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“The newspapers tagged him as 'The Stalking Man' because of the way he would follow the women he had marked for killing. Some of the survivors will hear footsteps for the rest of their lives. In fact, that's how I nailed him—on the ...

Author: William J. Coughlin

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781429926324

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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In a twisted trail of blood, he spelled out his name, The Stalking Man, hunting women in cities across the country the way his father had once taught him to hunt deer. He loved the moment of terror frozen on their faces when the all-too-horrifying realization would hit them-they were going to die a death more violent and ghastly than their worst nightmares... They had caught him once-he did his time and now he was "cured." But he'd been sloppy then. This time he slithered through the country, striking with cunning and precision, laughing at the law as he outran them again and again. Now two men must piece together his macabre clues and stop a sadistic killer who's about to strike too close to home...
2011-04-01 By William J. Coughlin

... so the stalking app is showing us the same high precision.” The dot stopped moving, and Truman swiped at the screen to zoom in. ... Is Ray that kind of guy?” “Maybe. I saw him naked—he's kind of buff and burly. Nice weenie.

Author: Chester Henry

Publisher: Dagmar Miura

ISBN: 9781951130275

Category: Fiction

Page: 266

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Hired to figure out whether his client’s husband, Ray, has been sleepwalking or just faking it, Truman pulls his best friend, Celeste, into the mystery. The duo digs deep—rifling medical files, running late-night stakeouts, stalking witnesses in bars—to find there’s more to it than Ray’s secretive trips to Chinatown and his habit of macking on women. Truman tries to stay objective with his new crush, Larry, not sure how much he knows about the boss’s lowlife activities, while Celeste contends with her own man troubles in the stalwart but suspicious Alejo. Celeste uses her stealthy instincts to interview the players without showing her hand as Truman, relying on his 1930s-era detective handbook, delves into the dark side of the import business. Join the bar-hopping, booze-swilling duo as their digging pushes things right to the edge, where Truman and Celeste have to figure out whether to do what’s easy or do what’s right.
2020-03-24 By Chester Henry

Law abiding citizens— including male law abiding citizens—have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of their lives free from harassment. [Men] who find themselves the victim of a female stalker often confront indifference and skepticism ...

Author: Philip W. Cook

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313397301

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 193

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Revealing the shocking and detailed accounts of how adult women stalk, sexually assault, and even rape adult men, this book portrays an eye-opening reality: women can act as aggressive predators and victimize men. • Details the rape trials of two women as well as other personal accounts and interviews • Utilizes careful analysis of research to determine the extent of this crime by adult women against adult men • Addresses a range of actions in which adult women sexually abuse or assault adult men, and offers advice and counsel to these victims • Provides surprising information that will be of value to law enforcement and corrections practitioners, social workers, business administrators, human resources personnel, academics in the fields of sociology, psychology, gender issues, and criminology, as well as general readers
2013-06-25 By Philip W. Cook

Overall , 59 percent of female victims , compared with 30 percent of male victims , were stalked by some type of intimate partner ( see exhibit 7 ) . Exhibit 8. Point in Intimate Relationship When Stalking of Womena Occurs 18–29 Years ...

Author: Patricia Godeke Tjaden


ISBN: IND:30000056205259

Category: Stalking

Page: 19

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Additionally, in the only case of a male targeted by a stranger in this sample, the stalker was also a male. ... MEN AS VICTIMS Sixty-four percent (N = 16) of the men were stalked by prior acquaintances, 28% (N = 7) by prior sexual ...

Author: J. Reid Meloy

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780124905610

Category: Psychology

Page: 327

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The Psychology of Stalking is the first scholarly book on stalking ever published. Virtually every serious writer and researcher in this area of criminal psychopathology has contributed a chapter. These chapters explore stalking from social, psychiatric, psychological and behavioral perspectives. New thinking and data are presented on threats, pursuit characteristics, psychiatric diagnoses, offender-victim typologies, cyberstalking, false victimization syndrome, erotomania, stalking and domestic violence, the stalking of public figures, and many other aspects of stalking, as well as legal issues. This landmark text is of interest to both professionals and other thoughtful individuals who recognize the serious nature of this ominous social behavior. First scholarly book on stalking ever published Contributions from virtually all major researchers in field Discussion of what to do when being stalked Uses examples from recent publicized cases
2001 By J. Reid Meloy

Based on phone interviews with some 8,000 men and 8,000 women, the researchers found that 1% of women and .04% of men had been the victims of stalking in the last year. These figures translate to 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men stalked ...

Author: Victor E. Kappeler

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 9781478636021

Category: Social Science

Page: 530

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The social construction of crime is often out of proportion to the threat posed. The media and advocacy groups shine a spotlight on some crimes and ignore others. Street crime is highlighted as putting everyone at risk of victimization, while the greater social harms from corporate malfeasance receive far less attention. Social arrangements dictate what is defined as crime and the punishments for those who engage in the proscribed behavior. Interest groups promote their agendas by appealing to public fears. Justifications often have no basis in fact, but the public accepts the exaggerations and blames the targeted offenders. The net-widening effect of more laws and more punishment catches those least able to defend themselves. This innovative alternative to traditional textbooks provides insightful observations of myths and trends in criminal justice. Fourteen chapters challenge misconceptions about specific crimes or aspects of the criminal justice system. Kappeler and Potter dissect popular images of crimes and criminals in a cogent, compelling, and engaging manner. They trace the social construction of each issue and identify the misleading statistics and fears that form the basis of myths—and the collateral damage of basing policies on mythical beliefs. The authors encourage skepticism about commonly accepted beliefs, offer readers a fresh perspective, and urge them to analyze important issues from novel vantage points.
2017-07-18 By Victor E. Kappeler

Of those surveyed, 8 percent of the women and 2 percent of the men responded that they had been stalked sometime ... Women tended to be stalked by one perpetrator, whereas in 50 percent of the male victimizations, the stalker had an ...

Author: Paul Harvey Wallace

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317348351

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

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Examines the entire spectrum of family violence, focusing onsocial processes and social relationships. The seventh edition of Family Violence: Legal, Medical, and Social Perspectives by Harvey Wallace and Cliff Roberson is a comprehensive introduction to the study of family violence that guides readers to a better understanding of the challenges involved in reducing or eliminating violence. The six major topics are: domestic partner abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, physical and psychological abuse, identifying when abuse occurs, and discussing the effects of the various types of abuse or violence. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: -Understand the facets of family violence. -Discuss how violence may be reduced or eliminated. -Identify how each major type of abuse impacts the social and law enforcement agencies that are involved.
2015-08-27 By Paul Harvey Wallace

Similarly, Lambert and colleagues (2013) provided university students with a set of statements relating to different aspects of stalking and found that women were more likely than men to believe stalking was pervasive, ...

Author: Ray Bull

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000692136

Category: Psychology

Page: 328

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The Routledge International Handbook of Legal and Investigative Psychology explores contemporary topics in psychological science, applying them to investigative and legal procedures. Written by recognized scholars from around the globe, this book brings together current research, emerging trends, and cutting-edge debates in a single comprehensive and authoritative volume. Drawing from both research and practice, this handbook highlights many important issues such as: how to investigate and prosecute rape; the value of emotional affect in homicide investigations; and factors affecting jurors’ and suspects’ decision making. By considering current research, the authors inform both legal and investigative professionals of findings that are of direct relevance to them, and the steps that can be taken to improve efficiency. This collection will inform investigative and legal professionals, advanced psychology students, academics, researchers, and policy makers. It will also be of great interest to researchers from other disciplines, including criminology, policing, and law.
2019-09-11 By Ray Bull

They're not able to see the person of their obsession as a real person. ... measure of the gender profile of the British stalker is anecdotal: four out of every five cases that are reported in a newspaper involve a man stalking a woman.

Author: Jean Ritchie

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780008226930

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE IS WATCHING, WAITING ... What is it like to suffer the attentions of an obsessive fan, to be haunted by the menace of a stalker? What changes devotion into something far more sinister and how do the stars cope with the pressure?
2016-12-29 By Jean Ritchie

Most victims of stalking know the perpetrator in some way (Catalano, 2012). Sometimes the person may be a former girlfriend or boyfriend, and other times the person could be a friend or acquaintance. Women are more likely than men to ...

Author: Vicki S. Helgeson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317286356

Category: Social Science

Page: 748

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Noted for its fair and equal coverage of men and women, this book reviews the research and issues surrounding gender from multiple perspectives including psychology, sociology, anthropology, and public health, with an emphasis on the interaction between biological and social theories. The implications of social roles, status, and gender-related traits on relationships and health that are central to students' daily lives are emphasized throughout. Students learn how to distinguish the similarities and differences between the sexes and the theories that explain the differences. Methodological flaws that may impact the observance of sex differences are also examined. Learning activities and pedagogical tools included in the text: Do Gender exercises which provide an opportunity to test hypotheses and explore data Sidebars on special interest topics and numerous visuals that bring the studies to life Take Home Points that summarize key concepts in bulleted format Boldfaced key terms and definitions, chapter summaries, discussion questions, and suggested readings which help students review the material New to the 5th Edition: Expanded sections on cohabitation, homosexuality, online relationships, social media influences, single-sex classrooms, sex differences in math abilities, and gender implications of divorce on health Expanded coverage of gender and parenting, gender and the workplace, gender and power, and balancing work and family An expanded intersectional approach that highlights how gender is connected to social class, race, and ethnicity, including more coverage of gender system justification theory Coverage of transgender issues including recent changes in the DSM guidelines Streamlined discussions to further engage students to think about gender issues A companion website at where instructors will find Power Point slides, multiple choice quizzes, and short answer questions with suggested answers for each chapter; and students will find flashcards of key terms, chapter outlines, and links to related websites and further reading Divided into three parts, each section builds on the previous one. First, gender and the development of gender roles across cultures are introduced. Scientific methods used to study gender, attitudes toward gender, and the latest data and theories on sex differences in cognitive, social, and emotional domains are then introduced. Theories of gender-role development, including evolutionary, social learning, social role, and gender schema theories are reviewed along with the implications of gender on achievement. Part one reviews the key information on the similarities and differences between the sexes and the theories that explain the differences which lay the foundation for the remainder of the book. Part two examines the role of gender in relationships including communication styles and the impact of these interactions on friendship and romantic relationships. The third part examines the role of gender on physical and mental health. The effects of marriage and parenting on health are reviewed, including domestic abuse, along with how gender affects the association between work and health. This is an ideal text for upper level gender-focused courses including the psychology of gender, psychology of women or men, gender issues, and gender, women’s, or men’s studies taught in psychology, women’s studies, gender studies, sociology, and anthropology.
2016-07-07 By Vicki S. Helgeson