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In The Occult in Tsarist Russia, author Thomas E. Berry offers a fascinating historical expose of this widespread and somewhat forgotten phenomenon; even providing some insight into how the occult might have ultimately influenced the ...

Author: Berry

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1618976915

Category: History

Page: 192

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Witches had been burned at the stake in Medieval Russia, as they were throughout Europe. However by the 18th century the occult had become fashionable and spiritualist groups were common throughout Russia. Mediums and secretive societies were particularly popular during the reign of Catherine the Great. Occultists like Cagliostro ultimately ran afoul of the Empress, leading Catherine to author plays condemning the occult. But such was not the case by the end of the Romanov dynasty, when occultists such as Dr. Philippe and Rasputin wielded enormous influence. Nineteenth century literary figure such as Tolstoy, Turgenev, and Dostoevsky attended séances, while Pushkin shared his own family's belief in ghosts. There was even an occult newsletter called The Rebus that was published for over 40 years. In The Occult in Tsarist Russia, author Thomas E. Berry offers a fascinating historical expose of this widespread and somewhat forgotten phenomenon; even providing some insight into how the occult might have ultimately influenced the decline of the Tsarist era. Dr. Thomas E. Berry is a retired Professor of Russian language and literature who lectures in the Odssey Program of Johns Hopkins University, the Smithsonian Institution and the Russian Cultural Center of the Russian Embassy, Washington DC. He was granted a "Gramota," an award for service started by Catherine the Great, by the Russian Government for promoting relations between the US and Russia. He has lectured on many cruise lines and his books are available on Publisher's website: http: //
2013 By Berry

AND ...

Author: James Von Geldern

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253334071

Category: Social Science

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A unique anthology of Tsarist Russia's urban popular culture.

Semyonova Tian-Shanskaia, O., Village Life in Late Tsarist Russia, Indiana
University Press, Bloomington, 1993 ... 1975 Robbins, R.G. The Tsar's Viceroys,
Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1987 Rosenthal, B.G. The Occult in Russian and

Author: Williams Beryl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000178906

Category: Social Science

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This book brings together the large volume of work on late Tsarist Russia published over the last 30 years, to show an overall picture of Russia under the last two tsars - before the war brought down not only the Russian empire but also those of Germany, Austria–Hungary and Turkey. It turns the attention from the old emphases on workers, revolutionaries, and a reactionary government, to a more diverse and nuanced picture of a country which was both a major European great power, facing the challenges of modernization and industrialization, and also a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional empire stretching across both Europe and Asia.
2020-09-21 By Williams Beryl

ate Poland from Tsarist Russia. They also wanted to bring about the end of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire and establish a United States of Europe.8 Papus also
had considerable political influence on the Russian court of Nicholas and ...

Author: Gary Lachman

Publisher: Quest Books

ISBN: 9780835630085

Category: Political Science

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The gritty business of politics is not something we usually associate with the occult. But esoteric beliefs have influenced the destiny of nations since the time of ancient Egypt and China, when decisions of state were based on portents and astrology, to today, when presidents and prime ministers privately consult self-proclaimed seers. Politics and the Occult offers a lively history of this enduring phenomenon. Author and cultural pundit Gary Lachman provocativly questions whether the separation of church and state so dear to modern political philosophy should be maintained. A few of his fascinating topics include the fate of the Knights Templar and the medieval Gnostic Cathars, the occult roots of America and the French Revolution in Freemasonry, Gurdjieff and the swastika, Soviet interest in UFOs, the CIA and LSD, the Age of Aquarius, the millenarian politics that inform the struggle with Islamic terrorism, fundamentalism, and more.
2012-12-16 By Gary Lachman

Pictures at an Exhibition : Science , Patriotism , and Civil Society in Imperial
Russia . ” Slavic Review 67 , no . 4 ( 2008 ) ... in Fin - de - Siècle Russia . ” In The
Occult in Russian and Soviet Culture , edited by Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal , 135
–52 .

Author: Julia Mannherz

Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press

ISBN: 9781501757280

Category: History

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2012-10-15 By Julia Mannherz

They ascribe to His teachings an esoteric meaning . Their occult object , they
affirm , was mutilation ; but , this occult doctrine having been forgotten or
corrupted , the advent of a new christ was needed to perfect the redemption of the
human ...

Author: Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu


ISBN: UOM:39015022398245

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Science , with all her inventions and refinements , with her machines and poisons
, is no longer the exclusive property of a chosen few , who mysteriously hand
round her secrets within their own circle , as a kind of revelation or esoteric ...

Author: Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu


ISBN: CHI:10157701

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... friend, added to his disquiet, as the baron expressed concern over "occult
forces" at the Russian court. This was a reference to the faith healer Philippe of
Lyons, who had won the confidence of the tsar and his wife. Witte, too, was

Author: Sidney Harcave

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 0765614227

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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"Witte's spectacular rise during the reign of Alexander III was followed by a more troubled relationship with Nicholas II, who ultimately broke with his premier in 1906. Having negotiated the Portsmouth Treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War and drafted the October Manifesto that made Russia a constitutional monarchy, Witte had worn out his welcome in the imperial court. He withdrew into an embittered retirement, worked on his memoirs, and spent his last decade - in Bernard Pares's words - "watching a set of fools demolish a mighty empire." This is the first full-scale biography of Witte in English, by the historian who edited and translated Witte's memoirs."--BOOK JACKET.
2004 By Sidney Harcave

... who attempted to revive in Russia the Byzantine tradition of the occult
empresses Pulcheria and Olga , reigned as regent autocratice during the
boyhood of her brother , plotted against the great Tsar's life , and was finally
imprisoned in the ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112002766373

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1891 By

... every member of the anarchist conspiracy turned out to be a police agent . In
Tsarist Russia there were innumerable agents provocateurs , and there was at
least one police chief who helped to plot the assassination of the mighty in the
land .

Author: Paul Tabori


ISBN: 0800820282

Category: Occultism and criminal investigation

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1975 By Paul Tabori

( Russian and East European Series of Indiana Univ . , XX ) . See also below , n .
22 . 20 . This conversation of 1939 is reported in the reminiscences relating to a
leading Soviet writer , Der Nister ( The Occult , pseud . for Pinhas Kahanovich ...

Author: Salo Wittmayer Baron


ISBN: UOM:39015013964302

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The Russian Futurists , like their Italian originators , imagined a future of cities ,
machines , and war . Meanwhile , the middle and upper classes dabbled in drugs
, sex , and the occult . Faith healers and prophets lived off fear and hope .

Author: Robert Chadwell Williams


ISBN: WISC:89073954638

Category: History

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An interpretative history of the Russian Empire from 1700 to 1917, in the larger Eurasian context of the Mongols, Muscany and the Soviet Union. It explains how a westernizing oligarchy tried to transform an enigma of clan societies into modern nation states, and it includes original documents.

Orage is best known today to historians and students of the esoteric school
known as the Fourth Way, whose central figure is the ... The New Age, depicting
the collapse of civilized life in Tsarist Russia in the throes of the Bolshevik

Author: Gary Lachman

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 9781584204930



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He mentioned that women were sometimes buried up to their breasts and left to
die for their sinister practices in the occult . The Russian obsession with unclean
spirits and spiritualism continued into the " enlightened " eighteenth century when

Author: Thomas Edwin Berry


ISBN: UOM:39015041814438

Category: Occultism

Page: 174

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... and in Tsarist Russia as Hambro Akvan Dorjieff, a Russianized rendition of the
Tibetan cognate for "thunder." Dorjieff was to become a recognized figure in
twentieth-century metaphysics and the occult, albeit still under a different name.

Author: Michael Ripinsky-Naxon

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791413853

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 289

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Ripinsky-Naxon explores the core and essence of shamanism by looking at its ritual, mythology, symbolism, and the dynamics of its cultural process. In dealing with the basic elements of shamanism, the author discusses the shamanistic experience and enlightenment, the inner personal crisis, and the many aspects entailed in the role of the shaman.
1993-01-01 By Michael Ripinsky-Naxon

Religion and Spirituality in Modern Russia Professor of History Mark D Steinberg,
Mark D. Steinberg, Heather J. Coleman. Freeze , Gregory L . “ A Case of Stunted
Anticlericalism : Clergy and Society in Imperial Russia . ” European Studies
Review 13 ( 1983 ) ... The Occult in Russian and Soviet Culture . Ithaca , N . Y . ,
1997 ...

Author: Professor of History Mark D Steinberg


ISBN: UVA:X030111721

Category: History

Page: 420

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Examines religious narratives, beliefs, and practices in late Imperial Russia

England and Piedmont worked up a quarrel with Russia about Turkey, over the
respective spheres of influence of the ... a community of monarchic interests had
impelled the Tsar to reach an understanding with the Austrian Emperor which
had ...

Author: Edith Queenborough

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 9783849622534


Page: 433

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THIS BOOK makes no claim to literary merit. It is simply a work of research and documentation, giving evidence and facts which will help the reader in drawing his own conclusions. The book is not complete simply because it will never be complete. But for the present it is the best study of the root conditions which have led to present day subversive upheavals and the overthrow of the principles of Christian civilization. The book is a fascinating journey into the various occult traditions from the 16th century to the early 20th century and reveals secrets that have long been hidden. The author died under very mysterious circumstances and has taken much of the secrets with her into the grave. Did she find out too much? If you want to know everything about secret societies and conspiratory brotherhoods, this is yours. Be prepared for knowledge that reaches far beyond your current imagination. Excerpt from Contents: Contents: Foreword Chapter I - The Religion Of The Secret Chapter Ii - The Meaning Of Occultism Chapter Iii - Brahminism Chapter Iv - Mazdeism (Zoroastrianism) Chapter V - Confucianism And Taoism Chapter Vi - Egyptian Esoterism Chapter Vii - Judaism (The Pharisees) Chapter Viii - Orpheism And The Pagan Mysteries Chapter Ix - The Druids Chapter X - Christianity Chapter Xi - Manicheism Chapter Xii - Witchcraft Chapter Xiii - The Gnostics (The Heretics) Chapter Xiv - Lamaism Chapter Xv - The Yezidees (Devil Worshippers) Chapter Xvi - Orthodox Islam Chapter Xvii - Unorthodox Islam, The Ishmaelites. The Lodge Of Cairo Chapter Xviii - The Druses Chapter Xix - The Assassins Chapter Xx - The Knights Templar Chapter Xxi - Knights Of Malta Chapter Xxii - The Rosicrucians Chapter Xxiii - Cathares, Albigenses, Waldenses Chapter Xxiv - The Moravians Chapter Xxv - The Anabaptists Chapter Xxvi - Grand Lodge Of England (Founded 1717) Chapter Xxvii - The Gospel Of Revolution Chapter Xxviii - The Preparation Chapter Xxix - General Pepe And The " One Big Union " Chapter Xxx - Albert Pike And Giuseppe Mazzini Chapter Xxxi - Practical Politics Chapter Xxxii - Adriano Lemmi Chapter Xxxiii - The Interlocking Directorate Associations Of The 16th Century Chapter Xxxiv - The Illuminati Of Spain (Founded 1520) Chapter Xxxv - The Order Of The Jesuits (Founded 1541) Chapter Xxxvi - The Defenders (Roman Catholic) (Founded 1562) Associations Of The 17th Century Chapter Xxxvii - Ancient Order Of Hibernians (A. O. H.) (Roman Catholic) (Founded 1641) Chapter Xxxviii - Jansenism (Founded 1638) Chapter Xxxix - Camisards Of The Cevennes (Originating 1688) Associations Of The 18th Century Chapter Xl - The Rite Of Swedenborg Or Illuminati Of Stockholm (Founded 1721) Chapter Xli - Supreme Conseil And Grand Orient De France (Founded 1725) Chapter Xlii - The Convulsionaries Of St. Medard (Founded 1731) Chapter Xliii - The Royal Order Of Scotland (Founded 1750) Chapter Xliv - The Strict Observance (Founded 1751-52) Chapter Xlv - The Martinist Order (Founded 1754) Chapter Xlvi - The Illuminati Of Avignon (Founded 1760) Chapter Xlvii - Antient And Accepted Scottish Rite (America). — Chapter Xlviii - The Order Of The Mopse (Founded 1763) Chapter Xlix - The Rite Of Zinnendorf (Founded 1766) Chapter L - The Philaletes (Chercheurs De La Verite) (Founded 1773) Chapter Li - The Illuminati Of Bavaria (Founded 1776) Chapter Lii - The Tugendbund (Founded 1786) ... and much more ...

He had a vision of an empire stretching from Mongolia to Lake Baikal , allied to a
tsarist Russia and a monarchist China . None of these dreams came to pass :
instead , Ungern - Sternberg , after a series of bloody persecutions directed ...

Author: Michael FitzGerald

Publisher: Robert Hale Limited

ISBN: IND:30000126998685

Category: History

Page: 208

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"First published in Great Britain 1990 as Storm-Troopers of Satan"--T.p. verso.

Madame THE TSAR O'Sullivan Beare , it may be mentioned , is of a psychic
temperament , and has had numerous FAMILY ... death unless the Tsar took
steps to put a stop to the persecution and massacre of the Jews in the Russian
Empire .



ISBN: MINN:31951000842896O



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1922 By

Author: James R. Millar

Publisher: MacMillan Reference Library

ISBN: 0028656962

Category: Kievan Rus

Page: 1828

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Review: "This four-volume set features nearly 1,500 entries by experts on all aspects of Russian history, including important biographical figures, geographical areas, ethnographic groups, cultural landmarks, military campaigns, and social issues."--"The Top 20 Reference Titles of the Year," American Libraries, May 2004.
2004 By James R. Millar

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