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Planet. Randall was at the electronic feelers and the optical instruments, as busy as the proverbial bee. He checked and re- checked to make certain he had not erred. And then he looked into the concerned faces of Donley and Standish.

Author: Harl Vincent

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9780809532438

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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Deep in the heart of the galaxy the unknown planet spun like a vast spider in its web, radiating a deadly and mysterious energy. Far out in space aboard the ethership Meteoric, Donley was the first to sense the sinister, almost imperceptible attraction of the strange power source. Then the others felt it too - the monotonous throbbing that pulsed through the ship, the altered sensations of every man on board. Slowly, inexorably, the crew of the Meteoric felt themselves being pulled toward-what? Hovering on the outermost edge of space, the rogue planet Ormin was waiting to receive them. Ormin, the Doomsday Planet, where all who set foot there were doomed to living death . . .
2003-09 By Harl Vincent

Author: Harl Vincent


ISBN: OCLC:4281027


Page: 141

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1968 By Harl Vincent

Hypothetical doomsday events include major disruptions in human civilization , extinction of human life , destruction of planet Earth and even the annihilation of the entire universe . More than 50 percent of you believe that at least ...

Author: Pepper Lewis

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 189182483X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 290

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A fascinating exploration of one hundred forms of crystals, describing specific uses and their purpose, from the spiritual to the cellular, as agents of change. It clarifies the role of crystals in our awakening. Crystals are ensouled. Those souls of the mineral kingdom want to work with you and Earth to help you reach your full potential now as evolution accelerates. Each crystal makes its own unique contribution as a teacher. From the regal amethyst and friendly boji stone to the multitalented quartz and powerful emerald, the mineral world can open doors to experiences that change your life. Crystals are masters of using light. They can help you get in touch with your roots in the Earth as well as your higher self and other spiritual beings. Learn to work with crystals! This book contains newly channeled information to teach you how to become partners with your mineral guides. They can show you how to use light for healing, enlightenment, and transformation to create a better life
2010-06-01 By Pepper Lewis

planet. Mankind produces a huge and ever-growing tide of pollution that threatens to poison the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil in which we grow our crops. In the developed world we are insulated from the true scale of ...

Author: Joel Levy

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

ISBN: 9781848394865

Category: History

Page: 256

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Whether it’s a tsunami or an asteroid, a terrorist attack or a nuclear war, the end of the world is never far away. But just what are the chances of civilisation being destroyed, and which method of meltdown is most likely?
2005-09-05 By Joel Levy

Below: The Starship Constellation confronts the planet killer in the Star Ire/e episode, “The Doomsday Machine.” The most destructive weapons of science fiction don't just kill—they destroy entire planets! These “doomsday devices” are ...

Author: John Hamilton

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 9781604533002

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Introduces young readers to the world of science fiction.
2006-08-15 By John Hamilton

The beautiful planet Venus is distant from the Earth about 70,000 miles . Her day , or rotation round her axis , is accomplished in a period approaching 24 hours , and her year is about 224 days . Venus , though rather less than the ...

Author: Esq. JUNIUS RESURGAM (pseud)


ISBN: BL:A0018262457


Page: 30

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During the action of the power of God on ex-planet Galatania, there was an explosion of two icy planets beyond Pluto and an attack ... So, whatever the sequence of events, it is predicted that during the doomsday of ex-planet Galatania, ...

Author: Pantelo Pandeli

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781612042091

Category: Religion

Page: 72

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Pantelo Pandeli was inspired to write this book as an act of goodwill that could bring positive results and help create a better and more peaceful society. The Paradise Located As God Identified in the Universe resulted from the revelation that Saint John the Divine is in the Bible. The author provides scientific proof that he has located paradise in heaven. I investigated planet Mars and claim there was life there, and destruction fell upon them to finally identify similar figures on heavens, and using theology and paleontology again, claim that it is God's head image. Broaden your knowledge and your consciousness with this eye-opening book that soars through the universe. Paradise awaits.
2011-11 By Pantelo Pandeli

speaks of a planet from which these Astronauts or God's (as we like to call them) came to our planet and planted the ... Some doomsday believers named it “Planet of Destruction” yet there is our current generation which made films on ...

Author: Ashish Kumbhare

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers


Category: Humor

Page: 184

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"This book is an investigation of the proofs of God’s existence in both science and religion. For centuries now, scientists have been trying to find a science surrounding religion. But in this book, we will find the science that is coded within religion. This book starts with the Great city of Alexandria and then progresses to Italy, finally ending up in Space. On our journey of decoding the science in religion we will encounter many popular legends such as the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Newton, and then make our final stop at the Modern Einstein—Stephen Hawking. The Scrutiny decodes a number of mathematical equations from religious books as well as ancient civilizations. It starts with man and ends up at the great gods. It answers the most prominent questions of all time—where do we come from? Where are we going? While finding our answers, we get to decode the famous Mona Lisa, The School of Athens and find our answers in the codex of God. During our journey, we will also unmask some famous hoaxes, such as that of the legendary William Shakespeare and the famous legend of Fatima… The Scrutiny concludes with “The Theory of Everything” – A theory that can satisfactorily explain God with the help of both Science and Religion. So buckle up! We are all in for one crazy ride… "

Kotati Planet in the Delta Quadrant “Investigations” (VGR) Kraus IV Planet where Cardassian clothier Garak could obtain silk lingerie “Past Prologue” (DS9) Krios One of two neighboring star systems that had been warring with each other ...

Author: Michael Okuda

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451646887

Category: Fiction

Page: 752

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From 'audet IX to Zytchin III, this book covers it all. This is the ultimate reference book for all Star Trek fans! Added to this edition are 128 new pages. This addendum highlights the latest episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, Star Trek: Voyager® and the newest feature film, Star Trek: Insurrection™. The thousands of photos and hundreds of illustrations place the Star Trek universe at your fingertips. Planets and stars, weapons and ships, people and places are just part of the meticulous research and countless cross-reference that fill this book.
2011-05-17 By Michael Okuda

Author: Harl Vincent


ISBN: OCLC:4281027

Category: Life on other planets

Page: 141

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1966 By Harl Vincent