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Dr. Maya Angelou Physician wellbeing can be most effectively promoted through comprehensive, systematic organizational strategies that address all three reciprocal domains outlined by the Stanford model of wellbeing and professional ...

Author: Laura Weiss Roberts

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319421353

Category: Medical

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This thoughtful and timely book offers physicians and trainees a wide range of insights and strategies to help ensure not only a healthy lifestyle and sense of wellbeing but the best possible career in medicine as well. With evidence and evidence-informed practices provided by experts, this title affirms the culture of medicine while embracing the fundamental, enduring sense of physicians’ calling and affirming the importance of physicians as individuals whose health and wellbeing has intrinsic value and value to others. Organized in three parts, the first part focuses on the nature of the health professions and on advancing a culture of wellbeing in medicine. The second part focuses on threats to physician wellbeing, including mistreatment during training and burnout, to name just a few. The third part outlines approaches to strengthening physician resilience, such as the sustenance drawn from healthy relationships, mindfulness approaches, and optimal approaches to exercise, nutrition and sleep. The Handbook of Personal Health and Wellbeing for Physicians and Trainees is an invaluable, handy resource for physicians and trainees. Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, and social workers will also find the work of great interest.
2019-05-15 By Laura Weiss Roberts

Enhancing Wellness Among Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Mental Health Clinicians Grace Gengoux, Ph.D., BCBA-D, ... Horowitz R: Compassion cultivation, in The Art and Science of Physician Wellbeing: A Handbook for Physicians and ...

Author: Grace Gengoux, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: 9781615372294

Category: Medical

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This book advocates for a new culture -- one that is supportive of the health and well-being of health professionals to the benefit of the patients and populations they serve. A variety of case examples, vignettes, and illustrations serve not only to frame the scope of the challenges clinicians face but also to inspire readers to apply key concepts to their own situations. The inclusion of "positive practices," discussion questions, and written exercises also help readers to engage with the material and integrate what they have learned into their practice.

Psychol Sci. 2013;24(10):2069– 2078. 54. Karpman SB. A Game Free Life. The Definitive Book on the Drama Triangle ... Executive leadership and physician wellbeing: Nine organizational strategies to promote engagement and reduce burnout.

Author: Agnes M.F. Wong

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197551400

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The Art and Science of Compassion, A Primer offers a succinct, all-in-one introduction to the full gamut of compassion, from the evolutional, biological, behavioural, and psychological, to the social, philosophical, and spiritual. Drawing on her diverse background as a clinician, scientist, educator, and chaplain, Dr. Wong presents a wealth of scientific evidence supporting that compassion is both innate and trainable. By interleaving personal experiences and reflections, she shares her insights on what it takes to cultivate compassion to support the art of medicine and caregiving. The training described in this book draws on both contemplative and scientific disciplines to help clinicians develop cognitive, attentional, affective, and somatic skills that are critical for the cultivation of compassion. With striking illustrations for key concepts and concise summaries for each chapter, this book provides a solid conceptual framework and practical approaches to cultivate compassion. Advance Praise for The Art and Science of Compassion, A Primer "Well-written, deeply personal and scientifically-grounded, this book provides strong physiological, psychological, and ethical reasons why cultivating compassion is essential-and provides a thoughtful roadmap for promoting compassion in healthcare and in all of life." - Ron Epstein, MD, author of Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity "Dr. Agnes Wong, a highly distinguished physician and exceptional researcher at the University of Toronto, has written an absolutely uplifting masterpiece about meaning, compassionate care, and the universal journey that all healers must take to sustain their inner being and nobility of purpose. This book is partly her journey to a deeper state of being that places compassionate care its rightful place in the healing art; it is also a fabulous scientific presentation of the practice and impact of compassionate care on patients and on one's own flourishing as a physician. This is a book that touches the soul and should be read by every medical student or clinician worldwide as they reflect on what is means to really succeed in their "whole selves" as healers and human beings." - Stephen G. Post, PhD, Director, Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics; Professor of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine, Stony Brook University "Compassion and empathy are traits that make us human, and as Dr. Wong shows, these qualities can be developed, encouraged, and cultivated. In our struggling world, we need this awareness as never before. The future of our species likely depends on it. This book is an example of how science and spirituality can come together in a brilliant synthesis." - Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters
2020-12-09 By Agnes M.F. Wong

Buffart LM, van der Ploeg HP, Smith BJ, et al: General practitioners' perceptions and practices of physical activity ... Holmes D: Exercise, in The Art and Science of Physician Wellbeing: A Handbook for Physicians and Trainees.

Author: Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: 9781615371662

Category: Medical

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Exercise, a healthy diet, stress management, sound sleep: Most practitioners would agree that living well can mitigate the impact of mental disorders. Yet many are unprepared to address lifestyle factors in their care of patients. Lifestyle Psychiatry seeks to instill confidence by collating and analyzing the impressive emerging body of evidence that supports the efficacy of healthy lifestyle practices -- both as the primary intervention and in conjunction with traditional treatments such as psychopharmacology or psychotherapy -- in preventing and managing psychiatric disorders. This volume examines the impact of lifestyle interventions -- from exercise, yoga, and tai chi to mindfulness and meditation, diet and nutrition, and sleep management -- on psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and addiction. Readers can readily find data to support the use of specific lifestyle interventions for a patient presenting with a specific disorder. Detailed descriptions of the mechanisms of each lifestyle intervention also prepare practitioners to educate their patients on the specific neurobiological and psychological effects of these interventions to support their recovery. With chapters that focus on developing a robust therapeutic alliance and inspiring patients to assume responsibility for their own well-being, this guide provides a framework for lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes. Additionally, the book discusses the impact of the provider's lifestyle on clinical behavior and the implications of lifestyle medicine and psychiatry for health care systems and population health, offering a broader examination of the important role this new field can play in leading a sophisticated, holistic approach to optimizing wellness.
2019-04-08 By Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.

In The Art and Science of Physician Wellbeing: A Handbook for Physicians and Trainees. Edited by L.W. Roberts and M. Trockel, 139–152. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2019. 978-3-319-42135-3 22.

Author: Gia Merlo

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197506226

Category: Medical

Page: 312

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"Medical professionalism is more than a demonstration of individual competencies. Becoming a member of the medical profession is not only about passing a set of milestones, but also about embodying the values, behaviors, and identity of a physician through a process of professional identity formation. The major frameworks for medical professionalism, the process of professionalization, and the importance of socialization in medicine are discussed. The reader is encouraged to reflect on who they are and who they want to become. Physicians have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their patients and embrace life-long learning"--
2021 By Gia Merlo

There is surprise in store for the interviewer when he learns what the patient thought the doctor said . Periodic Health Examinations Science and Art The periodic health examination is one of his most important tools .



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1954 By

... patient's medical interest or the physician's own financial interest. HTTP:// The American Medical Association, with over 300,000 members, is dedicated to promoting the art and science of medicine and the betterment ofpublic health.

Author: James W. Henderson

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305480896

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The 6th edition of HEALTH ECONOMICS AND POLICY thoroughly demonstrates how microeconomic principles apply to health care delivery and its policies. The text explores the changing nature of health care, the social and political sides of issues, and the future of health care delivery and finance under the Affordable Care Act; the text also teaches students to analyze public policy from an economic perspective. Written for non-economics majors, HEALTH ECONOMICS AND POLICY delivers significant economic content and is appropriate for economics majors. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
2014-08-08 By James W. Henderson

... at risk until physician well-being is addressed. Given the forces shaping the training and practice of medicine today, it is remarkable that so many of our physicians have managed to persevere in the art and science of medicine.

Author: Dianne E. McCallister

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030152505

Category: Medical

Page: 253

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​This unique, step-by-step guide offers a comprehensive exploration of burnout and physician wellbeing, a vital issue that steadily has become widely discussed in the professional and mainstream press. More than twenty chapter authors contribute to this multidimensional volume, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, healthcare administrators, chaplains, professional coaches, and counselors. Section one of the book establishes context, provides a brief overview of the phenomenon of physician burnout, establishes its validity, and makes a case for the reason it has emerged as a critical issue in American healthcare. Section two provides a rationale for healthcare institutions (hospitals, physician groups, medical associations) to make a commitment to physician wholeness, while section three then starts the process of delineating a step-by-step curriculum to address the dilemma, providing additional detail and personal experience direct from the frontlines of combatting burnout. Section four focuses on developing and sustaining a healthy professional culture that is aligned with the mission of the organization, and section five addresses the spiritual component of physician wholeness, Section six concludes the book with two personal essays that poignantly express the nature of two common experiences affecting physicians that require uncommon insight, patience, courage. Transforming the Heart of Practice is a major contribution to the literature and will serve as an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with addressing this crisis in American healthcare.
2019-07-18 By Dianne E. McCallister

The Society is also dedicated to the teaching of the art and science of anesthesiology to medical students , all allied health care personnel , and other physicians as well as its own members . ASA believes that in view of the current ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Health


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It even calls into question the very existence of the hospital as the central health care facility . In addition , all those factors in increasing the ... Being a doctor involves more than the art and science of medicine and biology .

Author: Frank R. Kellerman

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313297614

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A thorough introductory guide to health sciences librarianship.