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"The Rifleman's Rifle," as a slogan, developed from a marketing brochure in 1 952. No others/ogan could be more apropos in describing the Winchester Model 70 built from 1 936 to 1 963. No other rifle could, then or since, command this ...

Author: Roger C. Rule

Publisher: AuthorHouse

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2009-07 By Roger C. Rule

1.278 RIFLEMAN'S HAND - BOOK , DESIGNED FOR THE USE OF THE MASSACHUSETTS RIFLE CLUB . BY JOHN PEASE , Rifle Instructor M. R. C. , and late of the British Army . 30-44 BOSTON : hi PRESS OF ALFRED MUDGE & SON , 1862 . th 3 THE RIFLEMAN'S ...

Author: John Pease



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1862 By John Pease

16 INFANTRY AND RIFLEMEN . connection , ought to be expunged from the soldier's vocabulary . ... To the rifleman and the skirmisher this observation of course does not apply , as they can in a great measure select their own position ...

Author: Hans Busk


ISBN: OXFORD:600080518

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1858 By Hans Busk

“ The volume contains all that is requisite for the instruction and guidance of the young rifleman . It teaches him upon what principles his weapon should be constructed in order to secure the greatest accuracy and the longest range ...

Author: Hans Busk


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1859 By Hans Busk

Colonel Butler ordered another rifleman to climb a tree , this one much closer to the ridge . “ I can see ' em ! ” he yelled . “ There's a mess of ' em waitin ' up there . Lots of ' em . They got logs and stones piled ' for works .

Author: John Brick


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Historical novel of upper New York State in the years of the American Revolution.
1953 By John Brick

Soon , the rifleman could predict the behavior of the grenadier . For instance , one grenadier was behind a tree 25 meters away and did not have a clear throw . When a grenade sailed toward the rifleman , he ducked , but the rifleman ...



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From this it will be apparent that , unless the rifleman possesses this knowledge , he will be of very little use on the field , where , during the vicissitudes of battle , the distance at which he encounters his foe is ever changing .

Author: Edward C. BARBER


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bottom of Erith Reach some gustier squalls than ever became the order of the day , the Madge here hauling in her topsail , housing topmast , and setting a smaller jib , whilst the Rifleman got into difficulties when attempting to take ...



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1871 By

Rifleman . Owing to the uncertainty regarding the species denoted by the term as used by the average observer ... Fulton ( 1908 ) states that the “ rifleman and bush wrens abound wherever are our native trees . ” This certainly does not ...



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Volumes 33-38, Section B. include 1949-1955 of New Zealand geological abstracts, published by the New Zealand Geological Survey.
1924 By

The concluding element to the Rifleman's combat training was in the crucial evolutions that enabled him to combine firing with movement . Firstly , when facing an enemy on the battlefield , half the unit would form up in close order as ...

Author: Philipp J. C. Elliot-Wright

Publisher: Military Illustrated Pub

ISBN: 1903040027

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This series was created by Military Illustrated magazine, the leading monthly military history publication in the English language. It has built an unrivaled reputation for authoritative articles, primary research, rare photographs, and specially commissioned artwork.Here is the story of one of the most effective soldiers of the past -- the Rifleman. The invention of the rifle gave a new twist to warfare. Hunters became soldiers who fought in green and hid behind cover, as did some of the earliest Riflemen in the forests of North America. Men such as these, in both Europe and America, revolutionized the art of war.Using black-and-white and color illustrations, including a spectacular recreation of the Battle of Waterloo, this book explains how the Rifleman was trained to act independently and rely on his own skills, thus becoming the forefather of today's combat soldier.