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... narrowly avoiding the landmines which we only noticed later, and which would have turned the most exciting day of my life into the last day of my life. The big days of your life; they are the ones you tell your grandchildren about.

Author: Giles Vickers Jones

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781782190776

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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In this unique anthology of more than 80 personal stories, subjects ranging from the frivolous to the deadly serious combine to paint a picture of humanity at its most upbeat. A housewife and mother describes her extraordinary achievement in becoming one of the first two women to walk to both of the Earth's poles. Gavin and Stacey writer/co-star James Corden recalls welcoming his beloved father home from the first Gulf War. Former champion rugby player Phil Greening celebrates avoiding a life of crime and winning his first cap for England. Comedian Alan Carr recounts his nerve-wracked triumph at The Royal Variety Performance, while 'Keith' from The Office describes the day he won his hilarious supporting role. Alongside the above are moving personal testimonies of becoming the youngest man to climb Everest, escaping death in Iraq, recovering from cancer - and release into the outside world after 13 years of wrongful imprisonment. THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE will enlighten, amuse, and provide the perfect tonic for those days when life just seems to get you down
2012-09-03 By Giles Vickers Jones

His body broken and blood poured out , for the LIFE OF OUR SOUL . Here I stopped - she bowed her head , but made no remark , so I went on to say , Now , Nelly , if I were to sit and talk with you for an hour together , upon this ...

Author: Eliza CHEAP


ISBN: BL:A0021227440


Page: 295

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1843 By Eliza CHEAP

I would have taken a step back and taken a breath as I looked around and said to myself, “Today is the last day of my life—make it a good one.” That's about all I really would have done differently though. See, I guess it's a pretty ...

Author: Adena Halpern

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440638367

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Twenty-nine-year-old Alexandra Dorenfield suddenly finds herself in heaven after an unfortunate encounter with a MINI Cooper. The seventh—and highest—level of heaven to be exact. Her dog, Peaches, is with her; she is reunited with her beloved grandparents; she has the wardrobe of a movie star; and she lives in the house of her dreams next door to a handsome guy. This is heaven! But there’s a catch. Alex must prove she led a fulfilling existence by writing an essay on the ten best days of her life—or she will be demoted to a lower level of heaven, where the clothes are last year’s styles, the men aren’t quite as handsome, and, worst of all, Peaches and her family won’t be nearby. Witty and inspiring, this divine debut novel dares to ask a material girl—and the rest of us—what makes life precious.
2008-05-27 By Adena Halpern

I seem to have the peal of an organ in' my ears. It is the confusion of my last thoughts. At this final day, when I look back over the events of life, I recall my crime with horror; but I wish to have still longer to repent of it.

Author: Victor Hugo

Publisher: Delphi Classics

ISBN: 9781788772921

Category: Fiction

Page: 102

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This eBook features the unabridged text of ‘The Last Day of a Condemned Man by Victor Hugo - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)’ from the bestselling edition of ‘The Complete Works of Victor Hugo’. Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics produce publications that are individually crafted with superior formatting, while introducing many rare texts for the first time in digital print. The Delphi Classics edition of Hugo includes original annotations and illustrations relating to the life and works of the author, as well as individual tables of contents, allowing you to navigate eBooks quickly and easily. eBook features: * The complete unabridged text of ‘The Last Day of a Condemned Man by Victor Hugo - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)’ * Beautifully illustrated with images related to Hugo’s works * Individual contents table, allowing easy navigation around the eBook * Excellent formatting of the textPlease visit to learn more about our wide range of titles
2017-07-17 By Victor Hugo

Father Jan did all this as a matter of course, planning in detail and dealing with it with his usual zest and love for life. And so Father Jan left my life. I thought of him often as time went on, and wondered what had happened to him.

Author: Pam Umann

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595344260

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

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If you are seeking a light to guide you through the seasons of loss and death, then The Last Day of Winter will help you find compassion, reassurance, and genuine answers to the practical questions that arise when you are caring for a loved one who is dying.Authors Jerry Griffin, an emergency room physician and hospice medical director, and Pam Umann, a medical social worker who specializes in life-threatening illness, both bring years of experience and wisdom to a topic that is often difficult both to face and to discuss openly with those we love. Griffin and Umann focus on helping the patient, the patient's family and friends, and the patient's caregivers by exploring the needs of the terminally ill patient. The Last Day of Winter will educate you about potential barriers you may encounter while either providing or receiving needed care and support. Personal stories of triumph, isolation, fear, and grief are shared-equipping you with the knowledge that you are not alone on your journey.The Last Day of Winter will help you understand the importance of the relationship between you and the cycle of life-and between you and your loved one as you face the last day of winter together.
2005-09 By Pam Umann

His last birth - day was celebrated there in the country . I had written a merry little song , and it was hardly dry on the paper , when we sang it , in the early morning , before his door , accompanied by the music of jingling fire ...

Author: Hans Christian Andersen



Category: Authors, Danish

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I have made progress and bliss , and join the ransomed throng to judgment , but have increased my ac- in singing the ... the me of two solemn periods — the last day Lord cometh with ten thousands of his of my life , and the last day of ...



ISBN: UOM:39015065601687



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1840 By

praise of salvation to the Lamb that But the last day of the year re- was slain ? What answer does my minds me of two solemn periods heart give to this inquiry ? “ Search the last day of my life , and the last me , O God , and try me ...



ISBN: OXFORD:555008344



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1854 By

THE AFFAIR You left me, I was lonely, I was blue I thought the best day of my life was the day I met you I was lost in a cloud of purple haze, I didn't know what to do Now, I know the best day of my life was the last day I saw you You ...

Author: S. Glenn Wakefield

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467068123

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 132

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Statement: A poet is an individual who has the ability to express his disappointment in mankind. An individual who finds beauty that other don''t see and has the audacity to write about his pain and observance of life. In essence a poet is someone who has too much leisure time. Book summary: A collection of poems about lost love and the journey on the road of life.
2006-01-05 By S. Glenn Wakefield

If today was the last day of my life I would surely not be happy but just sad. Because I have a lot of dreams counting my life. But maybe if it is true we have to accept it and become ourselves. If today is the last day of my life I ...



ISBN: 9789393390035

Category: Fiction

Page: 107

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Loving and believing in yourself is the key to thriving abundantly. When you love yourself unconditionally our mindset shifts to the energy of love and abundance. It enables you to have more peace, confidence, and happiness which empowers you. When you feel powerful, your attitude changes from pessimism to optimism, and you will attract more uplifting people and experiences in your life. This anthology contains many write ups on the open theme and open genre, so the writers have explored various themes and genres. This book contains writing in the beautiful language of English. This book is about the love for writing and the writers are creating a beautiful world of writing to witness