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This book, a "can-do" collection of more than 101 water-wise tips, is a guide to changing your relationship with water.

Author: Helen Moffett


ISBN: 1928257542

Category: House & Home

Page: 112

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This book, a "can-do" collection of more than 101 water-wise tips, is a guide to changing your relationship with water. Long-term, immediate, big, small, from the sensible to the quirky, from kitchens to bathrooms, businesses to institutions, there's something here for everyone. Three provinces in South Africa have been declared national disaster zones because of drought, and Cape Town still faces the real possibility of running out of water entirely in the near future.
2018 By Helen Moffett

Author: Jens-Uwe Kumpch


ISBN: 8291502528


Page: 48

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2003* By Jens-Uwe Kumpch



ISBN: UCSD:31822034342741

Category: Water conservation

Page: 1

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2001 By

Author: Patricia Bassett


ISBN: 0615333699



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2009-12-04 By Patricia Bassett

Explains that people use water in many ways. Describes some of the ways people use water. Explains how people use water from a major river in North America. Makes connections to the concepts of water resources and conservation.

Author: Linda Hoyt

Publisher: National Geographic School Publishing

ISBN: 0792254295

Category: Education

Page: 36

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We need water for our bodies, everyday living, growing food, manufacturing and for fun. On the average, each person in the United States uses 100 gallons of fresh water every day.
2007-03-30 By Linda Hoyt

The president, secretary and treasurer of these two WUAs went to WALMI at Cuttack for four days to learn about how to use water in an efficient manner.

Author: Anindita Sarkar

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482889017

Category: Social Science

Page: 174

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The objective of the book is to document best practices in managing the major irrigation canal systems to maximise the benefits to farmers in terms of increase in utilization of irrigation potential created under the major irrigation projects. The main emphasis on how best we can manage local canal systems to increase farmers incomes in a sustainable way in a multi-stakeholder perspectives which include farmers, water users associations, irrigation department officials, agricultural officers and local non-governmental organisations involved in farmers welfare.
2017-05-05 By Anindita Sarkar

Author: Dangar, Gedye & Malloch


ISBN: OCLC:220827267

Category: Pumping machinery

Page: 56

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Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your Weight Under Control Robert D. Lesslie. Water,. Water. Everywhere... Since this is a book about weight loss and ...

Author: Robert D. Lesslie

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736966948

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

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Simple Ways to Lose a Little Weight... and Experience Immense Relief! If you've heard it all, tried it all, and felt discouraged by not seeing results, this book is for you. With so much conflicting information available about health and weight loss, Dr. Robert Lesslie rises above the noise and takes a refreshing, reasonable, and encouraging approach to the topic. Drawing on his 30-plus years of working in the medical field, Dr. Lesslie provides practical answers to pertinent questions, such as... Why don't low-fat diets work—and which diets do? Are weight-loss medications and medical procedures viable options? Why are commercial weight-loss plans so expensive, and are they worth it? How much exercise do I need a week, and what kind of activity is best? What is a reasonable weight-loss goal? Filled with safe and effective ideas for slimming down, 60 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds (or More) is your go-to handbook for practical advice and in-the-moment inspiration. Let Dr. Lesslie become your cheerleader and coach as you work toward your weight-loss goal.
2016-08-30 By Robert D. Lesslie

Yet, for 15 years neither the perception nor the reality of the quality of the water in that community was addressed. Some communities have substantive and ...

Author: Doug Griffiths

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460297582

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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"Whether you are a municipal councillor, a business owner, a volunteer or a citizen-at-large this book will provide you with easy and direct strategies to help your community, while also showing you the prevalent attitudes that sabotage success and what to do to overcome those attitudes. It doesn't matter if you want to make improvements in community healthcare, education, infrastructure, economic development, youth or seniors quality of life, or how welcoming your community is to outsiders this book is for you. 13 Ways is a book for those concerned about the future of their community and are looking for answers on how to find success."--
2016-10-24 By Doug Griffiths

Water can be too much of a good thing when you irrigate, from both a crop production and a water quality standpoint. Too much water can lead to increased ...

Author: Michael C. Hirschi

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9780788171505

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 189

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Explains how farming can be both environmentally and economically sound. An increase of efficiency in applying farm chemicals means a decrease in the risk of groundwater contamination and an increase in profits. Provides research and management tips on ways to cut back on pesticides and fertilizer without cutting yields, ways to determine which pesticides are less likely to leach, and ways to apply chemicals more efficiently. Also includes sections on chemical storage, wells, septic systems, livestock waste management, irrigation, chemigation, water testing, and water treatment. An ideal resource for farmers and anyone else concerned about water quality.
1993-08-01 By Michael C. Hirschi

In addition to checking for the obvious water wasters like leaky faucets and pipes, which you should repair immediately, here are a few more simple ways to ...

Author: Libuse Binder

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402247668

Category: Self-Help

Page: 352

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WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN? Throwing a party. Preparing a meal. Sending an email. These are things you do all the time. How can they really make a difference? Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties shows how to transform these everyday activities into world-changing events: Throw a party with a purpose. Prepare a sustainable meal. Send an email to your representative. An inspiring collection of ideas that can make the world a better place, this book taps into the potential of an energetic, influential generation and lights the path to shaping tomorrow by: Digging into what you love Volunteering in ways big and small Supporting political actions that reflect your values Leading an eco-active lifestyle Simplifying and reducing your footprint Using your buying power to encourage better business practices Eating well locally Hosting a party with a purpose Exploring the world through environmentally responsible travel Turning your passion into a vocation With a rating scale based on the time, money, and lifestyle impact required, and peppered with true tales of twentysomethings who've made an impact, Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties provides resources and opportunities for you to use your talents to help create a history we can all be proud of. *** "Everywhere I go around the planet, I find young people, fresh from college, leading the new green movement. With savvy and heart, they're making a real difference—and as this book shows, you can too!" Bill McKibben |
2009-11-01 By Libuse Binder

Drinking water when you get up (before drinking or eating anything else) ... about how you are replenishing your fluid intake and how essential water is for ...

Author: Theresa Cheung

Publisher: Thread

ISBN: 9781800190900

Category: Self-Help


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‘Made me sit up and listen straight away’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars Acts of everyday kindness can boost your mood and immunity, lower blood pressure, ease anxiety, slow the ageing process, improve the quality of your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) and give you a sense of deep meaning and purpose. 100 Ways to be Kind is a road map of practical, simple and immediately actionable ways to be kind including how to be kinder to yourself, to others and to nature. Theresa debunks the damaging myth that being kind is a weakness and shows that it is not anger or aggression that brings out our true inner grit, but kindness. Science has proven that there are powerful, potentially lifesaving reasons to be kind. The kinder you are, the more likely you are to experience happiness. Kindness is the simple and scientifically proven remedy that everyone needs to administer right now. So, if you want to harness the power of kindness to transform your life and help save the world at the same time but aren’t quite sure how - this book is for you. Read what everyone is saying about 100 Ways to Be Kind ‘This is exactly the book I needed to read right now. So much insight on kindness... I love this book, it’s great to pick up when needed a little inspiration on how to be kind, or if you need a reminder to be kinder to yourself and laugh a little.’ Goodreads reviewer ‘Who couldn’t use a little more kindness in their life? ... I was expecting a list, but her book is so much more. You could focus on self kindness or kindness online or seek out whatever type of kindness appeals to you.’ Goodreads reviewer ‘This beautiful new book by Theresa Cheung is as timely as it is uplifting… the first book I have seen that offers solid ways to get your mind re-focused on what is important in life… offers new and clever ways of sharing kindness and love to others when it is most desperately needed.’ Goodreads reviewer ‘An insightful and easy to follow guide on actions you can take to be kind to yourself and others.’ Goodreads reviewer ‘An easy to implement guide to adding kind actions to your daily life… A good reminder of how easy it is to help others and feel better about yourself in the process.’ Goodreads reviewer
2020-09-11 By Theresa Cheung

Instead I made sketches in a sketchbook and titled it The Glass of Water, as if that's what everyone was looking for, a glass of water in Greece, ...

Author: Anne Carson

Publisher: Wallstein Verlag

ISBN: 9783835344792

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 52

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Eine der wichtigsten Stimmen der Gegenwart aus Kanada: am 7. Juni 2020 in Berlin. Am 7. Juni 2020 wird die Berliner Rede zur Poesie von der 1950 in Toronto geborenen kanadischen Dichterin, Essayistin, Übersetzerin und Klassischen Philologin Anne Carson gehalten. Carson lehrte von 1980 bis 1987 an der McGill University, der University of Michigan und der Princeton University. Sie wird in Kanada und den USA als eine der wichtigsten Stimmen der Gegenwart gefeiert. In ihren Büchern vermischt sie die Formen von Poesie, Essay, Prosa, Kritik, Übersetzungen, dramatischem Dialog, Fiktion und Non-Fiction. Anne Carson wird sich in ihrer Rede intensiv mit den verschiedenen Formen von Poesie, Prosa und bildender Kunst auseinandersetzen.
2020-05-27 By Anne Carson

In addition to drinking more water, you should learn how much sodium is in your water supply. If you live in a hard-water area and have a chemical water ...



ISBN: 9781312425194



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How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference Rebecca Barnes-Davies ... Water. Concerns. W. e all live in a particular bioregion with particular concerns ...

Author: Rebecca Barnes-Davies

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9781611640519

Category: Religion

Page: 130

View: 450

This guide outlines fifty ways in which you, your congregation, and your local community can help fight global warming and enjoy participation in a vital part of Christian discipleship. 50 Ways to Help Save the Earth makes a clear connection, in a practical and unintimidating way, between stewardship of the earth and living one's faith. This easy-to-follow book consists of seven chapters on topics related to global climate change: "Water," "Energy," "Transportation," "Food and Agriculture," "People," "Other Species," and "Wilderness and Land." Each chapter begins with a statement on how the content relates to global warming, followed by seven action items ranging from individual efforts to activities that encourage the involvement of the congregational and wider communities.
2009-06-02 By Rebecca Barnes-Davies

Without this presto chango of water, an element that one moment slips like silk through the hands and the next collapses rooftops and chisels gorges, ...

Author: Diane Ackerman

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393076938

Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 516

A celebrated storyteller-poet-naturalist explores a year of dawns in her most personal book to date. In an eye-opening sequence of personal meditations through the cycle of seasons, Diane Ackerman awakens us to the world at dawn—drawing on sources as diverse as meteorology, world religion, etymology, art history, poetry, organic farming, and beekeeping. As a patient and learned observer of animal and human physiology and behavior, she introduces us to varieties of bird music and other signs of avian intelligence, while she herself “migrates” from winter in Florida to spring, summer, and fall in upstate New York. Humans might luxuriate in the idea of being “in” nature, Ackerman points out, but we often forget that we are nature—for “no facet of nature is as unlikely as we, the tiny bipeds with the giant dreams.” Joining science’s devotion to detail with religion’s appreciation of the sublime, Dawn Light is an impassioned celebration of the miracles of evolution—especially human consciousness of our numbered days on a turning earth.
2009-09-28 By Diane Ackerman

Here's how you can help: 1. If your toilet was installed before 1992, add a toilet dam to reduce the amount of water flowing out of it by 35 percent and ...

Author: David Helvarg

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317036

Category: Nature

Page: 208

View: 771

The oceans, and the challenges they face, are so vast that it’s easy to feel powerless to protect them. 50 Ways to Save the Ocean, written by veteran environmental journalist David Helvarg, focuses on practical, easily-implemented actions everyone can take to protect and conserve this vital resource. Well-researched, personal, and sometimes whimsical, the book addresses daily choices that affect the ocean's health: what fish should and should not be eaten; how and where to vacation; storm drains and driveway run-off; protecting local water tables; proper diving, surfing, and tide pool etiquette; and supporting local marine education. Helvarg also looks at what can be done to stir the waters of seemingly daunting issues such as toxic pollutant runoff; protecting wetlands and sanctuaries; keeping oil rigs off shore; saving reef environments; and replenishing fish reserves.
2010-09-24 By David Helvarg

They used visual representations of water particles to help explain how invisible water vapour can exist in air, an idea that lies ...

Author: Michael Allen

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335261871

Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 515

This book provides an exceptional insight into how children learn science, as well as which teaching approaches have been found to be most successful. Drawing on the significant body of research carried out over the past 35 years, the book provides valuable evidence about which tried-and–tested approaches enhance learning and help children actually learn science. The book:• supports you in becoming more effective in teaching primary science• offers a reliable evidential base, founded on significant research findings• helps you make informed choices about which approaches to use in your teaching repertoire• provides support for completing your written assignments Overall the text helps you develop your knowledge and understanding of primary science, as well as how best to plan for teaching this important subject. Insights into how children best learn science, together with practical teaching ideas that have been tested in a systematic way, makes this an essential book for primary teachers in training and an invaluable guide for primary teachers teaching science in Key Stages One and Two. “This book makes a major, evidence-based contribution to teaching science in the primary school. It provides a solid grounding for busy teachers to access and use research findings to enhance their professional development and practice. Each chapter provides comprehensive coverage of a science topic, including: revision of subject knowledge; research findings on children's ideas; learning progression; suggested ways to teach, and research exemplars and lesson outlines. This book is a valuable resource for student teachers and for teachers with many years of experience. It is an indispensable addition to every primary teacher’s bookshelf and every university education department.” Rob Toplis, recently Senior Lecturer in Science Education, Brunel University, UK “This is a great ‘why to…’ and ‘how to…’ book. Michael Allen’s use of progressive understanding underscores both the unfolding stories of primary science alongside children’s developing grasp of the key ideas involved. His work is based on a wealth of research that provides the basis for the ‘why to…’ in curriculum organisation and planning. This is then brought to bear on considerable professional experience and classroom practice to provide the ‘how to…’ for teachers, covering a range of important topics in primary science. An excellent compendium of rationales and resources.” Mike Watts, Professor of Education, Brunel University, UK
2016-07-16 By Michael Allen

who have used water for cleansing rituals. One salient example is a middle-aged gentleman who had made a considerable mess of his personal life, ...

Author: Philip Sutton Chard

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462803651

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 128

View: 884

There are many paths to the sacred, whatever you hold that be. And the most ancient and primal of these is communion with the natural world. If you long to loosen the restraints of your ego, experience the spiritual power of the Creation, and embrace its timeless wisdom, Nature’s Ways can be your companion and guide. You will learn to cultivate an intimate bond with nature, providing a sanctuary from life’s tribulations and a spiritual home for sculpting your soul. Whether you are a lifelong “nature mystic” or someone newly drawn to this time-honored spiritual path, this book will help shepherd you to the mysteries of the Creation, including those residing within your own spirit. You will discover how to enter nature’s spiritual doorways, those that transport us to the miraculous power innervating all of existence. Therein we discover a clearer sense of who we are, why we are, and to what we belong. The Creation is a long and mystifying journey, a great story told through the majesty, beauty, and creative power of the natural world. We can soulfully embrace this journey by following nature’s ways.
2010-09-30 By Philip Sutton Chard

This is a good time to consider how what we've been learning all ties together. ... That elimination takes water—enough to keep our kidneys flushing out ...

Author: Robert D. Lesslie

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736963251

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

View: 241

Cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and stroke account for most of the deaths each year in the US and other developed countries. But you can often prevent these deadly illnesses if you control a key risk factor--the cholesterol levels in your blood. Bestselling author Robert Lesslie, MD, provides clear, expert advice for effectively lowering your cholesterol.

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