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To which is added The breaking, training, and taming horses Willis J. Powell, J. S. Rarey. will go off in about fifteen minutes. If he has been spoiled for a long time, it requires more patience to correct him. THE HORSE TAMED.

Author: Willis J. Powell

Publisher: Good Press

ISBN: EAN:4064066201036

Category: Fiction

Page: 486

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"Tachyhippodamia; Or, The new secret of taming horses" by Willis J. Powell, J. S. Rarey. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.
2019-12-11 By Willis J. Powell

A New Illustrated Edition of J.S. Rarey's Art of Taming Horses, with the Substance of the Lectures at the Round House, ... Like all Venison horses , his temper was not of the mildest kind , and John Day was delighted to get rid of him .




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1859 By

Hermes had been worse, but he was a one-rider horse, not so much tamed as allowing her to grace him on rides. Isla smiled. That's the way it was with some men. A woman shouldn't attempt to control him, but rather she should join him in ...

Author: Tammy Andresen

Publisher: Swift Romance Publishing

ISBN: 9781386538738

Category: Fiction

Page: 158

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Miss Isabelle Maddox, known as Isla, has never been one to follow rules. She would much rather a reckless ride on horseback than a dance in a ballroom but her father has very different ideas about her future. To further the families’ fortune, he would see her married to a Scottish lord. Isla fears this will be the end of the life she treasures above all else. Gavin Campbell will never marry again. His past has taught him well, his first wife’s spending has him teetering on the edge of financial ruin. Marriage is a disease , or so he thought until the headstrong Isla starts seeping into is heart and he begins to wonder if a woman like her might actually be a cure. Can Isla’s wild ways tame this laird’s heart?
2017-01-17 By Tammy Andresen

Suddenly, Marion wanted nothing more than to reassure him, to soothe his wounded dignity, to lift her hands to his face and kiss his wonderful mouth, proving to him just how much she would like to marry him—if only things were different ...

Author: Deborah Simmons

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459283459

Category: Fiction


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Champion of Her Heart Though Marion Warenne's past was but a dim nightmare, her present held a vision of glory—the formidable Dunstan de Burgh. A fierce knight who was determined to win their battle of wills, all the while protesting mightily that he believed not in love…. Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex, had ofttimes heard himself likened to a wolf on the prowl: fierce, brave and ever-alert to danger. How so, then, could one soft-eyed damsel escape his watchful eye time and again? And even more dangerous, slip past his guard and find her way into his heart?
2012-07-16 By Deborah Simmons

The Widow assures him she isn't afraid of him. Petruchio thinks she misunderstands him—Hortensio is afraid of her. The Widow believes that Petruchio, after being troubled by a shrew, now sends his suffering onto Hortensio.

Author: BookCaps

Publisher: BookCaps Study Guides

ISBN: 9781621074922

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The Taming of the Shrew is one of the greatest comedies ever written--but let's face it..if you don't understand it, then you are not alone. This annotated book includes a summary of each scene, an overview of themes and characters. It does not include the play. We all need refreshers every now and then. Whether you are a student trying to cram for that big final, or someone just trying to understand a book more, BookCaps can help. We are a small, but growing company, and are adding titles every month.
2013-02-26 By BookCaps

Initially, when he was captured by the Colosseum, he had thought of struggling a bit, but this powerful human cultivator had caused him to suffer a lot, and he had also been tamed. However, the pride of the King Of The Forest in his ...

Author: Jiang NanFeng

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648573842

Category: Fiction


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'You're very weak! ' Ever since Li Qingniu could remember, the Grandma Long had always told him this. Regarding this, Li Qingniu had always deeply understood it as well. Because he was not as fast as the Grandpa Quezi, not even as far as the Blind Crutch. Not as good as the Medicinal Residue, not even as far as the Great Black Cow at the entrance of the village, until one day, Li Qingniu walked out of the village ...
2020-03-10 By Jiang NanFeng

Let him go , George , " pleaded the woman . ... He seems pretty tame , but if he wasn't I'd soon make him so . ... said John loftily ; " you muzzle the poor fellow , and tie him hand and foot , and call that taming him !

Author: Round robin


ISBN: OXFORD:590856941



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Christa leaned across him, as he'd been doing to her a moment ago. She put her hands on his wrists, pinning them in place. “She asked him to stay. Red Riding Hood said she was strong enough to handle him.” “Sounds like she tamed him,” ...

Author: Wendy Sparrow

Publisher: Entangled: Select Otherworld

ISBN: 9781633758858

Category: Fiction

Page: 995

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Sometimes a wolf is all you need. What do you get when you mix Alphas and sheriffs and park rangers? Three sexy tales of wolf shifter romance from the talented Wendy Sparrow sure to keep you up past your bedtime! With one click, immerse yourself in a rich world of danger, intrigue, a little humor, and more than a little heat. Past My Defenses After a feline danderbomb takes Vanessa down, she wakes up naked in a cage staring at a hot park ranger who has no idea what he’d trapped. Dane Hansen had hoped to tame the silver wolf in his kennel, but all bets are off with the deliciously sweet Vanessa on two legs. They’re hot as a forest fire even before they scent-match. Meanwhile, Lycans are being poached, and Vanessa has been targeted. Dane will have to keep her close to protect her, but with Vanessa in heat and mad to mate, who will protect him? This Weakness for You Jordan Hill is his pack’s Alpha wolf, and after his last breakup, he’s opting to be the lone wolf, too. But when his rival’s little sister—a human—comes to his door, what should be a tasty snack turns out to be something more than Jordan could ever imagine. Christa Hansen is simply looking for a place to stay. Yet the dark shifter smells irresistibly like forever. But getting involved with the wolf who tried to kill her brother—twice—is lunacy. Falling for her family’s enemy won’t just be her will be his, too. Crazy Over You Waking up with a naked woman holding a knife at his throat is just about the last thing Sheriff Travis Flynn expected. And the brother she’s looking for? A murderer. And dead. Probably. But the real shock comes when she insists she’s not a Lycan. Once LeAnn Wilcox finds her brother, she’ll get out of the pack’s territory and go back to her regular, nonfurry life. But LeAnn’s life is at stake if she won’t claim her place in the pack, especially once Travis’s control over the pack is challenged and her brother’s fate is questioned.
2017-03-27 By Wendy Sparrow

days , the robe that frightened him so much at first will be no more to him than a familiar stump . ... All of these as far as the scent goes , have no effect whatever in taming him , or conveying any idea to his mind ; thongh the acts ...

Author: Robert Jennings


ISBN: WISC:89038444022

Category: Livestock

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1866 By Robert Jennings

Now I wished to impress him with my power as a superior being , which is Rarey's cardinal principle in taming fierce animals . I determined , therefore , to throw him , but carefully . We were now in the centre of the grass - plot ...



ISBN: BSB:BSB10613815


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1868 By