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It should certainly be fully recognized that trees are of great value for purposes other than providing wood products. ... Central Texas Tree Zone Defined For the purposes of this publication the central Texas tree zone is that section ...

Author: Robert A. Vines

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292780583

Category: Nature

Page: 405

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Profiles 186 tree species found in central Texas, providing the common and scientific names, field identification, range, and remarks for each, as well as descriptions of their flowers, fruit, leaves, twigs, bark, and wood.
1984 By Robert A. Vines

A back-pocket, portable, yet comprehensive field guide to the many trees native to the Central Texas region.

Author: Quick Reference Publishing

Publisher: Quick Reference Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 0982490526

Category: Nature

Page: 12

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A back-pocket, portable, yet comprehensive field guide to the many trees native to the Central Texas region. Includes gorgeous, detailed, full-color illustrations of the tree shapes, leaves, fruits, and flowers?the distinguishing features of 54 species of native trees. Categorized by size?with a special sections for Oaks. Also includes a section on tree growth and anatomy, as well as the leaf shapes, fruits, seeds, nuts, cones, or pods that will enable you to confidently identify the many native trees you'll encounter on the meadows, hills, trails, and roadsides of the area. Made in Texas

Drawn from Robert A. Vines' monumental Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Southwest (University of Texas Press, Trees of Central Texas combines the essential detail of the larger work with the ease and convenience of a field guide.

Author: Robert A. Vines

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292793309

Category: Nature

Page: 424

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A comprehensive and compact field guide, Trees of Central Texas introduces 186 species of tree life in Central Texas, an area roughly the region of the Edwards Plateau and bordered by the Balcones Escarpment on the south and east, the Pecos River on the west, and the Texas Plains and the Llano Uplift on the north. From the hardy oaks and rugged mesquites to the graceful willows, cottonwoods, and pecans, the tree life of Central Texas varies as much as the vast and changing land that hosts it. Full descriptions and superb illustrations of all the native and naturalized trees of the region as well as fascinating bits of history and lore make this an essential guide to the wealth of tree life in Central Texas. Drawn from Robert A. Vines' monumental Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Southwest (University of Texas Press), Trees of Central Texas combines the essential detail of the larger work with the ease and convenience of a field guide.
2010-01-01 By Robert A. Vines

When pruning fruit trees, specific knowledge of the tree type is essential: pruning will affect the amount and ... the tree, so a California peach in the supermarket will never compare in flavor to a Central Texas tree-ripened fruit.

Author: Cheryl Hazeltine

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603442060

Category: Gardening

Page: 400

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For almost thirty years, gardeners from Dallas to San Antonio have come to depend on Cheryl Hazeltine for expert advice on getting the most from their trees, shrubs, yardscapes, flowering plants, and vegetables. Now, in this newly updated edition, lavishly illustrated in color throughout, Cheryl Hazeltine’s Central Texas Gardener brings readers reliable information on what to grow and how to grow it, including the latest tips on organic methods, a few favorite recipes, and helpful websites. Containing a generous sprinkling of sidebars, bulleted lists, and special icons that quickly guide users to pertinent information, this must-have book has the know-how you need for gardening success throughout the heart of the Lone Star State. Critical Praise for Previous Editions: "An excellent overview to planting in 57 counties . . . ." —Austin American-Statesman "Amateur and seasoned gardeners will benefit . . . ." —Publishers Weekly "This is one you can read from front to back and gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about gardening, both general and regional. The authors' conversational style and sense of humor will encourage you to linger over it, and you may soon find yourself making time to linger longer in your garden."—Gardens "A wonderfully informative book for a region of the country with great gardening potential and challenges. . . ."—Current Books on Gardening and Botany
2010-10-12 By Cheryl Hazeltine

For elderberry, see Sweet, Common Edible and Useful Plants, 18; Kindscher, Edible Wild Plants, 249; Vestal and Schultes, Economic Botany of the Kiowa Indians, 52; Vines, Trees of Central Texas, 359; Elias and Dykeman, Field Guide, 190.

Author: Jacki Thompson Rand

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803239715

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

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Kiowa Humanity and the Invasion of the State illuminates the ways in which Kiowas on the southern plains dealt with the U.S. government s efforts to control them after they were forced onto a reservation by an 1867 treaty. The overarching effects of colonial domination resembled those suffered by other Native groups at the time a considerable loss of land and population decline, as well as a continual erosion of the Kiowas political, cultural, economic, and religious sovereignty and traditions. Although readily acknowledging these far-reaching consequences, Jacki Thompson Rand sees the root impact of colonialism and the concomitant Kiowa responses as centered less on policy disputes than on the disruptions to their daily life and to their humanity. Colonialism attacked the Kiowas on the most human, everyday level through starvation, outbreaks of smallpox, emotional disorientation, and continual difficulties in securing clothing and shelter, and the Kiowas responses and counterassertions of sovereignty thus tended to focus on efforts to feed their people, sustain the physical community, and preserve psychic equilibrium. Offering a fresh, original view of Native responses to colonialism, this study demonstrates amply that Native struggles against the encroachment of the state go well beyond armed resistance and political strategizing. Rand shows that the Native response was born of everyday survival and the yearning for well-being and community.
2008-01-01 By Jacki Thompson Rand

Evergreen Tree A common juniper occurring in central Texas, south-central Oklahoma, and east to Arkansas. It thrives in harsh environments in full sunlight and poor, thin alkaline soils with limestone outcrops. Upright irregular form.

Author: Neil G. Odenwald

Publisher: Claitor's Law Books and Publishing

ISBN: 9781598043174

Category: Science

Page: 720

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Highlighting more than 1,000 plants--from trees and shrubs to vines and grasses--this updated edition of Odenwald and Turners guide keeps with a traditional emphasis on the practical use of plants to solve and prevent landscape design problems.

Treasures of Nature Series , 98 , 234 ( plants ) Tree Finder , 489 Tree Identification Book , 483 Trees , 436 Trees and ... 475n Trees and Shrubs of Virginia , 455 Trees in Canada , 433n Trees of Central Texas , 486 Trees of East Texas ...

Author: Diane Schmidt

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1563087073

Category: Nature

Page: 304

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Focusing on the North American continent, this book, the first of its kind, identifies and describes major field guides in all scientific subject areas (from plants, animals, and insects to astronomy and weather, geology and fossils, and man-made objects). Organized by topic, it offers complete bibliographic information and descriptions of more than 1,300 field guides.
1999 By Diane Schmidt

Southwestern Kentucky , southern Illinois , central Tennessee , northern Mississippi , central Missouri to southeastern Kansas , Arkansas to eastern Oklahoma , western Louisiana , and northern Texas . Naturalized to some extent from ...

Author: George Bishop Sudworth


ISBN: UVA:X030227876

Category: Botany

Page: 295

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... is to identify byfull descriptions and illustrations all the native and naturalized trees ofthe north Texas zone. ... of Texas westof the Pineywoods and Post Oak Savannah and north of the limestone Edwards Plateau of central Texas.

Author: Robert A. Vines

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477306970

Category: Nature

Page: 488

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This comprehensive and compact volume is a field guide to all the native and naturalized trees of the north Texas zone, including the Blackland Prairies, the Cross Timbers region, and both the Rolling and High Plains. Here too is detailed information on the many varieties of trees introduced into the Dallas-Fort Worth region over the twentieth century. Drawn from Robert A. Vines' monumental Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Southwest (University of Texas Press, 1960), the field guide contains full descriptions of every tree in the area. Its convenient organization makes Trees of North Texas ideal to take into the field for on-the-spot identification, and virtually every description is accompanied by a finely executed illustration. Fascinating bits of history and lore enliven the descriptions throughout.
2014-01-07 By Robert A. Vines

Kings Creek Gardens 813 Straus Rd Cedar Hill, TX 75104 (972)291-7650 Sales type: retail Stock type: trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, seeds Native stock: 25% Regional focus: south-central Texas Services: landscaping Comments: N/A ...

Author: Donald Harker

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849322358

Category: Technology & Engineering


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All the techniques presented in the original reference work, now on CD-ROM. Five years after the first edition of Landscape Restoration Handbook was published, its natural landscaping and ecological restoration techniques have become standard and successful practice throughout the nation. They are now in the Landscape Restoration Handbook on CD-ROM. Naturalization: mutually beneficial for environmental protection and cost savings By outlining the proper use of naturalization techniques, the print version gave landscape professionals a viable alternative to more intensive management approaches-ensuring a greater degree of environmental protection, while reducing various maintenance costs. Now you access these benefits on CD-ROM. A comprehensive guide to natural landscaping and ecological restoration
1999-08-16 By Donald Harker