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First, though, there was a final article on the viral consequences that needed writing. A dirty smog blanket covered the entire region. The jet slid smoothly through the dirty stuff, the wheels of the jet touched the runway and, ...

Author: John Fujii

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595010868

Category: Fiction

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Jason Majors, a freelance writer, is caught up in a viral pandemic caused by Ivan Wiesnovsky, a biotechnician, who leaves vials of viruses in cities as he takes a round-the-world trip. Once involved, Jason finds himself searching for the origins, causes and consequences of the resulting viral pandemic.
2000-07-04 By John Fujii

The prevalence of these viral infections in intravenous (IV) drug users is high. At their peak periods, before the effect of AIDS awareness education and needleexchange programs took hold in 1985-1986, 55 percent of IV drug users were ...

Author: John Brick

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136864575

Category: Medical

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The essential newly-expanded reference that needs to be on the desk of every health care professional who encounters substance abusers. Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Second Edition is the newly-updated classic reference text that provides even more detailed and expanded information on the pharmacological, toxicological, and neuropsychological consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Eight new chapters of crucial information have been added. Written by leading experts in the fields of medical physiology, psychopharmacology, and neuropsychology, this valuable resource provides the detailed alcohol and drug information health professionals in all fields need to know. Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Second Edition greatly expands on the expert information provided in the first edition. This text provides reviews of the cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, psychological, and hepatic effects of commonly abused drugs. The book also provides in-depth explanations of the mechanisms by which these psychoactive drugs exert their biobehavioral effects as well as current thinking about—and definitions of—abuse, dependence, and alcohol/drug use. The Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Second Edition includes vital information on: alcohol, including definitions of alcohol use, abuse, and dependence the relationship between alcohol and accidental injuries, alcohol’s effect on skeletal and major organ systems, and its effect on risk factors for certain cancers effects of alcohol and other drugs on neuropsychological function the effects of alcohol on neuron signaling, neurotransmitter function, and alcoholic brain damage and cognitive dysfunction fetal alcohol effects chronic effects of marijuana use on psychological and physical health, including a fair and balanced discussion of the medical marijuana issue the consequences of opiate abuse and methadone pharmacotherapy, including a comparison of the effects of methadone and heroin on organ systems cocaine’s history, the various forms of the drug, and the adverse effects of cocaine on cardiovascular, neurologic, and pulmonary systems the medical consequences of inhalants ranging from benzene to xylene the prenatal effects of nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates terminology that appears in the current literature on alcohol New topics in the Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Second Edition include chapters discussing: chemical dependency in psychiatric patients medical consequences of steroids OTC medications hallucinogens health effects of tobacco, nicotine, and exposure to tobacco smoke interactions of alcohol with other drugs and other medications periodontal effects of alcohol and drug abuse in the oral cavity imaging studies of structural brain changes The Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for physicians, scientists, nurses, psychologists, and alcohol and drug counselors.
2012-04-05 By John Brick

As a consequence, replication of viral RNA has several unique features. Besides their extrinsic information — the message encoded by the nucleotide sequence — nucleic acids also possess intrinsic information, the specific folding of the ...

Author: John J. Holland

Publisher: CRC PressI Llc

ISBN: UOM:39015012650829

Category: Science

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1988-05-31 By John J. Holland

One of the worst consequences of going viral, it takes a thick skin to handle. Going viral opens you up to all kinds of unwarranted criticism. You have to have a thick skin to avoid falling into depression after having so many opinions ...

Author: Eric Butow

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119869801

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Mind your online P's and Q's with this expert digital manners guide Conducting yourself online can be challenging. It sometimes seems like the web and social media is tailor-made to cause upset and anger. But, with the right guide, anyone can learn how to be a beacon of civility and politeness online. In Digital Etiquette For Dummies, a team of online communication experts share their combined insights into improving your presence on social media, writing emails that exude positivity and clarity, behaving correctly in virtual meetings, and much more. You'll become a paragon of politeness as you learn to apply the timeless rules of etiquette to the unique environment of the web, social media, email, Zoom, and smartphones. In this book, you'll also: Learn near-universal etiquette rules for email, social media, cellphones, and more Discover ways to make sure that your polite attitude isn't being lost in the text-only context of a business email Avoid common social media pitfalls and digital faux pas that can trip up even the most careful communicators A great handbook for anyone who uses digital communication in business or in their personal life (so, pretty much everyone), Digital Etiquette For Dummies also belongs on the reading lists of those trying to improve their online interactions on social media.
2022-04-26 By Eric Butow

Diseases have had large impacts on both cultured and wild harvests of commercially important species, ... For example the seasonal window of infectivity of some serious infectious conditions such as Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus ...

Author: Bruce F. Phillips

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119154044

Category: Technology & Engineering

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The first comprehensive review of the current and future effects of climate change on the world’s fisheries and aquaculture operations The first book of its kind, Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture explores the impacts of climate change on global fisheries resources and on marine aquaculture. It also offers expert suggestions on possible adaptations to reduce those impacts. The world's climate is changing more rapidly than scientists had envisioned just a few years ago, and the potential impact of climate change on world food production is quite alarming. Nowhere is the sense of alarm more keenly felt than among those who study the warming of the world's oceans. Evidence of the dire effects of climate change on fisheries and fish farming has now mounted to such an extent that the need for a book such as this has become urgent. A landmark publication devoted exclusively to how climate change is affecting and is likely to affect commercially vital fisheries and aquaculture operations globally, Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture provides scientists and fishery managers with a summary of and reference point for information on the subject which has been gathered thus far. Covers an array of critical topics and assesses reviews of climate change impacts on fisheries and aquaculture from many countries, including Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Chile, US, UK, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, India and others Features chapters on the effects of climate change on pelagic species, cod, lobsters, plankton, macroalgae, seagrasses and coral reefs Reviews the spread of diseases, economic and social impacts, marine aquaculture and adaptation in aquaculture under climate change Includes special reports on the Antarctic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea Extensive references throughout the book make this volume both a comprehensive text for general study and a reference/guide to further research for fisheries scientists, fisheries managers, aquaculture personnel, climate change specialists, aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate biologists, physiologists, marine biologists, economists, environmentalist biologists and planners.
2017-11-13 By Bruce F. Phillips

However, itis hardto extrapolate thesedata directlyto the situation inwild birds, wheremild or subclinical infections may have significant ecological fitness consequences. Wild birds can experience physiological stress asa ...

Author: Christon J. Hurst

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118025695

Category: Science

Page: 400

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This book explains the ecology of viruses by examining their interactive dynamics with their hosting species (in this volume, in animals), including the types of transmission cycles that viruses have evolved encompassing principal and alternate hosts, vehicles and vectoring species. Examining virology from an organismal biology approach and focusing on the concept that viral infections represent areas of overlap in the ecologies of the involved species, Viral Ecology is essential for students and professionals who either may be non-virologists or virologists whose previous familiarity has been very specialized.
2011-06-20 By Christon J. Hurst

Endogenous Retroviruses, Recombination and the Emergence of New Viral Types The impact of ERVs extends beyond the direct effect of their integration on host genomes. Indirect consequences include the interaction of ERVs with exogenous ...


Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128004265

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Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology is the definitive go-to reference in the field of evolutionary biology. It provides a fully comprehensive review of the field in an easy to search structure. Under the collective leadership of fifteen distinguished section editors, it is comprised of articles written by leading experts in the field, providing a full review of the current status of each topic. The articles are up-to-date and fully illustrated with in-text references that allow readers to easily access primary literature. While all entries are authoritative and valuable to those with advanced understanding of evolutionary biology, they are also intended to be accessible to both advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Broad topics include the history of evolutionary biology, population genetics, quantitative genetics; speciation, life history evolution, evolution of sex and mating systems, evolutionary biogeography, evolutionary developmental biology, molecular and genome evolution, coevolution, phylogenetic methods, microbial evolution, diversification of plants and fungi, diversification of animals, and applied evolution. Presents fully comprehensive content, allowing easy access to fundamental information and links to primary research Contains concise articles by leading experts in the field that ensures current coverage of each topic Provides ancillary learning tools like tables, illustrations, and multimedia features to assist with the comprehension process
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Dwayne Anderson. MAKING AWIRAL IMPACT = WITH = FREE #G|WEAWAY H o l - - o o io DWAYNE ANDERSUN Disclaimer and Copyright Notification: Making a Viral Impact with FREE. Front Cover.

Author: Dwayne Anderson

Publisher: Estalontech

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Making a Viral Impact with FREE #GIVEAWAY Value of Free as #Giveaway Many Online businesses are profiting from giving creative products away on a “Giveaway” promo but exactly how are they making money from such efforts ? Although it sound counterintuitive, but many online business have discovered they can benefit from giving away products and services they took time and research to produce So how do businesses benefit from such “Giveaway “ Promo ? The Benefits Of Organizing #Giveaway Everyone loves the word “free.” And it does get most people’s heart pumping harder . Most consumers would have to admit that, most of the time, the free item isn’t worth the trouble , if they have to organize transport to visit a venue to acquire the FREE item but it will works totally differently if they get it online From a online business perspective, giving away something for free , is as simple with a click of a mouse . Sure, the upfront costs can be substantial even if it is still in digital format , but the investment can easily pay off in some monetary form a little farther down the road. Take a closer look at a handful of the benefits -- along with some real-world examples -- to get a better idea of how “free” can benefit a business. It creates a buzz #Giveaways can be used to generate buzz around your brand. This is why you frequently hear about giveaways and contests The estore knows that by coupling the launch with the distribution of free online products , they’ll be able to generate more excitement. They’ll offer a free product (or heavily discounted one) to a limited number of customers to generate excitement and publicity. It’s a simple, yet effective technique. It drives traffic and is good for list building One of the primary benefits of offering something of value for free is that it garners traffic. This is true for all types of and online outfits. Usually Giveaway promotion serves as a magnet. It attracts customers that can certainly have a positive impact when the right approach is taken. Branding and good feedback When you are organizing #Giveaways , you’re essentially investing in positive brand recognition. People love to get something worthwhile at no charge with no strings attached. It makes them feel special, and that they’ve come out ahead. Finally, freebies can be used to encourage feedback. Though many free-giveaway strategies are implemented without asking for anything in return, sometimes it’s appropriate to ask for feedback. Let Buzz on “#Giveaway ” to benefit your biz From a business perspective, “Giveaway” can be an intimidating word. The goal of every business is to make money, after all. Check out further on this eBook : Making a Viral Impact with FREE #GIVEAWAY… make it easy to see the benefits that free samples and giveaways afford. Sometimes the benefits are apt to be significantly distant, but at other times they may be more immediate. Regardless, you should look for ways to leverage the value of “#Giveaway ” in your future marketing and advertising campaigns.
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... hamster ) RO1CA - 25215-11 Tumor virus effects on mammary epithelial cells ( mice ) R37CA - 25417-11 RO1CA ... ( frogs ) PO1CA - 33620-06 0003 Directed SV40 mutation -- Cell molecular consequences - Control of viral and cellular gene ...



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Viral,. Protozoan,. and. Related. Intracranial. Infections. *For occurrence of neonatal neurological disease; T1, T2, ... may become involved in a variety of infectious processes, with devastating effects on structure and function.

Author: Joseph J. Volpe

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781416039952

Category: Medical

Page: 1109

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Provides the insights in neonatal neurology. This title describes from the discoveries in genetics through the advances in the diagnosis and management of neurologic disorders. It delivers clinical guidance you need to provide effective care for neonates with neurological conditions.
2008-01-01 By Joseph J. Volpe