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If they can explain something in a simple way, then they don't have time to go looking for complicated ways to explain the same thing. ... We drove the rest of the way home in silence. ... But now I felt that permission was obvious.

Author: Michael Z. Lewin

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509816620

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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It wasn't bad enough that a ten-year-old kid had beaten him at basketball in the morning. Next Albert Samson was being badgered by a humourless prospective client. Was he, in fact, the cheapest private detective in Indianapolis? Did his daily rate include expenses or did he try to claim those on top? Expenses were indeed extra, but Samson was still a bargain and he got the case. The client's son-in-law had been charged with murder. But she didn't want him exonerated - he had certainly pulled the trigger. What she wanted was evidence she could use to make her daughter see what a dead loss her Vietnam vet husband was. Sure, he'd been a hero over there, but this was Indianapolis, and real life, and now. Real life is simple, right? Not this time, not when Samson discovers that his questions do not lead to satisfactory, or safe, answers.
2016-01-28 By Michael Z. Lewin

I think that approach mitigated a lot of fears that people had . ... ratings of any of the programmes that were new to the channel , and that allowed my boss to make the argument that we now needed to be bumped up another level and not ...

Author: Ben Summerskill

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826487858

Category: Social Science

Page: 214

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Provides an account of the way the world has transformed for millions of gay people within a generation. This work features lesbians and gay men discussing their lives and work.
2006-05-10 By Ben Summerskill

Gorer concluded that, compared to their grandparents, '...the majority of British people are today without adequate guidance as to how to treat death and bereavement and without social help in living through and coming to terms with the ...

Author: Seamus O'Mahony

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781250112804

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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We have lost the ability to deal with death. Most of our friends and beloved relations will die in a busy hospital in the care of strangers, doctors, and nurses they have known at best for a couple of weeks. They may not even know they are dying, victims of the kindly lie that there is still hope. They are unlikely to see even their family doctor in their final hours, robbed of their dignity and fed through a tube after a long series of excessive and hopeless medical interventions. This is the starting point of Seamus O’Mahony’s The Way We Die Now, a thoughtful, moving and unforgettable book on the western way of death. Dying has never been more public, with celebrities writing detailed memoirs of their illness, but in private we have done our best to banish all thought of dying and made a good death increasingly difficult to achieve.
2017-07-25 By Seamus O'Mahony

It would have astonished those who had known her six months since could they now have seen how excellent a woman of business she had become , and how capable she was of making the fullest use ...

Author: Anthony Trollope

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0192835610

Category: Social Science

Page: 494

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"When Trollope returned to England from the colonies in 1872 he was horrified by the immorality and dishonesty he found. In a fever of indignation he sat down to write The Way We Live Now, his longest novel. Nothing escaped the satirist's whip: politics, finance, the aristocracy, the literary world, gambling, sex, 'the intrigues of girls who want to get married ... the luxury of youngmen who prefer to remain single ... the pufing propensities of authors who desire to cheat the public into buying their volumes'. In this world of bribes and vendettas, swindling and suicide, in which heiresses are won like gambling stakes. Trollope's characters embody all the vices: Lady Carbury, a 43-year-old coquette, 'false form head to foot'; her son Felix, with 'the instincts of a horse, ont approaching the higher sympathies of a dog'; and Melmotte, the colossal figure who dominates the book, a 'horrid, big, rich scoundrel ... a bloated swindler ... a vile city ruffian'. At first savagely reviewed, The Way We Live Now has since emerged as Trollope's masterpiece and the most admired of his works."--Back cover.

5 This seems to me an overly charitable portrait of anti-intellectualism—then and now, even though it is surely true that few people like to consider themselves enemies of thought and culture (or what they themselves define as thought ...

Author: Susan Jacoby

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780525566380

Category: Political Science

Page: 32

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In this selection from her searing cultural history of the last half century, Susan Jacoby chronicles the menacing surge of anti-rationalism in contemporary American life and the degradation of public speech in presidential rhetoric, radio broadcast, television, and internet media where homogenized language and thought reinforce each other in circular fashion. At today's critical political juncture, in which boastful ignorance has infected public discourse at the highest levels of government and throughout ordinary social media, this impassioned, tough-minded work challenges Americans to face the painful truth about what the flight from intellectualism, facts, and truth have cost us as individuals and as a nation. A Vintage Shorts Selection. An ebook short.
2018-10-02 By Susan Jacoby

Is education regarded as the best way out and in , out from the smaller culture to the larger , where there are more ... with quotations from Tawney , Temple , Mansbridge and Toynbee , of Trevelyan ' s sombre and 34 The Way We Live Now.

Author: Richard Hoggart

Publisher: Random House (UK)

ISBN: UOM:39015038426790

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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1995 By Richard Hoggart

This aligns with what was recently noted by Irish medical doctor Seamus O'Mahony in his insightful book The Way We Die Now: 'In our atomized world, death is far more shocking for us because we cannot imagine anything beyond this self, ...

Author: Michael Hviid Jacobsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000171976

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

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This book explores death in contemporary society – or more precisely, in the ‘spectacular age’ – by moving beyond classic studies of death that emphasised the importance of the death taboo and death denial to examine how we now ‘do’ death. Unfolding the notion of ‘spectacular death’ as characteristic of our modern approach to death and dying, it considers the new mediation or mediatisation of death and dying; the commercialisation of death as a ‘marketable commodity’ used to sell products, advance artistic expression or provoke curiosity; the re-ritualisation of death and the growth of new ways of finding meaning through commemorating the dead; the revolution of palliative care; and the specialisation surrounding death, particularly in relation to scholarship. Presenting a range of case studies that shed light on this new understanding of death in contemporary culture, The Age of Spectacular Death will appeal to scholars of sociology, cultural and media studies, psychology and anthropology with interests in death and dying.
2020-09-08 By Michael Hviid Jacobsen

ln a country where political patronage is a necessary evil, don't we sense some dubious intention when the ... While we're on the subject of traditional celebrations, observe how lavish today's debut parties have turned out to be, ...

Author: Chona Trinidad


ISBN: UOM:39015077106683

Category: Cognition and culture

Page: 192

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2008 By Chona Trinidad

Please remember one thing , that in the early days we were selling pictures , one scene or digital data is more than 200 ... Our effort that we are doing now , which will start even before we sign any agreement , by the way , is yes ...

Author: United States


ISBN: UCAL:B5179902

Category: Artificial satellites in remote sensing

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1992 By United States

Well , now , is your purpose to switch to an export subsidy so as not to sell what you have got ? You say the problem is going to be that we just won't have the cotton to sell . Mr. McLAIN . I say that is one of the possibilities .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations


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