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But for Xavier’s twelfth birthday, he receives a pair of funky socks and a challenge from his great-uncle, Frankie Bell, saying it’s time to swag out and speak up. First on the list: get into the legendary Scepter League.

Author: Kelly J. Baptist

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780593380888

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

View: 610

Xavier Moon is stepping out of the shadows when his great-uncle gives him some outlandish socks and some even stranger requests. A story about heart, confidence, and standing on your own two feet that is perfect for fans of The Season of Styx Malone and The Parker Inheritance. "An excellent read-alike to Jacqueline Woodson’s Harbor Me or Janae Marks’ From the Desk of Zoe Washington.” –Booklist, Starred Review "A warm but authentic picture of a middle schooler figuring out who he is and who he wants to be." –The Bulletin Xavier Moon is not one to steal the show. He’s perfectly content to play video games and sit at his bedroom window watching the neighborhood talk outside. But for Xavier’s twelfth birthday, he receives a pair of funky socks and a challenge from his great-uncle, Frankie Bell, saying it’s time to swag out and speak up. First on the list: get into the legendary Scepter League. Xavier’s grandfather, great-uncle, and father were all invited to join the elite boys’ after-school club that admits only the most suave and confident young men. Xavier has never had the courage to apply before, but his wild socks are getting him some big attention, so maybe it’s time to come out of the shadows and follow in his family's footsteps. Or maybe Xavier will march down a new path altogether.
2021-11-02 By Kelly J. Baptist

The socks of the fathers; mammalian supremacy; visiting an old lady. AT SEVEN FIFTEEN a.m., his bedroom slightly colder than the vacuum of space, Joshua Joseph Spork wears a longish leather coat and a pair of his father's golfing socks.

Author: Nick Harkaway

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448135745

Category: Fiction

Page: 40

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From the author of The Gone-Away World - an exhilarating espionage murder-mystery. There has been a strange death in the quiet village of Shrewton: old Donny Caspian has lost his head. In the Copper Kettle tea rooms, Tom Rice, a junior nobody from the Treasury, puzzles over the details of the case. He has been sent by his superiors to oversee the investigation, but is he supposed to help or hinder? At the next table, octogenarian superspy Edie Banister nibbles a slice of cake and struggles not to become Miss Marple. But what is the connection between the two? Who killed Donny Caspian, and why? Taking in Rice's present and Edie's daring past, from duels on shipboard to death in back alleys, 'Edie Investigates' is a superb short story from the incomparable Nick Harkaway. Also included with this short, the first chapter of Nick Harkaway's long-awaited new novel Angelmaker.
2012-01-12 By Nick Harkaway

T be socks aft/1e fizz/Let's,mammalian supremacy,visiting an 0141 lady. t seven fifteen a.m., his bedroom slightly colder than the Avacuum of space, Joshua Joseph Spork wears a longish leather coat and a pair of his father's golfing ...

Author: Nick Harkaway

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446492833

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

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From the acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World - an adventure story, a war story, and a love story, all wound into one brilliant narrative that runs like clockwork. Shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction Literature. Joe Spork, son of the infamous criminal Mathew ‘Tommy Gun’ Spork just wants a quiet life, repairing clockwork in a wet, unknown bit of London. Edie Banister, former superspy, lives quietly and wishes she didn’t. She’s nearly ninety and the things she fought to save don’t seem to exist anymore. She's beginning to wonder if they ever did. When Joe is asked to fix one particularly unusual device, his life is suddenly upended. The client? Unknown. The device? A 1950s doomsday machine. Having triggered it, Joe now faces the wrath of both the government and a diabolical South Asian dictator, Edie’s old arch-nemesis. Joe’s once-quiet world is now populated with mad monks, psychopathic serial killers, scientific geniuses and threats to the future of conscious life in the universe. The only way he can survive, is to muster the courage to fight, help Edie complete a mission she gave up years ago, and pick up his father’s old gun...
2012-02-02 By Nick Harkaway

Lance Madden, “Robert Griffin III, Adidas Have a Lot of Sock Swag,” Forbes, September 21, 2012, ... Chris Chase, “Robert Griffin III Gave Socks to Trick-or-Treaters,” USA Today, November 1, 2012, ...

Author: Ted Kluck

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781595555755

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 173

Robert Griffin III exploded onto the NFL scene with a style and flair anything but typical. With a Heisman Trophy on his mantel, RG3 entered professional football in 2012 under a spotlight that glowed beyond his own team, the Washington Redskins. Could the Baylor graduate electrify the NFL as he had the college game? Could he return a fabled franchise to the realm of elite Super Bowl contenders? Author Ted Kluck deepens the reader’s connection to a man who became the face of a revered NFL franchise before his twenty-third birthday. One player fueled by infectious enthusiasm for his craft. One man whose authenticity somehow seems to match his otherworldly skills on the gridiron. RG3’s focus on victory stood second only to the wisdom of his father: “Remember faith first.” Kluck follows RG3’s career from the very beginning. In addition, he dives into RG3’s relationships with and comparisons to players such as Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Marcus Lattimore, Kyle Shanahan, Randall Cunningham, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and more. Robert Griffin III’s story surpasses standings and statistics. Succeeding as a professional athlete is a challenge of the first order. Thriving as a cross-cultural phenomenon is the foundation of legends.
2013-08-13 By Ted Kluck

Alice's words had the intended effect as Fric and Frac vowed to work together; the company suspended production of their velvet socks and their toe coverings, and concentrated once more on innovative hosiery, which lead to them securing ...

Author: Jeffery F Dow

Publisher: Jeffery F. Dow


Category: Humor

Page: 3000

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Sarah Bartlett was an Academy Award-nominated film star, an Emmy-nominated television actress and a Tony-nominated stage performer. She was also awarded her very own Varsity Jacket by the former director of the US Department of Music’s Federal Hip Hop Administration. Appearing in over 20 films (including Hearts of Sorrow, Hearts of Celery; Perkwit’s Secret Bramboráky (the fourth installment of the Blurg movies), and Shadow of the Fish), she also starred on stage in such shows as Howling at the Moon: The Dog Musical; Billiard Balls of Death; and Dreadful About Those Shock Treatments, Eh? The woman was also an accomplished musician who performed guitar and baglama not only with her own group (Zooey’s Lampshade) but also with the Hattiesburg Symphony Orchestra and Industrial Pole Bean Outlet; with the Palm Frond and Banana Spider Symphony Orchestra; and with the ’56 Elvis Quintet at the Memphis in November: From Too Cool to Too Cold Music, Art and Law Practice Festival). There were other sides to Sarah, sides that she preferred people not know much about, sides involving Queen Victoria costumes, drinking way too many sodas at one sitting, and that whole ceramic curry serving bowl (from 2400 BCE) incident, which she knew would greatly upset anthropologists all over the world. Here, for the first time, is the entire story of Sarah Bartlett’s life, including her children, her husband, her boyfriend, her shoes, her Toyota Cadberry, and her dreams (some of them involving picture frames made of cheese; some of them involving the Poky Little Puppy; some of them involving Gloria Swanson wearing a miniskirt, a pair of orange flip-flops and a T-shirt with a picture of Andy Warhol and the phrase “Hey, look, I’m a can of soup” on it; some of them involving cats with lobster claws for legs; and some of them involving copious amounts of Ranch Dressing). The book also includes over 150 illustrations, and some of them actually make sense. If you’re looking for a book that offers the best ratio of cost per laugh, look no further. Further? Farther? Wait, let’s think this out. Uhh, farther has an a in it, and measure has an a in it, so farther relates to distance. So, yeah, further is the right adjective to use. The Seattle Drainpipe Gazette says, “Rigatoni is to books as cat hair is to dogs.” The Farmington Inquirer calls Rigatoni “unobtrusive,” “mildly trapezoidal,” and “looks great under some flowerpots.” And the Tucson Rock Trader says, “If we crowdfund, we can raise enough money to get this author the serious help he so obviously needs. This isn’t a cry for help, this is a sustained scream through a set of Peavey Dark Matter DM 118 Powered PA Subwoofer Speakers.”
2021-02-12 By Jeffery F Dow

... inspired by the conference 'swag' as convenient and readily accessible play materials for the creation of sock puppets. Materials circulated to most conference participants included dark grey GLS 4.0 socks, round GLS avatar buttons, ...

Author: Kurt Squire


ISBN: 9780557688760

Category: Education

Page: 194

View: 156

Real-Time Research is all about reconnecting with the thrill of discovery that initially led us into the age of science - ask an intriguing question, refine it with a diverse group of exciting minds, then go look for an answer. This zooms in on what is fun about science and excites the desire to quickly test more and more ideas, questions, and projects. This book not only equips you to coordinate RTR experiences, but provides a delightful collection of RTR group findings from the last two years in the fields of education, gaming, and media studies for you to enjoy and use. Each provides a glimpse into the playful minds of today's leading scholars.
2010 By Kurt Squire

... Boundary Life Gear ESEE Knives *Gaia GPS *Gossamer Gear *Injinji Socks *Lightheart Gear Kirby Phillips Artwork Kristi Parsons Photography *Paleo Valley Plaasabilities Photography (Kristina Plaas) *Point6 Socks *Sawyer The Swag Up 'N ...

Author: Nancy East

Publisher: Headlamp Publishing

ISBN: 9798985111415

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

View: 612

Before she went missing, Susan Clements was hiking with her daughter on one of the most popular trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, less than a mile from Clingmans Dome. When Nancy East’s search and rescue team joined the effort to find her, she learned Susan was a mother to three children who adored her. What Nancy didn’t know then was how much the search for Susan would impact and influence her own life’s path afterward. Two years later, Nancy and her good friend, Chris Ford, set out to improve the speed record of hiking all 801 miles of trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park while raising funds for hiker safety and preparedness. While chasing the record, the duo faced tropical storm rains, swollen, unbridged creek crossings, injuries, night hiking, and wildlife encounters. Their arduous journey also became intertwined in one of the most rare human-bear tragedies in the park’s history. Maintaining a positive mental attitude was their superpower through it all. The enormous feat of endurance was one of the most grueling endeavors that Nancy, a mother and everyday athlete, had ever faced. However, the hardest things she had endured were in her past. The strength she gained from those experiences was now moving her forward, one difficult step at a time. Chasing the Smokies Moon is a story of grief, hope, empowerment, and love, and the thread that binds them all. ADVANCE PRAISE FOR CHASING THE SMOKIES MOON "If you think that setting trail records is about speed and hubris, Nancy East will prove you wrong. It is not her success, but her vulnerability that will encourage you to keep moving forward when the next step feels impossible. It is not her impressive miles, but rather her insightful reflections that allow you to recognize feelings of gratitude and connectedness in the midst of pain and loss. And it is not her attributes as a hiker, but her roles as a mother, spouse, and friend that make this book a valuable resource for anyone who is trying to navigate through relationships - and adventure." --Jennifer Pharr Davis, author of The Pursuit of Endurance: Harnessing the Record-Breaking Power of Strength and Resilience “I have always thought of Nancy East as somewhat of a real life superhero -- this harrowing and transparent account of her FKT attempt and SAR fundraising effort has certainly solidified that sentiment!” --Steven Reinhold, Backpacker Magazine, Brand Ambassador “Chasing the Smokies Moon is a deep dive into the depths of a Fastest Known Time record attempt. East relays with humor, profundity, and humility the highs and lows of an intense journey through the Great Smoky Mountains and human connection." --Heather Anderson, author of Mud, Rocks, Blazes: Letting Go on the Appalachian Trail “This story is more than just a recounting of an incredible feat of endurance and perseverance, it is an insightful and revealing look into the mind and soul of multi faceted adventurous woman.” --Kevin Fitzgerald, former Deputy Superintendent of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
2021-11-15 By Nancy East

He pulled up his swag, rummaged through it and pulled out a small crossbow that he'd found almost a year ago. It was as long as his forearm, ... The sharp points stuckout a bit,but the socks were heavy enough that no one would notice.

Author: Richard Ellis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499007954

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 225

In 2052 a deadly fog has coated the entire earth, splitting the world in two. Peace reigns in the Lower World city of Cevario, until disappearances, mysterious deaths and cryptic messages lead City Guardian Conner on a mission to save his people. His quest to find answers uncovers a plot more sinister than he could possibly ever imagine. There is a force gathering out in the Wastes, that threatens the existence of the entire Lower World. With only a small band of fellow Guardians, a Scientist from the Upper World, and an eccentric old man that keeps following him though the city, can Conner overcome his own personal demons and lead a team strong enough to fight the impossible odds coming their way?
2014-08-20 By Richard Ellis

Rather than burn the boots by rapid drying it is much better to put them on damp day after day , for experience has shown that no ill effects can come of this , especially if dry socks are put on each day .

Author: George Morrison Moir


ISBN: UCAL:$B564474

Category: Fiordland (N.Z.)

Page: 85

View: 478


Normally at Pride there is ton of swag given out, from key chains, to socks, to LOTS of condoms, bags, T-shirts. After more than two decades of viewing these parades, I felt no inclination to jump up for the items that were thrown into ...

Author: Amy Newmark

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781611590838

Category: Poetry

Page: 400

View: 162

Now more than ever, the strong, independent, courageous voices of Black women are being heard loud and clear. They share their truth about life, love, family, faith and hope in these 101 personal stories and 12 powerful poems. The world is listening. Black women are speaking, for themselves and their families, and everyone is listening. This unique collection of stories is for readers of all colors, not just the Black community, as these contributors share their dreams, their triumphs and failures, and their lives, which have unique challenges and hardships that are not well understood by others. Readers of color will recognize their own struggles in these pages, and white readers will benefit from an inside view of Black life in America, Canada and beyond. These 101 stories and 12 poems, written by and for Black women, cover it all—from fierce to funny—about hopes and dreams, fears and realities, identity and self-discovery, family, children, even hair. Each one starts with a quote connecting you to a wellspring of wisdom from historical and contemporary Black women. “We are speaking now,” says Breena Clarke, coauthor of this book. “Because the moment is now, in this collection of first-person narratives. This is an opportunity to hear the often silenced voices of Black women, writing for you and because of you. These are stories of universal human experiences but also reflect the specificity of Black women’s lives in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.” Everyone will benefit from this look into the culture, wisdom, and everyday reality of the Black experience, with 11 chapters, each starting with a powerful poem: • The Shoulders We Stand On • Where We Come From • Everyday Struggles • Stand Up, Speak Out • Raising Our Children • Family & Food for the Soul • Taking Care of Me • Sisters, Friends • Loving Black Men • Identity & Roots • Self-Discovery Chicken Soup for the Soul books are 100% made in the USA and each book includes stories from as diverse a group of writers as possible. Chicken Soup for the Soul solicits and publishes stories from the LGBTQ community and from people of all ethnicities, nationalities, and religions.
2021-06 By Amy Newmark