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This Handbook provides an encyclopedic-style source regarding the major concerns in forensic psychology.

Author: Jennifer M. Brown

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139489454

Category: Psychology


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Forensic psychology has developed and extended from an original, narrow focus on presenting evidence to the courts to a wider application across the whole span of civil and criminal justice, which includes dealing with suspects, offenders, victims, witnesses, defendants, litigants and justice professionals. This Handbook provides an encyclopedic-style source regarding the major concerns in forensic psychology. It is an invaluable reference text for practitioners within community, special hospital, secure unit, prison, probation and law enforcement forensic settings, as well as being appropriate for trainees and students in these areas. It will also serve as a companion text for lawyers and psychiatric and law enforcement professionals who wish to be apprised of forensic psychology coverage. Each entry provides a succinct outline of the topic, describes current thinking, identifies relevant consensual or contested aspects and alternative positions. Readers are presented with key issues and directed towards specialized sources for further reference.
2010-04-29 By Jennifer M. Brown

In the decade since the publication of the first edition of The Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology, the field has expanded into areas such as social work and education, while maintaining the interest of criminal justice researchers ...

Author: Jennifer M. Brown

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108816746

Category: Psychology


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2021-09-30 By Jennifer M. Brown

Author: Philip J. Corr

Publisher: Cambridge Handbooks in Psychol

ISBN: UOM:39015084117897

Category: Medical

Page: 850

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An invaluable one-stop resource summarising cutting-edge personality research, from DNA to political influences on its development, expression, pathology and applications. Informative, lively, stimulating and, sometimes, controversial, the Handbook is an invaluable aid to understanding the central role played by personality in psychology.
2009-07-16 By Philip J. Corr

Forensic psychologists working in local prisons and jails are sometimes willing to
work with students interested in attending graduate programs in ... In J. Brown &
E. Campbell (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of forensic psychology (pp.


Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199933815


Page: 952

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The Oxford Handbook of Undergraduate Psychology Education is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of teaching, pedagogy, and professional issues in psychology. The Handbook is designed to help psychology educators at each stage of their careers, from teaching their first courses and developing their careers to serving as department or program administrators. The goal of the Handbook is to provide teachers, educators, researchers, scholars, and administrators in psychology with current, practical advice on course creation, best practices in psychology pedagogy, course content recommendations, teaching methods and classroom management strategies, advice on student advising, and administrative and professional issues, such as managing one's career, chairing the department, organizing the curriculum, and conducting assessment, among other topics. The primary audience for this Handbook is college and university-level psychology teachers (at both two and four-year institutions) at the assistant, associate, and full professor levels, as well as department chairs and other psychology program administrators, who want to improve teaching and learning within their departments. Faculty members in other social science disciplines (e.g., sociology, education, political science) will find material in the Handbook to be applicable or adaptable to their own programs and courses.
2015-09-04 By

Author: Bernd Kortmann


ISBN: 3464006263

Category: Amerikanistik - Linguistik - Lehrbuch

Page: 280

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1999 By Bernd Kortmann

Due to such increased potential for causing harm in court-related matters, some
authors have argued that psychologists who practice in the realm of forensic work
should be expected to demonstrate and hold the “highest level” of professional ...

Author: Mark M. Leach

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108698115

Category: Psychology


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The Cambridge Handbook of Applied Psychological Ethics is a valuable resource for psychologists and graduate students hoping to further develop their ethical decision making beyond more introductory ethics texts. The book offers real-world ethical vignettes and considerations. Chapters cover a wide range of practice settings, populations, and topics, and are written by scholars in these settings. Chapters focus on the application of ethics to the ethical dilemmas in which mental health and other psychology professionals sometimes find themselves. Each chapter introduces a setting and gives readers a brief understanding of some of the potential ethical issues at hand, before delving deeper into the multiple ethical issues that must be addressed and the ethical principles and standards involved. No other book on the market captures the breadth of ethical issues found in daily practice and focuses entirely on applied ethics in psychology.
2018-03-31 By Mark M. Leach

The WHO model of placing medical, forensic, psychological, and criminal justice
services in one accessible location may be valuable in camps for internally
displaced persons and refugees, where rape in conflict and migration is
predominant, ...

Author: Fanny M. Cheung

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108602181

Category: Social Science


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There is a growing knowledge base in understanding the differences and similarities between women and men, as well as the diversities among women and sexualities. Although genetic and biological characteristics define human beings conventionally as women and men, their experiences are contextualized in multiple dimensions in terms of gender, sexuality, class, age, ethnicity, and other social dimensions. Beyond the biological and genetic basis of gender differences, gender intersects with culture and other social locations which affect the socialization and development of women across their life span. This handbook provides a comprehensive and up-to-date resource to understand the intersectionality of gender differences, to dispel myths, and to examine gender-relevant as well as culturally relevant implications and appropriate interventions. Featuring a truly international mix of contributors, and incorporating cross-cultural research and comparative perspectives, this handbook will inform mainstream psychology of the international literature on the psychology of women and gender.
2020-06-30 By Fanny M. Cheung

Traité de psychologie appliquée [ Handbook of applied psychology ] ( vols 1 - 10
) . ... In I . B . Weiner & A . K . Hess ( Eds . ) , Handbook of forensic psychology ( pp
. 3 – 21 ) . New York ... Cambridge , MA : Cambridge University Press . Darley ...

Author: Kurt Pawlik

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015049978060

Category: Medical

Page: 629

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The International Handbook of Psychology is an authoritative resource covering all the main areas of psychological science and written by an outstanding set of authors from around the world. The 31 chapters cover not only scientific but also applied cross-disciplinary aspects. Supervised by an International Editorial Advisory Board (IEAB) of 13 eminent psychologists and edited by Professors Kurt Pawlik and Mark R Rosenzweig, it is being published under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) by SAGE Publications Ltd in London. The International Handbook of Psychology will be invaluable to advanced undergraduates, graduate students and academics in psychology,
2000-11-13 By Kurt Pawlik

The second edition of Children's Testimony is an essential resource for lawyers, judges, interviewers and investigators, expert witnesses, social workers, academics and researchers working in forensic contexts with the testimony of children ...

Author: Michael E. Lamb

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119996156

Category: Psychology

Page: 480

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The second edition of Children’s Testimony is a fully up-to-date resource for practitioners and researchers working in forensic contexts and concerned with children's ability to provide reliable testimony about abuse. Written for both practitioners and researchers working in forensic contexts, including investigative interviewers, police officers, lawyers, judges, expert witnesses, and social workers Explores a range of issues involved with children's testimony and their ability to provide reliable testimony about experienced or witnessed events, including abuse Avoids jargon and highly technical language Includes a comprehensive range of contributions from an international group of practitioners and researchers to ensure topicality and relevance
2011-06-01 By Michael E. Lamb

Eyewitness testimony . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Wells , G . L . ,
& Seelau , E . P . ( 1995 ) ... M . J . ( 1987 ) . Psychotherapy with criminal
offenders . In I . B . Weiner & A . K . Hess ( Eds . ) , Handbook of forensic
psychology ( pp .

Author: Salvatore Cullari

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UOM:39015040153549

Category: Psychology

Page: 468

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Responding to the needs of the 21st century clinical psychologist, Dr. Cullari and his distinguished contributing authors have written a new, exciting survey of the field. This book is the first to take an integrated approach to assessment and therapy while focusing on the scientific-practitioner model of clinical psychology. In addition to the traditional topics, the book examines issues pertaining to psychopharmacology; ethics; forensic psychology; behavioral medicine; brief therapy; treatment resistance; and much more. Upon completion of this book, readers will gain an understanding and an awareness of clinical psychology's beginning and its future. Clinical psychologists.

American Educational Research Association , American Psychological
Association , & National Council on ... Cambridge , MA : Cambridge University
Press . Committee ... In I. Weiner & A. Hess ( Eds . ) , Handbook of forensic
psychology ( pp .

Author: Harold V. Hall

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: UOM:39015035739005

Category: Law

Page: 357

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This book is the culmination of more than 20 years of study, research, and the direct evaluation of thousands of forensic clients. The authors provide the reader with the highest caliber of professionalism and make clear that the current state of the art in deception analysis is crude to say the least. They challenge readers to closely examine their own decision processes in regard to deception. And they admit that they have no sympathy for the common complaint that proper deception analysis requires much time and effort, which can be a burden to the busy professional. They make clear that the days of administering an MMPI and a Rorschach to a client and thereby knowing everything there is to know about that person are gone forever.
1996 By Harold V. Hall

Journal of Experimental Psychology : Learning , Memory , and Cognition , 25 ,
1403 – 1414 . ... Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Cohen , C . E ... In W .
T . O ' Donohue & E . Levensky ( Eds . ) , Handbook of forensic psychology ...

Author: Michael P. Toglia

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0805851518

Category: Psychology

Page: 703

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The Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology presents a survey of research and legal opinions from international experts on the rapidly expanding scientific literature addressing the accuracy and limitations of eyewitnesses as a source of evidence for the courts. For the first time, extensive reviews of factors influencing witnesses of all ages—children, adults, and the elderly—are compiled in a single pair of volumes. The disparate research currently being conducted in eyewitness memory in psychology, criminal justice, and legal studies is coherently presented in this work. Controversial topics such as the use of hypnosis, false and recovered memories, the impact of stress, and the accuracy of psychologically impaired witnesses are expertly examined. Leading eyewitness researchers also discuss the subjects of conversational memory, alibi evidence, witness credibility, facial memory, earwitness testimony, lineup theory, and expert testimony. The impact of witness testimony in court is considered, and each volume concludes with a legal commentary chapter. The Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology is an invaluable aid to researchers, legal scholars, and practicing lawyers who need access to the most recent research in the field, accompanied by the interpretations and commentary of many of the world's leading authorities on these topics.

When , however , psychological problems are at Hess , A K ( Ed . ) ; Weiner , I B (
Ed . ) The Handbook of Forensic the root ... y evaluacion de un procedimiento
empirico para deteccion de Criminal Behaviour – Cambridge studies in
philosophy ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105063733070

Category: Justices of the peace


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2003 By

American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry , 22 , 19 - 30 . Pincus , J . H . ( 2001 ) . ...
Rogers , R . ( 1995 ) . Diagnostic and structured interviewing : A handbook for
psychologists . ... New York : Cambridge University Press . Schindler , M . A ...

Author: Neil G. Ribner

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: UOM:39015055838067

Category: Psychology

Page: 678

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The Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology is a comprehensive handbook for mental health professionals working with juveniles in the criminal justice system and in family and dependency courts. Written by a panel of experts in the field, the book focuses on the proactive prevention, accurate evaluation, and progressive treatment for delinquent juveniles and for juveniles caught in the web of a contentious divorce or in the foster care system.
2002-10-02 By Neil G. Ribner

Books on Psychology and Crime 88 Psychology and Crime RODNEY STREET
LIVERPOOL Handbook of Forensic Mental Health Psychology and Crime ...
David Crighton ( NOMS ) and Gareth Hughes ( University of Cambridge ) Due ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105133506779

Category: Psychology


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2007 By

With regard to psychological interventions , particularly in the case of children ,
we also lack much clarity . References 1 Gardner LC . ... In : J Brown , E
Campbell , ( eds ) Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology . Cambridge :
Cambridge ...

Author: Royal Society of Medicine (Great Britain)


ISBN: UCLA:L0098922289

Category: Medicine


View: 893

Includes selected papers from meetings of the Society and of its sections

( 1987 ) Handbook of Forensic Psychology . Chichester : Wiley . All you ever
wanted to know about forensic psychology but were too ignorant to ask .
Regrettably this 725 - page ... London : Cambridge University Press . Bazelon , D
. ( 1976 ) ...

Author: James Hartley (Ph. D.)


ISBN: 0335098444

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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This practical book aims to improve management skills in organizations. David Casey's criterion for effective learning is changed behaviour, not simply understanding the principles. Exploring ways of supporting people in their attempts to do things differently, the book calls on much practical experience with examples and case studies from industry, local government and education.



ISBN: PSU:000045663147

Category: American literature


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1999 By

The Handbook of Psychology for Forensic Practitioners discusses some of the ways in which psychological research and methods can be applied by a wide variety of professional groups working with offenders.

Author: Graham J. Towl

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415128870

Category: Medical

Page: 227

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The Handbook of Psychology for Forensic Practitioners discusses some of the ways in which psychological research and methods can be applied by a wide variety of professional groups working with offenders. By aiming to give a fuller understanding of how psychology can contribute to our understanding of offending, the book concentrates on the assessment of risk in forensic settings and the interventions designed to reduce risk in violent and sexual offenders. By illustrating theoretical practice with case examples and also practical guidance The Handbook of Psychology for Forensic Practitioners develops a very practical focus throughout the text. It can be used as an aid to day-to-day professional practice for those working in forensic settings including probation officers, social workers, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists.
1996 By Graham J. Towl

In H . Wegener , F . Lösel , & J . Haisch ( Eds . ) , Criminal behavior and the
justice system : Psychological perspectives ( pp . 181 - 192 ) . ... Available from
Cambridge University Law Faculty . Sporer , S ... Handbook of forensic
psychology .

Author: Friedrich Lösel

Publisher: De Gruyter

ISBN: UOM:39015029879601

Category: Psychology

Page: 557

View: 599

Summary of contents: Preface / Introduction / Contributors Part I: Eyewitness Testimony Part II: Interviewing Part III: Children in the Legal System Part IV. LEgal Decision Making Part V: Perceptions and Reactions to Criminality Part VI: Correlates of Offending Part VII: Prevention and Treatment of Offending Part VIII: Prison Psychology Part IX: European Perspectives on Law and Psychology Subject Index

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