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And if he is not near you, or if you do not know him, you shall bring it home to your house, and it shall be with you until your brother seeks it; then you shall restore it to him. And so you shall do with his ass; so you shall do with ...

Author: Robert Karl Gnuse

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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The biblical injunction not to steal is often used to defend the notion of inviolable private property and the right to accumulate great wealth. The author demonstrates that this is a misuse of the biblical text and that, on the contrary, the commandment's purpose was to guarantee everyone's right to basic necessities of life.
2011-08-05 By Robert Karl Gnuse

Thou shalt not steal.” Well, according to them, it means: “Thou shalt not get into the penitentiary.” Not much more than that with any of them. You may steal, provided you steal enough, and you do not get caught, and you may have a ...

Author: Francis K. Peddle

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781683931539

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This volume presents two seminal works and three religious speeches by Henry George, in their original forms, with rich annotations to help readers grasp their historical significance. Scholars will find this volume a convenient starting point for research on wealth inequality and poverty, the history of George, and his political movement.
2018-08-20 By Francis K. Peddle

His teacher ( who was God ) placed him in the lowest class , and gave him these lessons to learn : Thou shalt not kill . Thou shall not do hurt to ... Thou shall not steal . So the man did not kill ; but he was cruel , and he stole .



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1893 By

young girls forced to unwomanly toil to else i anybody else to steal if we can help it ? ( Apout a mere existence , no widows finding it plause . ) “ Thou shalt not steal . ” Does it not such a bitter , bitter struggle to put bread in ...

Author: Andrew Preston Peabody


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Thou shalt not kill . land which the Lord thy was said by them of old [ Ye have heard that it Thou shalt not commit adul . God giveth thee . Thou shalt time , ] Thou shalt not comtery . Thou shalt not steal . not commit adultery .

Author: Thomas Hartwell Horne



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Honor thy father and thy mother , that thou mayest live long in the land , which the Lord thy God shall give thee . Thou shalt not kill . Thou shalt not break wedlock . Thou shalt not steal . Thou shalt bear no false witness against thy ...

Author: Mrs. Hannah O'Brien Chaplin Conant


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Thou shalt bear no false witness against thy neighbor . ... Thou shalt not lust after thy neighbor's wife , nor his servant , nor his maid , nor his ox , nor his ass , nor all that ... Thou shall not break wedlock Thou shalt not steal .

Author: Hannah Chaplin Conant



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You may steal , provided you steal enough , and you do not get caught , and you may have a front seat in the churches . Do not steal a few dollars — that may be dangerous ; but if you steal millions and get away with it , you become one ...

Author: Henry George


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1871 By Henry George

Command 7 Ex. 20:13: “You shall not steal” Command 8 Ex. 20:13: “You shall not bear . . .” Command 9 Ex. 20:14: “You shall not covet . . .” Command 10 Ex. 20:14+ “And there you shall build an altar to Shehmaa your Eloowwem, ...

Author: Benyamim Tsedaka

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9781467464543

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This landmark volume presents the first-ever English translation of the ancient Israelite Samaritan version of the Pentateuch, or Torah. A text of growing interest and importance in the field of biblical studies, the Samaritan Pentateuch preserves a version of the Hebrew text distinct from the traditional Masoretic Text that underlies modern Bible translations. Benyamim Tsedaka's expert English translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch is here laid out parallel to the more familiar Masoretic Text, highlighting the more than 6,000 differences between the two versions. In addition to extensive explanatory notes in the margins throughout, the book's detailed appendices show affinities between the Samaritan and Septuagint versions and between the Samaritan and Dead Sea Scroll texts. Concluding the volume is a categorical name index containing a wealth of comparative information.
2013-04-26 By Benyamim Tsedaka

If thou art minded to do me good ( as thou gap'st upon me comfortably , and giv'st me charitable faces , -which indeed is but a fashion in you all that are Puritans ) ... Why , cousin , you know ' tis written , Thou shalt not steal .

Author: William Shakespeare


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