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This is the first volume in a three book series of the much requested memoirs of Chas from Tas, recounting adventures from the early days of his career and spanning five decades.

Author: Charles Blundell


ISBN: 1910819301

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Chas has sailed more miles than to the moon one and a half times and back, and is the record holder of some legendary sea-faring adventures. The voyages he has made, some of them considered too dangerous for any man in his right mind to embark on, are famous in the sailing world, as is the man himself. He is know the world over by thousands, from sailing champions to many others from all walks of life, from Sarah Churchill to the King of Norway, to the late, great Peter Ustinov. This is the first volume in a three book series of his much requested memoirs, recounting adventures from the early days of his career and spanning five decades his chronicles record vivid accounts of the major blue water classic ocean races, ocean voyages across the globe, comradeship and many a humorous escapade when ashore.
2015-10-09 By Charles Blundell

For those who want to know what goes on behind the scenes, this is the sort of book that shows you how it really is, in life as in sailing.

Author: Juliet Prentice


ISBN: 0995439907

Category: Sports & Recreation

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How often do we hear people say that you don't find characters today the way you used to. Well, Chas from Tas proves that they still exist! He is not a world-renowned racing skipper, or millionaire who can afford to hire the best crews available, he is one of the unsung heroes of yachting without whom the boats could not safely put to sea, who sailed with the best in many of the big races. He moved around from owner and skipper, from boat to boat, playing his part and watching and picking up the incidents that are an inevitable part of our sport and making friends. Chas is not just an interesting personality, he is a fount of useful knowledge picked up over the years from his experiences at sea over most of the world's oceans. Apart from being a great companion to share a few beers with when the opportunity of finding ourselves in the same place at the same time occurs, he is a most amusing storyteller, using incidents from his own experiences and telling them in a way that always brings a grin to one's face. For those who want to know what goes on behind the scenes, this is the sort of book that shows you how it really is, in life as in sailing. The fun and dramas that don't make the newspapers, which bring so much enjoyment to those of us who share our sport are all a part of the stories that miss the headlines - in many cases, thank goodness! It is also about friends made over the years, and Chas has many scattered all around the globe.
2016-11-29 By Juliet Prentice

But the most popular form of the same male principle is Tashey - thing . This latter is often therianthropic , he appears as a fox ( XXVII ) , or as the husband of a she - boar ( VIII ) , when he is probably represented in the same form ...

Author: C. De Beauvoir Stocks

Publisher: Asian Educational Services

ISBN: 812061559X

Category: History

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Sub:Lepcha (Asian People) Folklore- India-Sikkim,Sikkim (India)-Social life and customs

... who are the Enemies of Men , chas'd far away from both Parties generous Pity , moderated Valour , and sweet Humanity . ... and , in his own Country , out - stript the most rapid Streams of the Eurotas and the Alpheus .

Author: François de Salignac de La Mothe- Fénelon


ISBN: BL:A0024355520


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... how she hadsuddenly mastered the English language and when the seance ended hefeltas alone and lost asonthe dayshe died. ... but the proofmust besuchas to leave novestige of doubtthat what is claimed to be done is accomplished only ...

Author: Russell Miller

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407093086

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As the creator of Sherlock Holmes, 'the world's most famous man who never was', Arthur Conan Doyle remains one of our favourite writers; his work is read with affection - and sometimes obsession - the world over. Writer, doctor, cricketer, public figure and family man, his life was no less fascinating than his fiction. Conan Doyle grew up in relative poverty in Edinburgh, with the mental illness of his artistically gifted but alcoholic father casting a shadow over his early life. He struggled both as a young doctor and in his early attempts to sell short stories, having only limited success until his Sherlock Holmes stories became a publishing phenomenon and propelled him to worldwide fame. Whilst he enjoyed the celebrity Holmes brought him, he also felt that the stories kept him from more serious work. Beyond his writing, Conan Doyle led a full life, participating in the Boer War, falling in love with another woman while his wife was dying of tuberculosis, campaigning against injustice, and converting to Spiritualism, a move that would ultimately damage his reputation. During his lifetime Conan Doyle wrote more than 1,500 letters to members of his family, most notably his mother, revealing his innermost thoughts, fears and hopes: Russell Miller is the first biographer to have been granted unlimited access to Conan Doyle's private correspondence. The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle also makes use of the writer's personal papers, unseen for many years, and is the first book to draw fully on the Richard Lancelyn Green archive, the world's most comprehensive collection of Conan Doyle material. Told with panache, The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle is an unprecedentedly full portrait of an enduringly popular figure and an outstanding literary biograhy.
2010-06-22 By Russell Miller

... á quien habia Ceres enseñado el arte de cultivar las tierras , y hacer que cada año se vistiesen de doradas cosechas . ... y allá por las selvas de Epiro y de la Etolia , para alimentarse de las bellotas , despues que aprendieron á ...

Author: François de Salignac de La Mothe- Fénelon



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Karma scuttled backward as fastas he could before the next attack. He droppedhis purbain his terror. Deki, who had followed him ... He realized that he had been chasinga phantom. He remembered Tenzin's words that Shambhala 'isa secret ...

Author: George B. Schaller

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9789350098516

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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I am coming from behind me and I am going ahead' A dog can lead you into the corners of some stories better than any human can. This is a story like that. In the vast Tibetan plateau, where beauty and cruelty fall as day and night, Deki, a Tibetan mastiff, is born with a moon on her black chest. This is the tale of the dog and her friends, Tashi, Karma, and Changku the wolf. Of how she meets a runaway boy, and of their journey guarding a precious statue, with a vicious bandit at their heels, towards the celestial city of Shambhala. But do they find it? Deki's story moves with clouds, wild winds and the seasons. It carries the scent of blooming poppies and scurrying pikas, and of friends who leave without saying goodbye. Angry yaks and innocent sheep, fearsome bears and majestic snow leopards walk in and out of its words into caves where wise hermits teach the whys and hows of what everyone in the world wants to know. Finally, Deki faces the choice before every living creature: a life of comfort within someone else's walls, or freedom - fragile and dangerous, but her own to risk. Follow Deki into an adventure without end.
2014-04-15 By George B. Schaller

-s ' Tis every word of it but too nalties , Olympiads , Urbeconditas , and • true , ' cried my Uncle Toby , ' that other memorable epochas of the diffe( thou art about to observerent nations of the world , down to the Nothing in this ...

Author: Tobias Smollett


ISBN: NYPL:33433074911375

Category: Adventure stories, English

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1780 By Tobias Smollett

They are , in a sense , stories of adventure ; but we are often in doubt as to whether these adventures are actual physical ... The dart has been intended for a certain Akyrang Tas , with whom Chas Mökö has been at lifelong feud .

Author: Peter Dronke

Publisher: CUP Archive


Category: Christian poetry

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1998 By Peter Dronke

The Warceichas are not Longknives ! And , do my brothers ask , who are the Warceichas ? • Aye , who are they . ? Little Lodge cannot tell ; —who of all the Laco tas can ? Who ever heard of the country of these men ? No one .

Author: Rufus B. Sage


ISBN: OSU:32435007874464

Category: Hunting

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1858 By Rufus B. Sage