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This book looks at the power relationships in and around golf, examining whether the industry has demonstrated sufficient leadership on environmental matters to be trusted to make weighty decisions with implications for public and ...

Author: Brad Millington

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781526104854

Category: Sports & Recreation

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This electronic version has been made available under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) open access license. Golf is a major global industry. The sport is played by more than 60 million people worldwide and there are more than 32,000 courses in 140 countries across the globe. This book looks at the power relationships in and around golf, examining whether the industry has demonstrated sufficient leadership on environmental matters to be trusted to make weighty decisions with implications for public and environmental health. The first comprehensive study of the varying responses to golf-related environmental issues, it is based on extensive empirical work, including research into historical materials and interviews with stakeholders in golf such as course superintendents, protesters and health professionals. The authors examine golf as a sport and as a global industry, drawing on and contributing to literatures pertaining to environmental sociology, global social movements, institutional change, corporate environmentalism and the sociology of sport.
2016-04-20 By Brad Millington

Author: Cameron Rae


ISBN: OCLC:229431470


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2007 By Cameron Rae

Mac hit all shots through the green in the same manner and about the same distance. ... lack of length and because, directionally, he tended to be absolutely straight, Mac was free from many of the problems that plague average golfers.

Author: Rayne Barton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453582695

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2001-03-12 By Rayne Barton

Whether Fuji met its duty to provide a reasonably safe golf course was a question for a jury to decide on remand to the trial court. It might have been an entirely different matter had the claim been against another golfer, ...

Author: John H. Minan

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 1590318455

Category: Law

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Golfers and lawyers alike will enjoy this insightful look at law and golf. Not concerned about the rules of golf, each chapter of this book examines an actual case where law and golf have come together. Read about a wide array of legal issues, including Tiger Woods' right of publicity, personal injury and product liability cases, contract disputes involving hole-in-one contests, IRS litigation over tax deductions for golf expenses, equipment patent disputes, and much more. It's the perfect book to share with the golfer or lawyer looking for a new perspective on the game!
2007 By John H. Minan

"Greening Golf" explores how and why many golfers and tourists have come to see Pinehurst, and thousands of courses like it, as naturally-occurring landscapes and to what degree they should.

Author: Matthew Taylor Himel


ISBN: OCLC:1176241391


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“Greening Golf” explores how and why many golfers and tourists have come to see Pinehurst, and thousands of courses like it, as naturally-occurring landscapes and to what degree they should. It examines the tightly bound environmental and cultural history of the Sandhills to explain both the rise of the resort within a very particular environmental context in the post-Civil War rural South, and the surprising ways that golf came to have intense influence over it. Rather than viewing the growth of the sport as the result of cultural and environmental changes in American history, this dissertation treats golf as a historical force of its own. It has shaped individuals like golfers, caddies, and tourists, groups like country clubs, labor organizations, and political parties, and broad entities like economies, agriculture, and ecology. Golf as a force molded every input needed to create the physical space where it was played. Golf not only shaped the golf course but those who constructed it, maintained it, and enjoyed it. It simultaneously normalized and mystified the environment, especially at Pinehurst. Golf imposed new ideas about how landscapes should look, yet, obscured their making. Golf insisted that a course should be wherever its owner decided to build it and disassociated the intensive agricultural practices needed to maintain it. This process of shaping, imposing, and obscuring transformed the Sandhills landscape and its occupants. In the process, golf naturalized grass, the golf course, and Pinehurst in the North Carolina Sandhills.

I am aware that to many golfers who do not know this stroke , and comparatively few do , this will sound like exaggeration . ... with a clean and quick rise , the fact being remembered that the green must not be damaged .

Author: Pembroke Arnold Vaile


ISBN: PRNC:32101066126234

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Sometimes Earl Woods broke the golf - course rules . He yelled when Tiger got ready to hit . He rolled golf balls all over the green . He sang and danced around . “ Hey , Tiger , let me hear you growl , " his father teased .


Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1455604755

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1976 By

If you're going to play bogey golf, you can't go around 3-putting every green. Becoming a good putter is important. How important? Just think about it, in a regulation par round, half of all the strokes the golfer takes are putts.

Author: Oliver E. Cathey Jr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477127315

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Oliver Cathey, AKA Rick Limmer, retired from a 40 year career as an Operations Research Analyst to play golf at PGA West in La Quinta, CA. Rick believes that a little levity makes for an easy read and makes technical points stick a little easier in your head. In this, his second book about golf, Rick writes about the course management skills that can immediately cut 10 strokes off the scores of high handicap golfers. If you’re a high handicap golfer, this book will show you how going for bogey will get you bogey when going for par gets you doubles and triples. It will show you how to stay out of trouble and how to get out cleanly when you get in trouble anyway. This book will not fi x your swing. It’s aimed at fi xing your game. The author’s Bogey Golfer Solution is demonstrated by examples on two famous golf courses at PGA West, the Arnold Palmer course you see on TV during the Humana Classic and on the PGA West Stadium course that people come from all over the world to play.
2012-07-05 By Oliver E. Cathey Jr.

Golfers who do not note this subtle little trick will wonder why they keep ending up in the rough or trees on one side every time they play the hole and hit seeming good shots from the tee. When looking back from the green you may also ...

Author: Bill Kroen

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740786952

Category: Sports & Recreation

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"If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf." --Bob Hope This is an easy to read and understand instructional book to help adult players sharpen their skills. Although most golfers never improve once they reach adulthood, author Bill Kroen wants to help those golfers get past that and take their game to a new level. Readers will learn how to really learn the game (not just how to swing), they'll gain a greater sense of awareness of the total golf experience, and they will finally learn how to take their practice game to the golf course. Drawing on his background in psychology, Kroen directs his readers to envision the results they want. Then they can put what they read into practice without the confusion caused by most instructional books. Golf: How Good Do You Want to Be? offers a blueprint for resourceful practice and practical application with chapters including "The Mental Connection," "The Art of Practice," "Thinking Your Way Around the Course," and "Scoring Well."
2009-01-01 By Bill Kroen

who is attempting a shot, stepping in another golfers line on the green, not playing in proper order, not repairing damage to the tee, fairway or green following a shot and more. Making a commitment to extend to all other golfers the ...

Author: Dr. John T. Whiting

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781387375066

Category: Sports & Recreation


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The Women’s Guide to Learning to Play Golf for Fun was written for those women who are left at home while their husbands and boyfriends are enjoying a beautiful day on the golf course. It is the author’s wish that all women who would like to lean to play golf but believe the learning process is too difficult and are afraid they might embarrass themselves and their significant other by not performing to expectations and will see that learning to play golf can be fun. This book was also written for those men with wives and girlfriends who they wish could join them in playing the wonderful game of golf and enjoying the fun of socializing after a day on the golf course. It is the authors hope that this book will cause the reader to see that golf is more than just a game, but an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, experience the beauty of one of the magnificent golf courses in New Jersey and across the country and socializing and making new friends. Have fun playing golf.
2019-07-07 By Dr. John T. Whiting