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A Woman Running a Man's Game Emilia Szleszynska. She looks surprised and says, “Is this yours? ... Her ghetto ass is screaming, “This is my shit girl! ... A sweet female voice comes over the phone, “Hello, may I speak to Vanilla please?

Author: Emilia Szleszynska

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450281027

Category: Fiction

Page: 173

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YOU WOULD THINK YOU'RE READING A DONALD GOINES STORY, BUT FROM A FEMALE POINT OF VIEW! DIRTY, SEXY, DETROIT STREET LESBIAN DRAMA! WITH A LITTLE PIMPING AS WELL. In the hardcore, volatile city of Detroit, street-smart Vanilla is working hard to make a name for herself. As a young lesbian running an escort service, Vanilla is focused on forging a path in what has always been a male-dominated industry. With only the hottest girls working for her who make thousands daily, nineteen-year-old Vanilla is living a ghetto fabulous lifestyle. Money always comes first for Vanilla. Pleasure is second, but when she is with her girlfriend, Spin, Vanilla knows she is at the mercy of a gorgeous woman whom she looks upon as her biggest weakness in life. Vanilla's fabulous lifestyle is about to change, however; she meets Pops, a sexy client who catches her eye. Vanilla, normally enraptured by women, is unexpectedly nurturing an undeniable attraction to Pops and everything he has to offer. Suddenly, she is immersed in a passionate affair and Spin has no idea that the woman she thinks is hers is slipping away. In this street drama full of love, obsession, and money, one woman puts everything on the line as she looks deep inside to find the strength to not only survive, but thrive in an uncertain world.
2012-03 By Emilia Szleszynska

One Sunday morning, the choir decided to wear red, and as the deacons stood by and assisted us up the steps into the choir stand, each one commented on the ladies in red. "Hmmm.... Hmmmm you ladies are looking fine in your red dresses ...

Author: Bradie Moore

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781594672750

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 250

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Everything from nappy hair to ashy skin is new to this single, white Vanilla Mommy who has adopted an African American girl. The two discover a new colorful world together.
2005 By Bradie Moore

Janie Simpson dismissed her last class at fifteen hundred and needed to use the ladies room before leaving for the day. She reached in her pocketbook for the key to open the staff ladies room and headed down the central corridor hall ...

Author: Robert Leslie Fisher

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438981953

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Richard Furman never imagined he would be a murder suspect when he signed up for the Peace Corps and shipped off to Sembeke, an island nation off the east coast of Africa, to teach English at an elite high school. He merely wanted to change careers, to indulge his life long dream of becoming a teacher even though it meant giving up a successful career in administration for New York State. As the story opens, Richard is waiting to testify in an inquest into the death of his native born girlfriend Caroline and wondering if he will be able to leave the country and start his new career as a teacher in the United States. Richard has much reason to worry. Although he knows his girlfriend committed suicide, he also realizes she was a secret agent of the ASN, the feared National Security Agency of Sembeke, spying on the Peace Corps volunteers for the new military government which has promised to islamify the nation. Does Carolines shadowy security agency want to blame him for her death? Do they want the Peace Corps volunteers kicked out? Richard realizes ruefully he has no more idea of what is in store for him than he knows about his native girlfriend and her past. What he does know is that her resume may include the murder of another agent of the National Security Agency, a man with connections to drug trafficking in the United States, before he surfaced in Sembeke to help the military coup leaders take over the country. Will he be allowed to testify about that in the inquest or will the ASN try to silence him permanently to keep all these messy facts from coming out?
2009-07-16 By Robert Leslie Fisher

-LADY HOLLAND . drops garlic juice . ... The Borden Company Style VANILLA ICE CREAM Let 2 cans condensed milk stand in refrigerator overnight . ... One tablespoon true vanilla extract may be substituted for the vanilla bean .



ISBN: UOM:39015014736709

Category: Women


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1950 By

AWARD 100 % Real Vanilla . You deserve it . reinforced my parents ' message of independence . But instead of safety , the focus was on adventure . None of my female classmates talked about getting married . Instead , we discussed our ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105008450699

Category: Home economics


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'La cucina,' she raises her head in the direction, takes my arm and in a moment we are in the kitchen where half a dozen ladies are talking noisily as they hover between simmering pots with long-handled ladles hanging from the rims.

Author: Isabella Dusi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743404112

Category: Social Science

Page: 484

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Isabella Dusi, a native Australian, settled in Montalcino, a beautiful mountain eyrie famous for its wine and the proud nature of its inhabitants. Her acceptance into this close-knit community was a hard-won thing and has inspired Isabella to capture the true spirit of Montalcino. Vanilla Beans & Brodo tells of the violent history of this medieval village, which has lefts its mark on the character traits of the Montalcinese, and also offers a rare insight into the anxiety, joy, fun, and pressure of daily life as it unfolds with the seasons. An evocative story of the rivalry between village neighborhoods, of football fever and festival pageantry, Isabella Dusi destroys the myth that Tuscan villages are tranquil places, and instead reveals a life infinitely rich and full of dramas.
2002 By Isabella Dusi

The more she yelled, the more her initial facade of solidity and strength collapsed, revealing a vulnerable woman, deeply hurt and washing her bitterness away with reverberating sobs. Rosita gave Lady Mayor a glass of water with a few ...

Author: Emilia Bresciani

Publisher: Momentum

ISBN: 9781743340509

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 379

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"Few books are written at such a pitch of emotion as this one or in a language that is so unabashedly sensual and romantic" – Weekend Australian A true story of hope and courage spanning four generations, The Raw Scent of Vanilla is born from the storytelling traditions of the lush and fertile Peruvian Amazon. It follows the highs and lows of the Bresciani-Lujan family, whose women turn to the wisdom of nature to solve their problems. They take counsel with the wise Pink Dolphin of the Amazon, ask the river for advice, and follow the profound messages of their dreams. But when tragedy hits hard and a mystical Blue Cat announces death, their wisdom persuades them to seek other spiritual routes. Decades later, in another land, Emilia Bresciani must face her own tragedies. She turns to the wisdom of her ancestors for guidance. After becoming a successful journalist she was looking forward to starting a new family with her husband – until her life was shattered by his murder in mysterious circumstances. In a horrifying downward spiral, she found herself not only a widow, but also the only suspect in his murder. This compelling book is a blend of wit and sadness, courage and adversity, and the vanilla and cinnamon scents of Latin America. A sensual feast of vibrant colours, rich aromas, magic and passion, it is the story of a woman's spiritual journey to find her true self.
2012-07-01 By Emilia Bresciani

Prime Mexican The special climatic conditions of Mexico , combined with the native skill of cultivating and curing , have made Mexican Vanilla Beans the finest in the world Bourbon These beans are grown from cuttings of the Mexican ...



ISBN: UOM:39015023142402

Category: Cooking

Page: 1242

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Vanilla: A Global History. ... “Mexican Scientist Saves Vanilla: Exploitation, Genetic Erosion, and Climate Change Have Endangered Vanilla in Mexico. ... Botany for Ladies, or, a Popular Introduction to the Natural System of Plants.

Author: Erica Hannickel

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393867299

Category: Nature

Page: 384

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One of Literary Hub's Most Anticipated Books of 2022 A kaleidoscopic journey into the world of nature’s most tantalizing flower, and the lives it has inspired. The epitome of floral beauty, orchids have long fostered works of art, tales of adventure, and scientific discovery. Tenacious plant hunters have traversed continents to collect rare specimens; naturalists and shoguns have marveled at orchids’ seductive architecture; royalty and the smart set have adorned themselves with their allure. In Orchid Muse, historian and home grower Erica Hannickel gathers these bold tales of the orchid-smitten throughout history, while providing tips on cultivating the extraordinary flowers she features. Consider Empress Eugenie and Queen Victoria, the two most powerful women in nineteenth-century Europe, who shared a passion for Coelogyne cristata, with its cascading, fragrant white blooms. John Roebling, builder of the Brooklyn Bridge, cultivated thousands of orchids and introduced captivating hybrids. Edmond Albius, an enslaved youth on an island off the coast of Madagascar, was the first person to hand-pollinate Vanilla planifolia, leading to vanilla’s global boom. Artist Frida Kahlo was drawn to the lavender petals of Cattleya gigas and immortalized the flower’s wilting form in a harrowing self-portrait, while more recently Margaret Mee painted the orchids she discovered in the Amazon to advocate for their conservation. The story of orchidomania is one that spans the globe, transporting readers from the glories of the palace gardens of Chinese Empress Cixi to a seedy dime museum in Gilded Age New York’s Tenderloin, from hazardous jungles to the greenhouses and bookshelves of Victorian collectors. Lush and inviting, with radiant full-color illustrations throughout, Orchid Muse is the ultimate celebration of our enduring fascination with these beguiling flowers.
2022-12-20 By Erica Hannickel

Skin of vea !, Cup of new milk , One onion , Twelve eggs , Two carrots , One pound of white sugar , Two turnips , Half a pint of cream , Four quarts of water , Vanilla , Salt and vermicelli , Dissolve the isinglass in the milk ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433104870054

Category: Costume

Page: 116

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Includes music.
1882 By