scores than the sixth graders . Results show no significant difference in the use of D.A.R.E. instruction for middle school students . Includes tables depicting the results of the study . ( Contains 33 references . ) ...



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Great for homeschooling, to reinforce learning at school, or prevent learning loss over summer. Teachers rely on the daily practice workbooks to save them valuable time.

Author: Shell Educational Publishing

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 9781087648767


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Encourage Spanish-speaking third graders to improve their reading skills with meaningful daily practice activities. This easy-to-use second grade workbook is great for at-home learning or in the classroom. The engaging standards-based activities cover grade-level skills with easy to follow instructions and an answer key to quickly assess student understanding. Each day students will examine interesting short passages to practice reading comprehension, word study, and written responses. Watch students read more confidently as they build comprehension and fluency skills with these quick independent learning activities. Parents appreciate the teacher-approved activity books that keep their child engaged and learning. Great for homeschooling, to reinforce learning at school, or prevent learning loss over summer. Teachers rely on the daily practice workbooks to save them valuable time. The ready to implement activities are perfect for daily morning review or homework. The activities can also be used for intervention skill building to address learning gaps.

Success is measured in three ways : Jim McDonald - • reading at or near grade level by the end of grade 3 ... In grades 2 and beyond , the curriculum focuses on building reading comprehension , thinking skills , reading fluency and ...



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student , demographic items 2-5 were used . Individual data were added throughout the year as follows : GRADE DATA COLLECTED - • Kindergarten Letter or sound identification , number sense , oral language fluencyGrades 1-3 — Pre - and ...

Author: Paula M. Short

Publisher: Eye On Education

ISBN: 1883001463

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This book describes the various strategies and procedures for collecting, analyzing, and organizing information to improve education.
1998 By Paula M. Short

Instruct students to take out their responses to the previous lesson's homework assignment. ... comprehension and fluency, consider using a TEACHER GUIDE • Grade 12 • Module 2 • Unit 1 • Lesson 3 45 Activity 3: Reading and Discussion.

Author: PCG Education

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119124320

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Paths to College and Career Jossey-Bass and PCG Education are proud to bring the Paths to College and Career English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum and professional development resources for grades 6-12 to educators across the country. Originally developed for EngageNY and written with a focus on the shifts in instructional practice and student experiences the standards require, Paths to College and Career includes daily lesson plans, guiding questions, recommended texts, scaffolding strategies and other classroom resources. Paths to College and Career is a concrete and practical ELA instructional program that engages students with compelling and complex texts. At each grade level, Paths to College and Career delivers a yearlong curriculum that develops all students' ability to read closely and engage in text-based discussions, build evidence-based claims and arguments, conduct research and write from sources, and expand their academic vocabulary. Paths to College and Career's instructional resources address the needs of all learners, including students with disabilities, English language learners, and gifted and talented students. This enhanced curriculum provides teachers with freshly designed Teacher Guides that make the curriculum more accessible and flexible, a Teacher Resource Book for each module that includes all of the materials educators need to manage instruction, and Student Journals that give students learning tools for each module and a single place to organize and document their learning. As the creators of the Paths ELA curriculum for grades 6-12, PCG Education provides a professional learning program that ensures the success of the curriculum. The program includes: Nationally recognized professional development from an organization that has been immersed in the new standards since their inception. Blended learning experiences for teachers and leaders that enrich and extend the learning. A train-the-trainer program that builds capacity and provides resources and individual support for embedded leaders and coaches. Paths offers schools and districts a unique approach to ensuring college and career readiness for all students, providing state-of-the-art curriculum and state-of-the-art implementation. ABOUT PCG EDUCATION PCG Education, a division of Public Consulting Group, works with schools, districts, and state education agencies to build their capacity for instructional and programmatic improvements. We provide curriculum development, coaching, professional development, and technical assistance services. Our work alongside educators and policy makers ensures effective implementation of both the Common Core State Standards and state-specific standards for college and career readiness.
2015-12-18 By PCG Education

improved homework accuracy in reading comprehension, mathematics, and spelling to varying degrees. ... with randomly selected criteria and rewards on math homework completion and accuracy in an eighth-grade inclusion classroom.

Author: Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475831344

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The Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools is a leader in publishing research-to-practice articles for educators and school psychologists. The mission of this journal is to positively influence the daily practice of school psychologists and educators through studies demonstrating successful research-based practices in educational settings. As a result, the editors are committed to publishing articles with an eye toward improving student performance and outcomes by advancing psychological and educational practices in the schools. They seek articles using non-technical language that (1) outline an evidence-based practice, (2) describe the literature supporting the effectiveness and theoretical underpinnings of the practice, (3) describe the findings of a study in which the practice was implemented in an educational setting, and (4) provide readers with information they need to implement the practice in their own schools in a section entitled Implementation Guidelines.

Understanding Hearts and Minds Beyond Test Scores Wen Ma, Guofang Li ... Canadian Children, 30(2), 9–16. ... in kindergarten is differentially related to grade 4 reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, and reading for pleasure.

Author: Wen Ma

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317331049

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This comprehensive look at Chinese-heritage students’ academic, sociocultural, and emotional development in the public schools examines pertinent educational theories; complex (even inconvenient) realities; learning practices in and outside of schools; and social, cultural, and linguistic complications in their academic lives across diverse settings, homes, and communities. Chinese-heritage students are by far the largest ethnic group among Asian American and Asian Canadian communities, but it is difficult to sort out their academic performance because NAEP and most state/province databases lump all Asian students’ results together. To better understand why Chinese-heritage learners range from academic role models to problematic students in need of help, it is important to understand their hearts and minds beyond test scores. This book is distinctive in building this understanding by addressing the range of issues related to Chinese-heritage K-12 students’ languages, cultures, identities, academic achievements, and challenges across North American schools.
2016-03-02 By Wen Ma

Oral reading fluency assessment: Issues of construct, criterion, and consequential validity. Reading Research Quarterly, 45(3), 270–291. Van Allen, R. (1976). ... Fluency and comprehension interventions for third-grade students.

Author: Beverly DeVries

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351614092



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The fourth edition of this comprehensive resource helps future and practicing teachers recognize and assess literacy problems, while providing practical, effective intervention strategies to help every student succeed. The author thoroughly explores the major components of literacy, providing an overview of pertinent research, suggested methods and tools for diagnosis and assessment, intervention strategies and activities, and technology applications to increase students' skills. Discussions throughout focus on the needs of English learners, offering appropriate instructional strategies and tailored teaching ideas to help both teachers and their students. Several valuable appendices include assessment tools, instructions and visuals for creating and implementing the book's more than 150 instructional strategies and activities, and other resources.
2017-07-05 By Beverly DeVries