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By completely suppressing my addiction, baclofen saved my life. I believe it can save and improve the lives of many others by completely suppressing their addictions, and I have written this book to that end. It is in effect an extended ...

Author: Olivier Ameisen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748115181

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

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Dr Olivier Ameisen was a brilliant cardiologist and running his own successful practice when he developed a profound addiction to alcohol. Fearing for his life, he immersed himself in AA, rehab and therapy. Nothing worked. So he did the only thing he could; he took his treatment into his own hands. Searching for a cure for his deadly disease, he happened upon baclofen, a muscle relaxant that had been used safely for years as a treatment for various types of muscle spasticity, but had more recently shown promising results in studies with laboratory animals addicted to a wide variety of substances. Dr Ameisen prescribed himself the drug and experimented with increasingly higher doses until he finally reached a level high enough to leave him free of any craving for alcohol. That was more than six years ago. Baclofen, as prescribed under a doctor's care, could possibly help many addicts. But as long as the medical and research establishments ignore a cure for one of the most deadly diseases in the world, we won't be able to understand baclofen's full potential. This book is a plea for research that can rescue millions from the scourge of addiction.
2010-06-03 By Olivier Ameisen

Most of the other medical professionals in rehab at Marworth were primarily addicted to prescription painkillers like codeine and anesthetics like fentanyl , with alcohol or some other drug as their secondary addiction .

Author: Olivier Ameisen, M.D.

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux

ISBN: IND:30000122540226

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 332

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What if you there were a cure for addiction--a medication that eradicates the need for a fix? This is the story of Olivier Ameisen, a brilliant physician and cardiologist who developed a profound addiction to alcohol. He broke bones with no memory of falling and nearly lost his kidneys. He gave up his flourishing practice and invested himself in Alcoholics Anonymous and, later, rehab. Nothing worked. So he took his treatment into his own hands. Searching for a cure, he discovered baclofen, a muscle relaxant that had proven effective in curing rats addicted to every substance from nicotine and alcohol to cocaine and heroin. Ameisen prescribed himself the drug and, over a two-year period, experimented with the dosage until he reached a level high enough to leave him free of any craving for alcohol. This is both a memoir of Ameisen's own struggle and a groundbreaking call to action.--From publisher description.

Dr. Ameisen, who died of a heart attack in July 2013, wrote a book about his experiences, published in France as Le Dernier Verre (The Last Glass in English) in 2008 and in 2009 as The End of My Addiction in English.4 The book received ...

Author: Mathis Heydtmann, MD, PhD

Publisher: Sunrise River Press

ISBN: 9781934716632

Category: Health & Fitness

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The worldwide burden of alcoholism on affected individuals, their families, and society is enormous. People with alcohol use disorders tend to miss work, get into problems with the law, have financial difficulties, and alienate family and friends. Alcoholism also contributes to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, liver disease, brain damage, pancreatitis, and cancer as well as societal problems such as suicide, domestic violence, and accidents. Some medications help some patients with alcohol addiction, but no drug treatment has been shown to be effective in ending alcohol addiction. One drug, however, has shown promise. Baclofen, which is given for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other spinal cord diseases, has shown promising results in the treatment of alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Baclofen was developed in the 1960s and marketed and sold for its role in relieving muscle spasms. Other uses for the drug were not actively pursued and, because baclofen is now inexpensive to produce and no longer protected by a patent, drug companies have limited interest in performing the rigorous and expensive research required to prove its use for the treatment of alcoholism. In this book, you hear from internationally regarded doctors who have all prescribed baclofen for years for the treatment of alcohol addiction. They report on their experiences and views and discuss the results of studies on the use of baclofen to treat alcoholism. Whether you are a patient, family member, or doctor, this book will help you understand the history of baclofen’s use, current research on its use to treat alcohol use disorders, and whether it might be a viable option for your life or practice. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Arial}

What I Wish I'd Learned in School about Substance Use Disorder and Addiction Recovery Kenneth Martz ... As we near the end of this book, our relationship will change. It has been a pleasure to join you in this journey.

Author: Kenneth Martz

Publisher: Kenneth Martz

ISBN: 9781736613115

Category: Self-Help


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The author blends theory and practice in direct, useful, and inviting ways. Inspiring quotations and takeaway messages abound. The format engages readers who eagerly anticipate "next steps." Dr. Sandra Rasmussen: Author of Ready, Set, Go! Addiction Management for People in Recovery Today, millions of Americans are facing an epidemic of addiction. Alcohol, opiates, stimulants, and gambling have become common, with as many as one in four families searching for a way to recover their lives. These patterns include other behavioral issues, including screen time, sexual behaviors, compulsive eating, and shopping. As we search to numb or solve our internal experience with addictive behavior patterns, the impacts can worsen, adding depression, anxiety, health, or even legal concerns. With decades of experience, Dr. Martz helps guide the reader to understand the process of addiction and make a change. In this book you will find: • How the brain tricks us and how to take control of it •The stages of addiction and implications of each • Understanding our "Why" and how to use it • The five key approaches to make lasting change in our insight, vision, emotions, beliefs, and values • Special sections on trauma, goal-setting, and cross-addictions •Guidance on how to find a counselor that’s a good fit for you If you want to stay the same, this book is not for you. If you are ready for something more, read on. Start now to change your life. Page up and Order Now
2021-05-15 By Kenneth Martz

(Narcotics Anonymous) because I was a heroin addict, but it didn't work for me. ... All I need is to get three days clean, and I can walk away from my addiction. ... I just knew that this was the final end to my addiction to heroin.

Author: Csc John E Johnson Ras

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781609570033


Page: 254

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Wrongly Diagnosed exposes the true source and nature of addiction that has been hidden, denied, and disbelieved. It provides correct information as it relates to God and recovery using the Word of God. It reveals the misrepresentation of God in the twelve-step program and exposes the deception of its concept of spirituality and a higher power. Wrongly Diagnosed is an unflinching look at the true nature of addiction. Pastor Johnson gives the reader an inside look at this national tragedy and the path he has found to healing. This book is the work of a refreshingly honest and engaging writer who repays the time you invest in him with substantial hope. Sharilyn Grayson, Freelance Editor As a co-dependent, and mother of four children married to a cocaine addict, I found this book to be extremely enlightening into the issues and struggles of an addict. It is insightful, informative and an honest look at what an addict goes through during and after their addiction. Monica Grier Wrongly Diagnosed is biblically sound with information that helps to identify our true source of power to be free from addiction, which is Christ. It has revealed to us, the strategies of Satan's counterfeit behavior. The masking and delusional practice of lies and deception orchestrated by our adversary the devil. Pastor Maria Salas, Joshua & Caleb Ministry. Bell Garden, CA John Johnson is an ordained pastor, a Certified Alcohol and Drug counselor RAS, CSC. He was the Co-founder and Director of the Wings of Healing Alcohol and Drug ministry at Greater Bethany Community Church in Los Angeles, CA 1991 to 1999. Freed from $300-$400 a day heroin and cocaine habit. In 19 Years of recovery, he has never had one day of withdrawals, cravings or a desire for drugs.

Quit. Smoking. Joseph Frascella, director of the division of clinical neuroscience at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) wrote in Time Magazine: "Addictions are repetitive behaviors in the face of negative consequences, ...

Author: Hugh Houston

Publisher: Hugh Houston

ISBN: 9781797641416

Category: Self-Help

Page: 122

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You can break free from porn and find a new life. Apply practical strategies and escape the hamster wheel of compulsive pornography use. Get the inspiration, motivation and information you have been looking for as you begin your journey to the LIGHT. Honest, hard-hitting, helpful and hopeful! This story of one man's courageous battle against lust and pornography shows how a Christian (even a pastor) can be trapped in the darkness, feeling isolated and afraid to ask for help. Yet Hugh’s story of heartbreak, humility and trusting in Christ shows how God offers new life. When Hugh finally confessed his secret double life to his wife of 30 years, it almost destroyed her. Yet out of this terrible pain, the Lord brought forgiveness and healing. Their marriage today is stronger than ever! This can be your story too! There is HOPE for anyone enslaved by sin, because Jesus came to set the captives free. Learn how to fight lies with the truth. See how you can take control of your thoughts and your mind. Begin using your own personal “Battle Plan” today. Practice intentional living. Your life can be different. God has already provided you with everything you need for your new life. Use the discussion questions at the end of each chapter with your group. A Certified Partner Coach wrote: “During the past 17 years, I’ve read countless books on the topic of secretive sexual behaviors. Few offer as much humble-yet-helpful wisdom as this book by lifelong missionary, Hugh Houston.” Get your copy today. Jesus is so much better than porn!
2018-06-07 By Hugh Houston

over twenty years, I lived in addiction. My addiction progressed from smoking marijuana as a teenager to drinking lots of alcohol and using many drugs, including methamphetamine, opiates, cocaine, and LSD later in life. Near the end of ...

Author: Scott Kiloby

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781626258884

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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Freedom from addiction is available in the one place that’s the most difficult for an addict to be—the present moment. In Natural Rest for Addiction, non-duality teacher and addiction specialist Scott Kiloby offers his Natural Rest program for finding recovery from substance abuse—and addictions of all kinds—through the mindful practice of Resting Presence. If you struggle with alcoholism, drug dependency, or some other form of addiction, you know all too well the urges and cravings that drive your habit. Addiction tells you that something is wrong, that you need something outside of yourself to make you well, something to fill the sense of deficiency you carry inside. These feelings are often tied to deep emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, or pain held in the body that has never fully been acknowledged. But what if you could learn to relax into awareness and accept the difficult thoughts, emotions, and sensations that make you feel like you need to do something—anything—to change your experience? This book will guide you, step by step, into the natural, open, peaceful awareness that is available to you at all times. Using the mindfulness-based Natural Rest program for recovery, you’ll learn how to tap into this present-moment awareness throughout the day, relieving yourself of worries about the future or past by allowing your thoughts and feelings to come and go as they are, without grasping at or trying to control them. You’ll also learn about the Living Inquiries, a process of self-inquiry developed by Scott Kiloby to target the beliefs, trauma, compulsions, and triggers that keep you trapped in the cycle of suffering and seeking. At the heart of addiction is a constant, desperate desire to alter what you’re feeling, to escape from the here and now, to find relief. With Natural Rest for Addiction, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues that underlie addictive behavior and learn how to find peace, freedom, and well-being in the present, one moment at a time.
2017-05-01 By Scott Kiloby

“ I am here for my coke ' ( cocaine ) addiction . I never believed I could end up addicted to anything . I always had it my way . Addicts were weak people , people who could not handle things . I could always handle things .

Author: Irving A. Cohen

Publisher: Health Press

ISBN: 0929173104

Category: Self-Help

Page: 209

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Billions of dollars have been expended on educating the public about the dangers of drug and alochol addiction. Despite these massive expenditures, the powerful vortex of addiction continues. Why? Irving Cohen, MD looks at the profile of the addict, the nature of addiction, the pharmacologic nature of the drugs, and explains the roller coaster syndrome that can trap innocent people. Addiction: The High-Low Trap offers a unique perspecive for both the addict and society on how to approach this problem.
1995 By Irving A. Cohen

Unlocking Brain Chemistry and Addiction So You Don't Have to Struggle Lee Tannenbaum ... I was at the end of my rope when I discovered this and I had nearly lost hope." Lost to addiction My addiction took about two years of my life away ...

Author: Lee Tannenbaum

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434366481

Category: Medical

Page: 56

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Many people agree it is politically correct to say that addiction is a disease. But how many people truly believe it? In The Addiction Conspiracy, Dr. Lee Tannenbaum, a certified addiction specialist, takes a closer look at traditional addiction treatment methods from the 1940s and asks the important question - if society embraces medical breakthroughs for diseases such as cancer and diabetes, why doesn't it embrace new research on brain chemistry and what it means to successfully treat addiction? Dr. Tannenbaum artfully explains a highly scientific topic in a way that makes sense to everyone, especially those suffering from the disease of addiction. The Addiction Conspiracy challenges addicts and society alike to start treating addiction at its source and provides actionable solutions, along with real-life stories of success. Gripping, educational and overall, honest, The Addiction Conspiracy is a must-read for anyone who has been touched by addiction.
2008-03-01 By Lee Tannenbaum

It exacerbated a genetic condition, causing me to end up with such severe osteoarthritis that I had to have a total knee replacement. I was only fortyseven years old. The standard American diet, and my addiction to food, chipped away at ...

Author: Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062249340

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 368

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In The End of Dieting, Joel Fuhrman M.D., a board–certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, Super Immunity and The End of Diabetes, delivers a powerful paradigm-shifting book that shows us how and why we never need to diet again. Fuhrman writes, "By reading this book, you will understand the key principles of the science of health, nutrition and weight loss. It will give you a simple and effective strategy to achieve—and maintain—an optimal weight without dieting for the rest of your life. This new approach will free you forever from a merry-go-round of diets and endless, tedious discussions about dieting strategies. This is the end of dieting."
2014-03-25 By Joel Fuhrman, M.D.