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First, I said that psychology is the study of the possible evolution of man, and second, that psychology is the study of oneself. I meant that only a psychology which investigates the evolution.

Author: Peter Demianovich Uspensky

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465505873

Category: Human beings

Page: 114

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A man would have done it , but Jesus did not . Besides , there was a plea of innocence , in the manner of Jesus , and the few very significant words that he dropped , that had an effect on the mind of Pilate , more searching and ...

Author: Horace Bushnell


ISBN: BCUL:VD2162553


Page: 157

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1861 By Horace Bushnell

Under the aspect of esse, that is, of the logos of the One, the 'possible' is a modus essendi which, though at present not actual, for example, the happiness of a miserable man, is ontologically possible. This possibility is even as ...

Author: Kurt Riezler


ISBN: WISC:89094555026

Category: Human beings

Page: 365

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1951 By Kurt Riezler

One of the consequences of this origin of the primary gods is that they were not necessarily interested in the ethical quality of man's behavior. With the possible exception of ancestor-gods, they were, on the whole, unconcerned with ...

Author: James Henry Leuba


ISBN: UVA:X001075746

Category: God

Page: 338

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In our opinion Higgins unnecessarily weakens his case when he argues that all this is evidence for a Son of Man ... R. Schnackenburg suggests that we can use the possible parallels in the synoptic sayings to fuller advantage.2 By and ...

Author: Frederick Houk Borsch

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781556351907

Category: Religion

Page: 448

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""Borsch has not answered all the questions, of course. Who can? But his view of the Man tradition makes more sense to me than, for example, Perrin's rather cavalier dismissal of the evidence, and it not only enlightens but also enlivens the discussion. As against the extreme skeptics, Borsch is also convincing to me in arguing the case for a large measure of authenticity in the Son of man tradition in the Gospels. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the book constantly calls me back to its pages for insight regarding the problem, both in its historical dimension and in its bearing upon the meaning of Jesus of Nazareth for faith today. --'Theology' ""The author is well aware of the difficulties involved in entering a field wherein so much investigation has been done. And of this, with the positive and negative conclusions, he gives an excellent survey, crisp and critical . . . . The lines opened up will engage the attention of a new and more positive chapter in the form-critical argument. --'London Quarterly and Holborn Review' Frederick H. Borsch is the retired Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and Professor of New Testament and Chair of Anglican Studies at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He is also the former Dean of the Chapel at Princeton University. His other books include 'The Spirit Searches Everything: Keeping Life's Questions', 'The Bible's Authority in Today's Church', 'Introducing the Lessons of the Church Year: A Guide for Lay Readers and Congregartions', and 'The Christian and Gnostic Son of Man'.
2007-03-01 By Frederick Houk Borsch

Author: John White Chadwick



Category: Sermons, American

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All religion is ultimately an attempt to relate man to the mystery of the universe. Can anything be of i110"? concern to all religion than the possible end of that divine experiment called man? For if that happens, salvation, prayer, ...

Author: Samuel H. Dresner


ISBN: PSU:000063409246

Category: Faith

Page: 227

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About the ethical and religious aspects of waging a nuclear war.

If he saw the humor in her attempt to describe to him the ideal man— " the possible man , ” as she called it — there was no hint of mirth in his face . He watched her quietly as he spoke — watched the two bewitching dimples , and the ...



ISBN: UOM:39015049826269

Category: Labor unions


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1905 By

necessarily is A , or because B is not necessarily A , admits 5 of conversion like other negative statements , e . g . if one should say , it is possible that man is not horse , or that no garment is white . For in the former case the ...

Author: Aristotle


ISBN: UOM:39015063843703

Category: Philosophy


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1955 By Aristotle

A lawyer preparing his brief must view the case from every possible angle, and then very carefully include, ... Two Ways of Considering Human Acts Actually we can exhaust the possible views of man's activity by looking at human actions ...

Author: Walter Farrell


ISBN: 9780984173143


Page: 365

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2009-01-01 By Walter Farrell

Guermann "had not foreseen the possible consequences" of his decision to settle in W. . ... truth as Marie and others saw it; unfortunately for them they could not pierce the future, nor did they realise that sometimes a man's future, ...

Author: Ernest Newman


ISBN: UOM:39015007884417


Page: 313

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1935 By Ernest Newman

x " FIGURE 70 - 5 Hemophilia - Possible Combinations QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES 1 . ... The possible genotypes for the parents of a colorblind man . identify whether you and / or your parents must be homozygous or heterozygous for these ...

Author: Meehan

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: PSU:000032715408

Category: Science

Page: 574

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1992 By Meehan

Take, for instance, the possible fat man in that doorway ; and, again, the possible bald man in that doorway. Are they the same possible man, or two possible men? How do we decide? How many possible men are there in that doorway?

Author: Charles B. Daniels

Publisher: Humanities Press

ISBN: UOM:39015048989282

Category: Philosophy

Page: 155

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De Re and De Dicto Modalities This problem fascinated the Schoolmen. We have a treatise on the subject by Saint Thomas Aquinas12 in which he shows that the position of the word marking the modality in a sentence is not immaterial ...

Author: Gilberte Piéraut-Le Bonniec


ISBN: UOM:39015001544801

Category: Modality (Logic)

Page: 171

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It was concluded that y - 91 has little direct effect on man compared with the possible effects of Sr - 90 . However , they added that this material could affect man indirectly by contaminating the biota . Newcombe , et al . , ( Ref .

Author: Marine Technology Society


ISBN: UCAL:B3278992

Category: Ocean engineering


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the new techniques , although deeply impressed by these weapons , hide behind the familiar expression that “ the man is still the decisive factor . " In truth , men play the principal role in everything . However , there is not much ...



ISBN: OSU:32435058791310

Category: Military art and science


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1959 By

Thus she teaches man to hope . Let me put it this way : the future can help us only if we believe in eternity and if eternity is projected in the future . Only then does the possible become real or at least realizable : then truly there ...

Author: Jean Guitton


ISBN: UOM:39015008633383

Category: Time

Page: 139

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With scalpel-like precision the famous French philosopher dissects and demonstrates the structure and functions of time. He probes the puzzle of time and its relationship to eternity, to man, to finite life and examines the paradox of a coexistent "now" and "forever".
1966 By Jean Guitton

Racial differences were probably most striking a few hundred years ago , but with man's recent migrations and greater contacts between races these differences are ... What are the possible relations of the various types to modern man ?

Author: Gordon Alexander


ISBN: CORNELL:31924000873814

Category: Biology

Page: 904

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What are the possible social consequences of air conditioning? 10. What is the best way to cool air? 11. What are the advantages of air conditioning? UNIT V MAN HAS DISCOVERED AND HARNESSED DIFFERENT FORMS OF 360 PHYSICAL CHANGES.

Author: Arthur Talbot Bawden


ISBN: UCAL:$B362019

Category: Science

Page: 812

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Mapplethorpe was also cited for the possible racist implications of his image- making. ... This theme was developed bv an observer who noted that "Thomas in a Circle" (1987) — where a crouched nude man pushed against the sides of a ...

Author: Steven C. Dubin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135214678

Category: Political Science

Page: 402

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Although contemporary art may sometimes shock us, more alarming are recent attempts to regulate its display. Drawing upon extensive interviews, a broad sampling of media accounts, legal documents and his own observations of important events, sociologist Steven Dubin surveys the recent trend in censorship of the visual arts, photography and film, as well as artistic upstarts such as video and performance art. He examines the dual meaning of arresting images--both the nature of art work which disarms its viewers and the social reaction to it. Arresting Images examines the battles which erupt when artists address such controversial issues as racial polarization, AIDS, gay-bashing and sexual inequality in their work.
2013-10-18 By Steven C. Dubin

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