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Sir Stafford Cripps, who at that period was regarded by many as the only possible alternative to Churchill, ... and Beaverbrook, Kingsley Wood and Greenwood were retired from the War Cabinet. diary 1st January, 1942 Mr Auren, ...

Author: Harold Nicolson


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1966 By Harold Nicolson

Published for the Association of American Law Schools. *** • • ▻ ▻ | ▻→ · - Significant Developments in the Law During the War Years Torts.

Author: Association of American Law Schools. Committee on Legal Education and the War


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The War Years cover the period of World War II and the sons of Willis Oscar Shelton. His two youngest, Keith and Jerry, both served the military and our country in later years. Two of Willis's brothers mentioned in chapter 12, ...

Author: Stanley O. Shelton

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781662463136

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War is never a good thing. Many lives are lost, sometimes all in the same family. This is an account of this Shelton family and their time during the war years. The first six boys served within the first six years of WWII together. Both the Korean and Vietnam periods were included in their history in that the younger two boys served during that period. The fact they all survived is amazing.
2022-03-31 By Stanley O. Shelton

Forty years later (1982–1985) the $25 bond could still be redeemed for its full value. Even students in school were encouraged to buy War Bonds, 10 cents at a time. Ten-cent stamps were sold in the schools, banks and post offices.

Author: Joseph P. Freitus

Publisher: McFarland

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Although World War II began as a war in Europe, many in the United States, foreseeing the inevitable, began to prepare for war, putting no faith in the Neutrality Act. Preparations for war, essentially ending the Great Depression, affected the entire country, with Virginia particularly playing a major role. More than one million service men and women came to Virginia. The sheer scope of the military development in Virginia of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force, providing training bases and support facilities, underscores the national resolve to be prepared. The book includes the Civil Air Patrol, wartime industry, POW camps, U-boat attacks, the Beach Patrol and other Virginia-related topics.
2014-07-30 By Joseph P. Freitus

Prior to the start of the war everyone was issued with a gas mask, in case the Germans used gas as they had done in the First World War. The mask was carried in a cardboard box with a shoulder strap. Babies up to a year old were ...

Author: Kim Warren

Publisher: iUniverse

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“Remembering the War Years and After”, is an account about what families experienced during Hitler’s reign of terror during World War II. The Leon and Mydlarski families were Jewish and chose to hide from the Nazi’s. The Beza’s endeavoured to escape. They would be dependent on the compassion of others to assist them. The Lowy’s and Goldstein’s hoped to survive deportation. Willem and Boleslaw, who were not Jewish, were forced into labour in Germany. With bombs being dropped around her, Una never knew if her home would be the next one to receive a direct hit. Sisters, Margre and Hendrika, lived with the presence of German soldiers in their small village. In the midst of it all there were those who endeavoured to put a stop to the war. Men like Willis, Jim, Bud, Alan and Lester, risked their lives by volunteering to fight the evil that had threatened to take over the world. Would they all survive and what would become of them when the war ended?
2016-02-18 By Kim Warren

On a Time That Has Past the 2Nd World War Years 1939-1945 Gloria Mullinax. Before they realized it Christmas was here again. Mr. Baker was really surprised at his birdhouse. He told Gloria that it was beautiful and all the more special ...

Author: Gloria Mullinax

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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At the beginning of World War ll ,the British Government decided to evacuate the children from the cities to safer places in the countryside, and also overseas to other countries. Really where could be safer in the country? The logic behind the plan was that IF, Hitler succeeded in occupying Great Britain, the children could return someday and take their country back. This is the story of my brother,age 4,and myself age 9,who were evacuated September 9th. 1939, to America. My brother's mother, who was my step-mother, accompanied us to elderly relatives that lived in New York State. Then for reasons known only to herself, at that time, she decided to travel back across the U-boat infested waters of the Atlantic to England. Different homes were found eventually for us which was a miracle, as there were at least 2,664, Children's Oversees Reception Board (CORB) children to find homes for. The Kodak Company's families in New York opened their homes to these British evacuees, primarily for the children of the Kodak Company in Great Britian, however they ended up taking a lot of the other children. As we had been sent privately on the S.S.Scythia, we were not included in that number. We also were returned May 8th 1944, one month before D-Day, on a Neutral Portuguese ship to Lisbon. The war did not end until May 8th 1945 so we were back in England in time for the newest German weapon the Vengence Weapon l, or Doodle bug, or Buzz-bomb. This is our War Time story of our adventures, mostly mine,told 73 years later with the memories, some good and some bad, as you will see when you read the book. Thank you for your interest. It is still facinating to me today.
2012-11-08 By Gloria Mullinax

many clues to what americans believed about their nation during the war or after it was reunited. their impressions can serve as a gauge to determine how much nationalism in the north had changed over the Civil War years.

Author: Paul D. Escott

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813175362

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Arguably, no event since the American Revolution has had a greater impact on US history than the Civil War. This devastating and formative conflict occupies a permanent place in the nation's psyche and continues to shape race relations, economic development, and regional politics. Naturally, an event of such significance has attracted much attention from historians, and tens of thousands of books have been published on the subject. Despite this breadth of study, new perspectives and tools are opening up fresh avenues of inquiry into this seminal era. In this timely and thoughtful book, Paul D. Escott surveys the current state of Civil War studies and explores the latest developments in research and interpretation. He focuses on specific issues where promising work is yet to be done, highlighting subjects such as the deep roots of the war, the role of African Americans, and environmental history, among others. He also identifies digital tools which have only recently become available and which allow researchers to take advantage of information in ways that were never before possible. Rethinking the Civil War Era is poised to guide young historians in much the way that James M. McPherson and William J. Cooper Jr.'s Writing the Civil War: The Quest to Understand did for a previous generation. Escott eloquently charts new ways forward for scholars, offering ideas, questions, and challenges. His work will not only illuminate emerging research but will also provide inspiration for future research in a field that continues to adapt and change.
2018-05-04 By Paul D. Escott

government to join the three European powers in their military expedition, but Minister Adams understood the pieces ... In the same way that the war stimulated the economy of Egypt and depressed that of Cuba, the war years witnessed the ...

Author: William A. Blair

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807852590

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The University of North Carolina Press and the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at the Pennsylvania State University are pleased to announce the launch of The Journal of the Civil War Era. William Blair, of the Pennsylvania State University, serves as founding editor. The journal takes advantage of the flowering of research on the many issues raised by the sectional crisis, war, Reconstruction, and memory of the conflict, while bringing fresh understanding to the struggles that defined the period, and by extension, the course of American history in the nineteenth century. The Journal of the Civil War Era aims to create a space where scholars across the many subfields that animate nineteenth-century history can enter into conversation with each other. Table of Contents for this issue, Volume One, Number One: Editor's Note William Blair Welcome to the New Journal Articles Edward L. Ayers and Scott Nesbit Seeing Emancipation: Scale and Freedom in the American South Melinda Lawson Imagining Slavery: Representations of the Peculiar Institution on the Northern Stage, 1776-1860 LeeAnn Whites Forty Shirts and a Wagonload of Wheat: Women, the Domestic Supply Line, and the Civil War on the Western Border Review Essay Douglas R. Egerton Rethinking Atlantic Historiography in a Post-Colonial Era: The Civil War in a Global Perspective Book Reviews Books Received Professional Notes Aaron Sheehan-Dean The Nineteenth-Century U.S. History Job Market, 2000-2009
2011-03-01 By William A. Blair

This 64-page book covers topics such as the rise of dictators, Pearl Harbor, victory gardens, Rosie the Riveter, D-day, Anne Frank, Iwo Jima, and the Korean War.

Author: Maria Backus

Publisher: Mark Twain Media

ISBN: 9781580378956

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Bring history to life for students in grades 4–7 with World War II and the Post-War Years! This 64-page book covers topics such as the rise of dictators, Pearl Harbor, victory gardens, Rosie the Riveter, D-day, Anne Frank, Iwo Jima, and the Korean War. It enables students to explore American history through fun activities, such as word searches, fact-or-opinion questions, and creative writing. The book also includes answer keys, time lines, and suggested reading lists.
2002-07-03 By Maria Backus

Over the war years , repeated American requests for increased Japanese aid to Asia had pulled assistance - giving into a burdensharing framework . Washington , in effect , had signaled a willingness , welcomed by Tokyo , for Japan to ...

Author: Wolf Mendl

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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2004-11 By Wolf Mendl