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REVISITING MISSED OPPORTUNITIES Inspired by the possibility that the spirit of dreaming may be able to be revived in my life, I set out to explore the idea more. What really prevented me from going for my dreams?

Author: Talaine Mare


ISBN: 9781312459991


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How do these messages set trans* communities apart from the greater campus environment? By not offering some form of trans*-inclusive environments on campus, it is easy to imagine that members of the trans* community will have negative ...

Author: Jason C. Garvey

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781620367704

Category: Education

Page: 256

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What are the institutional politics associated with fostering trans* inclusive policies? When formalizing a policy, what unanticipated challenges may emerge? How are students, particularly trans* students, influenced by the implementation of gender-inclusive housing practices and policies? Also, what are campus administrators and practitioners learning from their involvement with the development of trans* work on campus? Housing and Residence Life (HRL) plays an important role in the safety, well-being, and sense of belonging for college students, but gender-inclusive policies and practices in HRL are largely under-explored in student affairs and higher education publications. There are five key objectives that guide this book: 1. To promote and challenge student affairs and higher education staff knowledge about trans* students’ identities and experiences; 2. To support and celebrate the accomplishments of educators and professionals in their strides to promote trans* inclusive policies and practices; 3. To highlight the unique role that housing and residence life plays in creating institutional change and serving trans* student populations; 4. To demonstrate the value and use of scholarly personal narratives, particularly for narrating experiences related to implementing trans* inclusive policies in housing and residence life; and 5. To create a strong partnership between scholarship and student affairs practice by developing an avenue for practitioner-scholars to publish their experiences related to gender-inclusive policies in housing and residence life and for others to use these stories to improve their practice. Administrators, educators, and student affairs staff will find this book useful at any stage in the process of creating gender- inclusive housing policies on their campuses.
2018-03-31 By Jason C. Garvey

Living. with. your. transgender. self. Once you have made the decision to transition from your assigned gender at birth and become the individual you always were but had not previously realized or 'set free', you will be open to a ...

Author: Yenn Purkis

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781787753921

Category: Psychology

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This essential survival guide gives autistic trans and/or non-binary adults all the tools and strategies they need to live as their very best self. Blending personal accounts with evidence-based insights and up-to-date information, and written from a perspective of empowerment and self-acceptance, the book promotes pride, strength and authenticity, covering topics including self-advocacy, mental health and camouflaging and masking as well as key moments in life such as coming out or transitioning socially and/or physically. Written by two leading autistic trans activists, this book honestly charts what life is like as an autistic trans person and is vital, life-affirming reading.
2021-03-18 By Yenn Purkis

The jamaat is similar to an extended family and, like a household, is headed by an elder known as the guru who in turn adopts a set of chelas or disciples who are like daughters to her. For such gender nonconforming children, ...

Author: A. Revathi. As told to Nandini Murali

Publisher: Zubaan

ISBN: 9789385932137

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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When Revathi's powerful memoir, The Truth About Me, first appeared in 2011, it caused a sensation. Readers learned of Revathi's childhood unease with her male body, her escape from her birth family to a house of hijras (the South Asian generic term for transgender people), and her eventual transition to being the woman she always knew she was. This new book charts her remarkable journey from relative obscurity to becoming India's leading spokesperson for transgender rights and an inspiration to thousands. Revathi describes her life, her work in the NGO Sangama, which works with people across a spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations, and how she rose from office assistant to director in the organization. Today she is an independent activist, theatre person, actor and writer, and works for the rights of transgender persons. In the second part of the book, Revathi offers the reader an insight into one of the least talked about experiences on the gender trajectory: that of being trans men. Calling several female-to-male trans persons her 'sons', Revathi puts before us their moving, passionate and sometimes tragic stories of marginalization, courage, resistance and triumph. An unforgettable book, A Life in Trans Activism will leave the reader questioning the 'safe' and 'comfortable' binaries of male/female that so many of us take for granted.

Fiona brought my new sail with her, and to my relief, my sponsor had remembered to include a set of sail numbers. We were ready! The competition is under way, and I'm on the start line of the first race. This is a course race and we are ...

Author: Anne Cognito


ISBN: 9781291605983

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Anne Cognito was ranked the highest British woman at the 1991 and 1992 world windsurfing championships in 14th place: unremarkable but for the fact that she was assigned male at birth. She kept her transgender history secret, fearing the consequences of competition as a trans woman in less enlightened times. Since being sacked from the British intelligence services in 1985 for transitioning from male to female, she has lived a hidden life ever since. She describes how her trans history informs every aspect of the daily routine whilst leading an outwardly ordinary, but sometimes extraordinary, life.
2013-10 By Anne Cognito

Her first assets were furnishings and necessary daily life tools from her dowry which were provided for her by the ... ten maund rugs including wool and felt mattress sets, two sets of new dresses, half the price of a house that will be ...

Author: Leila Papoli-Yazdi

Publisher: Waxmann Verlag

ISBN: 9783830993506

Category: History

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Homogenization, Gender and Everyday Life in Pre- and Trans-modern Iran: An Archaeological Reading is actually an effort to investigate the interaction of power structure and gender in the context of everyday life in Iran in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The book pursues two main goals: situating gender in Iranian archaeology and calling for more consideration to daily life in archaeological gender researches. Drawing on a wide range of material culture, textual evidence, statistics and oral accounts, all chapters render the destruction of the everyday life of ordinary people. Events like parties and ceremonies, marriage and kinship, sexual practices, dress codes and even eating and drinking were gently regulated by the surveillance state. Accordingly, the term homogenization in the book's title refers to the policies of the Pahlavi government, the first Iranian modern centralized state. In this way, the book seeks to understand the process of gender and sexual transformation of Iranian society, the process which resulted in the production of deviants and negative gender and sexual lives. Being the first archaeological research on gender by native archaeologists, the authors state the fact that this book investigates the politics of gender while many other aspects of gender remain still uninvestigated. Leila Papoli-Yazdi, Researcher, Department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Grounded in empirical data yet rich with human testimony, The Lives of Transgender People adds uncommon depth to the literature on this subject and introduces fresh pathways for future research.

Author: Genny Beemyn

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231512619

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

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Responding to a critical need for greater perspectives on transgender life in the United States, Genny Beemyn and Susan (Sue) Rankin apply their extensive expertise to a groundbreaking survey one of the largest ever conducted in the U.S. on gender development and identity-making among transsexual women, transsexual men, crossdressers, and genderqueer individuals. With nearly 3,500 participants, the survey is remarkably diverse, and with more than 400 follow-up interviews, the data offers limitless opportunities for research and interpretation. Beemyn and Rankin track the formation of gender identity across individuals and groups, beginning in childhood and marking the "touchstones" that led participants to identify as transgender. They explore when and how participants noted a feeling of difference because of their gender, the issues that caused them to feel uncertain about their gender identities, the factors that encouraged them to embrace a transgender identity, and the steps they have taken to meet other transgender individuals. Beemyn and Rankin's findings expose the kinds of discrimination and harassment experienced by participants in the U.S. and the psychological toll of living in secrecy and fear. They discover that despite increasing recognition by the public of transgender individuals and a growing rights movement, these populations continue to face bias, violence, and social and economic disenfranchisement. Grounded in empirical data yet rich with human testimony, The Lives of Transgender People adds uncommon depth to the literature on this subject and introduces fresh pathways for future research.
2011-11-29 By Genny Beemyn

Washington, DC: National Center for Transgender Equality. 6. ... Nonprescribed hormone use and selfperformed surgeries: “do-it-yourself” transitions in transgender communities in Ontario, ... Female-to-male transgender quality of life.

Author: Vin Tangpricha

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323681209

Category: Medical


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This issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics, Guest Edited by Dr. Vin Tangpricha, will focus on Transgender Medicine. This issue is one of four issues selected per year by the series Consulting Editor, Adriana Ioachimescu. Topics include, but are not limited to, Epidemiology of Transgender, Etiology of Gender Expression and Identity, Hormone therapy in children and adolescents, Transfeminine Hormone Therapy, Transmasculine Hormone Therapy, Dermatologic Conditions in Transgender persons, Gender Affirming Surgery, Fertility Considerations in Transgender persons, Transgender Medicine in the Military, Transgender Medicine in the Elderly, Mental Health in Transgender Persons, Primary Care in Transgender Persons, Cancer Risk in Transgender Persons, Osteoporosis, HIV in Transgender Persons, and Education Needs of Providers of Transgender Populations.
2019-05-05 By Vin Tangpricha

Transgender women of color continue to live within a context of economic, social, and political precarity, ... that “transsexuality is always narrative work, a transformation of the body that requires remolding of life into a particular ...

Author: Francisco J. Galarte

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477322154

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Within queer, transgender, and Latinx and Chicanx cultural politics, brown transgender narratives are frequently silenced and erased. Brown trans subjects are treated as deceptive, unnatural, nonexistent, or impossible, their bodies, lives, and material circumstances represented through tropes and used as metaphors. Restoring personhood and agency to these subjects, Francisco J. Galarte advances “brown trans figuration” as a theoretical framework to describe how transness and brownness coexist within the larger queer, trans, and Latinx historical experiences. Brown Trans Figurations presents a collection of representations that reveal the repression of brown trans narratives and make that repression visible and palpable. Galarte examines the violent deaths of two transgender Latinas and the corresponding narratives that emerged about their lives, analyzes the invisibility of brown transmasculinity in Chicana feminist works, and explores how issues such as transgender politics can be imagined as part of Chicanx and Latinx political movements. This book considers the contexts in which brown trans narratives appear, how they circulate, and how they are reproduced in politics, sexual cultures, and racialized economies.
2021-01-28 By Francisco J. Galarte

Title: Transgender role models and pioneers / Barbra Penne. Description: New York: Rosen Publishing, 2017. |Series: Transgender life | Includes index. Identifiers: ISBN 9781508171850 (library bound)|ISBN 9781508171836 (pbk.)| ...

Author: Barbra Penne

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781508171867

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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This title profiles a host of accomplished transgender people who have made their names in a wide range of fields, including sports, politics, activism, entertainment, and the arts. It includes historical pioneers--such as Christine Jorgensen, Marsha P. Johnson, and Sylvia Rivera--as well as present-day figures--such as Lana and Lilly Wachowski, Kye Allums, and Laverne Cox.
2016-12-15 By Barbra Penne