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It is probable that the decorations at Cave i at Ajanta were done during the reign of Pulakesin II , who died in 642 A.D. The great paintings of the Ajanta caves represent only the culmination , not the renaissance ...

Author: Benjamin Rowland


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( London , 1930–55 ) Percy Brown , Indian Architecture ( Buddhist and Hindu ) , ( Bombay , 1942 ) Madanjeet Singh , India – Paintings from the Ajanta Caves ( UNESCO , World Art Series , New York , 1954 ) Benjamin Rowland , The Art and ...

Author: Sangitika Nigam

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Incorporated

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The exquisite murals and stone sculptures of India's Ajanta caves--located some 200 miles northeast of Bombay--rank among the world's most important cultural treasures. In his photographs, using long exposures that capture the natural ambient light, Benoy Behl recreates the experience of visiting the caves with an accuracy and detail never before thought possible. 250 illustrations, 225 in color. 2 maps.
1998-03 By Sangitika Nigam

500-525 CE Ajanta Cave 19, Ajanta- India The description clearly tallies with the location of the Ajanta caves which have been hewn along the horseshoe crag and ravine overlooking an idyllic stream and waterfall.

Author: Huu Phuoc Le

Publisher: Grafikol

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"The volume thoroughly examines the origins and principal types of Buddhist architecture in Asia primarily between the third century BCE-twelfth century CE with an emphasis on India. It aims to construct shared architectural traits and patterns alongwith the derivative relationships between Indian and Asian Buddhist monuments. It also discusses the historical antecedents in the Indus Civilization and the religious and philosophical foundations of the three schools of Buddhism and its founder, Buddha. Previously obscure topics such as Aniconic and Vajrayana (Tantric) architecture and the four holiest sites of Buddhism will also be covered in this comprehensive volume. The author further investigates the influences of Buddhist architecture upon Islamic, Christian, and Hindu architecture that have been overlooked by past scholars."
2010 By Huu Phuoc Le

India in the Age of the Guptas and Vakatakas Ajanta: plan of Site Ajanta: Topographic Survey of Site Ajanta Cave 1: plan; longitudinal section Ajanta Cave 2: plan; cross section Excavation progress as of 468 Ajanta Cave 3: plan Ajanta ...

Author: Walter M. Spink

Publisher: BRILL

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Volume Five comprises, along with introductory comments, two "cave by cave" guides. One which, very briefly, describes the character of each cave and its patronage, is intended to be useful for the general visitor to the site. The other, very detailed, discusses the position and peculiarities of each cave in relation to the overall, year by year, development of the site. This volume also contains a complete set of cave plans, and various illuminating charts, graphs, outlines, and maps.
2005 By Walter M. Spink

For this book, Benoy K. Behl has used long exposures that pick up natural ambient light, capturing the art for the first time in all its glory and luminosity.

Author: Benoy K. Behl


ISBN: 0500285012

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New in paperback, this stunningly photographed book was hailed by The Times Higher Education Supplement as one of the most gorgeous and stimulating books of Indian art ever produced.
2005 By Benoy K. Behl

Author: Dieter Schlingloff

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag

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There are as many as 30 caves at Ajanta . The atmosphere of Ajanta is fascinating and pleasant and these cave - temples were the abodes of retreat for the Buddhist monks . The real glory of Ajanta caves lies in the panoramic decorations ...

Author: Promsak Jermsawatdi

Publisher: Abhinav Publications

ISBN: 8170170907

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The Present Book, Thai Art With Indian Influences, Studies The Subject In Its Different Spheres. As A Major Pioneering Scholar In The Field, Dr. Promsak Jermsawatdi Possesses An Extraordinary Background In Art History, Aesthetics And Asian History And Philosophy. This Fascinating Study Is One Of His Finest Works Which Will Continue To Be Regarded As One Of The Most Significant Contributions To Our Understanding Of Thai And Indian Art For A Long Time To Come. Divided Into Five Chapters, The Book Takes Into Account Material From The Earliest Archaeological Finds Through The Bangkok Period Including The Early Art And Craft Works. Most Of The Study Deals With Thai Art But India And The Peripheries Of South East Asia Are Covered Where They Reflect Indian Influences. The Focus Of This Study Is Upon Architecture, Sculpture And Iconography. However, It Also Encompasses Other Aspects Of Art And Crafts. Background Information On The History And Geography Of The Area Is Also Provided Along With Philosophical Religious And Social Insights That Are Significantly Valuable To Readers In General And Those Of South-East Asia And India In Particular.As A Student Of Ancient History And Art In India, Dr. Promsak Jermsawatdi Was Deeply Sensitive To The Beauty Of Thai And Indian Art Works. As A Result, The Illustrations He Had Selected Are Unusually Pertinent And Fitting, Comprising Some Of The Most Impressive Examples Of Thai Art. Students Of The History Of Oriental Art Could Ask For No Finer Exposition Of The History And Aesthetics Of Thai And Indian Art. The Author S Penetrating Cultural Insights Make It An Indispensable Text For All Who Plan Further Study In The Field. This Is Also A Book Which General Readers Will Read With Great Interest And Pleasure.

The location of the Buddhist caves on the Ajanta range and at the gateway of Malwa is vital to answering this question. Bagh, Ajanta, Ghatotkacha, and Aurangabad were in a cultural and economic orbit completely different from the ...

Author: Pia Brancaccio

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004185258

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Drawing on a large corpus of cross-disciplinary evidence, this book sheds light on the life of the Aurangabad caves and offers new interpretations on the development of Buddhist art and practice in the region, from the diffusion of early rock-cut monasteries to the advent of Mahayana and the emergence of esoteric art and rituals.
2010-12-17 By Pia Brancaccio

Caves . Here , there are twelve Buddhist , seventeen Hindu , and five Jain cave temples strung out along a cliff facing west . Ellora is theoretically more recent than the Ajanta caves . They are dated circa 500 A. D. and may have been ...

Author: David Hatcher Childress

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 0932813070

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Explores some of the world's oldest and most remote countries in search of lost cities and ancient mysteries.

Ajanta. Caves,. Aurangabad,. India. M.N. Bagde & A.K. Soni CSIR-Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, ... surface stabilization around Ajanta caves: the UNESCO World Heritage site near Aurangabad in Maharashtra state of India.

Author: Xia-Ting Feng

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781315884929

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Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods contains the contributions presented at the 3rd ISRM SINOROCK Symposium (Shanghai, China, 1820 June 2013). The papers contribute to the further development of the overall rock engineering design process through the sequential linkage of the three themes of rock characterisation, model
2013-05-17 By Xia-Ting Feng