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Continuously popular since it first appeared in 1977, The Incorruptibles remains the acknowledged classic on the bodies of Saints that did not undergo decomposition after death, many remaining fresh and flexible for years, or even centuries ...

Author: Joan Carroll Cruz

Publisher: TAN Books

ISBN: 9780895559531

Category: Religion

Page: 310

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Continuously popular since it first appeared in 1977, The Incorruptibles remains the acknowledged classic on the bodies of Saints that did not undergo decomposition after death, many remaining fresh and flexible for years, or even centuries. After explaining both natural and artificial mummification, the author shows that the incorruption of the Saints bodies fits into neither category but constitutes a much greater phenomenon which is unexplained by modern science even to this day. The author presents 102 canonized Saints, Beati and Venerables, summarizing their lives, the discovery of their incorruption and investigations by Church and medical authorities. The incorruptible bodies of saints are a consoling sign of Christ's victory over death, a confirmation of the dogma of the Resurrection of the Body, a sign that the Saints are still with us in the Mystical Body of Christ, as well as a proof of the truth of the Catholic Faith for only in the Catholic Church do we find this phenomenon.
1991-11 By Joan Carroll Cruz

An Incorruptible was to be pampered and served, cushioned and cloistered. He should have scooped her up, overridden any objections, and whisked her away before this. The very moment he saw her, in fact. The trouble was, a modern woman ...

Author: Lilith Saintcrow

Publisher: Lilith Saintcrow, LLC

ISBN: 9781950447114

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Jenna Delacroix, fresh out of a bad relationship, is determined to keep her life as simple as possible. Maybe if she tries hard enough to be normal the nightmares and strange occurrences plaguing her all her life will finally recede. But then the monsters arrive--and with them, the man who says he's her protector. Lonely and disciplined, Michael Gabon is just a grunt in the Legion's endless war, but now he's stumbled across something special--a living, breathing Incorruptible, the first one he's seen in more decades than he can count. She's also being hunted. And now, so is he. On the run without backup, the diaboli haunting their trail, their only hope is working together. Even that might not be enough, because the unclean seem to know more than they should. Whether it's treachery or bad luck doesn't matter to Michael. The only thing he cares about is seeing his Incorruptible safe... matter who--or what--he has to kill.
2019-09-24 By Lilith Saintcrow

For a noncritical treatment of the Roman Catholic tradition, see Joan Caroll Cruz, The Incorruptibles: A Study of the Incorruption of the Bodies of Various Catholic Saints and Beati (Rockford, IL: Tan Books and Publishers, 1977). 172.

Author: Yonatan Moss

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520289994

Category: Religion

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"Incorruptible Bodies examines a fateful theological controversy that raged in the eastern Roman empire in the early sixth-century. The controversy, whose main participants were the anti-Chalcedonian leaders Severus of Antioch and Julian of Halicarnassus, centered on whether or not Jesus' body was corruptible prior to its resurrection from the dead. Viewing the controversy in light of late antiquity's multiple images of the 'body of Christ,' Yonatan Moss reveals the underlying political, ritual, and cultural stakes of this debate and its long-lasting effects"--Provided by publishe
2016-05-03 By Yonatan Moss

M. S. Coryn. ---- – — ± --------- * , o - - - ~~~~ ... !! !! !!!!!-- THE INCORRUPTIBLE.

Author: M. S. Coryn


ISBN: UCAL:$B71375


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1943 By M. S. Coryn

... not 3 B. Piergilii , Vita della B. Chiara detta della Croce da Montefalco dell'ordine di S. Agostino , Foligno , 16632 , pp . 193–4 . Ibid . p . 196 . knowing where to make her incision because the heart , 4 The incorruptible flesh.

Author: Piero Camporesi

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 0521320038

Category: History

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Professor Camporesi examines what significance the body had for the obsessively religious, superstitious, yet materially bound minds of the pre-industrial age? In this extraordinary and often astounding book, Professor Camporesi traces these ideas back to various documents across the centuries and explores the juxtaposition of medicine and sorcery, cookery and surgery, pharmacy and alchemy.
1988-04-28 By Piero Camporesi

... 1921) as the touchstone of his achievement in comedy, while at the same time to obscure, if not to eclipse, the later comedy which surely deserves equal claim on our attention: Der Unbestechliche (The Incorruptible Servant, 1923).


Publisher: MHRA

ISBN: 9781839541209

Category: Drama

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This is the first translation into English of Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s acclaimed comedy Der Unbestechliche. The Incorruptible Servant is a true comedy of action, a well-constructed, fast moving stage play cast in a traditional mould. The action is controlled by a dominant central figure of a complex make-up, somewhat reminiscent of Tartuffe but closer in portraiture to Dostoevsky’s Foma Fomich in The Village of Stepanchikovo. Theodor is cast as the masterful servant in an aristocratic Austrian country estate in the year 1912. He acquires full control of the household and cunningly manipulates his philandering young master and his mistresses in a plot set out to restore order and morality. The comedy shows the mature Hofmannsthal at the height of his achievement as a dramatist.
2021-12-13 By

INDEX INCORRUPTIBLES election to the crown , because the alder . Independence Day , July . The men were chosen by the privy council . Great National Holiday in the U.S. of North America . Incorruptibles ( The ) ; or " Incorruptibilists ...

Author: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer


ISBN: NYPL:33433082407044

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When describing Antony's body as a reflection of the incorruptible body that the Christian believer could look forward to receive at the end of time , Athanasius could consequently build on Christian ideas of the ideal and non ...

Author: Dag Øistein Endsjø

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433101815

Category: Religion

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As the first monk in the desert, Antony became an early Christian superstar, eclipsing his many ascetic predecessors. The introduction of asceticism into the wilderness also represented an encounter between Christian and Hellenistic ideas. For centuries Greeks had considered the uncultivated geography intrinsically primordial, a chaotic place where man struggled to remain human. The wilderness represented an eternal ordeal, where man always faced fierce beasts, disorder, and death, but also where simultaneously he could attain boundless wealth, wisdom, and even physical immortality. Through Athanasius of Alexandria's fourth-century biography of Antony, we learn how the Christian appropriation of Greek ideas on geography, bodies and immortality raised asceticism to an entirely new level. Placed in his uncultivated landscape, Antony became a true martyr, an athlete of God, and a holy man able to retrieve the bodily incorruptibility lost in the Fall, which all Christians could look forward to at the end of times. In this way Athanasius employed a traditional Greek worldview to demonstrate the superiority of Christianity over Paganism, which never promised ordinary people anything but an eternal existence as dead and disembodied souls.

The report each woeful little demon has to return with is the same “this one is incorruptible! We cannot break their integrity!” What a glorious declaration! This is the incorruptible heart! This is what we are called to as disciples of ...

Author: David McCracken

Publisher: David McCracken Ministries

ISBN: 9780987131430

Category: Religion


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More than ever before, the Body of Christ needs a generation of godly leaders who can have influence without losing their integrity. God is searching for those in whom He can safely entrust the authority of His kingdom and the mantle of leadership. In this book, David McCracken gives leaders the spiritual understanding and practical outworking to carry the level of authority and power that God desires to flow through them. An Incorruptible Heart gives prophetic and apostolic insight into the deeper heart issues of integrity, purity of motivation, intimacy with God, accountability, servanthood, spiritual fatherhood and much more. If you want to finish well with greatness of character, this book will empower your future success for God’s glory. 'An Incorruptible Heart’ is deeply challenging. It is written out of the depths of experiences of life, ministry and significant Biblical understanding. It’s uncomfortable to have the mirror turned on you as it is read. However, one feels inward renewal as one surrenders to the truth. In a fast moving Christian sub-culture it is worth making a priority read. IAN GREEN, NEXT LEVEL INTERNATIONAL, ENGLAND With so much tragic failure in Christian ministries and leadership today, how must we face the new millennium? David McCracken has done us all a great service in analysing and compiling the great themes of faithful leadership; servant hearts, yielded expectations, accountability and intimacy with Christ; utterly necessary principles for us to honor the Lord in the great decade of harvest before us. My Dad (a champion cyclist) once said to me: “Son, it’s not how you begin the race; it’s how you finish that counts.” David’s book will help you cross that line a winner! WINKIE PRATNEY, International Speaker and Author, USA David McCracken’s excellent book reminds us of the power of an incorruptible heart. I often say, “don’t trust a leader who doesn’t limp.” Meaning... people who have gone through the fires of trials, pressures, crisis, pain, and disappointment, yet have decided to trust God and be people of integrity with a sweet spirit. Those who limp have been there and have come out better. I listen to these people and learn. David is one of those people. His book is full of transparency, vulnerability, and wisdom arising from the pressures of ministry and life. Throughout his writing he brings hope, inspiration, and faith to us who are looking for positive examples. He reminds us of the critical truth that we must protect our heart from bitterness, walk the road of integrity, and keep tender to the things of God and to the needs of people. DR WAYNE GOODALL, WORLDWIDE FAMILY, USA It is easy to see that this book has been forged from the decades of ministry experienced by David, starting where we all start: young, zealous and naive to developing into very senior mature leadership. David’s heart, his life, his experience, his blood sweat and tears are spilled onto these pages. What a book for Senior Pastors to keep us on the “straight and narrow” in order to achieve what we all set out for. What a book for existing leadership to keep the hearts right and save the “body” from the heartaches of the past. What a book for emerging leadership to forewarn them of the pitfalls that can await them. What a book for the body of Christ at large to help the saints, both young and old, to grow into the full measure and stature of Christ. PETER MORTLOCK, SENIOR PASTOR CITY IMPACT CHURCHES, NZ
2011-09-01 By David McCracken

Still, one family of the " incorruptibles " for a time remains incorruptible in the eyes of the townspeople, but Richards at home admits his fear " to let oceans of people's money pour through my hands .

Author: College Language Association (U.S.)


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