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“Tell me, James, what would you have done? I just didn't want to jeopardize our chances of having an education; and I was thinking about Mama. Don't forget, I was just a young teenage girl who didn't not know my right from my left.

Author: Olu'funmi' Osato-Osawaye

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496975041

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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Meet Mabel, a young, beautiful, poor girl with a bright future living in poverty together with her parents and brothers. They were happy until tragedy struck. Eloma a lady with the stigma of having HIV, she is equally beautiful but would the secret of their past and present life, be revealed and their sin be healed? Will they ever find rest for their restless hearts? Who will deliver them? Read as their Deliverer rescues them in their battle for their souls.
2014-10-15 By Olu'funmi' Osato-Osawaye

Saying those words out loud to someone, to the person who had tormented me all of my life, was monumental. What became clear to me after I made the decision to break from my parents was just how conditional love had been for me all of ...

Author: Chad Peevy

Publisher: Institute for Human Progress and Development

ISBN: 9781736813225

Category: Self-Help

Page: 384

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We see the world through the lens of our beliefs. But where did those beliefs come from? Are they even ours? Did we choose them? Or were they passed on to us like an unfortunate inheritance? If you’re asking questions like: • Why can’t I seem to break through this depression and anxiety? • How do I reconcile my life experience with what I was taught growing up? • Why do I keep getting stuck in my progress toward career and relationship goals? Break & Untangle will teach you exactly how to: • Self-coach on your toughest days. Learn how to support instead of sabotage yourself. • Recognize conditional love. Learn to accept yourself, even if your family doesn't. • Manage your mind. Learn how to be more aware of yourself, how you approach the world, and your connection with other people. Chad brings you along as he shares his own inspiring story of learning to manage the consequences of an abusive upbringing in rural Arkansas. He delivers research-based strategies with compassion and relatability, to help you reveal and reprogram your own set of inherited beliefs. A life of personal freedom, purpose, and meaning is waiting for you once you make the decision to Break & Untangle.
2021-06-01 By Chad Peevy

I am glad your honesty with me is real. I have been questioned about my actions, thinking and decisions, but never has anyone questioned me about what lies beneath. It is confusing too. Sometimes I cannot completely collate what you are ...

Author: Swati Sharma

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781645879336

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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What does one do when they find themselves at an impasse? When they feel half awake and half asleep? When on a metaphoric journey to find who they are or find the world around them? Untangle is a collection of short stories explores the lives of people grappling to find the essence in their lives. Kunal undertakes a journey to meet his lost childhood star, to untangle the messy knots of regret and the time between them. A family’s worst fears come to the surface when Abhay decides to not come home one night. A woman narrates a story on a chilly winter night, only one thing is essential—a fire that keeps burning. The lives of these characters bring together a common thread that weaves us all—the need to know one’s true self, to feel a connection within and to find what lies beyond us, amidst the alienation of a fast-changing world.
2019-07-09 By Swati Sharma

It made me suspicious that if sorting was an issue, or she had to find out what to give to me, then this would be a problem. If they are public records, then there should be some system in place to make available reports upon request, ...

Author: Cynthia M. Andersen

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452058283

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 184

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In the very early hours of a Sunday morning, a woman is found running on a boulevard with no clothes on and screaming for help. She is found by a security guard patrolling the area. He calls it in as an assault, but what transpires after that call only ends in a quick death for her by the responders of the county she was found in. All tied up and no place to go. Eight minutes is all it took many responders to end her life and change the lives of those that loved her. Haunted by the way her sister died, the author continues a search for answers of what really happened to her. After doing her own investigation into the police reports, seeing inconsistencies, reading about questionable in-custody deaths, and receiving very little help from the legal system, the media, lawmakers, and the Governor of Colorado at the time, she could only come up with what could have happened to her sister. The author decided writing about the ordeal would be the best way for healing and help others, who have lost loved ones in police custody and still suffer the mystery of their deaths. A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK WILL GO TO A FUND TO HELP OTHERS WITH LEGAL FEES WHEN LOVED ONE'S LIVES ARE LOST IN POLICE CUSTODY
2010-11-09 By Cynthia M. Andersen

“Because you're my best friend and you kept this a secret from me too. You didn't trust me enough to tell me about falling in love.” “I couldn't tell you,” Sutton said. “If I told you, then I would have put you in the position of having ...

Author: Emma Lea

Publisher: Emma Lea


Category: Fiction

Page: 387

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Sutton Sharp’s life was perfectly fine, thank you very much. Maybe the entire town of Hope Springs treated her like a kid, but was it really that bad if people looked out for her? Okay, so maybe she could do without walking in on her brother and his girlfriend doing it on every available surface in the house she shared with them, but apart from that inconvenience (and frankly disturbing image) her life was great. She certainly didn’t need her brother’s best friend riding in on a white horse to offer her a place to live where she wouldn’t be constantly confronted with her brother’s bare backside. She had her own plans…and she had a secret that would be impossible to keep if she moved into Daniel’s place. Daniel Forster had only ever thought of Sutton as Tony’s annoying little sister…okay, there was that one time at the B&S ball where he kissed her, but that was just to shut her up. She’d been arguing with him at them time and he couldn’t think of another way to make her be quiet. That was his story and he was sticking to it. Asking her to move in with him had come as a shock not only to her, but to him as well. Yes, he needed a new housemate to cover his mortgage payments, but Sutton was the last person he wanted to give an up close and personal look at his life…especially not after the incident in the warehouse behind the hardware store. Despite both of their aversions to living together, neither of them had any other choice. But it was only temporary and they both agreed they could do temporary. Neither one of them was prepared for what being ‘up close and personal’ would do to their relationship. *This is a hot and steamy best-friend’s little sister/enemies to lovers romance with a happy ever after and lots of flying sparks and lacy lingerie along the way. **This book is set in Australia and uses Australian/UK English
2020-10-19 By Emma Lea

Karina took a deep breath and held it as she looked towards me, not knowing where to start with her story. “I've wanted to tell you, but wanted it to be at the right time. I was worried after that trip to the psychiatrist.

Author: Sherwood Stockwell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595468195

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Casino Balconies Collapse 88 confirmed dead 100's injured This headline in a 1980 issue of the Denver Transcript highlights a construction catastrophe. How did it happen? Who was at fault? That's what architect Woodford Stickley and attorney Angela Adams were hired to find out. As forensic investigators they sort through tangled evidence to determine why a building failed and provide expert testimony during legal proceedings. The partnership developed when Stickley answered Adam's call for help on a personal injury case. Her request came as a construction slump threatened to wipe out his new practice and an emotional crisis portends an early end to an equally new marriage. Stickley overcomes the two challenges as he learns to untangle the threads of building disasters, sort out his relationships with the opposite sex and keep up with the pace set by a lady lawyer who is as proficient in the sport of hang gliding as she is in weaving a convincing legal argument. Their work leads them to all parts of Colorado, picking up bits of local lore as they go, to solve the mysteries of a construction crash, condominium failures and the tragic casino balcony collapse.
2008-05 By Sherwood Stockwell

Another set of hands appeared from overhead and helped untangle me from the rope. 'Who are you?' said a boy rather sternly. 'Where are you from?' 'I'm from a place where it's frightfully rude to set traps.' My peachcoloured dress was ...

Author: Caleb Krisp

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408858738

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

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Our magnificently infuriating heroine is on the very brink of her greatest adventure: bound for London and Prospa House to save Anastasia Radcliff and young Rebecca Butterfield from fates worse than death. But there are difficulties at every turn. The devious Miss Always and her devilish Locks are in hot pursuit. Anastasia is gone, taken by her evil sister-in-law Estelle and hidden in a place no one will ever find her. And worst of all, the Clock Diamond is no longer working, blocking Ivy's route to Prospa. There's a mystery to be unpicked and if anyone can do it, it's Ivy Pocket. After all, she has all the natural instincts of a Russian chess master. Ivy Pocket's tumultuous finale is certain to involve breathtaking adventure, bone-shattering courage and frightful danger. But what price will she have to pay?
2017-06-01 By Caleb Krisp

Example: many times I tried to finish school, and every time I tried to finish school my circumstances and support always lead me to reject the desire of finishing school so it caused me to feel incomplete and unaccomplished, leading me ...

Author: Ericka Joseph

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716336751

Category: Self-Help


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"Untangle Yourself From Cursed Roots" is a book based upon internal healing. Healing of the mater that does not come from your normal healing sources, like physician clinics, the Doctor office you normally go to for help for your body and also the phycologist office you go and talk with to figure out your issue, this kind of healing you will read about is unseen yet a mass movement internally that will touch places in your HEART, MIND, BODY, AND SOUL you thought could never be healed! now I wont say kick your medications away that help you stabilize your issue but I believe after reading this book a UNFAILING! change will heal and take place in you that is forever and not removable or dissolving!
2020-12-29 By Ericka Joseph

She battled to get me off of her, to untangle me from her, to push me gently away, but I insisted. Her lips were moving, but it took me a while to understand what she was saying: “Off you go, you poor little.

Author: Julia Iatridis

Publisher: Stergiou Limited

ISBN: 9781912315864

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 356

A young woman who survived from Smyrna Catastrophe in 1922 started her life from scratch in Greece. She follows her dream—but with an unpredictable end. *** Panoria is a young girl who was miraculously saved from the Great Fire of Smyrna, otherwise known as the Disaster of Asia Minor, in 1922. She arrives in Athens, along with thousands of refugees, but she is alone. She lost all her family in the catastrophe of Smyrna. Young as she is, she has no choice other than becoming a servant to survive. Each house she works in is a chapter of the book. In each home, Panoria learns valuable lessons about people and society. However, this knowledge is not easily earned. The massive explosion severely damaged her hearing during the evacuation in the harbour of Smyrna. This makes her feel lonely and isolated, even around people. So, her most trusted sense is her sight. She watches everything, and, if necessary, through keyholes, which is how she discovers a lot about her employers. The employers tell her only what they want her to know. She picks knowledge as best as she can, such as how to save as much money as possible, little by little, and in time to make her dream come true: to build her own house with a balcony and two stone lions to support it. She follows her dream—but with an unpredictable end. *** Bestselling fiction in Greece State Award for Literature (Greece, 1964) 7 editions in the Greek language until 2008 Mini TV Series in Greece (1969–1971) Now available in English
2019-10-18 By Julia Iatridis

making me do something I don't want to do is pretty impossible. You'd think he would've learned ... I had got myself wrapped up so tightly in the leash that I could hardly move but did he untangle me? No! He just started driving again ...

Author: Colin Chappell

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460280065

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 337

Is there any expression of FRIENDSHIP as endearing as a dog voluntarily touching its nose to yours? When Colin Chappell contemplated the idea of adopting a dog, he did so warily, for he had seldom spent time with dogs and one of his primary canine experiences came when he was bitten by a German Shepherd at age fourteen. He certainly was unprepared for the complexities of caring for the seventy-five pounds of rescued, furry attitude he encountered in Ray. But perhaps what he was even more unprepared for were the emotions he would feel once Ray invited him to be his friend. Who Said I Was Up For Adoption? tells the evolving story of this adoption (though it remains unclear just who did the adopting). Funny, heartwarming, and emotional, Colin and Ray’s story is really two stories, for part of learning to let an adopted dog into one’s life is learning to see from a perspective other than your own. True to that knowledge the book is narrated from parallel, alternating viewpoints—Colin’s and … Ray’s! All net profits from sales of Who Said I Was Up For Adoption? will be donated to the Oakville and Milton Humane Society, a remarkable organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs (and many other creatures) and matches them with suitable, loving humans.
2016-05-10 By Colin Chappell