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A pioneering socio-historical analysis of change and development in secondary education in England, France, and Germany during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Author: Detlef Müller

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521366852

Category: Education

Page: 264

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A pioneering socio-historical analysis of change and development in secondary education in England, France, and Germany during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
1989-11-30 By Detlef Müller

Author: Philipp Müller

Publisher: Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme, Paris

ISBN: 2735103277


Page: 264

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1989-01-01 By Philipp Müller

On segmentation in modern European educational systems: the case of French secondary education, 1865-1920. In The Rise of the Modern Educational System, ed.

Author: Michael Mann

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107031180

Category: History

Page: 839

View: 631

This second volume deals with power relations between the Industrial Revolution and the First World War.
2012-09-24 By Michael Mann

730–757; Juliane Jacobi, “Between Charity and Education: Orphans and Orphanages ... The Rise of the Modern Educational System: Structural Change and Social ...

Author: Bengt Sandin

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030566661

Category: History

Page: 420

View: 700

In this book the emergence of schools in urban Sweden between the seventeenth and the nineteenth century provides the framework for a history of children and of childhood. It is a study through the lens of the changes in early modern education, spatial aspect of the life of children and systems of governance in the early modern Swedish state. Educational systems defined the spatial aspects of childhood—where children were supposed to grow up, in the home, the school, the streets and alleys, or the place of work—over a period of about two hundred years. Schools and education represent both a mental and a physical space; an abstract place for children as well as a local and concrete place for them, which stood out against the alternative spatial aspects of the life of children. It is also a study of how different cultural systems influence the definitions of childhood and schools, in the context of church and home instruction, poor relief, policing, surveillance, and the question of why children went to schools. It examines the role of the school as childcare and as a provider of food, shelter and welfare, and as governance.
2020-11-07 By Bengt Sandin

See also Janice Weiss , " The Advent of Education for Clerical Work in the ... eds . , The Rise of the Modern Educational System ( Cambridge : Cambridge ...

Author: Rebecca Coulter

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 0921908156

Category: Education

Page: 202

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Vocational education can either reinforce or challenge dominant ideology: students can learn to accept and fit into a workplace, or to change it. How we understand the links between knowledge and work will significantly affect our ability to make important political and strategic decisions about education in general and about vocational education in particular. The old questions about education--who controls education? whose interests are served by the education system?--assume new urgency in an era of global restructuring. The contributors to Rethinking Vocationalism examine these questions from a variety of enlightening perspectives. An Our Schools/Our Selves book.
1993 By Rebecca Coulter

The Rise of the Modern Educational System: Structural Change and Social Reproduction 1870–1920 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987), 1.

Author: Len Platt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000341362

Category: Education

Page: 194

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James Joyce and Education is the first full-length study of education across the Joyce oeuvre. A new account of how the politics and aesthetics of the Joyce text is informed by historical contexts, it is the latest contribution to the growing contemporary debate about education, late modernism and literary innovation. This highly original account reads Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake in new and challenging ways. It produces the Joyce text as a complex and comic devotion to the representation of schooled education — an exemplification of the elitism that state schooling was historically designed to reproduce and a devastating undoing of the epistemologies it was designed to sustain. Chapters explore a range of themes, including Joyce and radical education, the impact of Nietzsche’s writing on Joyce and women and education. The book will appeal to researchers, scholars and postgraduate students in the fields of literature in education, pedagogy, Joyce scholarship and modernism.
2021-02-16 By Len Platt

In The Rise of the Modern Educational System , ed . D. Muller , F. Ringer , and B. Simon . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Robinson , R. E. 1959.

Author: Michael Mann

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052144585X

Category: Social Science

Page: 828

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Based on considerable empirical research, this second volume of an analytical history of social power deals with power relations between the Industrial Revolution and the First World War, focusing on France, Great Britain, Hapsburg Austria, Prussia/Germany and the United States.
1986 By Michael Mann

Thus the existing education system required from the changing West a new direction , a new shape and vigour of the age of enlightenment .

Author: Bina Kumari Sarma

Publisher: M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8185880948

Category: Education

Page: 129

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The present study analysis the development of modern education in British Orissa during the 19th century. The conquest of Orissa by the British in 1803 was followed by significant changes in all spheres brought forth disastrous effects. But as far as the social and educational life of the people was concerned, the colonial rule proved to be a boon.

Acting comparatively upon the educational world: Puzzles and possibilities. ... The rise of the modern educational system: Structural change and social ...

Author: Daniel Tröhler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789460918278

Category: Education

Page: 183

View: 820

For nearly half a century, research on education systems has been increasingly popular. However, this popularity was long restricted primarily to internationally linked policy makers and education planners, often backed up by international organizations such the OECD but also by governmental or para-governmental organizations within the individual countries. These institutional affiliations provided education research with a specific character that often centres on notions such as excellence, efficiency, or standards. The specific comparative character of this policy-driven research agenda triggered the development of suitable research techniques such as comparative statistics and pertinent sub-disciplines such as cognitive psychology. Backed-up by powerful global institutions, this agenda purported to be rather unique, and it tended to ignore the cultural complexity of the educational field and those research approaches that address this complexity. This volume includes different historical, cultural, and sociological approaches to the education systems and to questions as to how research on education systems can be undertaken beyond the parameters of the existing research agenda. They demonstrate how pertinent problems of research on education systems can only be tackled taking an international and interdisciplinary approach with regard to both research questions and methods concerning education systems.
2012-03-26 By Daniel Tröhler

The northern school and the formation of early Ch'an Buddhism. ... F. Ringer, & B. Simon (Eds.), The rise of the modern educational system.

Author: Maureen T. Hallinan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387364247

Category: Social Science

Page: 588

View: 250

This wide-ranging handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field of education as viewed from a sociological perspective. Experts in the area present theoretical and empirical research on major educational issues and analyze the social processes that govern schooling, and the role of schools in and their impact on contemporary society. A major reference work for social scientists who want an overview of the field, graduate students, and educators.
2006-11-24 By Maureen T. Hallinan

The Rise of the Modern Education System. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Richardson, G. (1965). Kulturkamp och klasskamp.

Author: S. Wiborg

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230622937

Category: Education

Page: 246

View: 400

This book traces national policies behind the efforts of integrating education systems in Europe. Based on a wide-ranging historical analysis, this book offers the first fully comparative explanation of the divergent development of comprehensive education in Europe.
2009-07-06 By S. Wiborg

Fritz Ringer , introduction to The Rise of the Modern Educational System , ed . Detlef Müller , Fritz Ringer , and Brian Simon ( Cambridge : Cambridge ...

Author: Robert F. Arnove

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742523810

Category: Education

Page: 491

View: 369

Bringing together some of the leading names in comparative and international education, this second edition provides new perspectives on the dynamic interplay of global, national and local forces as they shape education systems in specific contexts.

F. Ringer , & B. Simon ( Eds . ) , The rise of the modern educational system . Cambridge , England : Cambridge University Press .

Author: Burton S. Bledstein

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415926416

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 499

According to their national myth, all Americans are "middle class," but rarely has such a widely-used term been so poorly defined. These fascinating essays provide much-needed context to the subject of class in America.

The Rise of the Modern Educational System , 1870-1920 ( London : Cambridge University Press , 1987 ) . For the influence of the public school as a ...

Author: Ronald K. Goodenow

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521892910

Category: History

Page: 268

View: 718

This book offers a much-needed study of urban education across a range of nations.
2003-12-04 By Ronald K. Goodenow

The Rise of Education Systems in England , France and the USA ( Macmillan : London , 1990 ) . 12 F. K. Ringer , Education and Society in Modern Europe ...

Author: Keith Vernon

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0713002352

Category: Education

Page: 276

View: 223

This book studies the development of the modern university system in England from the mid-nineteenth century to the outbreak of the Second World War, focusing on the role of the state.
2004 By Keith Vernon

The rise of the modern educational system: Structural change and social reproduction, 1870–1920. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Muller, D. (1987).

Author: Robert Cowen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402064036

Category: Education

Page: 1371

View: 634

This two-volume compendium brings together leading scholars from around the world who provide authoritative studies of the old and new epistemic motifs and theoretical strands that have characterized the interdisciplinary field of comparative and international education in the last 50 years. It analyses the shifting agendas of scholarly research, the different intellectual and ideological perspectives and the changing methodological approaches used to examine and interpret education and pedagogy across different political formations, societies and cultures.
2009-08-22 By Robert Cowen

17 In many ways, educational systems across Europe have converged in terms of ... as a 'System,' ” in The Rise of the Modern Educational System: Structural ...

Author: John L. Rury

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199340040

Category: History

Page: 640

View: 526

This handbook offers a global view of the historical development of educational institutions, systems of schooling, ideas about education, and educational experiences. Its 36 chapters consider changing scholarship in the field, examine nationally-oriented works by comparing themes and approaches, lend international perspective on a range of issues in education, and provide suggestions for further research and analysis. Like many other subfields of historical analysis, the history of education has been deeply affected by global processes of social and political change, especially since the 1960s. The handbook weighs the influence of various interpretive perspectives, including revisionist viewpoints, taking particular note of changes in the past half century. Contributors consider how schooling and other educational experiences have been shaped by the larger social and political context, and how these influences have affected the experiences of students, their families and the educators who have worked with them. The Handbook provides insight and perspective on a wide range of topics, including pre-modern education, colonialism and anti-colonial struggles, indigenous education, minority issues in education, comparative, international, and transnational education, childhood education, non-formal and informal education, and a range of other issues. Each contribution includes endnotes and a bibliography for readers interested in further study.
2019-06-17 By John L. Rury

... influential Education and Society in Modern Europe, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1979, resulted in The Rise of the Modern Education System, ...

Author: Richard Aldrich

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134545278

Category: Education

Page: 272

View: 604

Education is a country's biggest business and the most important shared experience of those who live in it. A Century of Education provides an accessible, authoritative and fascinating overview of the role and nature of education in the twentieth century. Eminent historian of education, Professor Richard Aldrich has assembled a team of contributors, all noted experts in their respective fields, to review the successes and failures of education in the last century and to look forward to the next. A succinct overview of twentieth century social, economic, political and intellectual developments in the first chapter is followed by chapters on ten key topics. Each chapter has four sections: a review of the educational situation in 2000; a similar assessment in 1900; changes and continuities throughout the century; and a conclusion reviewing the lessons for today and tomorrow. This is a work of information, interpretation and reference, which demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of education during the twentieth century and identifies educational priorities for the twenty first. For anyone interested in what has become the most important Issue of our time, this unique book is set to become a classic text.
2002-11-01 By Richard Aldrich

Selected Writings on the History of Modern Educational Systems Marc Depaepe Marc Vervenne. of thought, the 'school' as an institution was studied primarily ...

Author: Marc Depaepe

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789058679178

Category: Education

Page: 496

View: 842

These selected writings provide not only a thorough introduction to the history of modern educational systems, but also a twenty-five-year overview of the work of a well-known pioneer in the field of history of education.
2012 By Marc Depaepe

Third, the rise of the modern school system, the reformed shuyuan academies 书院, and an increased number of Chinese students who pursued their education ...

Author: Rui Wang

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810887022

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 197

View: 123

This is the first English publication that is a reference book to introduce the essential literature of the Chinese imperial examination system, an important guide for any reader who wishes to better understand China.
2013 By Rui Wang

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