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Using the Dexter saga of novels and television programs as its basis, the book argues that a «Dexter Syndrome» has emerged whereby we no longer see a difference between real and fictional serial killers.

Author: Marcel Danesi

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 1433131560

Category: Serial murderers

Page: 138

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The serial killer has become an obsession ever since Jack the Ripper became a media sensation, embedding a new and horrifying type of murderer into our cultural consciousness - one who kills darkly and in the dark. All popular media - print, radio, television, and so on - have become absorbed by this new figure. This book traces its diffusion through all media and discusses what this reveals about modern society. Using the Dexter saga of novels and television programs as its basis, the book argues that a «Dexter Syndrome» has emerged whereby we no longer see a difference between real and fictional serial killers. The psychological and social reasons for this are explored by tracing pop culture texts themselves (movies, novels, etc.). Above all else, Dexter’s concept of a «moral code» forms a thematic thread that allows the author to argue that our contemporary moral nihilism has produced the demand for horror and horrific characters like serial killers, who have replaced medieval demons and monsters.
2016-02-24 By Marcel Danesi

From the implications of faking normalcy (could it be behind Dexter’s still-in-progress emotional growth?) to where the show weighs in on the psychological debate between nature and nurture, this book gives fans a peek inside Dexter’s ...

Author: Bella Depaulo

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 9781935251972

Category: Social Science

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Peek inside the mind of Dexter Morgan—police forensic analyst, family man, serial killer, and the star of Showtime’s most-watched series—with essays from seventeen psychologists and avid fans. Aimed at Dexter devotees and armchair psychologists, The Psychology of Dexter takes on the psychological complexities of the popular series with an eye towards insight and accessibility. It analyzes not just the title character, but his family, coworkers, and even his viewers. What makes Dexter tick? What makes a show about a serial killer so appealing to those of us at home. And do we need to be worried about our own Dark Passengers? From the implications of faking normalcy (could it be behind Dexter’s still-in-progress emotional growth?) to where the show weighs in on the psychological debate between nature and nurture, this book gives fans a peek inside Dexter’s psyche. Think you know Dexter? The Psychology of Dexter will make you think again.
2010-09-07 By Bella Depaulo

Syndrome. is responsible for all reported cases of bovine dwarfism. Here we describe two unique forms of bovine dwarfism. Dexter bulldog dwarfism has been a major problem for the Dexter breed since its description in the early ...

Author: Richard M. Hopper

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119602453

Category: Medical

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Bovine Reproduction A complete resource for practical, authoritative information on all aspects of bovine theriogenology The newly revised Second Edition of Bovine Reproduction delivers a comprehensive overview of all major issues in bovine reproduction. Written by leading experts in the subject, the book is an indispensable reference for any veterinarian dealing with bovine fertility. Bovine Reproduction is divided into sections on the bull, the cow, the neonate, and assisted reproduction techniques. New chapters cover new gene manipulation technologies, managing problem donors, lameness, and more. Outdated and redundant information from the First Edition has been removed and replaced by coverage of new diseases, technologies, procedures, techniques, and approaches to fertility problems. A new companion website provides images and tables from the book in PowerPoint format. In addition to more than 675 full-color images, readers will also benefit from: A thorough discussion of the anatomy and physiology of the bull, including the endocrine and exocrine function of bovine testes and the thermoregulation of the testes An exploration of breeding and health management of bulls, including the evaluation of breeding soundness and ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract An examination of the anatomy, physiology, and the breeding and health management of cows, including fetal programming, the reproductive tract microbiome, and a section on obstetrics and reproductive surgery A review of the management of both critical care of the neonate and effective colostrum assessment and provision An introduction to assisted and advanced reproductive technologies A practical and comprehensive reference, Bovine Reproduction is a must-have purchase for bovine practitioners, theriogenologists, animal scientists, veterinary students, and residents with an interest in cattle.
2021-04-30 By Richard M. Hopper

In vitro the HSCmicroenvironment interaction have relied heavily on long-term marrow culture systems, as first described by Dexter. Cells from marrow aspirates form a complex adherent layer of stromal cells at the bottom of the culture ...

Author: H. Joachim Deeg

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642362293

Category: Medical

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The diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), a heterogeneous group of clonal hematopoietic disorders, is being made with increasing frequency over the past decade owing to increased recognition, improved understanding, and an aging population. This book, completely updated since the first edition, summarizes in a concise and focused way the current knowledge of all aspects of MDS. Clinical presentation, etiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, classification, and staging are all discussed. Clear guidance is provided on diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and treatment strategies are explained in detail, including administration of hematopoietic growth factors, biologically based treatment, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and supportive care. Additional chapter is devoted to MDS in children. This practically oriented book will be of value to a broad spectrum of students and practitioners in the field.
2013-07-08 By H. Joachim Deeg

... and dynamics in which blood cell production takes place (Dexter et al., 1977). In LTMC, hematopoiesis can be sustained for several weeks and this is due to the development of an adherent cell layer—similar, in terms of composition, ...

Author: Azra Raza

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461514633

Category: Medical

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Myelodysplastic syndromes are to the bone marrow what pneumonia is to the lungs; the response of an organ to a variety of etiologic insults like aging, toxic exposure, infections and auto-immunity. Among infectious causes alone, pneumonia could be the result of a variety of possible pathogens including bacterial, viral, tuberculous or fungal agents. Similarly, MDS cannot be treated as a single disease. Attempts to harness the inherent complexity of MDS by devising `classifications' which group the various syndromes as one disease is as misguided as saying that a pneumonia is not infectious because it did not respond to antibiotics. Progress in the field will occur faster when we re-analyze this premise. Therefore, until a clearer picture of the disease emerges it is best to treat each of the MDS syndromes as a separate entity. Having no classification is better than a misleading one. Cancer research has been notable for its periodic cycles of promise and hope, followed by defeat and disappointments. It is not that there is no solution, but that the problem has not been identified precisely. This book is our attempt to define the most crucial questions related to MDS that need to be addressed immediately through logic, analysis and rigorous experimentation. If the emerging problems appear daunting, then instead of being overwhelmed by them, we should follow the advice of the great 20th century thinker Antonio Gramsci, `pessimism of the intellect must be faced with the optimism of will'.
2012-12-06 By Azra Raza

Occurs in Texel sheep and also in cattle, where it is well known as the 'bulldog' syndrome in the Dexter. Inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. Other forms of dwarfism (caused by different sets of genes) are snorter dwarfism and ...

Author: Valerie Porter

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781845934668

Category: Science

Page: 1107

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Mason's World Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds and Breeding describes breeds of livestock worldwide as well as a range of breed-related subjects such as husbandry, health and behaviour. This definitive and prestigious reference work presents easily accessible information on domestication (including wild ancestors and related species), genetics and breeding, livestock produce and markets, as well as breed conservation and the cultural and social aspects of livestock farming. Written by renowned livestock authorities, these volumes draw on the authors' lifelong interest and involvement in livestock breeds of the world, presenting a unique, comprehensive and fully cross-referenced guide to cattle, buffalo, horses, pigs, sheep, asses, goats, camelids, yak and other domesticants.
2016-03-09 By Valerie Porter

Humangenetik 24 ( 3 ) : 217-20 , 1974 Down's syndrome associated with two Robertsonian J Pediatr 86 ( 6 ) : 916-7 , Jun 75 ... Robertsonian translocation in a Dexter Banding identification of partial trisomy 15 and of 8/21 leukaemia .



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ABOUT THE BOOK Originally aired in 2006, the first season of Dexter was based on the Jeff Lindsay novel: Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The book chronicles the life of blood-spatter analyst for the Miami-Metro police department, Dexter Morgan.

Author: Ryan James Avery

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 9781614642640

Category: Study Aids

Page: 37

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ABOUT THE BOOK Originally aired in 2006, the first season of Dexter was based on the Jeff Lindsay novel: Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The book chronicles the life of blood-spatter analyst for the Miami-Metro police department, Dexter Morgan. On the outside, Dexter seems like a regular guy; he gets up every day, goes to work and helps put criminals behind bars. Just under the surface, however, things are not so ordinary. After a traumatizing experience as a small child in which his mother is brutally dismembered with a chainsaw by a drug-dealer, Dexter is left irreparably damaged and afflicted with antisocial personality disorder. Devoid of emotion, obsessed with blood and an inescapable urge to kill; Dexters life was destined to be fraught with pain and horror. Destiny, though, had other plans for him. Officer Harry Morgan, the man who investigated the grisly scene, adopted Dexter. Harry lived his life by a strict moral code, a code which he knew must be imparted to his son to protect him from himself and society. MEET THE AUTHOR Ryan Avery has been a personal trainer and writer for the past 5 years. Over this time, he has contributed articles on a variety of topics including music, history, video gaming and health & fitness. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK With the recent birth of his son, Harrison, Dexter is living the life of a family man. As life continues, Dexter begins to realize he has precious little time outside of work and home, and his Dark Passenger is not taking being neglected very well. The loss of sleep from long nights up with Harrison has dulled Dexters once sharp mind and is playing havoc with every aspect of his life. In the city, a killer attacks a woman as she is sitting in her bathtub. He slides in with her and makes a small cut on the inside of her thigh, causing her to bleed out through the open femoral artery. CHAPTER OUTLINE Quicklet on Dexter Season 4 + About the Show + Director & Producer + General Summary + Episode-by-Episode Summary and Commentary + ...and much more Dexter Season 4
2012-07-30 By Ryan James Avery

The “Dexter Syndrome”: The Serial Killer in Popular Culture. New York: Peter Lang. Domhoff, G. William and Adam Schneider. 2008. “Similarities and Differences in Dream Content at the Cross-Cultural, Gender, and Individual Levels.

Author: Jeannette Mageo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000170559

Category: Social Science

Page: 238

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This book presents new directions in contemporary anthropological dream research, surveying recent theorizations of dreaming that are developing both in and outside of anthropology. It incorporates new findings in neuroscience and philosophy of mind while demonstrating that dreams emerge from and comment on sociohistorical and cultural contexts. The chapters are written by prominent anthropologists working at the intersection of culture and consciousness who conduct ethnographic research in a variety of settings around the world, and reflect how dreaming is investigated by a range of informants in ever more diverse sites. As well as theorizing the dream in light of current anthropological and psychological research, the volume accounts for local dream theories and how they are situated within distinct cultural ontologies. It considers dreams as a resource for investigating and understanding cultural change; dreaming as a mode of thinking through, contesting, altering, consolidating, or escaping from identity; and the nature of dream mentation. In proposing new theoretical approaches to dreaming, the editors situate the topic within the recent call for an "anthropology of the night" and illustrate how dreams offer insight into current debates within anthropology’s mainstream. This up-to-date book defines a twenty-first century approach to culture and the dream that will be relevant to scholars from anthropology as well as other disciplines such as religious studies, the neurosciences, and psychology.
2020-10-09 By Jeannette Mageo

new disease, J. Small Anim. Pract., 24, 399, 1983. 115. Gregory, P. W., Tyler, W. S., and Julian, L. M., Bovine achondroplasia: the reconstitution of the Dexter components from non-Dexter stocks, Growth, 30, 393, 1966. 116.

Author: Marcos Rojkind

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351367301

Category: Medical

Page: 193

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This volume provides reviews covering the latest advances in particular areas of connective tissue research. This comprehensive work also includes areas of the medical field in which the basic aspects could be applied. It explains that both cells and matrix are altered in disease states because of the strong interactions established between cells and the extracellular matrix. The aim of this book is to close the existing gap between basic scientists and clinical investigators. This reference is an absolute must for all biological chemists, clinical investigators, and pathologists. Students of these professions will find this reading both informative and useful as well.
2017-07-28 By Marcos Rojkind