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10 987654321 This product conforms to CPSIA 2008 Library of Congress Cataloging - in - Publication Data Names : Sweeney , Monica , author . I Parks , Elif Balta , 1987- illustrator . Title : How to ride a unicorn : a magical tale of ...

Author: Monica Sweeney

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510773585

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 34

View: 557

Yoo-hoo, unicorn! Let’s go for a ride! Nothing could be more special than riding a unicorn! Or, at least that’s what a plucky adventurer thinks. In the spectacularly illustrated storybook, How to Ride a Unicorn, a curious young explorer is on the lookout for a new unicorn friend. She searches high and low through a forest, and she’s pretty sure she keeps spotting the very unicorn she’d like to ride! But strange animals keep stopping her in her tracks, and her quest to ride a unicorn may be in trouble. As her journey continues, the unicorn has something to say, too. As the unicorn spots this new person on his tail, he comes up with funny ways to send her in the wrong direction. Together, these brave characters discover the magic of curiosity, confidence, and friendship in a series of quirky and heartwarming misadventures.
2022-10-04 By Monica Sweeney

The next part of the lesson was what everyone had been looking forward to – developing unicorn empathy skills. “Practise this on your unicorn and, one day, you'll be able to calm and ride any unicorn in the Cloud Kingdom,” Raphaela said ...

Author: Sarah Kilbride

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471121791

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

View: 425

In this enchanting story Evie and Diamond are invited to take part in a riding camp high up in the Cloud Kingdom. Can Evie and their new friends help a runaway unicorn and it's rider find their way home before a storm arrives? Turn to the back of the book to discover more pony facts and activities. With a fabulous free poster too! Praise for Princess Evie's Ponies picture books "Horses, princesses, magic - this ticks every girly box and there's even a press-out pony." The Bookseller "This series of books is a real treat for lovers of pink, sparkles, ponies and jewels - it is all here. With excellent stories and beautiful pictures, we love them!" Angels & Urchins "The removable pop-up horse in each book makes them irresistibly collectable for little girls." The Bookseller Children's Previews "Delicately coloured illustrations match the theme of the story beautifully. Collectable!" Parents in Touch
2014-07-31 By Sarah Kilbride

The next task was to ride with loose reins. “I want you to practice going from a halt to a walk to a trot,” said Raphaela. “Direct your unicorn by visualizing what you want her to do and where you want to go, and remember to talk to her ...

Author: Sarah KilBride

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781534476318


Page: 112

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Princess Evie's magical pony Diamond transforms into a unicorn during Unicorn Riding Camp in Cloud Kingdom where they help a runaway unicorn and her cloud sprite rider find their way back home. Includes pony facts and activities.
2021-06 By Sarah KilBride

She was riding a unicorn. The preposterousness of it hit him ... Not only was she riding one, but from what he had been able to gather the unicorn had commanded it. She'd gone from preparing her pony to ride to mounting the unicorn.

Author: Angeia Almos

Publisher: Thoroughweb Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 265

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Jiline of Ainsley is dismayed when her best friend is selected by the mages to become a unicorn keeper at the Keep, an isolated mountain fortress. Especially since Madelen is in love and engaged to the richest boy in the village. Jiline on the other hand has no prospects of marriage or a trade in their small village. So, she comes up with a plan to take Madelen’s place at the Keep and hopefully flunk out of unicorn keeper training before the mages can discover the deception. Unfortunately, the unicorns have their own plans for her. Mage Herrick, son of the Keep Mage, returns home to the Keep as the trainee keepers arrive. A chance encounter with Jiline, who he believes is Madelen, on the trail sparks a magical connection between the two. Knowing he can’t feel a magical draw to someone who has no magic, he tries to prove Madelen (Jiline) has magic within her. His attention brings unforeseen complications for both of them.
2012-04-27 By Angeia Almos

Remember back when you originally met? Your unicorn lay down and put its head in your lap. In order to ride it, you'll need to get it to do so again. If you've been taking proper care of it, providing it with treats, fresh water, ...

Author: Penelope Gwynne

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

ISBN: 9781250759405

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

View: 494

Readers of all ages can learn all about the magnificent unicorns of the past and the charismatic creatures of today with this beautifully illustrated treasure trove of unicorn lore and history from Penelope Gwynne and Katie O'Neill. Unicorns have changed a lot through the ages, but some things have stayed the same: They’re still magical and mysterious, elusive and entertaining. And they’re still the most fascinating mythical beasts in the world. Vibrantly illustrated by Eisner Award winner Katie O'Neill, For Unicorn Lovers Only tells fans everything they need to know about unicorns of yesterday and today—when and where the legends came from, how unicorns have influenced pop culture, and much more. Find new ways to express your unicornimania through crafts, clothes, and activities, and experience unicorn magic through retellings of legends and history with this unique combination of fact and fiction.
2020-10-06 By Penelope Gwynne

She smiled. “And now?” “And now I feel as if someone has given me the right to paradise.” You're getting maudlin, Storm observed sternly. Want a ride? “My life's ambition as a boy,” Hunter confided gravely, “was to ride a Unicorn.

Author: Kay Hooper

Publisher: Loveswept

ISBN: 9781101969380

Category: Fiction

Page: 337

View: 984

In a thrilling romance from New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper, a sensual enchantress shows an earthbound adventurer how to harness the power of fate. Warrior, sorceress, and siren, Siri is the guardian of the last herd of golden unicorns. She was born to fulfill her destiny, but now this once peaceful world she loves is in danger, threatened by the arrival of two men: brothers, rivals, and heirs to a doomed kingdom. Both seek the prize Siri guards, but only one possesses the heart and courage to win that prize. Only one has the strength to capture a legend with love—a forbidden passion that could save or destroy all that Siri protects. For the man called Hunter Morgan is more powerful than even he knows. . . . Hunter comes from a world at war, with machines, with reality, with itself. His birthright as protector of the planet comes at a heavy cost, for now his only choice is to defeat his own brother. What begins as a test of strength becomes an epic battle to save a beautiful woman born out of legend. With the intoxicating force of Siri’s love, Hunter’s legacy is at last revealed. But first he must put an end to the treachery and peril that could destroy them both. This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.
2017-11-07 By Kay Hooper

“Well,” says Big Hoss, “The unicorns come from the Milky Way, and Jesus sends his servants to tend the unicorns, and they feed them and ride them and take care of them. Once they are taken care of daily, they fly around the world to ...

Author: Denise Seymour

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796092073

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 84

View: 682

During the days of Cowboys and Indians, there was a tribe of Navajo Indians that lived in a valley below a mountain called UnicornMountain. The Indians named the mountain UnicornMountain because the mountain is where all the Unicorns gathered. There was a little Indian boy who was curious as to what a unicorn was. He thought that a unicorn was the same thing as a horse. They looked the same, but the unicorn has a horn. One day the little Indian boy went up the mountain to see for himself what a unicorn is. The baby unicorn and little Indian boy met, and became the best of friends. They became so close that they started calling each other brother and sister. The little Indian would try to coach the baby unicorn how to fly. She could not understand that you cannot fly without your wings.
2020-03-06 By Denise Seymour

“It'll be faster if you ride,” Silvertail said, looking sideways at the girls' legs. “I will summon my strongest unicorns to carry you.” The three girls exchanged excited glances. “We're going to ride on unicorns?” cried Jasmine.

Author: Rosie Banks

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781408323717

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

View: 841

Enter a magical world of friendship and fun! In the second book of the series, Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are very excited to visit the Secret Kingdom again! Wicked Queen Malice has hidden a thunderbolt in Unicorn Valley. Can the girls help their unicorn friends save the magical land from hundreds of greedy caterpillars...? Secret Kingdom is a brand new series full of the things girls love most: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures. Newly confident readers will be swept away by the magical stories of three children whose courage and resourcefulness save a fantastical land from disaster. Full of all the things little girls love best: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures, all set in an incredible kingdom!Eye-catching illustrations throughout.Become best friends with Ellie, Summer and Jasmine - plus Trixi the pixie!Help Ellie, Summer and Jasmine save the Secret Kingdom from wicked Queen Malice and her naughty storm sprites. A new exciting adventure in each and every book.
2012-07-05 By Rosie Banks

The Only Man to Ride a Unicorn During his campaigns in the third century B.C.E., Alexander the Great—who at that time was considered a descendant of the gods, maybe even a god himself—rode a magnificent horse named Bucephalus.

Author: Skye Alexander

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440590542

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 272

An enchanting treasury of unicorn lore! For thousands of years, unicorns have captured hearts, minds, and imaginations with their whimsical, mischievous spirit. This enchanting collection invites you to leap into their magical world and surround yourself in the tales that capture their power and beauty. Filled with dozens of magnificent illustrations, each page brings your favorite mythical creature to life right before your eyes--shimmering mane and all. So get ready for a magic-filled adventure--Unicorns takes you on a journey you won't soon forget.
2015-07-15 By Skye Alexander

Her sword fastened to her waist and her backpack snugly on her back, Sheila readied Morning Star for the ride. She ran a brush along the unicorn's silky white coat. All of the unicorns were beautiful, but to Sheila Morning Star was the ...

Author: Josepha Sherman

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780307792372

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 240

View: 674

DISCOVER THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN QUEEN When her eccentric friend Dr. Reit invents an amazing transport into other worlds, Sheila McCarthy accidentally falls through the portal into the kingdom of Arren. There, Sheila finds herself part of a band of warrior-women. Astride unicorns, they gallop toward a dazzling city made of marble. But will they arrive in time to stop the evil king and his wicked wizard henchman from carrying out their deadly plans? And will Sheila ever be able to return home? Thus begins the spellbinding story of an ordinary teenager trapped in an extraordinary place. Swept Away! and Sun Blind are the first two novels in the dazzling adventure The Secret of the Unicorn Queen. The Secret of the Unicorn Queen is the newest addition to the Del Rey Imagine program, which offers the best in fantasy and science fiction for readers twelve and up.
2011-04-13 By Josepha Sherman