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Spirit of Vengeance affords an intriguing view of a tumultuous period in Louisiana history, and the six men whose vain struggle to survive brought them international attention.

Author: John V. Baiamonte, Jr.

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 0807124532

Category: History

Page: 280

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In May, 1921, Joseph Rini and five other men of Italian descent drove from New Orleans to Independence, Louisiana, in a stolen car to attempt the late-night robbery of an Independence bank. During the confused events of that night, a local businessman was shot by an unknown assailant, and the six men were shortly thereafter captured and charged with murder, largely on the basis of circumstantial evidence. They were found guilty. When this verdict was appealed and the state supreme court reversed it on a technicality, a second trial in May, 1922, ended with an identical decision and sentence. A series of fruitless appeals followed, and on May 9, 1924, the prisoners were hanged in Amite City—the nation’s only execution of six men for the murder of one. Using court transcripts, newspaper accounts, and interviews, John Baiamonte recounts the dramatic and often moving story of these six men and their trial, which in its day was to become a national and international cause célèbre. He explores the social prejudices of the day, particularly the popular assumption that any criminal activity involving Italians was part of a plot by the Mafia. Fear of Italian gagsters, especially from a tightly organized Mafia, had been rampant in southern Louisiana since the 1890s, as was prejudice against the hardworking law-abiding Sicilian immigrants who had settled in large numbers in Tangipahoa Parish, where these events took place. “Bloody Tangipahoa” had long been notorious for violence, particularly against minorities. Moreover, the parish judicial system at that time, the trial judge, and the state Board of Pardons, which reviewed the Italians’ appeal, were thought to be involved with the Ku Klux Klan. Even the governor, John M. Parker, was one of the leaders of a mob that murdered eleven Italians suspected of Maria affiliation in New Orleans in 1891. Baiamonte also examines the mood of the courtroom, the pressures put upon the lawyers, the jury, and the witnesses to convict the six—despite the fact that the prosecution’s only witness to the shooting failed to identify any of the defendants and no witness could place the defendants closer than three miles from Independence on the night of the murder. Everyone became a participant in the courtroom, even the spectators. They applauded when new evidence against the defendants was introduced. In cameos of each of the convicted men, Baiamonte describes moods and actions. Joseph Bocchio, one of the condemned, read Shakespeare and wrote poems, which were published in the local paper. Spirit of Vengeance affords an intriguing view of a tumultuous period in Louisiana history, and the six men whose vain struggle to survive brought them international attention.
1999-03-01 By John V. Baiamonte, Jr.

So, this is my first venture into science fiction, at least for writing it.

Author: Christopher Lairn

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469186139

Category: Fiction

Page: 110

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So, this is my first venture into science fiction, at least for writing it. I've been a huge sci-fi fan all my life: I've seen every Star Trek episode ever made, many of my all-time favorite movies are sci-fi Alien, Predator, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, et. al.. However, I never thought I'd write write it. I've always written fantasy, and fantasy is all I've ever written until now. I have finally entered the arena of sci-fi as a writer, although there are those who think this is more fantasy in space than true sci-fi. Not that that's a terrible thing... So, in any event, Garm ap Avanon is the third and final (?) mortal incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance. His first was in ancient Rome. In the second, he was a rogue adventurer who lived in the 19th century and traveled all over Asia, Africa and Europe. And now, in his 29th century incarnation he is a rogue adventurer yet again, a world-class martial artists with few if any equals. But, impressive as that obviously is, it's going to take a lot more than that. For he must face not only the unforgiving realities of Vulturnus a savage, primal world that could be a near duplicate of Earth in the Mesozoic Era, dinosaurs and all on the one hand but also, on the other, the forces of a powerful, merciless monarch hell-bent on carving out in the cosmos an empire like that his ancestors, the Conquistadors, carved out on Earth centuries before.
2012-03 By Christopher Lairn

Author: Adolphe Faucquez


ISBN: OCLC:44051462



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"The bride price of dowry is highly regarded in many cultures.

Author: Okwor Maxwell Onyekachi


ISBN: 9788125409

Category: Bride price

Page: 104

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"The bride price of dowry is highly regarded in many cultures. However, it because a taboo for Okpoko when he couldn't complete the bride price for Ngozi. A famous and rich Obiekwe would approach Ngozi's parents for her hand in marriage. Who is the rightful suitor for Ngozi? Will love always overcome the spirit of money and fame? Read this intriguing drama to find out Ngozi's fate; the consequences of the choice she was forced to make." -- Page 4 of cover.

Gone was every hard thought from his heart ; fled was the spirit of vengeance ;
forgotten the fearful oath of the square chamber . “ Bah ! ” he exclaimed in disgust
. “ I was going to make a hangman of myself , and gloat over the sufferings of a ...

Author: John Russell Coryell


ISBN: UCAL:$B248352


Page: 199

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Thus the very essence , the whole nature of God , is indignation , vengeance , or
a consuming fire . God is never said in the scriptures to ... 26 , ] but it is never
called the Spirit of love or Spirit of vengeance . But let us inquire if the fact that
God is ...

Author: Alexander Wilford Hall


ISBN: UIUC:30112069956008

Category: Universalism

Page: 336

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receive their operations in our lives from the Holy Spirit. Not believing in them
does not entirely nullify their working in your life, since we all have experienced
help from the Holy Spirit, but not always recognized it was the Spirit helping. The
full ...

Author: D.H. Penny

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973629740

Category: Religion

Page: 338

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Real World Application of the Judeo-Christian faith for the Military, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement communities. Principles and guidelines for those serving in all nations and cultures. The Lord God says “Thou shalt not kill”, yet kill we do. Cain killed Abel. Criminals steal, destroy, and kill. Soldiers kill the enemy. The enemy kills us. Then comes the day you pull the trigger and send someone into eternity. You did what must be done. Some say it had to be done, but you still sinned. Others say it’s all a sin and should not be done it all. But, where does that leave you? This book has the answers. Is “Thou shalt not kill” really that cut and dry? Are there Biblical precedents or provisions for Christians to do what is necessary in the line of duty without sinning? Is doing your duty, to God and Country, the dirty work, really a sin? No, it’s just the opposite. What God authorizes and the support He provides will surprise, encourage, and empower you. Minsters of Vengeance Gives Biblical guidance during undercover ops: for lying, stealing, sabotage, and more. Looks at subjects like lethal force authority, and different religious views of warfare. Draws a blueprint for prayer and a covenant mindset toward the enemy and for yourself. Discusses PTSD; concepts of mental, emotional and physical healing, help, and prevention. Examines spiritual gifts and help from the Holy Spirit and angels for the dirty work. Tackles the Problem of Evil and presents a Biblical Just War Theory or Doctrine of Violence. Pro Deo Et Patria (For God and Country)
2018-10-12 By D.H. Penny

In our drowsy repetitions of these Psalms - cushioned as we are , upon the safe
luxuries of modern life , we fail to understand these outcries from the martyrs '
field . O Lord , the God of vengeanceO God , the God of vengeance , shine forth .

Author: Isaac Taylor


ISBN: BL:A0017140468

Category: Bible

Page: 347

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1861 By Isaac Taylor

... call out its internal enemies.11 Even John Adams declared that a victory would
“generate a national self-respect, a Spirit of ... militia as proof of manliness Figure
4.1 John Lewis Krimmel, Fourth of July in Centre The Weight of Vengeance 106.

Author: Troy Bickham

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199969197

Category: History

Page: 344

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In early 1815, Secretary of State James Monroe reviewed the treaty with Britain that would end the War of 1812. The United States Navy was blockaded in port; much of the army had not been paid for nearly a year; the capital had been burned. The treaty offered an unexpected escape from disaster. Yet it incensed Monroe, for the name of Great Britain and its negotiators consistently appeared before those of the United States. "The United States have acquired a certain rank amongst nations, which is due to their population and political importance," he brazenly scolded the British diplomat who conveyed the treaty, "and they do not stand in the same situation as at former periods." Monroe had a point, writes Troy Bickham. In The Weight of Vengeance, Bickham provides a provocative new account of America's forgotten war, underscoring its significance for both sides by placing it in global context. The Napoleonic Wars profoundly disrupted the global order, from India to Haiti to New Orleans. Spain's power slipped, allowing the United States to target the Floridas; the Haitian slave revolt contributed to the Louisiana Purchase; fears that Britain would ally with Tecumseh and disrupt the American northwest led to a pre-emptive strike on his people in 1811. This shifting balance of power provided the United States with the opportunity to challenge Britain's dominance of the Atlantic world. And it was an important conflict for Britain as well. Powerful elements in the British Empire so feared the rise of its former colonies that the British government sought to use the War of 1812 to curtail America's increasing maritime power and its aggressive territorial expansion. And by late 1814, Britain had more men under arms in North America than it had in the Peninsular War against Napoleon, with the war with America costing about as much as its huge subsidies to European allies. Troy Bickham has given us an authoritative, lucidly written global account that transforms our understanding of this pivotal war.
2012-06-11 By Troy Bickham

Some parts of the series may trigger readers. Graphic scenes, harsh language, and vivid sexual themes are heavily explored. Read on at your own risk!

Author: Andreya Lombardi


ISBN: 9798662761162


Page: 181

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Half-elf Syreene knows she is destined for more than the mundane life of a schoolgirl. Though she has no elemental control, unlike Cabil, her powerful flame wielding brother, she yearns to train and join the ranks to defend her kind from disappearing. And they are. Elves are going missing daily, their numbers dwindling fast. But with Cabil intent on keeping her under lock and key where she can be 'safe,' Syreene fears her life will be spent hiding from the demons who killed her parents, watching as they swallow one town after another.When a stranger from her past stumbles through her door, Syreene jumps at the opportunity to dig into what really happened all those years ago. Had her parents been killed in the demon war, or had they been hunted, executed, and if so... how did she survive? Warrior priest Narus brings with him a flood of memories that hint at so much more than she had ever assumed. And a warning of what may come.With districts falling to demons and Cabil off fighting with the army, Syreene and Narus begin training, hoping together they can find answers and a way to seal the enemy below before both races fall to the demon horde. But can an untested elfin schoolgirl, a pyrotech warrior with a history of losing control, and a priest with secrets that haunt him really turn the demon tide that threatens to drown the world?(Blurb: Marni MacRae)
2020-07-04 By Andreya Lombardi

... country rained with varying degrees of vengeance . missions I confirmed a
class of nineteen Yet there were good congregations which candidates who had
not had sufficient intotaled , by count , 150 per cent of the struction , but who
wanted ...



ISBN: WISC:89064897572

Category: Missions


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Includes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Society.
1937 By

The spume of vengeance on their lips , in thunder's voice they roar ; As the
hurricane howls fearfully , and rainy torrents pour . A gallant vessel struggling
heaves , like a wrestler ' gainst his doom , Now skyward hurled in vengeful might ,
now ...

Author: Joseph Philip Robson


ISBN: UCD:31175035229692


Page: 372

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This man, who was very rich, Number Nip looked upon as a likely instrument of
vengeance for him. So he assumed the form of the young man who had called
him by the mocking name of maiden stealer ; and while he walked some little way

Author: Mary Catherine Rowsell


ISBN: OXFORD:590858800

Category: Children's stories

Page: 286

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And therefore He has appointed His witnesses to preach good tidings " , to
proclaim His truth , His acceptable year , and His day of vengeance . And that
man knows little of the magic of truth , or of the sympathy of hearts , who thinks
lightly of ...

Author: William Sewell


ISBN: BL:A0019325139

Category: Electronic book


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1850 By William Sewell

Impotent rage venting itself in imaginary acts of vengeance , chagrin feeding
upon its own disappointment , malign hatred wreaking its fury upon victims
beyond its reach , the mortified pride which even in ruin shrank from
acknowledging that ...

Author: George Matheson


ISBN: OXFORD:600101820



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1877 By George Matheson

A few acts of vengeance encouraged them to commit others , and everywhere
small par ties of the Spaniards were cut off ... when their commander , as great in
spirit as he was diminutive in stature , marshaled his fifty men along his ramparts

Author: Justin Winsor


ISBN: UOM:39015009101125

Category: America

Page: 674

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1891 By Justin Winsor

Impotent rage venting itself in imaginary acts of vengeance, chagrin feeding upon
its own disappointment, malign hatred wreaking its fury upon victims beyond its
reach, the mortified pride which even in ruin shrank from acknowledging that life

Author: George Matheson


ISBN: UOM:39015070152833

Category: Church history


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1877 By George Matheson

He bears with resistance , rebellion against His light , opposition which grieves
His Holy Spirit , and those who persist in the hardness of their impenitent hearts
gather up for themselves wrath unto the day of vengeance . Nevertheless , He ...

Author: Jean-Pierre Camus


ISBN: STANFORD:36105046830027

Category: Christian life

Page: 349

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Vengeance would mean that because we have suffered we wish them to suffer
too as a satisfaction to our own feelings. We can only be the ministers of a true
retribution if we keep ourselves free from the spirit of vengeance. As far as my ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105007801074

Category: Radio addresses, debates, etc


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1942 By

controlled by fury and not by a desire for justice . To keep this spirit of vengeance
from dictating policy or from corrupting policies which may seem to have a better
purpose than vengeance , must be a major function of the Church in all nations .



ISBN: WISC:89095831889

Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 140

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1942 By

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