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Half a block behind it, the Night Caller's car also pulled to the curb and sat with its engine idling. Two extremely fat women stood politely to the side at the bus's front door while an old man with a cane climbed gingerly down to the ...

Author: John Lutz

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 9780786032815

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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John Lutz Is . . . "One Of The Masters." –Ridley Pearson "Rapidly Bleeding Critics Dry Of Superlatives." –St. Louis Post Dispatch "In Rare Form." –The New York Times Book Review To Trap A Killer When he discovers his daughter's corpse in a deserted beachfront bungalow, devastated Ezekiel Cooper vows to find her murderer. The former NYPD detective doesn't know there have been other victims, women who seemingly had nothing in common, aside from a grisly fate. Then Coop crosses paths with Cara Callahan, who's determined to lure her sister's killer by transforming herself into someone just like her. But Cara's plan may be working too well. Because lurking in the shadows, just as Coop feared, the Night Caller watches her every move. . .preparing to strike again. "Lutz knows how to seize and hold the reader's imagination from the start." -- Cleveland Plain Dealer
2012-07-11 By John Lutz

I want to say a huge thank you for choosing to read The Night Caller. During my research for this book, I spent some time around the network of canals around Salford, Manchester. Some of these water ways are welcoming, surrounded by the ...

Author: J.M. Hewitt

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781786818744

Category: Fiction


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‘Totally gripped’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘Heart-pounding. Brilliant’ NetGalley reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘A spectacular serial killer thriller’ NetGalley reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘Had my heart thumping’ Book Reviews by Shalini ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The photo fell from her grasp at the sudden thought of her sister. She stared at it, lying on the floor, remembering little Hattie with her big dark eyes in her stripy pink-and-white shorts, the ones she was wearing on the day she disappeared… Detective Carrie Flynn has spent twenty years searching for her little sister, who was kidnapped and never found. Carrie was with Hattie on that hot summer day – she saw her sister’s abductor, but she was just a young girl herself, and remembers nothing. She’s never forgiven herself for letting Hattie down. When the chance came to join the police force, Carrie didn’t hesitate, wanting to ensure that no more little girls grew up alone. Now she is facing her toughest case yet: Jordan Robinson, a quiet and bright young man, has disappeared by the canal on a cold winter’s night. Witnesses heard a splash, but Carrie hasn’t found his body. She knows the first days are vital to find a missing person, and time is running out. Jordan’s family are distraught, and Carrie is determined to bring their son home. But why does the mother not want to answer questions? Who is the mysterious girl next door? What secrets are this family hiding? As Carrie searches desperately for Jordan, and digs into his past, she starts to realise his case may not be unique. Young and vulnerable men have been disappearing down by the water, their deaths labelled as suicide or accidents. When Carrie pulls out all of the old files, she is sure: Jordan Robinson has been taken by a serial killer. In a desperate race against time, Carrie vows to bring Jordan home safely, and catch this killer before he can strike again. She’ll never stop searching, for the grieving families, for her belief in justice, and her hope that, one day, something she finds will lead her back to her lost little sister. If you love Val McDermid, Robert Dugoni or Angela Marsons you won’t be able to put down this dark and twisty thriller. J.M. Hewitt will keep you guessing until the very last page. Readers are utterly gripped by The Night Caller: ‘WOW! What a read and a brilliant start to a new series… gives me goosebumps… will keep you on your toes reading well into the night.’ Once Upon a Time Book Blog, 5 stars ‘Wow! Amazing book! Tons of twists and turns and suspense.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘Absolutely fantastic, had me gripped!!! Loved it! Can't wait for more.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘I am in reading heaven… I was hooked… I read this book in one sitting and finally turned the last page at 1 a.m. I HAD TO KNOW.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘Amazing… dark and fast-paced. I loved it and would definitely read more of this author’s work.’ Psycho-Thrilla Books, 5 stars ‘I was turning the pages so quickly that it was almost as if the pages were turning themselves… like being on a scary and an at times unpredictable rollercoaster ride.’ Ginger Book Geek ‘Oh so good!!... There are hints into Carrie’s dark past and I can’t wait to find out what that entails.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘Held my attention from the first page to the last page. Will definitely be recommending this to others and can't wait to read more by this author!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘Compulsive reading… addictive suspenseful… Lots of twists and turns along with solid engaging characters… I very much enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone!’ Goodreads Reviewer
2019-08-15 By J.M. Hewitt

'She was well able to take the calls, help the caller in the moment and then move on. ... I suggested to her, on a couple of occasions, that maybe she should give the night shifts a break, but she was quite firm that there was no way ...

Author: Martina Murphy

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349134949

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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'Well plotted and page turning' - Patricia Gibney 'A tense, fast-paced, and deftly plotted thriller, which kept me guessing right to the end. I'm already looking forward to the next outing for Detective Sergeant Lucy Golden and her crew!'- Andrea Carter Sometimes darkness stalks the most beautiful places... On Doogort East Bog, Achill Island, a body is found. The close community is stunned to learn that it's Lisa Moran, a popular teacher who disappeared two days earlier. DS Lucy Golden is assigned to the case. For her, it's personal. As an Achill native, she knows that sometimes great evil can lurk in plain sight. Having moved back from Dublin, she has spent the last ten years trying to prove herself to her colleagues after her husband was jailed for fraud. This is her chance to put the past behind her. Her teenage son Luc's behaviour, however, is increasingly troubling and Lucy doesn't have time for distractions. When another body is found in an abandoned property on the bog, with links to a murder 20 years ago, the stakes are raised - but a pattern is emerging. Can Lucy put the pieces together? Or will her family crisis mean the murderer claims his next victim?
2021-07-15 By Martina Murphy

Brian walked a few steps from the bed. He looked out the window, its metal blinds bending under his fingers. “I didn't just come by. I've been here most of the night, like Annabelle. I came straight from the airport.

Author: Leslie Tentler

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781408956007

Category: Fiction

Page: 343

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Late-night radio-show psychologist Rain Sommers is used to the crazies who call in to rage from the back alleys of the French Quarter and the shadows of the bayou.
2011-11-01 By Leslie Tentler

A curt nod from the Night Caller. The tiny eyes began to blink sleepily until they remained closed, the head flattening out. In a matter of minutes, only The Man stood before them, his elegant smile recaptured.

Author: Armani Mondragón

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312270947

Category: Fiction


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Kyle is a mercenary of the most extraordinary kind—he tracks his quarry with a sense beyond mere human ability. Even though this "gift" sets him apart from those he protects, he never questions it; to do so would bring him too close to the nameless evil he once encountered as a child. Then Kyle’s hunt leads him into a perilous dark realm, and he is forced to make an alliance with a powerful demon and her mysterious master, The Night Caller. However, there is more at stake than Kyle’s survival. A cunning adversary is set to unleash the monstrous forces that lurk at the edge of the human world. And the key to humanity’s survival may very well lie in the haunting past Kyle has fought to keep secret, even from himself...
2014-08-20 By Armani Mondragón


Author: Gary A. Smith

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786426614

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 277

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There has been a tremendous amount of renewed interest in the output of Britain's Hammer Films. But there remain a great number of worthwhile British horror films, made at the same time by other companies, that have received little attention. The author provides a comprehensive listing of British horror films--including science fiction, fantasy, and suspense films containing horror-genre elements--that were released between 1956 and 1976, the "Golden Age" of British horror. Entries are listed alphabetically by original British title, from Vincent Price in The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) to Zeta One (1969). Entries also include American title, release information, a critique of the film, and the film's video availability. The book is filled with photographs and contains interviews with four key figures: Max J. Rosenberg, cofounder of Amicus Productions, one of the period's major studios; Louis M. Heyward, former writer, film executive and producer; Aida Young, film and television producer; and Gordon Hessler, director of such films as The Oblong Box and Murders in the Rue Morgue.
2006-01-01 By Gary A. Smith

Author: Brennan Patrick

Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

ISBN: 0440166748


Page: 171

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1981-06-01 By Brennan Patrick

whether this be female invaders ( Unearthly Stranger , Invasion ) , male aliens seeking out Closer to home human females ( The Night Caller ) or , more generally , the alien invasion highlighting gender In a sequence near the beginning ...

Author: Sean Redmond

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: 1903364876

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

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Liquid Metal is the first extended collection of previously published essays on science fiction film and television. This Reader brings together a great number of 'seminal' essays that have opended up the study of science fiction to serious critical interrogation. This wide-ranging collection includes classic texts on key aspects of science fiction cinema such as representation of the cyborg, the science fiction city, time travel and the primal scene, science fiction fandom and 1950s invasion narratives.
2004 By Sean Redmond

international whole (Invasion again, Night of the Big Heat). ... Invasion begins with an ominous failure in a military radar system; The Night Caller with the descent of a mysterious extraterrestrial object to Earth and its subsequent ...

Author: I.Q. Hunter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134702763

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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British Science Fiction Cinema is the first substantial study of a genre which, despite a sometimes troubled history, has produced some of the best British films, from the prewar classic Things to Come to Alien made in Britain by a British director. The contributors to this rich and provocative collection explore the diverse strangeness of British science fiction, from literary adaptions like Nineteen Eighty-Four and A Clockwork Orange to pulp fantasies and 'creature features' far removed from the acceptable face of British cinema. Through case studies of key films like The Day the Earth Caught Fire, contributors explore the unique themes and concerns of British science fiction, from the postwar boom years to more recent productions like Hardware, and examine how science fiction cinema drew on a variety of sources, from TV adaptions like Doctor Who and the Daleks, to the horror/sf crossovers produced from John Wyndham's cult novels The Day of the Triffids and The Midwich Cuckoos (filmed as Village of the Damned). How did budget restrictions encourage the use of the 'invasion narrative' in the 1950s films? And how did films such as Unearthly Stranger and Invasion reflect fears about the decline of Britain's economic and colonial power and the 'threat' of female sexuality? British Science Fiction Cinema celebrates the breadth and continuing vitality of British sf film-making, in both big-budget productions such as Brazil and Event Horizon and cult exploitation movies like Inseminoid and Lifeforce.
2002-01-04 By I.Q. Hunter

Night Caller, The SEE: Night Caller from Outer Space Night Caller from Outer Space (1965British) 84m. 1⁄2 D: John Gilling. John Saxon, Maurice Denham, Patricia Haines, Alfred Burke, Jack Watson, Aubrey Morris. Welldone scifi thriller of ...

Author: Leonard Maltin

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698197299

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 864

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The definitive guide to classic films from one of America's most trusted film critics Thanks to Netflix and cable television, classic films are more accessible than ever. Now co-branded with Turner Classic Movies, Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide covers films from Hollywood and around the world, from the silent era through 1965, and from The Maltese Falcon to Singin’ in the Rain and Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Thoroughly revised and updated, and featuring expanded indexes, a list of Maltin’s personal recommendations, and three hundred new entries—including many offbeat and obscure films—this new edition is a must-have companion for every movie lover.
2015-09-29 By Leonard Maltin