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Author: Heinz Lehmann


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1986 By Heinz Lehmann

In tracing the pioneering role that German-speaking settlers from all over Europe and America played in the opening up and development of large parts of eastern and western Canada, Lehmann shows German Canadians to be one of Canada's ...

Author: Hans Lehmann


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1986 By Hans Lehmann

At least German Canadians are realizing more and more the overriding significance of the school question for the preservation of the cultural identity of the German ethnic group . Thirdly , to refute with information , and by protest in ...

Author: Heinz Lehmann

Publisher: St. John's, Nfld. : Jesperson Press

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In tracing the pioneering role that German-speaking settlers from all over Europe and America played in the opening up and development of large parts of eastern and western Canada, Lehmann shows German Canadians to be one of Canada's founding peoples. His work establishes the important role played by ethnic Germans in the cultural and economic growth of Canada. Lehmann's account brings out the problematic nature of German-Canadian identity, which is a product of the religious, national, regional and generational divisions characterizing the German-Canadian mosaic. The analysis of extensive interaction among German settlers of different backgrounds, however, refutes the assumption of German Canadians as a mere accumulation of separate ethnic groups sharing the accident of a common mother tongue. Lehmann highlights the fact that Germans from eastern Europe and from the United States, and Mennonites in particular, rather than Germans from Germany, have given German-Canadian culture its unique stamp. Today we owe much of our knowledge of the roots and origins, the composition, the evolution and the spatial distribution of the German-Canadian community to Lehmann. His comprehensive and thorough analysis is the sine qua non for any serious preoccupation with the subject.
1986 By Heinz Lehmann

Harvest of Stones: The German Settlement in Renfrew County. Toronto, 1985. _____. “The Opeongo Road – An Early Settlement Scheme,” Canadian Geographical Journal, 74 (1967) 76-83. Lehmann, Heinz. The German Canadians, 1750-1937: ...

Author: Arthur Grenke

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490772028

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In German Canadians: Community Formation, Transformation and Contribution to Canadian Life, Grenke explores important themes in the German Canadian experience, including immigration, social life, the war experiences, intermarriage, political participation and the German contribution to Canadian life. Focusing on language maintenance and transition, the study explores their effect on the formation and decline of different German Canadian communities as they emerged and dissolved. While the reader may, or may not, agree with some of the conclusions reached, the work should, nevertheless, stimulate reflection and discussion.
2018-07-11 By Arthur Grenke

The German Canadians, 17501937: Immigration, Settlement and Culture. Edited by Gerhard Bassler. St. John's: Jesperson Press, 1986. Leibbrandt, Gottlieb. “Canadian German Society.” German-Canadian Yearbook 1 (1973): 255–62. ———.

Author: Alexander Freund

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887555954

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Being German Canadian explores how multi-generational families and groups have interacted and shaped each other’s integration and adaptation in Canadian society, focusing on the experiences, histories, and memories of German immigrants and their descendants. As one of Canada’s largest ethnic groups, German Canadians allow for a variety of longitudinal and multi-generational studies that explore how different generations have negotiated and transmitted diverse individual experiences, collective memories, and national narratives. Drawing on recent research in memory and migration studies, this volume studies how twentieth-century violence shaped the integration of immigrants and their descendants. More broadly, the collection seeks to document the state of the field in German-Canadian history. Being German Canadian brings together senior and junior scholars from History and related disciplines to investigate the relationship between, and significance of, the concepts of generation and memory for the study of immigration and ethnic history. It aims to move immigration historiography towards exploring the often fraught relationship among different immigrant generations—whether generation is defined according to age cohort or era of arrival.
2021-04-30 By Alexander Freund

Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy , 1540-1990 . Toronto . Lehmann , Heinz ( 1986 ) : The German Canadians 1750-1937 . Immigration , Settlement de Culture . St. John's . Lüthke , Folkert ( 1989 ) : Psychologie der Auswanderung ...

Author: Annette Puckhaber

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825862194

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The cry, “Don't call me ethnic,” is as justified as attempts of German-language Canadians to remember their past without creating an artificial group construct. ... Heinz Lehmann, The German Canadians 1750-1937.

Author: Franz A. J. Szabo

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780886292812

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"This collection of nine essays originated in a symposium on Austrian Immigration to Canada held at Carleton University in May 1995. Held in conjunction with the Austrian Immigration to Canada Research Project, which was initiated to mark the Austrian millennium in 1996, the conference brought together European and Canadian scholars from several disciplines. The full range of immigrant and refugee experience in Canada is addressed: culture, politics, demographics, identity, language, memory, hardship and achievement. Austrian Immigration is the companion volume to A History of the Austrian Migration to Canada, also published by Carleton University Press."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Heinz Lehmann : The German Canadians 17501937 . St. John's , Nfld .: Jesperson's Press , 1987 . Bausenhart , Werner . " Lehrfach Deutsch an Ontarios Oberschulen . " In Hartmut Fröschle , ed . German - Canadian Yearbook . Vol . VI .

Author: Manfred Prokop

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 0888642040

Category: Foreign Language Study

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The second largest ethnic group in Alberta, the German ethnolinguistic community has played a significant role in Alberta's history, but the future is bleak for maintaining German language and culture in the multicultural mosaic of Alberta. This book examines the stature of the German language in Alberta by addressing the use of German in the community and the teaching of German in schools and universities in the province.
1990 By Manfred Prokop

A high level of public and official mistrust of Germans and Austro-Hungarians led to the internment of 8,500 persons. ... Dominion Bureau of Statistics to O.D. Skelton, 12 October 1939; H. Lehman, The German Canadians 17501937, ed.

Author: Panikos Panayi

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474290517

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In this volume an international team explores the historical dimensions of a pervasive and controversial issue of our time: the fate of ethnic groups in societies under severe stress. Although this book focusses on the extreme situations of the two world wars, parallels with more recent eruptions of violence and the widespread re-emergence of racism in the wake of dislocation and disorientation of large populations are striking. This pioneering book fills an obvious gap in the field of minority history and the study of war and society.
2016-10-06 By Panikos Panayi

A History of Canadian Immigration Policy Ninette Kelley, M. Trebilcock. 69 Although the Department of the ... 70 Heinz Lehmann, The German Canadians, 17501937: Immigration, Settlement and Culture, trans. Gerhard P. Bassler (St John's, ...

Author: Ninette Kelley

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442690813

Category: History

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Immigration policy is a subject of intense political and public debate. In this second edition of the widely recognized and authoritative work The Making of the Mosaic, Ninette Kelley and Michael Trebilcock have thoroughly revised and updated their examination of the ideas, interests, institutions, and rhetoric that have shaped Canada's immigration history. Beginning their study in the pre-Confederation period, the authors interpret major episodes in the evolution of Canadian immigration policy, including the massive deportations of the First World War and Depression eras as well as the Japanese-Canadian internship camps during World War Two. New chapters provide perspective on immigration in a post-9/11 world, where security concerns and a demand for temporary foreign workers play a defining role in immigration policy reform. A comprehensive and important work, The Making of the Mosaic clarifies the attitudes underlying each phase and juncture of immigration history, providing vital perspective on the central issues of immigration policy that continue to confront us today.
2010-10-02 By Ninette Kelley