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In earlier times a camel would have been readied to take her , or a horse , carriage , or car . ... Will the wait for it be short or long ? Her hotel room contained ... So here was an entire day she must remain on the waiting list .

Author: Dayzī Amīr

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292790678

Category: Fiction

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Daisy Al-Amir is one of the more visible figures in women's fiction in the Arab world today. This collection of stories, originally published in Lebanon as Ala La'ihat al-Intizar, is the most recent of her five publications. Her stories intimately reflect women's experiences in the chaotic worlds of the Lebanese civil war and the rise of Saadam Hussain as Iraq's leader. Set in Iraq, Cyprus, and Lebanon, the stories shed light on an unusual Middle East refugee experience—that of a cultural refugee, a divorced woman who is educated, affluent, and alone. Al-Amir is also a poet and novelist, whose sensual prose grows out of a long tradition of Iraqi poetry. But one also finds existential themes in her works, as Al-Amir tries to balance what seems fated and what seems arbitrary in the turbulent world she inhabits. She deals with time and space in a minimalist, surreal style, while studying the disappointments of life through the subjective lens of memory. Honestly facing the absence of family and the instability of place, Al-Amir gives lifelike qualities to the inanimate objects of her rapidly changing world. In addition to the stories, two examples of the author's experimental poems are included. In her introduction, Mona Mikhail places these stories and poems in the context of contemporary Islamic literature and gender studies.
1994 By Dayzī Amīr

added to a waiting list it is good practice to obtain the following information : confirmation of the patient's address , both home and work telephone numbers , whether patient is available to come in at short notice , any special ...

Author: Council of Europe. Committee of Ministers

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9287142254

Category: Law

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This report by the Committee of Experts on criteria for the management of waiting lists and waiting times for health care focuses on waiting for hospital treatment, both out-patient and in-patient, and waiting times to the start of treatment or examination in hospitals. It gives a number of reasons for waiting times and waiting lists: the need for care has increased; growing expectation and demand; new technologies leading to wider indications for treatment and an increase in demand; managerial or administrative shortcomings; logistical problems; absence of data; decreasing resources; medical practice - priority setting. The report recommends that the governments of member states review the existence and role of waiting lists and waiting times and where necessary, develop comprehensive and coherent strategies for the management of waiting lists and waiting times. These strategies should take into account the criteria set out in the appendix to the recommendation and the principle of equity in access to health care. The report also recommends that governments ensure that the recommendation is brought to the attention of all relevant actors and adopt the legislative or other measures necessary to give effect to the principles set out in the appendix to the recommendation. Annexes give; examples of minimum data sets from Spain and the UK and suggested outlines for a hospital waiting list policy and for establishing health registers.

The measurement of waiting times varies widely across OECD countries, from no measurement in countries where this is not perceived to be an important policy issue to sophisticated and comprehensive measurement in some countries where ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264989047


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The report reviews a range of policies that countries have used to tackle waiting times for different services, including elective surgery and primary care consultations, but also cancer care and mental health services, with a focus on identifying the most successful ones.
2020-05-28 By OECD

“ VHA managers plan budget priorities , measure organizational and individual medical center directors ' performances and determine whether strategic goals are met , in part by reviewing data on waiting times and lists .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Subcommittee on Health


ISBN: PSU:000065509241

Category: Ambulatory medical care

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But usually, OR time is allocated according to historical volumes or the stated length of a surgeon's wait lists. This is one of the main reasons why there is so much discrepancy between the lengths of different doctors' wait lists.

Author: Michael Rachlis

Publisher: Canadian Centre Policy Alternatives

ISBN: 9780886274689

Category: Health care reform

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Waits for care are the biggest political issue facing Canadian health care. Both citizens and providers are concerned that too many waits are too long and put some patients at risk.
2005-01-01 By Michael Rachlis

( iii ) Change the applicant's place on the waiting list based on preference , date and time of application , or other factors affecting selection under the PHA selection policy ; or ( iv ) Remove the applicant from the waiting list .



ISBN: OSU:32437123049559

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Special edition of the Federal Register, containing a codification of documents of general applicability and future effect ... with ancillaries.
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Based on our overall experience , we believe that waiting lists expedite the reassignment of channels . ... are able to check easily the status of their applications as of the effective date of the last waiting list public notice . 70.

Author: United States. Federal Communications Commission


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At Albuquerque , the waiting list was 83 patients , and the occupancy rate on that day was 94. Houston , 40 patients and an ... Not desirable , but I must say that having a waiting list which turns over rapidly does not worry me .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on HUD-Independent Agencies


ISBN: MINN:31951D03440446B

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Since April 2012 there has also been a standard that addresses the perverse incentive for trusts to focus unduly on patients recently added to waiting lists. In April 2013, NHS England introduced zero tolerance of any patient waiting ...

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780215071712

Category: Medical

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NHS patients have the right to receive elective pre-planned consultant-led care within 18 weeks of being referred for treatment. In 2012-13, there were 19.1 million referrals to hospitals in England, with hospital-related costs of around £16 billion. The standards are that 90% of patients admitted to hospital, and 95% of other patients, should have started treatment within 18 weeks of being referred. In April 2013, NHS England introduced zero tolerance of any patient waiting more than 52 weeks. The Department of Health cannot be sure that the waiting time data NHS England publishes, based on information from NHS trust, is accurate. Trusts are struggling with a hotchpotch of IT and paper based systems that are not easily pulled together, which makes it difficult for them to track and collate the patient information needed to manage and record patients' waiting time. The National Audit Office (NAO) found that waiting times for nearly a third of cases it reviewed at seven trusts were not supported by documented evidence, and that a further 26% were simply wrong. Multiple organisations have a quality assurance role. However the external audit provided in the past by the Audit Commission has yet to be replaced and the Department acknowledged the need to do so, with regular spot checks being undertaken to ensure accuracy. But responsibilities have not been clearly defined.

Unfortunately, donor organs suitable for transplantation remain in critically short supply.1 Annually, hundreds of lung transplant candidates die while on the waiting list.2 The disparity between potential recipients and available ...

Author: Wickii Vigneswaran

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429586408

Category: Medical

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Lung Transplantation: Principles and Practice covers the current practice in donor and recipient management as well as current treatment strategies and outcomes. With 39 chapters from international experts in the field, the book is divided into four broad sections: General Topics, Donor Management, Recipient Management and Outcome, and the Future o
2016-01-05 By Wickii Vigneswaran