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This is an important book that offers a fascinating history / documentary of the posters and billboards produced by the Vietnamese, from the time of Ho Chi Minh's first struggles against the French, through the Vietnam War days, then the ...

Author: Artbook

Publisher: Lao Dong/Tsai Fong Books

ISBN: 6045901053

Category: Political posters, Vietnamese

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Offers a history / documentary of the posters and billboards produced by the Vietnamese, from the time of Ho Chi Minh's first struggles against the French, through the Vietnam War days, then the Doi Moi ('perestroika') right up to the campaigns of the present day. This is an important book that offers a fascinating history / documentary of the posters and billboards produced by the Vietnamese, from the time of Ho Chi Minh's first struggles against the French, through the Vietnam War days, then the Doi Moi ('perestroika') right up to the campaigns of the present day. As the introduction
2013-01-28 By Artbook

Left : Images of Ho Chi Minh appear on banners , posters , and billboards all over
Vietnam . He is often called the father of Vietnam because of his dedicated fight
to unite the country . WWW TOÀN ĐANG TOÀN QUÂN TOÀN ĐAN KIÊN ĐỊNH ...

Author: Yumi Ng

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Pub

ISBN: 0836825489

Category: History

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An introduction to the geography, history, government, economy, people, and culture of Vietnam.
2002-12 By Yumi Ng

However , by 1994 , posters and billboards that emphasized the possibility of HIV
infection in the general population , in both children and adults not considered
high risk , became more visible in efforts to awaken the general public to the risk

Author: Tram Quynh Le Nguyen


ISBN: UCAL:C3483531


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Billboards for Diners Club , Black & Decker , Bank of America , pass by . ...
Managua is clothed in banners and loaded with posters and revolutionary
billboards : Sandino Ayer , Sandino Hoy , Sandino Siempre ( Sandino Yesterday
, Sandino ...



ISBN: 0932966462

Category: Counterrevolutions

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1984 By

Art on the Road : a Retrospective Exhibition of Artists' Billboards of the Last 30
Years Laura Steward Heon, Peggy Diggs, ... the Guerrilla Girls a decade later
created posters and billboards revealing the damning statistics of prevalent
museum and gallery sexist ( and racist ) practices . ... With the emergence of
public art in the late 1960s and broad - based political protest surrounding the
Vietnam War , the ...

Author: Laura Steward Heon

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: UOM:39015053170778

Category: Art

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The roadside billboard as a versatile form of contemporary public art.

Most companies , however , are content to buy billboard space and basically slap
up posters and other displays wherever they can . They hire cyclo drivers to wear
tee - shirts or give them logo stickers , give free samples to stores , and so on .

Author: Christopher Engholm

Publisher: Prentice Hall Direct

ISBN: UCSD:31822021307665

Category: Corporate culture

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Vietnam is fast emerging as the hottest new business frontier on the Pacific Rim. With a remarkable combination of booming growth, negligible inflation, and a standardized currency - plus low labor rates and a hard-working population of 70 million (twelfth in the world) - it offers a huge market to exporters, and a potential goldmine for savvy investors, entrepreneurs, and business executives. Even though Vietnam is officially still a "communist" country, recent government and market reforms have dramatically changed the economic environment. Today, Vietnam is essentially a free market economy and, moreover, one just beginning to take off - the best possible time for entrepreneurs and investors to get involved. Here is the first complete guide to doing business in this new economic powerhouse. Packed with practical help on everything from trademark protection to coping with a sometimes Byzantine bureaucracy. With its explosion of private business activity - record rates of economic growth - and strategic position as a window into the still untapped natural resources and huge consumer markets of Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar - Vietnam is clearly the strongest of the new economic mini-dragons now emerging on the Pacific Rim. This guide provides an easy-to-follow roadmap to its unparalleled new opportunities.

Mass - produced posters and large hand - painted billboards would have been
manufactured based on these rare handand screen printed originals . Within this
section are eight posters , three prints and three related paintings . Poster
designs ...

Author: Jessica Harrison-Hall


ISBN: STANFORD:36105111616996

Category: Art, Vietnamese

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Published to accompany an exhibition of images of the Vietnam war as seen by Vietnamese artists held at the British Museum, London, 13 June - 1 December 2002.

Author: Library of Congress


ISBN: STANFORD:36105117241351

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... of the project activities Staff visits , sharing information Pamphlets , posters ,
billboards Warning • If beneficiaries think that no one will enforce sanctions , they
are unlikely to report ( no matter how good the information channels are ) . •
There ...



ISBN: UOM:39015051492364

Category: Corruption

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1999 By

According to the statistical reports, Habeco had about 19% market share of
alcoholic drinks in Vietnam's market. ... billboards and posters, including posters
at main traffic junctions; advertising images on vehicles; printing decals, etc.;
giving ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822040961237

Category: Business enterprises


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On business environment advantages, human resources development, and the enterprises capacity in Vietnam
2012 By

In the second campaign , 60 , 000 brochures , 32 , 000 posters , 25 V Total
Budget billboards and 90 bandrolls were distributed to selected quarters in four
cities ( Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City , Haiphong and Quang Nam - Danang ) .
Furthermore ...

Author: United Nations Development Programme


ISBN: UOM:39015040863949

Category: Economic development projects

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OUT OF THE VIETNAM VORTEX effect of the language problem in a remarkable
shorthand of twisted allusion — “ I am ... panels , discussions , classrooms ,
lectures , phones , tapes , films , billboards , posters , radios , and televisions .

Author: James F. Mersmann

Publisher: Lawrence : University Press of Kansas

ISBN: UOM:39015066082184

Category: American poetry

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... in the form of slogans, posters, billboards, advertisements and TV commercials.
41 In Vietnam such teachings are also abundant. Banners and billboards
encouraging patriotism, civility, and ethical conduct are on virtually every street

Author: Jonathan Warren

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781134859764

Category: Social Science

Page: 188

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The North Atlantic development establishment has had a blemished track record over the past 65 years. In addition to a sizeable portfolio of failure, the few economic success stories in the developing world, such as South Korea and China, have been achieved by rejecting the advice of Western experts. Despite these realities, debates within mainstream development studies have stagnated around a narrow, acultural emphasis on institutions or the size and role of government. Cultures of Development uses a contrapuntal comparison of Vietnam and Brazil to show why it is important for development scholars and practitioners to broaden their conceptualization of economies to include the socio-cultural. This smartly written book based on original, ethnographic research breathes new life into development studies by bringing cultural studies into conversation with development studies, with an emphasis on improving—rather than merely critiquing—market economies. The applied deployment of critical development studies, i.e., interpretive economics, results in a number of theoretical advances in both development and areas studies, demonstrating the economic importance of certain kinds of cultural work carried out by religious leaders, artists, activists, and educators. Most importantly, the reader comes to fully appreciate how economies are embedded within the subjectivities, discourses, symbols, rituals, norms, and values of a given society. This pioneering book revives development practice and policy by offering fresh insights and ideas about how development can be advanced. It will be of special interest to scholars and students of Development Studies, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, and Area Studies.
2016-11-25 By Jonathan Warren

Telegram From the Embassy in Vietnam to the Department of Statel Saigon ,
September 14 , 1966 . ... GVN suddenly seemed to grasp the technique of
effective publicity , certainly the posters , billboards , radio , television , and
dragon dances ...

Author: United States. Department of State


ISBN: MINN:31951D01665705E

Category: United States


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Advertising Abroad In South Vietnam , it is essential to have expert the market
from time to time but they are usually fly ... inand posters , billboards or bus cards
there are about one million Chinese dustrial equipment and raw mateare used .



ISBN: UOM:39015016419890

Category: Canada


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1960-07 By

Author: Tom Diamond


ISBN: UOM:39015062877447

Category: Business & Economics

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This unique annotated bibliography guides the reader through the economic and political aspects of the tobacco industry from 1990-2004. The work provides access to quality print and electronic materials, and serves as the standard and comprehensive historical reference source for documents examining a critical side of the tobacco industry. Readers will learn about economic aspects such as packaging, products, sponsorships, military sales, and illegal trade (e.g. smuggling). Political facets include California's battle with the industry - politics, politicians, and lobbyists - and the various tobacco settlement agreements. Four appendixes provide statistical data (e.g. military and commissary tobacco sales), tobacco company profiles, selected tobacco litigation, duty-free and tax-free worldwide sales, and tobacco web sites.
2005 By Tom Diamond

Pilgrimage and Popular Religion in Vietnam Philip Taylor. ward religion “ should
encourage thoughts of ... deter mediums and fortune - tellers ( figure 3 ) . The site
is today full of posters and billboards announcing that mediumship is a crime .

Author: Philip Taylor

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: UOM:39015058135750

Category: Religion

Page: 332

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An innovative and multidimensional account of translocal religious practice, this sophisticated study, the first of its kind for Vietnam, blurs disciplinary boundaries and disrupts preconceived images of Vietnamese society.
2004 By Philip Taylor

... the Northern Territories Problem Association has made and distributed posters
, installed billboards , and held rallies ... the provisional Revolutionary
Government ( PRG ) of South Vietnam , The two are expected to come here as
members of ...




Category: East Asia


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1973-05 By



ISBN: UOM:39015016693858

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1997 By

billboards, leaflets, mobile phones, web-internet and interpersonal channels (
demonstration farms, training, field visits). ... campaign in Vietnam consist of TV
broadcast videos, short radio drama episodes, billboards, posters and leaflets.

Author: Geoff M. Gurr

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118231852

Category: Science

Page: 368

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Biodiversity offers great potential for managing insect pests. Itprovides resistance genes and anti-insect compounds; a huge rangeof predatory and parasitic natural enemies of pests; and communityecology-level effects operating at the local and landscape scalesto check pest build-up. This book brings together world leaders intheoretical, methodological and applied aspects to provide acomprehensive treatment of this fast-moving field. Chapter authors from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and theAmericas ensure a truly international scope. Topics range fromscientific principles, innovative research methods, ecologicaleconomics and effective communication to farmers, as well as casestudies of successful use of biodiversity-based pest managementsome of which extend over millions of hectares or are enshrined asgovernment policy. Written to be accessible to advanced undergraduates whilst alsostimulating the seasoned researcher, this work will help unlock thepower of biodiversity to deliver sustainable insect pestmanagement. Visit spanstyle="font-family: "Calibri","sans-serif"; font-size: 11pt; mso-fareast-font-family: SimSun; mso-fareast-theme-font: minor-fareast; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: ZH-CN; mso-bidi-language: TH;" toaccess the artwork from the book./span
2012-04-12 By Geoff M. Gurr

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