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The first book-length popular history of its type, this indispensable resource is an engaging read for all those fascinated by this ubiquitous and uniquely shaped reptile.

Author: Olivier Rieppel

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253025074

Category: Science

Page: 216

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Where do turtles hail from? Why and how did they acquire shells? These questions have spurred heated debate and intense research for more than two hundred years. Brilliantly weaving evidence from the latest paleontological discoveries with an accessible, incisive look at different theories of biological evolution and their proponents, Turtles as Hopeful Monsters tells the fascinating evolutionary story of the shelled reptiles. Paleontologist Olivier Rieppel traces the evolution of turtles from over 220 million years ago, examining closely the relationship of turtles to other reptiles and charting the development of the shell. Turtle issues fuel a debate between proponents of gradual evolutionary change and authors favoring change through bursts and leaps of macromutation. The first book-length popular history of its type, this indispensable resource is an engaging read for all those fascinated by this ubiquitous and uniquely shaped reptile.
2017-03-13 By Olivier Rieppel

Kuraku, S., Usuda, R., and Kuratani, S., Comprehensive survey of carpacial ridge
-specific genes in turtle implies co-option of some regulatory genes in carapace
... Rieppel, O., Turtles as hopeful monsters, BioEssays, 23,987–991, 2001.

Author: Jeanette Wyneken

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420004972

Category: Science

Page: 408

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Featuring in-depth contributions from an international team of experts, the Biology of Turtles provides the first comprehensive review of the Testudinata. The book starts with the premise that the structure of turtles is particularly interesting and best understood within the context of their development, novelty, functional diversity, and evolution. It provides a robust discussion of the development and diversity of the shell. The book also explores the turtle body plan, its physiological and ecological consequences, evolutionary novelties, and their importance. The 200 illustrations found throughout the text enhance the chapters combine with color illustrations of the development of the shell, aspects of bone structural diversity, growth, and skeletochronology, to make this book an unparalleled resource. The volume concludes with a thoughtful discussion of the more than century long debate on the origins of turtles and the reasons why our understanding of the phylogenic origins and evolution of turtles remains tentative. Currently available books on this subject are woefully out of date and no overall review of Testudinata has been undertaken...until now. Each chapter represents a milestone in synthesizing a wide range of available information on specific subjects. The book’s challenge: look both inside and outside the shell to build a clearer understanding of the diversity and evolution of turtles.
2007-12-26 By Jeanette Wyneken

Turtles as diapsid reptiles. Zoologica Scripta 29:199–212. Rieppel, O. 2001.
Turtles as hopeful monsters. Bioessays 23:987–991. Rieppel, O. 2013. The
evolution of the turtle shell. In D. B. Brinkman, P. A. Holroyd, and J. D. Gardner,
eds., ...

Author: Kenneth P. Dial

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226268392

Category: Science

Page: 424

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How did flying birds evolve from running dinosaurs, terrestrial trotting tetrapods evolve from swimming fish, and whales return to swim in the sea? These are some of the great transformations in the 500-million-year history of vertebrate life. And with the aid of new techniques and approaches across a range of fields—work spanning multiple levels of biological organization from DNA sequences to organs and the physiology and ecology of whole organisms—we are now beginning to unravel the confounding evolutionary mysteries contained in the structure, genes, and fossil record of every living species. This book gathers a diverse team of renowned scientists to capture the excitement of these new discoveries in a collection that is both accessible to students and an important contribution to the future of its field. Marshaling a range of disciplines—from paleobiology to phylogenetics, developmental biology, ecology, and evolutionary biology—the contributors attack particular transformations in the head and neck, trunk, appendages such as fins and limbs, and the whole body, as well as offer synthetic perspectives. Illustrated throughout, Great Transformations in Vertebrate Evolution not only reveals the true origins of whales with legs, fish with elbows, wrists, and necks, and feathered dinosaurs, but also the relevance to our lives today of these extraordinary narratives of change.
2015-07-20 By Kenneth P. Dial

I thought — Oh I am like one of those baby turtles on their run down over the sand
— — They think they will be safe in the sea? I drove for about an hour. Rudi was
silent. Then we were coming down through groves of cork trees. I could see the ...

Author: Nicholas Mosley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781448209910

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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This Whitbread Book of The Year Award winner for 1990 is the final novel of the "Catastrophe Practice" series. Set in the 1920s and 30s it tells the story of two young radicals, Max and Eleanor, who meet, love, separate and come together again during the maelstrom of the Spanish Civil War.
2012-08-22 By Nicholas Mosley



ISBN: UCLA:L0099047367

Category: Biology


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2009 By

... and Ann C . Burke , “ Morphogenesis of the Turtle Shell : The Development of a
Novel Structure in Tetrapod Evolution ... Olivier Rieppel , “ Turtles as Hopeful
Monsters , ” BioEssays , 23 ( 2001 ) ; Scott F . Gilbert , John M . Opitz , and Rudolf
A ...

Author: Francis Beckwith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 0742514307

Category: Law

Page: 185

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Francis J. Beckwith asks whether teaching Intelligent Design in public schools would be constitutional, in light of the Supreme Court's decision in Edwards v. Aguillard.

So he proposed the “hopeful monster theory.” He said that every now and then a
twolegged sheep or a two-headed turtle was born. They were all monsters and
died but, hopefully, over enough time, there might be a good one which would ...

Author: Luther Sunderland

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781614582076

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Evolutionists have long known that Charles Darwin's original argument against his own theory - that a lack of fossil evidence of transitional forms would reduce him to an embarrassing footnote in history - was screamingly true. No legitimate fossil evidence exists that shows one species changing into another. This startling realization led Luther Sunderland to an exhaustive search of the subject, and his findings show clearly that evolution is a theory in disarray. From his own interviews with leading evolutionists, and an examination of the fossil evidence, Sunderland shows that the Enigma of Darwin's anti-God philosophy is that the facts show it is anything but rock-solid. Before is death in 1987, Luther Sunderland had garnered the respect of creationists worldwide for his investigative writing of the evolution controversy. After obtaining an engineering degree from Penn State University, Sunderland spent 30 years developing automatic flight control systems for the General Electric Company. DARWIN'S ENIGMA remains on intensely popular work on the theory of origins.
1998-08-01 By Luther Sunderland

Phenotypic plasticity for growth in the common snapping turtle : effects of
incubation temperature , clutch , and their interaction . American Naturalist 146 :
726 – 747 . ... Turtles as hopeful monsters . BioEssays 23 : 987 – 991 . Rieppel ,
O . , and ...

Author: F. Harvey Pough

Publisher: Pearson Education / Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:49015003470003

Category: Science

Page: 726

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For upper-level undergraduate courses in herpetology, this text emphasizes the integration of information to produce a picture of amphibians and their roles in ecosystems.
2004 By F. Harvey Pough

It was a monster and it died . Or a turtle was born with two heads ; it also was a
monster and died . Although all these monstrosities did not survive , hopefully , if
you had enough of these , you might get a good one . And so the Hopeful
Monster ...

Author: Albert Sippert


ISBN: 0962387207

Category: Creationism

Page: 419

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A treatise on the origin & destiny of all things from the evolution point of view & from the creation point of view (written in the language of the average person). This book is written for the millions of people who are wondering if evolution could possibly be true. A few of the many questions answered in this book: What is the origin of all the material in the universe? On the basis of geology, what was the earth like originally? What is the origin of life? On the basis of archaeology, what is the explanation for many different civilizations arising suddenly all over the earth at one time around 5,000 years ago, with the suddenness of a sunrise? Why is evolution scientifically impossible? Who are our ancestors, some apes or the most intelligent, skilled, & most advanced people who ever lived on earth? To be scientific in considering origins, why must a non-material force, power or Being be considered, that is greater than the material things of the universe? Comments from reviewers: Rev. Walter Lange of Genesis Institute & former head of the Bible Science Association Inc.: "it clearly shows the weakness of the evolution idea from many aspects. We recommend this book highly for the wealth of information that has been put into it." Dr. (Ph.D.) Neelak Tjernaget: "In my opinion your book makes most of the other books on the same subject irrelevant." Readers from all walks of life have called the book amazing, astounding, fascinating, extraordinary, excellenct, even a masterpiece. It makes an excellent gift especially at Christmas.
1989-12 By Albert Sippert

Monsters – Evolutionists ' Last Chance " – Dr . Richard B . Goldschmidt , world
famous ... Or , a turtle was born with two heads ; it was a monster and died .



ISBN: WISC:89059428987

Category: Bible


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1981 By

He said that every now must be based on and then a two - legged sheep or a
twoheaded turtle was born . ... 15 When critics scoffed at Goldschmidt ' s hopeful
monster theory saying that there was not a shred of evidence to support the
theory ...

Author: Gary Zustiak


ISBN: 0899008275


Page: 81

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Christians are often accused of holding their beliefs without any intelligent basis; In other words, having blind faith. This wonderful study will help your group members strengthen their faith through an understanding of the evidence God has provided for His children. It will also provide your members with confidence as they face challenges to their faith. This study will create a great deal of discussion in your group, and it will be exciting for them to see how firm the foundation of their faith truly is.
2000-10 By Gary Zustiak

Nicholas Mosley – son of the MIES has won the 1990 Whitbread Book of the Year
for Hopeful Monsters ( Secker ... But it was really the turtles ' year , with the pizza -
eating Teenage Mutant Hero ( or Ninja ) Turtles starring in fourteen titles on ...



ISBN: UVA:X002553219

Category: Best books


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1991 By

So he proposed the “ Hopeful Monster Theory . ” He said that every now and then
a two - legged sheep or a two - headed turtle was born . They were all monsters
and died but , hopefully , over enough time , there might be a good one which ...

Author: Luther D. Sunderland

Publisher: Master Books

ISBN: 089051108X

Category: Science

Page: 177

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Goldschmidt ' s " Hopeful Monster " The belief that evolution occurs by sudden
leaps , or “ saltations , ” is not a new one . The famous ... his new theory in the fact
that every once in a while , a two - legged sheep or two - headed turtle was born .

Author: Michael Anthony Corey

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: UVA:X004474413

Category: Religion

Page: 367

View: 928

Is the evolutionary process intelligently designed? If so, why did the Creator choose such an evil-infested means to create the biosphere? What is the intrinsic nature of evil itself? Is natural evil necessary? Is evil compatible with the existence of God? Will the world's evils ever be totally redeemed? What place does humanity occupy in the cosmic scheme of things? Evolution and the Problem of Natural Evil attempts to answer these and other timeless questions by proposing a bold new conceptual synthesis that aggressively marries the tenets of modern developmental psychology to the basic concepts of classical theism. The end result of this novel approach is deeply encouraging, insofar as it places the problem of evil, as well as the general fate of human existence, in a much larger and more optimistic context than has traditionally been imagined.

Misidentification of sea turtles in the East Pacific: Caretta caretta and
Lepidochelys olivacea. J. Herpetol. 19:1–11. ... Tetracycline as an in vivo label in
bones of green turtles, Chelonia mydas (L.). ... From hopeful monsters to
bolyerine snakes?

Author: Ernest A. Liner


ISBN: STANFORD:36105131255007

Category: Reptiles


View: 108

1969 By Ernest A. Liner

A new turtle skull from the Purbeckian of England and a note on the early
dichotomies of cryptodire turtles . Paleontology 19 : 317 - 324 . FRAZETTA , T . H
. 1970 . From hopeful monsters to bolyerine snakes ? American Naturalist 104 :
55 - 72 ...



ISBN: UCAL:B4339575

Category: Electronic journals


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1991 By

Thirteen moons on turtle's back . ... Beethoven , Ludwig van , 1770-1827 ISBN 0-
674-06362-7 LC 91-24796 THE LOCH MOOSE MONSTER ; more stories ...
Home Front ' predicts a bleak future , while ' To Hell with the Stars ' seems
hopeful .



ISBN: UOM:39015078261859

Category: Bibliography


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Excerpts from and citations to reviews of more than 8,000 books each year, drawn from coverage of 109 publications. Book Review Digest provides citations to and excerpts of reviews of current juvenile and adult fiction and nonfiction in the English language. Reviews of the following types of books are excluded: government publications, textbooks, and technical books in the sciences and law. Reviews of books on science for the general reader, however, are included. The reviews originate in a group of selected periodicals in the humanities, social sciences, and general science published in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. - Publisher.
1993 By

We can only hope that they will be hopeful monsters . ... Flying Turtle Sydney ,
what are we to think of him ? ... Nobody could have dreamed of a more perfectly
designed - for - flight turtle : and so , as we are the designers in this Institute , I ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105013069047

Category: Science fiction


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1986 By

Told in rich detail and with gorgeous color recreations, this is the story of marine life in the age before the dinosaurs.

Author: Olivier Rieppel

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253040138

Category: Science

Page: 312

View: 842

Told in rich detail and with gorgeous color recreations, this is the story of marine life in the age before the dinosaurs. During the Middle Triassic Period (247–237 million years ago), the mountain of Monte San Giorgio in Switzerland was a tropical lagoon. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it boasts an astonishing fossil record of marine life from that time. Attracted to an incredibly diverse and well-preserved set of fossils, Swiss and Italian paleontologists have been excavating the mountain since 1850. Synthesizing and interpreting over a century of discoveries through a critical twenty-first century lens, paleontologist Olivier Rieppel tells for the first time the complete story of the fish and marine reptiles who made that long-ago lagoon their home. Through careful analysis and vividly rendered recreations, he offers memorable glimpses of not only what Thalattosaurs, Protorosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Pachypleurosaurs, and other marine life looked like but how they moved and lived in the lagoon. An invaluable resource for specialists and accessible to all, this book is essential to all who are fascinated with ancient marine life.
2019-05-01 By Olivier Rieppel

nann A valuable tortoise - shell producing turtle is also plentiful in the Barrier
district , but as yet the trade in tortoise - shell from this ... The monster , in this
instance , must be relegated , if anywhere , to the order of the Chelonia , or
Shieldreptiles , which includes the turtles ... Hopeful anticipations were
entertained by the author that Dr . A . C . Oudeman ' s long promised and recently
published treatise on ...

Author: William Saville-Kent


ISBN: UOM:39015084667594

Category: Coral reefs and islands

Page: 387

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