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A Team Animals are very good at helping people feel better. But pets need help from humans, too. Humans must take care of their pets. ... If their pets are therapy animals, they help them do their jobs. Pet owners go with their pets on ...

Author: Avery Elizabeth Hurt

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9780766096325

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Pet a dog a day to keep the doctor away? Every knows pets are fun, but did you know that they can help keep you healthy, too? This book introduces readers to the world of animal therapy. They will meet real therapy pets and their handlers, and learn a little bit about the science behind pet therapy, and what it takes to be a good therapy animal. Accessible text, a few fun surprises, and lively illustrations make this easy-to-read book a winner.
2018-07-15 By Avery Elizabeth Hurt

a professional human therapist to provide compassionate and stimulating therapy designed to facilitate human client recovery. Animal assisted therapy in counseling (AAT-C) is the incorporation of pets as therapeutic agents into the ...

Author: Cynthia K. Chandler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136833991

Category: Medical

Page: 424

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Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling is the most comprehensive book available dedicated to training mental health practitioners in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). It explains the history and practice of AAT in counseling, discusses the latest empirical research, and provides an in-depth explanation of the psychodynamics of AAT within various theoretical frameworks. Readers will learn the proper way to select, train, and evaluate an animal for therapy. The use of a number of different therapy animals is considered, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, farm animals, rabbits and other small animals, and dolphins. Guidelines for implementing AAT in settings such as private practices, community agencies, schools, hospices, and prisons are covered, as well as ethical and legal considerations, risk management, diversity issues, and crisis and disaster response applications. Numerous case examples illustrate the use of AAT principles with clients, and forms, client handouts, and other resources provide valuable tools. This unique resource is an indispensable guide for any counselor looking to develop and implement AAT techniques in his or her practice.
2012-04-23 By Cynthia K. Chandler

Foundation for Pet-Provided Therapy P.O. Box 4115 Oceanside, CA 92052 Friendship Foundation P.O. Box 6525 Albany, CA 94706 Furry Friends Pet-Assisted Therapy Services P.O. Box 5099 San ...

Author: Teri Pichot

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136867736

Category: Pets

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Learn to use a powerful tool in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy—a pet Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy (AAA/T) is an innovative intervention in which an animal becomes a crucial—and highly effective—part of the treatment process. Pet-Assisted Brief Therapy: A Solution-Focused Approach gives therapists the tools they need to begin and maintain an effective treatment program that meaningfully merges dogs and other therapy animals with Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT). This unique book clearly explains how AAA/T integrated with SFT in one substance abuse counseling program. It provides a revealing description of the program’s challenges and successes, and discusses the possibilities for AAA/T implementation in other agencies. The authors review in detail the multitude of scenarios where animals can add a valuable dimension for treatment with clients on specific issues. Animal-Assisted Brief Therapy: A Solution-Focused Approach provides therapists with concrete examples of how to appropriately implement AAA/T to cultivate positive effects in treatment. The book explains how this loving and patient therapy for clients need not be the difficult challenge that it at first appears to be. This resource takes you step by step through the process, showing what practical strategies can be used to offset most obstacles and unknowns. This one-of-a-kind guide clearly explains how to blend and structure the numerous aspects of AAA/T with Solution Focused Therapy to become a more effective treatment program. Appendices provide AAA/T resources, sample policy and procedures, and training resources across the United States. Animal-Assisted Brief Therapy: A Solution-Focused Approach discusses: the history of AAA/T common values between AAA/T and Solution-Focused Therapy the principles and goals of SFT how to understand canine culture the creation of a successful AAA/T program phobias, allergies, liabilities, and insurance therapy dogs’ needs common interventions therapy with children therapy with adolescents therapy with adults therapy with substance abusing clients Animal-Assisted Brief Therapy: A Solution-Focused Approach provides a comprehensive look at AAA/T and is perfect for therapists struggling to find new and effective ways to work with clients; therapists trying to utilize this approach in their practice; administrators and clinical supervisors wanting to implement AAA/T at their agency; educators; and students.
2011-02-14 By Teri Pichot

Therapy dogs work in many places. Some therapy dogs only do one kind of job. Some do many. The dog's handler gets to choose the job. She picks jobs that she will like. She makes sure the dog will like them, too. Dogs in Hospitals Some ...

Author: Kara L. Laughlin

Publisher: Weigl Publishers

ISBN: 9781489677365

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Did you know that therapy dogs are sometimes called “miracle workers”? This is because of their positive impact on sick or distressed humans. Learn more about the work these dogs do in Therapy Dogs, a title in the Dogs with Jobs series. Each title in this series profiles a specific type of working dog, showcasing the role it performs and the training required to get the job done.
2018-08-01 By Kara L. Laughlin

Amendments effective March 15, 2011 to the ADA state as follows: Service animal means any dog that is individually ... On the other hand, “therapy animals” are not defined under the ADA and do not have a right to enter public buildings ...

Author: Aubrey H. Fine

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128014363

Category: Psychology

Page: 457

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In the 15 years since the first edition of Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy published, the field has changed considerably. The fourth edition of the Handbook highlights advances in the field, with 11 new chapters and over 40% new material. In reading this book, therapists will discover the benefits of incorporating animal-assisted therapy (AAT) into their practices, best practices in animal-assisted intervention, how to design and implement animal-assisted interventions, and the efficacy of AAT with different disorders and patient populations. Coverage includes the use of AAT with children, the elderly, those receiving palliative care, as well as people with chronic disorders, AIDS, trauma, and autistic spectrum disorders. Additional chapters cover techniques for working with families, in juvenile and criminal justice systems, and in colleges and universities. Summarizes efficacy research on AAT Identifies how to design and implement animal assisted interventions Provides methods, standards, and guidelines for AAT Discusses AAT for children, the elderly, and special populations Describes AAT use in different settings Includes 11 new chapters and 40% new material
2015-05-12 By Aubrey H. Fine

As awareness of therapy dogs increases, so does public perception of dogsasvaluable partners, deserving the most humane treatment ... olderdogs, or other kinds of “throwaway” dogs, those sometimes notviewed asgood candidates for pets.

Author: Kris Butler

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 9780974779379

Category: Pets

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Therapy Dogs Today explores the complex issues that surround the environments in which therapy dogs do their jobs.
2013-12-10 By Kris Butler

Therapy Animal: A “therapy animal” helps many people and has one handler. Therapy animals (mostly dogs, but also cats, birds, and more) may provide social contact for patients in long term care facilities, ...

Author: Shawndra Holmberg

Publisher: Shawndra Holmberg


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Our pets make our bad days better and our good days great! We love our pets!! Whether you have a dog 🐕, cat 🐈, parrot, ferret, guinea pig🐹, hamster, rabbit 🐇, snake 🐍, turtle 🐢, fish 🐠, chicken 🐓, lizard 🦎, or any other furry, scaly, or feathery family member — you want to keep them safe and happy. That means you and your pet need to be prepared for a house fire 🔥, a blizzard❄, hurricane🌀, flooding🌊, the zombie apocalypse 🧟, or even tribbles taking over your home. You will find the actions you need to be ready in these 31 Small Steps.

employed , make friends , use fewer health care services , and become more independent Types of Therapy Animals Therapy animals fall into four major classifications : service , therapy , social , and companion animals ( Cole & Gawlinski ...

Author: Caroline Young (MPH.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 1556426631

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In Spirituality, Health, and Healing, health care professionals and spiritual care providers are presented with a comprehensive resource for delivering effective, compassionate spiritual care to their clients. Content includes exploring the spiritual dimension of individuals, the various aspects of spiritual care, spiritual dimensions in particular types of care, and spiritual considerations of special populations.

Preparation of the animal for therapy sessions. This includes a site visit (if appropriate) and emergency/ evacuation planning. The handler must also have a working knowledge of the therapy animal (temperament). 2.

Author: Jean W. Solomon

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323610261

Category: Medical

Page: 680

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Learn to provide effective therapy for children and adolescents! Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants, 5th Edition covers the entire scope of pediatric OT practice, from normal childhood development to pediatric disorders and treatment planning. Case studies and helpful tips reinforce your understanding and make it easier to apply OT principles to the clinical setting. This edition is thoroughly updated with online videos and new coverage of community systems, physical agent modalities, childhood obesity, Model of Human Occupation assessments, and Kinesio Taping®. Written by noted OTA educators Jean Solomon and Jane O'Brien, this resource is both a comprehensive textbook and a practical clinical reference! Hundreds of case examples provide snapshots of real-life situations and solutions, helping you apply key concepts in a real-life setting. UNIQUE! Clinical Pearls boxes highlight practical advice from the authors and contributors, sharing what they have learned from years of experience. Coverage of evidence-based practice includes clinical trials and outcome studies, especially those relating to evaluation and intervention. Coverage of cultural diversity and sensitivity issues addresses the many different groups of people that OTAs treat in practice. Information on preventive care takes the role of the OTA beyond intervention and treatment. Family-centered perspective uses the terminology of the AOTA Practice Framework in showing how to tailor your treatment to meet the needs of children from different environments. Key terms, outlines, and objectives at the beginning of each chapter prepare readers for the information they're expected to learn from the chapter. Content reviews and questions at the end of each chapter summarize key concepts and help you assess your understanding. Suggested activities in each chapter help readers to bridge the gap between the classroom and the clinic by exploring realistic situations. UNIQUE! Learning resources on the Evolve companion website include video clips and review questions, reinforcing your understanding and demonstrating how concepts apply to actual practice. NEW! Every Moment Counts content is added to The Occupational Therapy Process chapter, promoting pediatric mental health. NEW! Coverage of educational expectations is added to the Educational System chapter. NEW! Coverage of "signature" constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) is added to Cerebral Palsy chapter. NEW photographs and illustrations are added throughout the book. NEW video clips on the Evolve companion website show the typical development of children/adolescents. NEW! Extensive assessment and abbreviations appendices are added to Evolve. NEW! Expanded glossary is added to Evolve.
2020-07-12 By Jean W. Solomon

17% of abnormal nodes previously missed by CT and physical examination.62 Furthermore, posttherapy FDG-PET has been found to be predictive of progression-free and cause-specific survival after chemoradiation therapy for anal cancer.63 ...

Author: Sushil Beriwal

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455709465

Category: Medical

Page: 140

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PET imaging has become an essential part of radiation therapy for cancer patients. Leading off the issue are articles on clinical applications and technical aspects. Following those are reviews of the use of PET in the treatment for lung cancer, gynecologic malignancies, GI and pancreatic tumors, and brain tumors, lymphoma, and head and neck malignancies. The final article addresses advances in hybrid imaging in planning of radiation therapy.
2011-06-29 By Sushil Beriwal