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This guide describes the buildings created for the London 2012 Games, including permanent and temporary structures built for the Olympic Park and venues across the city.

Author: Tom Dyckhoff

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119993865

Category: Olympic Games

Page: 264

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This guide describes the buildings created for the London 2012 Games, including both permanent and temporary structures built for the Olympic Park and venues across the city. Two of Britain′s most incisive and entertaining writers on contemporary architecture and design, Tom Dyckhoff and Claire Barrett, examine what′s been built, who designed the work and how it is set to transform London itself. Considering the human as well as the architectural stories behind the designs, they also look at how the programme for the 2012 Games has pioneered a new level of sustainability and explore the lasting legacy of London 2012.
2012 By Tom Dyckhoff

The Diastolic Architecture of Decline, Dystopia, and Death Donald Kunze,
Charles Bertolini, Simone Brott. 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 ... the Historic
Monument, 147. Gevork hartoonian, Architecture and Spectacle: A Critique (
London, 2012).

Author: Donald Kunze

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

ISBN: 9781409462224

Category: Architecture

Page: 249

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Architecture Post Mortem surveys architecture's encounter with death, decline, and ruination following late capitalism. As the world moves closer to an economic abyss that many perceive to be the death of capital, contraction and crisis are no longer mere phases of normal market fluctuations, but rather the irruption of the unconscious of ideology itself. Post mortem is that historical moment wherein architecture's symbolic contract with capital is put on stage, naked to all. This collection includes essays by Kazi K. Ashraf, David Bertolini, Simone Brott, Peggy Deamer, Didem Ekici, Paul Emmons, Donald Kunze, Todd McGowan, Gevork Hartoonian, Nadir Lahiji, Erika Naginski, and Dennis Maher.
2013 By Donald Kunze

A study of the design and construction of the London 2012 Olympic sites.

Author: Hattie Hartman


ISBN: 1119992990

Category: City planning

Page: 264

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A fascinating study of the design and construction of the London 2012 Olympic sites. The visionary undertaking of sustainability is documented in full colour with construction photos, visualisations and detailed construction drawings.
2012 By Hattie Hartman

Vesna Neskow. weighed and taxed at spectacular Staple Inn (70) (High Holborn)
, one of the few extant Tudor buildings in London. The 17th-century Old Curiosity
Shop (71) (13-14Portsmouth St., 020-7405-9891,; hours: ...

Author: Vesna Neskow

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

ISBN: 9781441309099

Category: Travel

Page: 236

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2012 Edition. With insider recommendations and full-color neighborhood maps that pinpoint landmarks, museums, entertainment, pubs, clubs, and hotels, this fab Little Black Book of London walks you through the best of the Royal Capital, with excursions outside London as well. Author Vesna Neskow lived in Europe for 13 years. She speaks six languages. Her TV work has been produced by CBS and broadcast on NPR, and she has written for the New York Times Book Review. Color-coded, numbered entries in city guide text are keyed to full-color area maps in each chapter. ''Top Picks'' direct you to not-to-be-missed attractions. Notes pages. Portable size and sleek, non-touristy, award-winning ''Black Book'' format. Spot illustrations throughout liven the text. 9 easy-to-use fold-out maps. Elastic band place holder marks your spot. 4-1/4'' wide x 5-3/4'' high. Concealed wire-o binding, book lies flat for ease of use.
2012-01-01 By Vesna Neskow

“Look of the Games”. Landscape Architecture Magazine. February, 2001. p. 83.
56 Toyne, Paul. “London 2012 – Winning the Olympic “Green” Medal”. In: G.
Poytner (ed), Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London, Ashgate,
London, ...

Author: Graham Cairns

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781783202126

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 232

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With the birth of film came the birth of a revolutionary visual language. This new, unique vocabulary - the cut, the fade, the dissolve, the pan, and the new idea of movement - gave not only artists but also architects a completely new way to think about and describe the visual. The Architecture of the Screen examines the relationship between the visual language of film and the onscreen perception of space and architectural design, revealing how film’s visual vocabulary influenced architecture in the twentieth century and continues to influence it today. Graham Cairns draws on film reviews, architectural plans, and theoretical texts to illustrate the unusual and fascinating relationship between the worlds of filmmaking and architecture.
2013-09-01 By Graham Cairns

The challenge of London 2012 Olympics . Many worried that his high - powered ,
invitation - only meetings is Allies & Morrison's master plan for King's to engender
the widest possible understand- Cross will lead to the further sanitization of ing ...



ISBN: UVA:X030047630

Category: Architecture


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2006 By

LONDON The international competition for the aquatics centre for the 2012
Olympics Zaha Hadid Architects' scheme was the unanimous choice of the eight-
strong jury for London's £70m Olympic aquatics centre in Stratford, east London.



ISBN: UVA:X006181599

Category: Architecture


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2005 By

A brief description of each building, which highlights its distinctive features and places it in historical context, is included at the back of the book.

Author: Gill Davies

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781603762687

Category: Architecture

Page: 608

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Five hundred stunning duotone photographs showcase the finest, most majestic, and interesting examples of architecture in one of the world's most beloved cities The greatest buildings, monuments, and structures of London come to life in these inspiring, neighborhood-by-neighborhood photographic tours. Each building is featured in a rich, fine-resolution duotone photograph. Information including the building's name, its address and location, and year of completion or renovation is included underneath the image. A brief description of each building, which highlights its distinctive features and places it in historical context, is included at the back of the book.
2012-03-27 By Gill Davies

CHANCE FOR LONDON urban intensity , in the worst cases desolation ;
perOlympic host cities have a poor track ... will find The bid won and London
2012 continues to see itself as the the same things : monumental buildings that
have Legacy ...



ISBN: PSU:000061869479

Category: Great Britain


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2010 By

The book examines the graphic design program for Tokyo 1964, architecture and urban plans for Athens 2004, brand design for London 2012, and practices of subversive appropriation and sociotechnical action in counter-Olympic movements since ...

Author: Jilly Traganou

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317226352

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 348

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Designing the Olympics claims that the Olympic Games provide opportunities to reflect on the relationship between design, national identity, and citizenship. The "Olympic design milieu" fans out from the construction of the Olympic city and the creation of emblems, mascots, and ceremonies, to the consumption, interpretation, and appropriation of Olympic artifacts from their conception to their afterlife. Besides products that try to achieve consensus and induce civic pride, the "Olympic design milieu" also includes processes that oppose the Olympics and their enforcement. The book examines the graphic design program for Tokyo 1964, architecture and urban plans for Athens 2004, brand design for London 2012, and practices of subversive appropriation and sociotechnical action in counter-Olympic movements since the 1960s. It explores how the Olympics shape the physical, legal and emotional contours of a host nation and its position in the world; how the Games are contested by a broader social spectrum within and beyond the nation; and how, throughout these encounters, design plays a crucial role. Recognizing the presence of multiple actors, the book investigates the potential of design in promoting equitable political participation in the Olympic context.
2016-04-14 By Jilly Traganou

London is a living architectural exhibition.

Author: Ken Allinson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317690467

Category: Architecture

Page: 346

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London is a living architectural exhibition. This tried and trusted portable guide will help you to find your way around one of the world’s most exciting cities, offering architectural experiences and insights into London’s finest contemporary architecture. features more than 400 buildings including key venues from the 2012 Olympic Park provides a superb full colour photographic record of the capital aids navigation of the city’s greatest architectural sights with a clear map-based format considers each district in turn, identifying the buildings most worthwhile visiting, and providing essential information and insights into each includes a large scale, portable, lightweight map, for use when walking the tours Jam packed with the author’s intimate architectural experience and knowledge of London’s buildings, the accompanying commentary is both lively and entertaining, providing all the information that any architectural explorer will need to appreciate and experience London’s contemporary architecture.
2014-06-27 By Ken Allinson

9. HY Contract No. HYN Deep Bay Link - North EDAW / HOK Sport win London
Olympic Blueprint 簽約* Contract Signing Deep Bay Link awarded PTW Wins
2008 Olympics Design Competition The Permanent Secretary for the Work is set
to ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822034009555

Category: Architecture


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2003 By

1834–1929 (Basingstoke, 2012) Hutton, Fiona, The Study of Anatomy in Britain,
1700–1900 (London, 2013) Ingold, Tim, Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art
and Architecture (London, 2013) Kemp, Dawn, with Sara Barnes, Surgeons' Hall:

Author: Elizabeth Hallam

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861893758

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 299

Anatomy museums around the world showcase preserved corpses in service of education and medical advancement, but they are little-known and have been largely hidden from the public eye. Elizabeth Hallam here investigates the anatomy museum and how it reveals the fascination and fears that surround the dead body in Western societies. Hallam explores the history of these museums and how they operate in the current cultural environment. Their regulated access increasingly clashes with evolving public mores toward the exposed body, as demonstrated by the international popularity of the Body Worlds exhibition. The book examines such related topics as artistic works that employ the images of dead bodies and the larger ongoing debate over the disposal of corpses. Issues such as aesthetics and science, organ and body donations, and the dead body in Western religion and ritual are also discussed here in fascinating depth. The Anatomy Museum unearths a strange and compelling cultural history that investigates the ideas of preservation, human rituals of death, and the spaces that our bodies occupy in this life and beyond.

Client Greater London Authority . Transport for London , City of Westminster , City
of London Design Team MacCormac Jamieson Prichard ( lead ) London 2012
Olympics & Lower Lea Valley Legacy Masterplans The Master Plans for the ...



ISBN: UVA:X030116352

Category: Architecture and society


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2006 By

Volume 13 123 2 Olympics Plan London , UK 2007 2012 Olympics Plan ... Both
are problematic because they shift the ground of architectural practice into a
dimension that is not architectural , just as celebrity architects that have shifted
the ...



ISBN: UVA:X030047930

Category: Architecture


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2007 By

Gothic Architecture in Venice. Trans. by Anne Engel. London, 1972. Atterbury,
Paul, ed. A.W.N. Pugin: Master of Gothic ... Barringer, Tim; Rosenfield, Jason and
Smith, Alison. Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde. London, 2012. Barry ...

Author: Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789462700918

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

View: 836

Pugin’s global influence on church architecture and material reform The year 2012 marked the bicentenary of the gothic revival architect A.W.N. Pugin. His influence as a designer not only spread fast globally, but also played a leading part in the transformation of material culture from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. Pugin’s work has been comprehensively reevaluated over the last decade. In this volume sixteen leading scholars from across the globe discuss Pugin’s direct influence on church architecture and furnishing. Beautifully illustrated with a large selection of new photography, Gothic Revival Worldwide, the successor to the volume Gothic Revival published in 2000, reveals how Pugin’s ideas played a profound role in the changing face of material reform in church architecture as an expression of the evolving identity of the churches across the world from North America to Mongolia and the South Pacific. Contributors Stephen Bann (Bristol University), Jessica Basciano (University of St. Thomas, Houston), G.A. Bremner (University of Edinburgh), Martin Bressani (McGill University, Montréal), Karen Burns (University of Melbourne), Timothy Brittain-Catlin (University of Kent), Peter Coffman (Carleton University, Ottawa), Thomas Coomans (KU Leuven), Jan De Maeyer (KU Leuven / KADOC), Candace Iron (York University, Toronto), Stephen Kite (Cardiff University, Wales), Alex Lawrey (independent scholar), Peter N. Lindfield (University of Stirling), Cameron Macdonell (Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, ETH Zurich), M. Stephen McNair, Jr. (McNair Historic Preservation), Gilles Maury (École National Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage, Lille), Henrik Schoenefeldt (University of Kent), Richard A. Sundt (University of Oregon), Malcolm Thurlby (York University, Toronto)
2017-01-18 By Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Professor in Architecture and Urbanism at the London School of Economics , is
chief adviser on architecture and urbanism for the London 2012 Olympies He
was Director of the 2006 Architecture Biennale in Venice on Cities Architecture
and ...

Author: Leon van Schaik

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: UCSC:32106019809125

Category: Architecture

Page: 208

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The book is organised into three distinct sections that in turn highlight the significance of spatial intelligence for architecture: the first section provides an overview of spatial intelligence as a human capability; the second section argues how the acknowledgement of this capability in architectural education and the profession should enable the demystification of the practice of design, forming the basis of a more democratic interface between society and practice; the final section explores exciting new opportunities for practice in the linking of real and virtual environments in the information age.
2008-10-20 By Leon van Schaik

This price is considerable even compared with the 2012 Olympics , to be held in
London ( AA + / Stable — ; see " The Cost of Olympic Gold : the Credit Effect ...
The new infrastructure includes some of the world's most impressive architecture



ISBN: NWU:35556038714317

Category: Investments


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2008-07 By

In this book, Nigel Pennick explains the sacred geometry, spiritual symbols and emblems that make these churches among the most notable buildings of London.

Author: Nigel Pennick

Publisher: Karnac Books

ISBN: 9781781810552

Category: Psychology

Page: 312

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London has a unique series of churches built after the Great Fire of 1666, when most of the City of London was destroyed. Among these iconic churches are St Paul's, St Mary-le-Bow, St Bride's, St Clement Danes, St Martin-in-the-Fields, St Mary-le-Strand, St George Bloomsbury and Christ Church Spitalfields. They remain today as outstanding landmarks that define their local cityscapes. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and his followers - Hawksmoor, Gibbs, Archer and James - these beautiful churches embody spiritual principles expressed through the conventions of Classical architecture. Underlying their outward, visible forms is sacred geometry, an ancient art that explores the invisible inner structure of the Cosmos and gives expression to it in physical form. In this book, Nigel Pennick explains the sacred geometry, spiritual symbols and emblems that make these churches among the most notable buildings of London.
2012-05-31 By Nigel Pennick

The London Olympics logo was a brave but flawed attempt to achieve this . A
much more interesting manifestation of this approach can be found in the Dutch
design group 75B's approach to logo design . Their Rotterdam City of
Architecture is ...

Author: Adrian Shaughnessy

Publisher: Laurence King

ISBN: PSU:000067115457

Category: Design

Page: 320

View: 355

An A-Z guide for graphic designers who want to make expressive and distinctive work. Offers students, novice designers, and seasonal professionals on insider's guide to the complexities of current graphic design practice and thinking.
2009-10-21 By Adrian Shaughnessy

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