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Bridging the Equity Gap in the Small Business Sector Kevin McNally. Cooke, P. and Wells, P. (1991) 'Uneasy alliances: ... The Cooperation Phenomenon: Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economies, London: Graham and Trotman: 51–70.

Author: Kevin McNally

Publisher: Routledge

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This book addresses the lack of academic and practical research into corporate venturing by examining the role of this activity as both a form of large firm-small firm collaboration and as an alternative source of equity finance for small firms. These issues are explored through surveys of independent fund managers, coporate executives and technology-based firm directors.
2002-06-01 By Kevin McNally

Coombs, R. and Metcalfe, J.S. 'Distributed Capabilities and the Governance of the Firm', CRIC Discussion Paper, No. ... The Co-operation Phenomenon: Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economies, London: Graham Trotham, 1990, ...

Author: J Stanley Metcalfe

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A frequent complaint in literature is that services have been previously largely overlooked by innovation researchers and technology policy makers. Given the unarguable growth in the importance of the service sectors, increasing numbers of researchers and policy makers have taken a fresh look at service activities. Innovation Systems in the Service Economy: Measurement and Case Study Analysis presents contributions which increase the understanding of the role of services in the development of the division of labor in modern economics. This volume is devoted to the elaboration and understanding of the following two themes. First, service firms can be innovative in their own right, even though the process of innovation and the kinds of innovation may be different from those traditionally associated with manufacturing and other primary activities. Second, service firms and associated activities play an important role in the evolving division of creative labor which is constituted by modern innovative systems.
2012-12-06 By J Stanley Metcalfe

1 - 44 4 Construing organizational texture in young entrepreneurial firms . Rene Bouwen ; Chris Steyaert . J. Manag . Stu . 27 : 6 11 : 1990 pp . 637 - 649 5 The cooperation phenomenonprospects for small firms and the small economies ...

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The IBSS is the essential tool for librarians, university departments, research institutions and any public or private institution whose work requires access to up-to-date and comprehenisve knowledge of the social sciences.

... “ The small firm perspective on inter - firm collaboration for innovation ' , in Dermot O'Doherty ( ed . ) , The Cooperation Phenomenon : Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economies , Graham Trotham , London , pp . 51-70 .

Author: Birgitte Andersen

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

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'Knowledge and Innovation in the New Service Economy is an interesting book that provides a good overview of recent trends in the service sector. . . . This book is recommended for libraries supporting upper division and graduate programs in international business and e-commerce, or for those who want a thorough overview of the knowledge-based service economy.' - Steven W. Staninger, Business Information Alert Knowledge and innovation are key factors contributing to growth and prosperity in the new service economy. This book presents original, empirical and theoretical contributions to address the economic dimensions of knowledge and the organisation of knowledge intensive activity through specialised services. Specific analyses include: * macro statistics to highlight the contribution of services to economic activity * firm level survey data to identify and consider client relations * case studies of four innovation-oriented business services.
2000-11-27 By Birgitte Andersen

Somerville, Mass.: Consortium for Youth Apprenticeship. Nyt Om Netvaerk. 1991. No. 6 (March). O'Doherty, Dermot, ed. 1990. The Cooperation Phenomenon.' Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economies. London: Graham and Trotman.

Author: Stuart A. Rosenfeld

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

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"Originally published in 1992 by the Center for Urban Policy Research., New Brunswick, NJ."
2012-06-01 By Stuart A. Rosenfeld

(1990), The Co-operation Phenomenon: Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economy, London, Graham and Trotman. OECD (1963), The Measurement of Scientific and Technical Activities, (Frascati Manual) and Revised Editions, 1970 and 1981 ...

Author: Bengt-Åke Lundvall

Publisher: Anthem Press

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'National Systems of Innovation' presents a new perspective on the dynamics of the national and the global economy. Its starting point is that the international competitiveness of nations is founded on innovation. Which role do different parts of the national system play in determining the long-term dynamics of the economy? What is happening to the coherence of national systems of innovation in an era characterised by far-reaching internationalisation and globalisation? These and other issues are addressed in this volume. Available for the first time in paperback, the book is an invaluable resource for scholars and policy-makers.

Arthur , B. R. ( 1990 ) , " Small Firms – The impact of European and UK policies " , in O'Doherty , D. ( ed . ) , The Co - operation Phenomenon Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economies , Graham & Trotman , London .



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O'Doherty , D .; ( 1990 ) ; The Co - operation Phenomenon : Prospects for Small Firms and the Small Economies , Irish Science and Technology Agency OECD ; ( 1995 ) ; Best Practice Policies for Small and Medium - Sized Enterprises OECD ...

Author: Colin McDonald

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1999 By Colin McDonald

Particularly on the R & D side , and because they conduct little research , with the best being located in Seoul ... local external economies , vertical disintegration , or local networking and cooperation is possible , even likely .



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