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... the peculiar circumstances which surround you and surround us, call on me to express the happiness which we derive from your presence and ... You have heard us rehearse with our feeble commendation, the names of departed patriots.

Author: George Grant

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492618478

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This revised and updated edition of The American Patriot's Handbook gives an authoritative and concise introduction to the ideas, events, and personalities that have shaped American freedom, ideals, and values. Included are important and inspirational speeches, poems and song lyrics along with profiles of presidents and prominent individuals who have shaped the nation's history. Key documents featured are: • The Mayflower Compact • The Declaration of Independence • The lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner" • The Inaugural Address by John F. Kennedy • The Letter from the Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr. A wonderful amount of new material delves even deeper into our national identity to showcase not only our fighting spirit, but strong compassion, including: • Epitaph of a Patriot by Anne Bradstreet • The Defense of the Alamo by Joaquin Miller • Nobel Prize Acceptance by William Faulkner • September 11 Address to the Nation by George W. Bush The American Patriot's Handbook is the perfect resource for anyone who wishes to understand this majestic country, from its historic founding until today...
2016-01-05 By George Grant

The South believed that the North was threatening their way of life, that it was their sovereign right to secede from the Union, and that the “peculiar institution” of slavery was ordained by God and upheld in the Bible.

Author: Thomas Nelson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418586010

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THE ONE BIBLE THAT SHOWS HOW ‘A LIGHT FROM ABOVE’ SHAPED OUR NATION. Never has a version of the Bible targeted the spiritual needs of those who love our country more than The American Patriot’s Bible. This extremely unique Bible shows how the history of the United States connects the people and events of the Bible to our lives in a modern world. The story of the United States is wonderfully woven into the teachings of the Bible and includes a beautiful full-color family record section, memorable images from our nation’s history and hundreds of enlightening articles which complement the New King James Version Bible text.
2010-05-16 By Thomas Nelson

He was one of those men who have the peculiar faculty of viewing this whole world of men and things as a side spectator, and the interest of the drama of life thus silently seen at first hand, was to him infinitely more interesting than ...

Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

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In these sketches of some of the leading public men of our times, the editor professes to give such particulars of their lives, and such only, as the public have a right to know. Every such man has two lives, his public and his private one. The one becomes fairly the property of the public, in virtue of his having been connected with events in which every one has a share of interest; but the other belongs exclusively to himself, his family, and his intimate friends, and the public have no more right to discuss or pry into its details than they have into those of any other private individual. The editor has aimed to avoid all privacies and personalities which might be indelicate in relation to family circles. She has indeed, in regard to all the characters, so far as possible, dwelt upon the early family and community influences by which they were formed, particularly upon the character and influence of mothers; but such inquiries relate for the most part to those long dead, and whose mortal history has become a thing of the past. Whenever the means have been at hand, the family stock from which each man has been derived, has been minutely traced. The question of inherited traits is becoming yearly one of increasing interest, and most striking results come from a comparison of facts upon this subject. The fusion of different races is said to produce marked results on the characteristics of the human being. America has been a great smelting furnace in which tribes and nations have been melted together, and the result ought to be some new developments of human nature. It will always be both interesting and useful to know both the quality of the family stock, and the circumstances of the early training of men who have acted any remarkable part in life. Our country has recently passed through a great crisis which has concentrated upon it for a time the attention of the civilized world. It has sustained a shock which the whole world, judging by past experience, said must inevitably shatter the republic to fragments, and yet, like a gallant ship in full sail, it has run down the terrible obstacle, and gone on triumphant, and is this day stronger for the collision. This wonderful success is owing to the character of the people which a Christian Democracy breeds. Of this people we propose to give a specimen; to show how they were formed in early life, from the influences which are inherent in such a state. We are proud and happy to know that these names on our list are after all but specimens. Probably every reader of this book will recall as many more whom he will deem equally worthy of public notice. There is scarcely one of them who would not say in reference to his position before the public, what Lincoln said: "I stand where I do because some man must stand there, but there are twenty others that might as well have been leaders as myself." On the whole, we are not ashamed to present to the world this list of men as a specimen of the graduates from the American school of Christian Democracy. So far as we know, the American government is the only permanent republic which ever based itself upon the principles laid down by Jesus Christ, of the absolute equal brotherhood of man, and the rights of man on the simple ground of manhood. Notwithstanding the contrary practices of a section of the States united in the Union, and the concessions which they introduced into the constitution, nobody doubts that this was the leading idea of the men who founded our government. The declaration of American Independence crystalized a religious teaching within a political act. The constitution of the United States still further elaborates these principles, and so strong was the logic of ideas that the conflict of opinions implied in the incidental concessions to opposite ideas, produced in the government of the country a continual and irrepressible discord. For a while it seemed doubtful which idea would triumph, and whether the accidental parasite would not strangle and wither the great original tree. The late war was the outcome of the whole. The fierce fire into which our national character has been cast in the hour of trial, has burned out of it the last lingering stain of compromise with anything inconsistent with its primary object, "to ordain justice and perpetuate liberty."
2020-09-28 By Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Patriot air defense missile system meets these requirements . To carry out the peculiar maintenance requirements of the Patriot system , maintenance is organized into three levels organizational , intermediate , and depot . set The ...




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The official magazine of United States Army logistics.
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the peculiar faith which his mother's enthusiasm had taught him to regard as the only true one . The necessities of life , however , early separated him from her society . When only nine years of age he was placed in the shop of a shoe ...

Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe

Publisher: Ayer Company Pub

ISBN: UOMDLP:abj6118:0001.001

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This book contains biographies of leading statesmen, generals, and orators during the Civil War.

... in love with Isaac Decker; was an officer in the Minnesota Patriots militia; now a Lieutenant in the U.S. Patriot Army. ... bizarre behavior but adorably cute; now the peculiar Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Patriot Army.

Author: James Schrader


ISBN: 9781304361202



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In keeping with mass popular culture at the time, the 1939 classic portrayed blacks as submissive supporters of a benevolent slavery system, cheering as their white masters went off to defend the peculiar institution. The Patriot's ...

Author: Andrew M. Schocket

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479884100

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The American Revolution is all around us. It is pictured as big as billboards and as small as postage stamps, evoked in political campaigns and car advertising campaigns, relived in museums and revised in computer games. As the nation’s founding moment, the American Revolution serves as a source of powerful founding myths, and remains the most accessible and most contested event in U.S. history: more than any other, it stands as a proxy for how Americans perceive the nation’s aspirations. Americans’ increased fascination with the Revolution over the past two decades represents more than interest in the past. It’s also a site to work out the present, and the future. What are we using the Revolution to debate? In Fighting over the Founders, Andrew M. Schocket explores how politicians, screenwriters, activists, biographers, jurists, museum professionals, and reenactors portray the American Revolution. Identifying competing “essentialist” and “organicist” interpretations of the American Revolution, Schocket shows how today’s memories of the American Revolution reveal Americans' conflicted ideas about class, about race, and about gender—as well as the nature of history itself. Fighting over the Founders plumbs our views of the past and the present, and illuminates our ideas of what United States means to its citizens in the new millennium. Instructor's Guide
2017-02-01 By Andrew M. Schocket

To a citizen-soldier such as Laurens, the dedication of the South Carolina Patriot militia to slave catching must have ... In fact, the black war for freedom on both sides in the American Revolution underscored the peculiar horrors of ...

Author: Alan Gilbert

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226293097

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A surprising look at the roles of African Americans in the Revolutionary War: “An elegant and passionate writer, Alan Gilbert pulls no punches.”—Historian We think of the American Revolution as the war for independence from British colonial rule. But, of course, that independence actually applied to only a portion of the American population—African Americans would still be bound in slavery for nearly another century. Drawing on first-person accounts and primary sources, Alan Gilbert asks us to rethink what we know about the Revolutionary War, to realize that while white Americans were fighting for their freedom, many black Americans were joining the British imperial forces to gain theirs. Further, a movement led by sailors—both black and white—pushed strongly for emancipation on the American side. There were actually two wars being waged at once: a political revolution for independence from Britain, and a social revolution for emancipation and equality—planting the seeds for future freedom. “The personal stories of those who fought on the patriots’ side in an all-black regiment and on the loyalist side in exchange for a promise of freedom are fascinating and informative.”—Booklist
2012-03-19 By Alan Gilbert

This assertion of their dying enemy produced a wonderful effect upon the peasants , and convinced them more deeply than ever that they were under the peculiar protection of Heaven . Dittfurt had beheld their patronsaint , St. James ...

Author: Harriet Diana Thompson


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WHEN fairly stated , the problem that waits solution is - How , under the peculiar circumstances in which they are placed , may all patriotic Britons , in every part of the British dominions , simultaneously and unitedly address ...



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