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Author: Amaury De Riencourt


ISBN: 0285649000

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How will it end? The Vedic Journey begins for the one whose heart resonates with the Grand Vedic Question - Who am I? Eye of Shiva - Beyond the Quantum Universe - explores ancient concepts such as: Relative and Absolute Consciousness.

Author: Prashant Saxena

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1644298112

Category: Religion

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Where have I come from? Where will I go when the body perishes? What is Reality? What is Maya? In the pursuit of Truth, one often contemplates the meaning of existence. What is life? Is there a mystery beyond life and death? Have I experienced countless universes before? How did it all start? How will it end? The Vedic Journey begins for the one whose heart resonates with the Grand Vedic Question - Who am I? Eye of Shiva - Beyond the Quantum Universe - explores ancient concepts such as: Relative and Absolute Consciousness. The field of experience generated by Prakriti. The changing order of the observer and the observed. The states of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. The essence of 'is' and 'is not'. The condition of Kaivalya, and the Abode of Shiv. It brings forth the translations of Vijnan Bhairav Tantr and Kaivalya Upanishad, emphasizing the direct link between consciousness and the quantum worlds of relative realities.
2018-12-20 By Prashant Saxena

THIRD EYE OF SHIVA the Hindu god Shiva is believed to have a third eye which has the power to reduce the world to ashes . TONOMETER an instrument used for measuring the pressure in the eye . TOXOCARA a worm carried by dogs , which , if ...

Author: Ian Grierson

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 0853237557

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The Eye Book is an essential read for anyone who wears glasses, for parents of children with eye problems, for students considering training in orthoptics or optometry, and for health-care professionals looking for an overview of eye health. It is written in a lively readable style and a glossary is provided for technical and medical terms. The structure and function of the eye and the mechanisms of vision are explained in the initial chapters, with explanatory illustrations. Eye problems, eye diseases and their treatment are examined, and the function of different eye-care professionals is explained. Modern medical techniques are also described, including laser treatment, transplantation of cells, and rejuvenation therapy which may give the possibility of restoring diminished sight. The book is illustrated throughout with helpful figures and explanatory illustrations, including 17 color plates.
2000-01-01 By Ian Grierson

Author: Amaury De Riencourt


ISBN: 0907855199

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(“Lord of the dwelling, he subdued the demon who roared out, six-eyes and triple-headed. ... Trishul: The trident or 3 swords of Shiva has 3 blades. ... Jayantha Vel: A spear that contains the power of the third eye of Shiva.

Author: Peter J Miele

Publisher: Phantom Inc


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Attention All Truth Seekers: The urge to know our origin has never been greater and the secrets of humanity's past are ready to be revealed. Peter J. Miele pulls back the veil with this insightful depiction of our extraterrestrial ancestry and the decisive events that have formed our world today! Cutting through all myth, mysticism, confusion and allegory to expose the raw truth Peter has personally traveled to the most remote temples on the Indian continent and around the world to bring you this Ancient Wisdom once thought lost. This book is as much practical as it is spiritual, guiding the reader through a detailed history of humanities bizarre beginnings influenced by a cabal of morally questionable beings from the sixth dimension of the Capricorn constellation. Today even NASA has begun to study the astrophysical knowledge of the Vedas uncovering the universal truths hidden within the text. How is it that a book thought to be several thousands of years old can contain exact scientific data that surpasses the forefront of our own modern age? Who were these strange beings thought to be immortals that appear time and time again throughout the myths and legends of old? Dare to study these mysteries and find out why the truth is far stranger than fiction!

In the extreme angry pose, Shiva continues to remind us of our specific role on the planet. The third eye Shiva's third eye is a representation of an extra dimension of knowledge – a new awakening. The third eye location is just above ...

Author: Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781524638849

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Face to Face with Shiva - scientific perspective of a spiritual experience: A real life account of being face to face with Lord Shiva: the highest among all known beings. An event that took place in 1970, is given in as-is form. It was among rarest of the rare experiences. Ever since then, the continuous dialog with Lord Shiva has been unfolding, and has provided revelation to the mysteries of life and defining its very purpose. In the dilemma of being a scientist who must find a scientific explanation to every phenomenon, I had refrained from publicly sharing this unique experience. Over forty five years of an ongoing dialog with Lord Shiva has yielded a scientific hypothesis to this rare happening, and time has now come to share this experience for larger benefit of humanity. In this brief presentation, the hypothesis and experience are shared alike. Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, physical and metaphysical, un-manifested and visible existence, abstract and defined, Lord Shiva answers the most unanswered questions like: Is there God? If so, who is that? Who made God? What is the purpose of Life? Who are we? What can one do as an individual to make a difference in this world? Why do tragedies happen? Why do living beings have desires? How do we participate in the universal divine plan? What happens after death? Are we the only living beings and is there life elsewhere in this inter-galactic universe? Are we being observed? Am I empowered to change the universe? What is the end-all of existence? What is our responsibility in this life? How is the universe managed? Who controls the universe? What lies beyond edge of the universe? Atheists, believers, and scientists can all benefit by drawing insight to the reality of all that is and discover the truth beyond science and religion. Brought to you by IEEE Author of the Year.
2016-10-21 By Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal

SHIVA'S 'THIRD EYE' - UNIFIED FIELD AWARENESS The New Yoga as a science is based on a Unified Field Theory of Awareness. As a religion its aim is the creation of a Unified Field Theology, based on the cultivation of Unified Field ...

Author: Peter Wilberg

Publisher: Exposure Publishing

ISBN: 9781846858970

Category: Mind and body

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The Tantric Tradition known as 'Kashmir Shaivism' bore within it the understanding that God is not a being 'with' awareness. Instead God is awareness, pure and unbounded. This pure awareness is like a stainless mirror - invisible in itself - in which all experienced realities are not only reflected but actively and continuously manifested. The New Yoga of Awareness is not merely a commentary on or an explanation of this tradition, but the most comprehensive and original contribution to it since its synthesis by the great 10th century teacher and tantric adept Abhinavagupta. It unites religion, science, philosophy and theology, psychology and metaphysics in a way that truly makes it not just 'a' new yoga but THE New Yoga - an entirely new school of 'tantra' evolved from and for today's world. Tantra does not separate religion and science. It is yogic religious science. The aim of The New Yoga is to make this new and highly practical religious science known to the world in order that it can begin to work for it. It does so by challenging the foundations of both Western science and the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), along with the "monotheism of money" (Marx) and the godless 'science' that is its religion. Peter Wilberg's wide-ranging writings on tantra, introduced in this book, constitute a new and highly practical body of theosophical and religious scientific knowledge of the sort that alone can help bring an end to today's rising ocean of religious and scientific ignorance - and to the ecological devastation, economic inequalities and global mayhem that go with it. Above all, they offer a way of accomplishing this world-transforming aim - not through jihad, violence or war but through learning to experience that pure and Divine Awareness ('Shiva') which pervades all things, and the Divine Power ('Shakti') of Awareness that manifests them all.
2007 By Peter Wilberg

10 a very interesting allegorical legend is given , explanatory of the Eye of Shiva'or the “ Third Eye ” . We cannot refrain froin quoting , italici . zing the key - words . Once upon a time there lived three Rakshusus who were doing ...



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1892 By

Statue of Lord Shiva at Murudeshwara Temple in Karnataka , India The Old New Eye : The Imagined " Third Eye " In India , also around 3000 BC , the depiction of a “ third eye " appeared in the Sanskrit text the Rigveda .

Author: Betty Edwards

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780593329658

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A fascinating follow-up to the beloved bestseller Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain--with new insights about creativity and our unique way of seeing the world around us Millions of readers have embraced art teacher Betty Edwards's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, from art students and teachers to established artists, corporate trainers, and more--all discovering a bold new way of drawing and problem-solving based on what we see, not what we think we see. In this highly anticipated follow-up, Edwards illuminates another piece of the creativity puzzle, revealing the role our dominant eye plays in how we perceive, create, and are seen by those around us. Research shows that much like being right-handed or left-handed, each of us has a dominant eye, corresponding to the dominant side of our brain--either verbal or perceptual. Once you learn the difference and try your hand at the simple drawing exercises, you'll gain fresh insights into how you perceive, think, and create. You'll learn how to not just look but truly see. Generously illustrated with visual examples, this remarkable guided tour through art history, psychology, and the creative process is a must-read for anyone looking for a richer understanding of our art, our minds, and ourselves.
2020-11-10 By Betty Edwards

the eye of shiva: crowley and tantra Shiva, the Destroyer, is asleep, and when he opens his eye the universe is destroyed. . . . But the “eye” of Shiva is also his Lingam [phallus]. Shiva is himself the Mahalingam, which unites these ...

Author: Hugh B. Urban

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520932883

Category: Religion

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Sexuality and the occult arts have long been associated in the western imagination, but it was not until the nineteenth century that a large and sophisticated body of literature on sexual magic—the use of sex as a source of magical power—emerged. This book, the first history of western sexual magic as a modern spiritual tradition, places these practices in the context of the larger discourse surrounding sexuality in American and European society over the last 150 years to discover how sexual magic was transformed from a terrifying medieval nightmare of heresy and social subversion into a modern ideal of personal empowerment and social liberation. Focusing on a series of key figures including American spiritualist Paschal Beverly Randolph, Aleister Crowley, Julius Evola, Gerald Gardner, and Anton LaVey, Hugh Urban traces the emergence of sexual magic out of older western esoteric traditions including Gnosticism and Kabbalah, which were progressively fused with recently-discovered eastern traditions such as Hindu and Buddhist Tantra. His study gives remarkable new insight into sexuality in the modern era, specifically on issues such as the politics of birth control, the classification of sexual "deviance," debates over homosexuality and feminism, and the role of sexuality in our own new world of post-modern spirituality, consumer capitalism, and the Internet.
2006-10-04 By Hugh B. Urban