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In this book he presents 32 of the more than 200 masks he's made to date, accompanied by compelling revelations about the masks and the highly nuanced ancient dramatic art of Noh itself.

Author: Michishige Udaka

Publisher: Kodansha

ISBN: 156836590X

Category: Drama

Page: 164

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In terms of style, Noh drama is the quintessence of simplicity. Performed by a handful of players, mostly masked and using minimal props and exceedingly understated movements, this is theater pared down to its essentials. Yet, as an art form, Noh drama is highly complex^DDLrichly symbolic, nuanced and exquisite in its austerity. Since the emergence of Noh drama over six centuries ago, the masks worn by the actors have been integral to the work. A Noh mask, with its subtle fusion of the real and the imaginary, is a beautiful object; but it only comes fully to life when a talented actor is able to transcend the mask's unchanging expression and convey a wide range of emotions. In recent years, Noh drama has seen a resurgence in prestige and popularity, both in Japan and abroad. Today, the masks worn by most Noh thespians are either old, passed down from generation to generation within a particular school of acting, or the work of an artist who specializes in this craft. Only one Noh master-actor continues to make masks in addition to teaching, writing and performing. Michishige Udaka is a shite-kata (lead and producer), with a career spanning almost 50 years. As an actor and playwright, he is able to bring to the task of mask-making a deep understanding both of the character the mask represents and of the actor's intentions while playing that role. These insights have enabled Udaka to add greater dimension to his own performances. The Secrets of Noh Masks presents 32 pieces, a representative sample of the more than 200 produced to date by the author. Every one has passed the ultimate test^DDLuse in actual performances^DDLand may be seen on stage today. The stunning photos are accompanied by captions and essays about the history of Noh, its performance style, mask-making philosophy and techniques. There is also an index listing each mask with a thumbnail sketch. Those who know little of this ancient dramatic form, might assume that Noh masks lack expression. But the images showcased in this volume reveal an emotional depth and humanity that is as powerful in the 21st century as it was over 600 years ago.
2018-10-16 By Michishige Udaka

Udaka writes, “In the subtle interplay of light and shadow in Noh masks lives the
yūgen of Noh: the legacy of Zeami.”* I'd always been fascinated with masks, and
so I joined Udaka-sensei's mask carving class. The first mask I made was a ...

Author: Ruth Ozeki

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781632060525

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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What did your face look like before your parents were born? In The Face: A Time Code, bestselling author and Zen Buddhist priest Ruth Ozeki recounts, in moment-to-moment detail, a profound encounter with memory and the mirror. Ozeki challenges herself to spend three hours gazing into her own reflection, recording her thoughts and noticing every possible detail. Those solitary hours open up a lifetime's worth of meditations on race, aging, family, death, the body, self-doubt and, finally, acceptance. Ozeki paints an intimate and rich portrait of life as told through a face.
2016-03 By Ruth Ozeki

Her face changes in several situations, as if Misao were a Noh actor putting on
different masks. In the passage from one role to another, her identity takes on the
characteristics of a performance, thus questioning the concept of unitary selfhood


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004370715

Category: Literary Criticism

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Receptions of Greek and Roman Antiquity in East Asia broadens the scope of the Western Classical tradition by offering pioneering insights (of leading scholars from Europe, East Asia, and North America) into East Asian receptions of Greco-Roman Antiquity.
2019-01-04 By

cause their performances relied so heavily on them.31 Sacred masks, those
viewed as artifacts present at the creation of many noh troupes, were depicted as
relics that fell from the sky or as masterpieces crafted by ancient carvers.

Author: Eric C. Rath

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9781684173969

Category: Literary Criticism


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"Since the inception of the noh drama six centuries ago, actors have resisted the notion that noh rests on natural talent alone. Correct performance, they claim, demands adherence to traditions. Yet what constitutes noh’s traditions and who can claim authority over them have been in dispute throughout its history. This book traces how definitions of noh, both as an art and as a profession, have changed over time. The author seeks to show that the definition of noh as an art is inseparable from its definition as a profession. The aim of this book is to describe how memories of the past become traditions, as well as the role of these traditions in the institutional development of the noh theater from its beginnings in the fourteenth century through the late twentieth century. It focuses on the development of the key traditions that constitute the ""ethos of noh,"" the ideology that empowered certain groups of actors at the expense of others, and how this ethos fostered noh’s professionalization--its growth from a loose occupation into a closed, regulated vocation. The author argues that the traditions that form the ethos of noh, such as those surrounding masks and manuscripts, are the key traits that define it as an art. "
2020-03-23 By Eric C. Rath

It is the secrets of Meiji women , passed on in a thin stream of hushed voices for
dozens of years in novel form ( 15 . ... shamanism , and the occult in general , as
well as to noh drama and noh masks ( the masks of the title are noh masks of ...



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Author: David Mack


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1997 By David Mack

The stylized , formal characiero the Noh play was heightened by the use of
masks , carved with great 1 As interludes and restful changes to the rather
monotonous Noh plays , lith farces called Kyogen were introduced . As the Noh
masks are ...



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Masks were icons that symbolized the actor's occupation . Since they were used
in noh drama , masks possessed a visual and performance value lacking in
secret writings . In fifteenth century noh discourse , the noh mask was associated
with ...

Author: Eric Clemence Rath


ISBN: UOM:39015041795637


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Greek mask will always be one of melancholy or anger , no matter who may wear
it or how it may be worn . But a mask made for the noh stage is changeable in its
expression . One and the same ... What are the secrets ? The most serious ...



ISBN: UOM:39015020066174

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1941 By

Developed by monks , artists and actors , the carving of masks has been
preserved over the centuries mainly as a secret tradition by the Deme family .
Today there are some ten noh mask sculptors who also colour and repair these
delicate ...

Author: London Regional Art Gallery (Ont.)

Publisher: [London, Ont.] : London Regional Art Gallery

ISBN: UVA:X000564611

Category: Art

Page: 124

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Soon, everything would be as white as a Noh mask. Ryuichi smiled. It was
moments like these where he felt the Calling. Enlightenment felt close. He
remembered when his grandmother took him to the torii gate, when he was six
years old.

Author: Tamara Allen

Publisher: Lethe Press

ISBN: 9781590210499

Category: Fiction

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A war injury ends Sutton Albright's career as a concert pianist. His nights are spent in a debauched romp through gay Manhattan. After he meets Jack, their attraction cannot be denied. Can music heal them both, or will sudden prosperity jeopardize their chance at love?
2009 By Tamara Allen

Author: David Pierce


ISBN: IND:30000068227523


Page: 554

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Volume 3 of 4 volumes.
2000 By David Pierce

The bulky , precisely arranged costume also contributes to this stillness and
control . Another feature of some Noh masks , most particularly the frequently -
used Ko - omote , is that the wearer has the sensation of seeing through a single
eye ...

Author: Margaret Coldiron

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: 0773463410

Category: Performing Arts

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This study examines the effect of the mask upon the masked performer int he Balinese Topeng and Calonarang dance dramas and Japanese Noh Theatre. It represents the first systematic study of the relationship between the actor and the mask from the performer's perspective. The approach is largely empirically based and draws upon the author's extensive field research in Bali and Japan which included interviews with performers and mask makers, study of mask carving and dance and observation of private lessons and public performances. This study will be of interest to scholars and students in many fields including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts. It will be also of interest to theatre and dance practitioners, especially those working with masks or intercultural performance.

The Noh stage ( above ) is a square , polished cedar platform open on three
sides ; it has a temple roof above and a back ... wooden Noh mask ( right ) was
made by hand ; the secret process was handed down from one generation to the
next .

Author: Milly S. Barranger


ISBN: 0534007635

Category: Theater

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Consistently praised for being "streamlined" and "clear and student friendly," this text offers the beginning theatre student an exciting, full-color introduction to all aspects of theatre. It presents the experience of theatre, who sees, what is seen, where and how it is seen largely from the viewpoint of audiences exposed to a complex, living art that involves people, spaces, plays, designs, staging, forms, language, and productions. The book includes the appropriate coverage of the history, diversity and most critical moments in theatre in a way that encourages students to experience theatre as "a performing art and humanistic event."

Kissing the Mask is the first major book on Noh by an American writer since the 1916 publication the classic study Pisan Cantos and the Noh by Ezra Pound.

Author: William T. Vollmann

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061985331

Category: Social Science

Page: 528

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“Intrepid journalist and novelist William T. Vollman’s colossal body of work stands unsurpassed for its range, moral imperative, and artistry.” —Booklist William T. Vollmann, the National Book Award–winning author of Europe Central, offers a charming, evocative, and piercing examination of the ancient Japanese tradition of Noh theatre and the keys it holds to our modern understanding of beauty. Kissing the Mask is the first major book on Noh by an American writer since the 1916 publication the classic study Pisan Cantos and the Noh by Ezra Pound. But Kissing the Mask is pure Vollman—illustrated with photos by the author with provocative related side-discussions on femininity, transgender, kabuki, pornography, geishas, and more.
2010-05-04 By William T. Vollmann

The Art of the Noh Mask Stephen E. Marvin. - -- Because kishin , ryö - no - otoko ,
and onryo do not exist , the masks depicting them were always the distillation of a
concept . The demands of yūgen required the same artistic treatment of mortal ...

Author: Stephen E. Marvin

Publisher: Floating World Edithions

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215521316

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 768

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Two volumes showing the remarkable combination of superb artistry, sophisticated design and a lengthy history of continuous use that sets the masks of the Noh theatre of Japan apart from all others.

Worse , they taught her to be ashamed . She wasn ' t even supposed to be angry ,
let alone artistic . She was supposed to remain a constantly stoic Noh mask of
proper Japanese serenity and submissiveness . I keep on going off on tangents ...

Author: Carol Bruchac


ISBN: STANFORD:36105040367273

Category: Fiction

Page: 290

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1986 By Carol Bruchac

The result was the emergence of a fresh guild of mask carvers , the men - uchi ,
who devoted their energies exclusively to the production of Noh masks . From the
fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries the men - uchi carried the art of mask ...

Author: Raymond Bushell

Publisher: Kodansha Amer Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015060798595

Category: Art

Page: 206

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1985 By Raymond Bushell

( Elena ' ) Let us examine those lips of hers : thin , slightly open at the centre ,
enlarged with a lipstick brush – always painted ; then in the Sixties enlarged
through cosmetic surgery , Designer - lips of a goddess . Painted lips on a Noh
mask .

Author: Elisabeth Barillé


ISBN: UOM:39015025250260

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Page: 245

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Kojo " is worn by the elderly masks , a branch of art peculiarly Japanese man , for
example , in the piece “ Takain spirit . On account of the important sago . " Ø
position held by his family for generations Kawazu . " Classed among man's in
noh ...



ISBN: MINN:31951001927165Z

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1924 By

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