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THE CAN-DO * 3. KID's JOURNAL (s s | believe you have greatness within you and you can do anything, achieve anything and go anywhere, if you have a 'can-do' attitude. | hope this journal will inspire you to have a go, make mistakes and ...

Author: Sue Atkins

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781787752726

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 919

This journal will help kids feel more confident, relaxed and happy in all aspects of their life. Adorned with fun illustrations, it is designed to develop a can-do attitude that encourages 'having a go', accepting that mistakes might be made along the way. From this, kids can develop the mindset to take the small steps needed to make big dreams come true. Full of practical techniques and fun activities, from drawing and colouring, to thought-provoking questions, this journal from parenting expert Sue Atkins will empower children to build resilience and a growth mindset. It is the perfect tool to help kids find their superpowers and put small changes into practice that will make a big difference to their lives.
2020-04-21 By Sue Atkins

xiv A LETTER TO KIDS WITH ANXIETY PROBLEMS This doesn't make you a bad person. ... You can do everything you want to do, even if you feel scared. ... You will need a Journal to write in, to describe how you get better from anxiety.

Author: Elizabeth DuPont Spencer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471475491

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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A comforting, practical guide to helping your child deal with anxiety Fear, worry, stomach pains, self-doubt-- these are all classic symptoms of anxiety in children and teenagers. Anxiety affects both boys and girls, regardless of age, size, intelligence, or family specifics. And the only way your family can be free of anxiety is to confront it every time it appears. This book will show you how. The bestselling authors of The Anxiety Cure present a reassuring guide to help adults and children understand the way anxiety works. Using characters such as the Dragon and the Wizard, The Anxiety Cure for Kids explains how to overcome the negative impacts of anxiety and turn anxiety into a positive opportunity for the whole family. It outlines specific action steps to regain full control of your anxious child's life. You'll learn how to communicate effectively with your child, help him or her confront fear, and boost your child's feelings of accomplishment and self-esteem. The book also includes helpful advice for anyone who works with anxious children, such as teachers, coaches, therapists, and school nurses. The plentiful exercises and tips reveal how to: * Recognize the symptoms of anxiety in your child * Evaluate your child's need for medication and/or therapy * Utilize a journal to gain a clear perspective * Assess the role of your family in anxiety disorders * Set goals for the future-- including what to do if anxiety returns Overcoming anxiety in children takes time and persistence-- but it can be done. By making changes little by little, your child can get well and stay well. The lessons in The Anxiety Cure for Kids have helped many children break free from anxiety and, with your family's help, your child will too.
2003-09-10 By Elizabeth DuPont Spencer

With the daily use of this Reading Books Journal, overtime, kids will look forward to their daily reading & discussion time, and the "big readers" will have a wonderful record of the child's assisted reading journey. ◆ ◆ ◆ This ...

Author: A. Day to Remember Journals


ISBN: 9798705258543


Page: 99

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Travel to different worlds. Discover the History. Learn good habits. Develop empathy and an understanding about feelings. Get exposure to diversity - of thoughts, of ethnicity, of backgrounds. Instill a passion for reading... ... there are so many things that reading can do to a child that reinforcing the great habits of a book lover is always a good idea. Or giving a bit of encouragement to a kid who needs to read more. And that's exactly what this journal will do! With the daily use of this Reading Books Journal, overtime, kids will look forward to their daily reading & discussion time, and the "big readers" will have a wonderful record of the child's assisted reading journey. ◆ ◆ ◆ This reading log will help parents, teachers and caregivers: ✓ develop a positive reading routine with their child, ✓ keep track of a child's (assisted) reading, ✓ and will promote a dialogue between the reader and the child after each reading session helping kids reflect about what they read and express it, and even improve their drawing skills. ★ How to use this journal ★ Every time you and your child finish reading a story together, fill out a journal entry with information such as: Book name, date when it was read, who was the reader; What the child thought about the story (ie. was it funny, scary, exciting?); Who are the main characters, and where does the story take place; What happened in the story; what was the child's favorite part and least favorite part; How much the child liked the book; A drawing about the story. (Note: You may complete every section or start asking the child just a few questions per book, and gradually add more. You also can make more than one entry about the same book if your child - like ours - loves to re-read a favorite book multiple times!) ◆ ◆ ◆ On this updated version of the journal, we also included key recommendations for the grown ups on how to make the most of reading time with kids, including suggestions for before reading time and during reading time that could make a huge difference on your child's reading journey and school experiences. The gift of a lifelong reading habit is priceless, but you can plant the seeds for that by reading to your child daily! Let's do this together! Ps. If you want to check other options of journals for children's home education and mental health, with different covers and different style of contents, just click on "A Day to Remember" above (ie. Amazon's author name) to check our selection. You will have access to our full collection of journals and even our contact information. We release new journals weekly, so we invite you to come back often!

HOW TO USE THIS JOURNAL TO CREATE A WONDERFUL FAMILY TREASURE WEEKLY ENTRIES - Keep it simple! This Journal is designed so you can successfully record highlights throughout the year. You might think you can't do this for the entire year ...

Author: T. Hubbard


ISBN: 9780991292738


Page: 202

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A journal designed to facilitate making weekly entries - ideal for busy people with kids. Prompts as well as lined pages make it flexible for varied styles. Numerous blank pages for sketching and other entries make this an ideal format to record highlights of your kids' lives as they grow from toddler to teenager and beyond. Suitable, and ideal really, for adults as well. A great gift!!
2014-09-08 By T. Hubbard

You can complete these at your own pace. It is best if you can do these on a consistent schedule, whether that is once a week, once a month or every other month. Continuity helps you not forget what you have been working on.

Author: Vanessa Van Petten

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440191770

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 112

View: 996

What would your kids do if they could makeover your family? With the Radical Family Workbook you can find out how teens advise for parents to stay connected to their kids a totally new approach to the traditional family meeting. Have you been looking for a way to re-start your family? Do you have moody or distant teens or tweens and are lost about to connect and bond with them? Vanessa Van Petten and her teen writers sat down to write the ultimate fun, challenging and inspiring workbook and activity journal for families. This is more than just a journal, it has activities, workshops, exercises, Icebreakers and bonding discussions that your family can do together. It is unique because it is written by kid's, so it is cool enough for teens to be interested while still digging deep enough for parents. The activities are completely adaptable to any family size, time constraints and personal goals. Don't miss out on connecting with your family on a totally radical and new level. This journal can be used again and again and can grow with your family.
2009-12 By Vanessa Van Petten

... Fairy: A Daily Journal –Book 2 Fun with Foster Kids: A Daily Journal – Book 3 Gaited Horse: A Daily Journal – Book 4 Girls Can Do:A Daily Journal – Book 5 Icelandic Horse:A Daily Journal – Book 6 Icelandic Sheepdog: A Daily Journal ...

Author: Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Publisher: Whispering Pine Press International, Inc.

ISBN: 9781594348297

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 196

View: 561

This is the scrapbook in the series and is especially designed for children to help them to remember their unique and joyful adventures through life. Scrapbooking provides an outlet of expression that may not be available in any other form. Families get involved and show their children how much they love them by helping them fill in the pages of this book to preserve family memories. When I was young, I had a baby book. My Holiday Memories Scrapbook for Kids by author Karen Jean Matsko Hood is a wonderful way to document enjoyable past and present experiences, a storehouse of unique recollections, as family’s journey through their lives. You will share many pleasant memories with your child browsing together through this special scrapbook as they grow and mature through their individual times and accomplishments. Encourage your child to record moments, holidays, and special family events, with written thoughts and their own hand drawn pictures, as well as photographs, along the way. So often, we lose some parts of our child’s events because of no singular place to keep them. Here is the answer to that situation, in this memorable scrapbook. You will want one for each of your children so they can protect their personal holiday memories.
2014-01-01 By Karen Jean Matsko Hood

... BOOKJOURNAL SERIES Adventure Travel: A Daily Journal – Book 1 Adventures of My Dentist and the Tooth Fairy: A Daily Journal – Book 2 Fun with Foster Kids: A Daily Journal – Book 3 Gaited Horse: A Daily Journal – Book 4 Girls Can Do: ...

Author: Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Publisher: Whispering Pine Press International, Inc.

ISBN: 9781592106479

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 164

View: 444

This decorative journal is the perfect companion to My Birth Celebration Scrapbook – Children’s Scrapbook Series – Book 3. It’s a great tool for writing down your thoughts, favorite recipes, or simply keeping track of important reminders, personal notes, and special occasions. This journal is great for jotting down your own poetry and short stories, or use it to store addresses and phone numbers. Convenient to carry and beautiful to look at, My Birth Celebration Journal: A Daily Journal makes a thoughtful and unique gift!
2014-01-01 By Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Kids. &. Adults. learn Ideas, tips, techniques & exercises including journaling's therapeutic powers through daily ... my thoughts journal,do the write thing journal for writers,my daily diary examples,how to write a diary entry essay ...

Author: Samantha Claire

Publisher: JNR via PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000007790

Category: Self-Help

Page: 46

View: 424

"When You Feel Rotten, Confused and Need to Unload? Try Journaling!" Are you going through a rough patch? Do you need more clarity in your life? Journaling is essentially externalizing your thoughts and feelings to paper. It lets you know more about yourself, experiences and hone in to your innervoice. Through this book, you'll learn how to fully express yourself like you've never done before! You'll be able to explore everything that goes on internally and externally. By journalling about your thoughts and feelings, they ome clearer and real to you -- that you can almost touch it! In every aspect of your life, you can make it better by exploring it through journalling. With journalling you'll be able to vent off all fears, bad emotions, sad experiences and negative thinking so that you can eject them out of your system once and for all! You can explore your hopes,dreams and innermost thoughts to know what you really want! For someone who has done this for over a decade? Its funny and sometimes embarrassing to see what I wrote down many years ago.But its amazing to see, how far I've come where I managed to materialize my childhood wishes.It's the best feeling to actually meet your past self, though the journals of your youth. This book will also help you be more creative, self-motivated, self-aware and mindful amidst the confusion of a thousand things going on in normal life. Journalling will keep you grounded; to the present, to your thoughts, to your past and even to your future. This will help you be more physically, emotionally and spiritually be more content. It will help build stronger relationships to the people in your life, even a stronger connection with your dreams and aspirations. Start enjoying the many benefits of keeping a journal. Let me take you by the hand as we embark on this journey together. Grab your copy today...
2017-01-15 By Samantha Claire

... Growing Up in the FosterCare System Journals for Young Adults and Teens (Ages 13 18) What's Up? A Daily Journal V. ... A Daily Journal Fun with Foster Kids: A Daily Journal Gaited Horse: A Daily Journal Girls Can Do: A Daily Journal ...

Author: Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Publisher: Whispering Pine Press International, Inc.

ISBN: 9781592106226

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 124

View: 916

This is a great way for a child to remember the loving family or families that they have shared a part of their life with. This scrapbook is stuffed full of pages to fill with special times with loved ones. This scrapbook makes a great gift for any child; it’s the perfect place to put photos, memoirs, stickers, awards and other keepsakes. Scrapbooking provides an outlet of expression that may not be available in any other form. Families get involved and show their children how much they love them by helping them fill in the pages of this book. Author Karen Jean Matsko Hood has written My Special Care Scrapbook to keep those special memories, reflections, and thoughts in a safe place. Help them fill it with photographs, memoirs, stickers, and awards to complete the book of memories that will be treasured for life. As they grow and add more to their scrapbook, you, along with the rest of the family, will spend hours browsing through the scrapbook and remembering all of those special times together.
2014-01-01 By Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Here are some other activities you can do with National Geographic's Little Kids First Big Book of Weather. KEEP A WEATHER JOURNAL (OBSERVATION) Keep track of what the weather is doing day to day, week to week, month to month, ...

Author: Karen de Seve

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426327216

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 592

How does a rainbow form? What causes it to snow? What makes the wind blow? This adorable reference book introduces young children to every aspect of weather and answers the questions curious kids want to know! Always an important topic for young kids, they'll learn how all the various types of weather systems work, from droughts and deserts to snowflakes and blizzards. Stories are accompanied by 100 colorful photos that capture the awe and wonder of our natural world. This charming book is sure to capture kids' imaginations and become a favorite at storytime, bedtime, and anytime.
2017-03-14 By Karen de Seve