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Ecology. of. Warfare. Jeffrey A. McNeely Abstract Climate change is increasingly recognized as a potential threat to national security. Climate change does not cause war by itself, but can have significant effects on the ecological ...

Author: Gary E. Machlis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400712133

Category: Science

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The purpose of this book is specific and ambitious: to outline the distinctive elements, scope, and usefulness of a new and emerging field of applied ecology named warfare ecology. Based on a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, the book provides both a theoretical overview of this new field and case studies that range from mercury contamination during World War I in Slovenia to the ecosystem impacts of the Palestinian occupation, and from the bombing of coral reefs of Vieques to biodiversity loss due to violent conflicts in Africa. Warfare Ecology also includes reprints of several classical papers that set the stage for the new synthesis described by the authors. Written for environmental scientists, military and humanitarian relief professionals, conservation managers, and graduate students in a wide range of fields, Warfare Ecology is a major step forward in understanding the relationship between war and ecological systems.
2011-05-29 By Gary E. Machlis

... landscape evolved into more than an arena for class warfare in the 1950s; it became the frontline of the cold war. ... Impoverished system qualities continued not only to blight economic and ecological structures into the so-called ...

Author: Arvid Nelson

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300106602

Category: Nature

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A new way of measuring the health of a political system: by examining the health of its landscapes and ecosystems
2004-12-01 By Arvid Nelson

in order to render it infertile—with the former tactic repeated in the Peloponnesian War in 429 BC and the latter by the Romans in Carthage circa 150 BC. Despite often being thought of as “good wars,” Lanier-Graham points out that the ...

Author: Randall Amster

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317254546

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"Peace Ecology" presents a cutting-edge exploration of an emerging paradigm that links the essence of peace and nonviolence with the tenets of ecology and the principles of environmentalism. Looking at issues including food justice, water sharing, climate change, peace zones, and the free economy, this book considers examples and illustrations from around the world where people, communities, and nations are employing the teachings of ecology as a tool for mitigating conflict and promoting peace. "Peace Ecology" presents an integrative perspective that bears directly upon the most pressing issues of our time, constituting both the ecological realm of peace and the peacemaking potential of ecology. The volume examines the rich history, contemporary relevance, and transformative future potential inherent in this dynamic nexus of theory and action. Its overarching aim is no less than moving the current scarcity-conflict paradigm to one of cooperative resource management and, ultimately, toward peaceful coexistence both among ourselves and within the balance of nature.To read the Common Dreams excerpt of "Peace Ecology" Click Here.Talk Nation Radio Interview with Randall Amster and David Swanson here."
2015-11-17 By Randall Amster

Ecology and Radiation Exposure of Kangaroo Rats Living in a Tritiated Environment.” Radiation Research 44: 97–107. ... Marine Ecology Progress Series 488:23–34. ... The Ecology Of War: Environmental Impacts of Weaponry and Warfare.

Author: William H. Wiist

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108509589

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Preventing War and Promoting Peace: A Guide for Health Professionals is an interdisciplinary study of how pervasive militarism creates a propensity for war through the influence of academia, economic policy, the defense industry, and the news media. Comprising contributions by academics and practitioners from the fields of public health, medicine, nursing, law, sociology, psychology, political science, and peace and conflict studies, as well as representatives from organizations active in war prevention, the book emphasizes the underlying preventable causes of war, particularly militarism, and focuses on the methods health professionals can use to prevent war. Preventing War and Promoting Peace provides hard-hitting facts about the devastating health effects of war and a broad perspective on war and health, presenting a new paradigm for the proactive engagement of health professions in the prevention of war and the promotion of peace.
2017-12-14 By William H. Wiist

Now a new field of study is emerging, often called warfare ecology or the political ecology of war. See Gary E. Machlis and Thor Hanson, “Warfare Ecology,” Bioscience 58, no. 8 (September 2008): 729–736. For global perspectives ...

Author: David Kieran

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813584324

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The country’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, its interventions around the world, and its global military presence make war, the military, and militarism defining features of contemporary American life. The armed services and the wars they fight shape all aspects of life—from the formation of racial and gendered identities to debates over environmental and immigration policy. Warfare and the military are ubiquitous in popular culture. At War offers short, accessible essays addressing the central issues in the new military history—ranging from diplomacy and the history of imperialism to the environmental issues that war raises and the ways that war shapes and is shaped by discourses of identity, to questions of who serves in the U.S. military and why and how U.S. wars have been represented in the media and in popular culture.
2018-04-05 By David Kieran

of the way war is waged in the technologically advanced times in which we live and die . As grudgingly as the Pentagon has been to give aid and comfort to the raw recruits that it so liberally sacrificed from this country , we are not ...

Author: Tom H. Hastings

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: UOM:39015050480881

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How do mobilization for war and the actual war effort affect the environment? How do ecological conditions encourage war? What are possible, non-violent solutions to the ecological- conflict dynamic? Ecology of War & Peace attempts to answer these questions in readable prose with an unapologetic bias toward non-violence.
2000 By Tom H. Hastings

An Ecosystem Approach Robert Leo Smith. Selection 9 WARFARE , OLD AND NEW MARVIN HARRIS Warfare , as many of us will grimly acknowledge , is unique to mankind . No other animal engages in the organized slaughter of adjacent populations ...

Author: Robert Leo Smith

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015004598549

Category: Human ecology

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The relevance of ecology to warfare is less generally recognized , though it may be even more direct and intimate . Certainly warfare is an exceedingly complex and highly institutionalized form of group conflict , but its awesome ...

Author: Charles H. Southwick


ISBN: 0442279205

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It “ articulates a radical perspective , locating the root of the ecological crisis in the very structure of American ... Essays on chemical and biological warfare , ecology and the computer , ocean resources , industrial pollution ...

Author: John Gordon Burke

Publisher: Hw Wilson Company

ISBN: UOM:39015031719217

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These concepts form an appropriate basis for the study of the ecological impact of war and other military activities . Ecology : some basic concepts Ecology and military activities Ecology is the study of the interrelationships of ...

Author: Arthur H. Westing


ISBN: UCSD:31822023843089

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