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The following five branches only have been so far attempted in India :— (1) Bangle glass. (2) Medicine phials. (3) Bottles. (4) Pressed bangles. (5) Chimneys. Before August 1909, the making of bangle glass was a very paying line, ...



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Reproduction of the original: The Indian Bangle by Fergus Hume

Author: Fergus Hume

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Reproduction of the original: The Indian Bangle by Fergus Hume
2020-08-04 By Fergus Hume

The Bangle Seller About the Poetess Sarojini Naidu an Indian English poetess, was born on 13th February, 1879 at Hyderabad. She is also known as Nightingale of India. Mahatma Gandhi gave her this name because of the colour, ...


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The bangle sellers going to the temple fair to sell those objects are typically an Indian scene. Bangles are worn by Indian girls and women especially in occasions to express their joy and delight. This is also related to the well-being ...

Author: Dr. J. Randhawa

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This book is writen by Dr. Jaideep Randhawa and it includes the following chapters. It also includes the details about the poet, poem, word meanings, central idea, paraphrase, summary, critical appreciation, Question & Answers Based on Workbooks (Morning Star, Evergreen and more). and Extra Questions. The Chapters are : 1. The Heart Of a Tree 2. The Cold Within 3. Bangle Sellers 4. After Blenheim 5. Television 6. Daffodils 7. I Know why the caged bird sings 8. The Patroit 9. Abu Ben Adheim 10. Nine Gold Medals

The following remarks on the manufacture of ivory bangles in Upper India are taken from an article contributed by Mr. Kipling to the Journal of Indian Art :“ The ivory bangle , it has been remarked , is usually a mere ring .

Author: Trailokyanātha Mukhopādhyāẏa


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The term bangle as applied to the trade in India is equivalent to the term bracelet as understood in the United States . Most of these bangles are imported from Austria , and have a variety of colors , and range in diameter from about ...

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Like most females, they all headed towards the bangle seller who had a wide array of bright, colourful, sparkling glass bangles before him on a tray. Jhalkari's companions started trying on the bangles to see which would look best on ...

Author: Crispin Bates

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The Mutiny at the Margins series takes a fresh look at the Revolt of 1857 from a variety of original and unusual perspectives, focusing in particular on neglected socially marginal groups and geographic areas which have hitherto tended to be unrepresented in studies of this cataclysmic event in British imperial and Indian historiography. Muslim, Dalit and Subaltern Narratives (Volume 5) addresses the role of marginal and Muslim groups respectively, exploring minority perceptions of the Uprising, including Dalit narratives and the use of 1857 in re-imagining the past. The second half of the volume looks into the response and involvement of different Muslim social groups, from civil servants, philosophers and logicians to the Mujahidin, as well as exploring the experience of indigenous participants in their own words.
2013-10-30 By Crispin Bates

of sexuality in the Indian state's concerns over smuggling and its endeavors to both regulate overseas film ... Amid the financial crises and food grain shortages in India during the 1960s, the plastic bangle manufacturing sector ...

Author: Samhita Sunya

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A free open access ebook is available upon publication. Learn more at By the 1960s, Hindi-language films from Bombay were in high demand not only for domestic and diasporic audiences but also for sizable non-diasporic audiences across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian Ocean world. Often confounding critics who painted the song-dance films as noisy and nonsensical. if not dangerously seductive and utterly vulgar, Bombay films attracted fervent worldwide viewers precisely for their elements of romance, music, and spectacle. In this richly documented history of Hindi cinema during the long 1960s, Samhita Sunya historicizes the emergence of world cinema as a category of cinematic diplomacy that formed in the crucible of the Cold War. Interwoven with this history is an account of the prolific transnational circuits of popular Hindi films alongside the efflorescence of European art cinema and Cold War-era forays of Hollywood abroad. By following archival leads and threads of argumentation within commercial Hindi films that seem to be odd cases--flops, remakes, low-budget comedies, and prestige productions--this book offers a novel map for excavating the historical and ethical stakes of world cinema and world-making via Bombay.
2022 By Samhita Sunya

The whole comedy and tragedy of human life based on Indian philosophy is brought out here . ... before us the picture of “ Bangle Sellers ' roaming about in the streets of a town of India and delighting the heart of every Indian woman .

Author: Satvinder Kaur

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