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reason and many kinds of passion, and, furthermore, that these faculties are interwoven; thus, neither reason nor ... are thinking: the problem is not that their reason has been overtaken by their passion; the problem is that they are ...

Author: Cheryl Hall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135336479

Category: Political Science

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Political theorists have long argued that passion has no place in the political realm where reason reigns supreme. But, is this dichotomy between reason and passion sustainable? Does it underestimate the indispensable role of passion in a fully democratic society? Drawing upon Plato, Rousseau, and contemporary feminist theorists, Cheryl Hall argues that passion is an essential component of a just political community and that the need to educate passion together with reason is paramount. Trouble with Passion provides a compelling defense of the crucial place of passion in politics.
2013-01-22 By Cheryl Hall

Most students mentioned at least two of the three when articulating their idea of passion. Importantly, passion for one's occupation is distinct from satisfaction with one's particular job or employer. For example, a neonatal nurse may ...

Author: Erin Cech

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520303232

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 341

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Probing the ominous side of career advice to "follow your passion," this data-driven study explains how the passion principle fails us and perpetuates inequality by class, gender, and race; and it suggests how we can reconfigure our relationships to paid work. "Follow your passion" is a popular mantra for career decision-making in the United States. Passion-seeking seems like a promising path for avoiding the potential drudgery of a life of paid work, but this "passion principle"—seductive as it is—does not universally translate. The Trouble with Passion reveals the significant downside of the passion principle: the concept helps culturally legitimize and reproduce an exploited, overworked white-collar labor force and broadly serves to reinforce class, race, and gender segregation and inequality. Grounding her investigation in the paradoxical tensions between capitalism's demand for ideal workers and our cultural expectations for self-expression, sociologist Erin A. Cech draws on interviews that follow students from college into the workforce, surveys of US workers, and experimental data to explain why the passion principle is such an attractive, if deceptive, career decision-making mantra, particularly for the college educated. Passion-seeking presumes middle-class safety nets and springboards and penalizes first-generation and working-class young adults who seek passion without them. The ripple effects of this mantra undermine the promise of college as a tool for social and economic mobility. The passion principle also feeds into a culture of overwork, encouraging white-collar workers to tolerate precarious employment and gladly sacrifice time, money, and leisure for work they are passionate about. And potential employers covet, but won't compensate, passion among job applicants. This book asks, What does it take to center passion in career decisions? Who gets ahead and who gets left behind by passion-seeking? The Trouble with Passion calls for citizens, educators, college administrators, and industry leaders to reconsider how we think about good jobs and, by extension, good lives.
2021-10-26 By Erin Cech

Author: Gabriel García Márquez


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8 WHY YOU NEED A MONEY MANAGER 1 37 The Trouble with Passion 1 38 Your Financial Government 140 If You Can't Afford a Money Manager 144 The Trouble with Money Managers 145 9 HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT MONEY MANAGER 1 48 Declining Performance ...

Author: William D. Roszel

Publisher: Scott Foresman Trade

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Provides an overview of the futures market, tells how to reduce risk, develop a trading strategy, and select an investment manager, and offers advice on getting started in commodity futures

... and we are surfeited with abundant talk about " man's animal passions , ” and all that sort of thing . ... Nor does the trouble spring from the supposed fact that somewhere in heaven or earth or elsewhere there is one particular man ...

Author: Paschal Beverly RANDOLPH


ISBN: BL:A0024984306


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... are and who you will be learn to cherish that boisterous Black Angel that drives you up one day and down another protecting the place where your power rises running like hof blood THE TROUBLE WITH PASSION From Essence , May 2001 ,.

Author: Susan Bunting

Publisher: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 0072506903

Category: Sex

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This annually updated reader is a compilation articles selected from magazines, newspapers, and journals, relating to issues dealing with sexuality and society, sexual biology, reproduction, and interpersonal relationships. Additional support is provided by our student Web site, Dushkin Online (
2001-12 By Susan Bunting

The trouble augments . It becomes necessary to separate her from her husband . She speaks without cessation of the object of her passion ; she becomes hard to please , capricious , irascible . She escapes from her relatives , to follow ...

Author: Xavier Bourgeois


ISBN: STANFORD:24503431962

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“Seems to me you're going to a lot of trouble for a man who doesn't think anything's wrong.” Joe clapped a hand on his foster brother's shoulder. “After what's happened lately, I've decided to wise up and take precautions.

Author: Ruth Langan

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472087041

Category: Fiction

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"Do I look like one of your smooth-faced golden boys? I don't think so."
2014-02-28 By Ruth Langan

The trouble with passion : political theory beyond the reign of reason . Routledge , 2005. 159p bibl index afp ISBN 0415934052 , $ 75.00 ; ISBN 0415934060 pbk , $ 22.95 : ISBN 9780415934053 , $ 75.00 ; ISBN 9780415934060 pbk , $ 22.95 ...



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Author: Bruno Chenu


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Accompanying CD contains 18 sprirituals by the Moses Hogan Chorale.
2003 By Bruno Chenu