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Images of the British in South East Asia in the Twentieth Century Charles Allen. PREFACE. Tales from the South China Seas is the final part of what might be called an Imperial trilogy, one that began with Plain Tales from the Raj and ...

Author: Charles Allen

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This work chronicles the adventures of the last generation of British men and women who went East to seek their fortunes. Drawn into the colonial territories scattered around the South China Sea, they found themselves in an exotic, intoxicating world. It was a land of rickshaws and shanghai jars, sampans and Straits Steamers, set against a background of palm-fringed beaches and tropical rain-forests. But it was also a world of conflicting beliefs and many races, where the overlapping of widely differing moral standards and viewpoints created a heady and dangerous atmosphere.
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Author: Charles Allen


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Spike Milligan's Plain Tale was an exceptional programme that still today resonates: sad, powerfully emotional — he breaks down ... with its successor programmes - Tales from the South China Seas and Last Tales from the South China Seas ...

Author: Simon Elmes

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And Now on Radio 4 offers an enthusiast's guide to the shows that have made Radio 4 what it is, and also explores some of the wonderful corners of the network's history that are long forgotten by all but a few. Who, for instance, now recalls Ronnie Barker's starring role on Radio 4 in a sophisticated cabaret-cum-sketch-show called Lines from My Grandfather's Forehead? What about Spike Milligan's intimate, soul-bearing account of his upbringing in colonial India, Plain Tales from the Raj? And who now remembers that Start the Week was once hosted by Russell Harty, a bit of programming compared by one insider to letting Graham Norton run Newsnight. In order to reflect the way devotees listen to Radio 4, the book is organised not on simple chronological lines but in the form of a typical day. Chapter by chapter, the day evolves, from Farming Today, through the daily feast that is Today, through the morning menu of conversation, Woman's Hour, documentary and comedy. Lunchtime brings The World at One. The early evening, of course, yields The Archers. And finally there's Book at Bedtime and Sailing By. An addictive mix of history, biography, anecdote and occasional useless fact, this is the perfect book for Radio 4 aficionados.
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His ch. 14 is very strong on the social origins of the China Consuls. See also the detailed nominal roll in Appendix II. Ibid., 432. Charles Allen, Tales from the South China Seas, 1983, 17. Coates, China, 487. Platt, op. cit., 162ff.

Author: A. Kirk-Greene

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230286320

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Britain's famous overseas civil services - the Colonial Administrative Service, the Indian Civil Service and the Sudan Political Service - no longer exist as a major and sought-after career for Britain's graduates. In this detailed study the history of each service is presented within the framework of the need to administer an expanding empire. Close attention is paid to the methods of recruitment and training and to the socio-educational background of the overseas administrators as well as to the nature of their work. The prestigious incumbents of Government House are revealingly examined. The impact of decolonisation on overseas officials and the kinds of 'second careers' which they took up are documented. This authoritative narrative history is enlivened by recourse to Service lore and anecdotes.
2000-02-24 By A. Kirk-Greene

44, issue 2 (2011), pp. 251–60. Bill Greer, Letters to the Editor, Asian Affairs, vol. 3, no. 1 (2012), pp. 106–11. BBC Radio 4, Last Tales from the South China Seas, Episode 5 – Bandits: The Anti-Terrorist War ...

Author: Richard Dannatt

Publisher: Profile Books

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On Lneberg Heath in 1945, the German High Command surrendered to Field Marshall Montgomery; in 2015, seventy years after this historic triumph, the last units of the British Army finally left their garrisons next to Lneberg Heath. Boots on the Ground is the story of those years, following the British Army against the backdrop of Britain's shifting security and defence policies. From the decolonisation of India to the two invasions of Iraq, and, of course, Ireland, the book tracks the key historical conflicts, both big and small, of Britain's transformation from a leading nation with some 2 million troops in 1945, to a significantly reduced place on the world stage and fewer than 82,000 troops in 2015. Despite this apparent de-escalation, at no point since WWII has Britain not had 'boots on the ground' - and with the current tensions in the Middle East, and the rise of terrorism, this situation is unlikely to change. Sir Richard Dannatt brings forty years of military service, including as Chief of Staff, to tell the fascinating story of how the British Army has shaped, and been shaped by, world events from the Cold War to the Good Friday Agreement. Whether examining the fallout of empire in the insurgencies of Kenya and Indonesia, the politically fraught battle for the Falklands, the long-standing conflict in Ireland or Britain's relationship with NATO and experience of fighting with - or for - America, Dannatt examines the complexity of perhaps the greatest British institution.
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'Tales of the South China Seas', broadcast on 24 January 1984: see Imperial War Museum, Oral History, Department of Sound Records 8431/6. 15. Letter from Geoffrey Bence to John Davis, 26 January 1984. John Davis personal papers, ...

Author: Margaret Shennan

Publisher: Monsoon Books

ISBN: 9789814423878

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The career of John Davis was inextricably and paradoxically intertwined with that of Chin Peng, the leader of the Malayan Communist Party and the man who was to become Britain’s chief enemy in the long Communist struggle for the soul of Malaya. When the Japanese invaded Malaya during WWII, John Davis escaped to Ceylon, sailing 1,700 miles in a Malay fishing boat, before planning the infiltration of Chinese intelligence agents and British officers back into the Malayan peninsula. With the support of Chin Peng and the cooperation of the Malayan Peoples Anti-Japanese Army, Davis led SOE Force 136 into Japanese-occupied Malaya where he operated from camps deep in the jungle with Freddy Spencer Chapman and fellow covert agents. Yet Davis was more than a wartime hero. Following the war, he was heavily involved in Malayan Emergency affairs: squatter control, the establishment of New Villages and, vitally, of tracking down and confronting his old adversary Chin Peng and the communist terrorists. Historian and biographer Margaret Shennan, born and raised in Malaya and an expert on the British in pre-independence Malaysia, tells the extraordinary, untold story of John Davis, CBE, DSO, an iconic figure in Malaya’s colonial history. Illustrated with Davis’ personal photographs and featuring correspondence between Davis and Chin Peng, this is a story which truly deserves to be told.
2015-04-01 By Margaret Shennan

... which included the volumes Tales from the Dark Continent and Tales from the South China Seas, thus rendering for African and Pacific Island historiography the service he had already contributed to South Asian historiography.

Author: Purnima Bose

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822384885

Category: History

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Organizing Empire critically examines how concepts of individualism functioned to support and resist British imperialism in India. Through readings of British colonial and Indian nationalist narratives that emerged in parliamentary debates, popular colonial histories, newsletters, memoirs, biographies, and novels, Purnima Bose investigates the ramifications of reducing collective activism to individual intentions. Paying particular attention to the construction of gender, she shows that ideas of individualism rhetorically and theoretically bind colonials, feminists, nationalists, and neocolonials to one another. She demonstrates how reliance on ideas of the individual—as scapegoat or hero—enabled colonial and neocolonial powers to deny the violence that they perpetrated. At the same time, she shows how analyses of the role of the individual provide a window into the dynamics and limitations of state formations and feminist and nationalist resistance movements. From a historically grounded, feminist perspective, Bose offers four case studies, each of which illuminates a distinct individualizing rhetorical strategy. She looks at the parliamentary debates on the Amritsar Massacre of 1919, in which several hundred unarmed Indian protesters were killed; Margaret Cousins’s firsthand account of feminist organizing in Ireland and India; Kalpana Dutt’s memoir of the Bengali terrorist movement of the 1930s, which was modeled in part on Irish anticolonial activity; and the popular histories generated by ex-colonial officials and their wives. Bringing to the fore the constraints that colonial domination placed upon agency and activism, Organizing Empire highlights the complexity of the multiple narratives that constitute British colonial history.
2003-08-18 By Purnima Bose

Charles Allen , Tales from the South China Seas : Images of the British in Southeast Asia in the Twentieth Century ( London : Andre Deutsch , 1983 ) , p . 25 ; John G. Butcher , The British in Malaya , 1880-1941 : The Social History of ...

Author: Margaret Strobel

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253206316

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"It enhances our understanding of intracultural and cross-cultural relationships and raises significant questions about the complexities of the colonial phenomenon in the modern era." —Journal of World History "Provides a powerful and important analysis foregrounding the ideological construction of whiteness in understandings of gender and sexuality.... Margaret Strobel manages to provide a convincing analysis of the contradictory and often challenging space occupied by European women in the project of empire."Â —Signs "Strobel is to be highly commended for an historical analysis that brings critical light to bear on the complex interactions of gender, race, and class that have shadowed both European men's and women's participation in colonialism." —Women and Politics "... a clear exposition and synthesis... In this useful introduction to a new field, Strobel lays out clearly the arguments on which it is built. Her book makes it possible to acquaint students with the initial array of scholarship that is already growing. She also demonstrates that rewriting an imperial history that is sensitive to gender, culture, race, sexuality, and power is an exhilarating enterprise." —American Historical Review Based on the published accounts of travelers and officials' wives, biographies and other materials, this is a lively, fast-paced account of the roles of white women in the British empire, from about 1880 to the recent past. The European women of the second British empire carved out a space for themselves amid the options made available to them by British expansion, but they too were treated as inferiors—the inferior sex within the superior race.

Tales From the South China Seas, Andre Deutsch/BBC, London, 1983. Automobile Association of Malaya, The Malayan Motorist, Malayan Motorist Publishing Co., Kuala Lumpur, 1, 1933, p.1. Barr, P., A Curious Life for a Lady: The Story of ...

Author: C. Michael Hall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136002267

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'Tourism in South and South East Asia' is a comprehensive and solid introduction to tourism in South and South East Asia with a specific appeal both to institutions in the region, and other institutions who wish to expose students to one of the most dynamic tourism regions in the world. Despite downturns in outbound tourism (due to the current economic crisis), inbound tourism from outside the region has continued to increase with governments placing more emphasis on the economic significance of tourism than ever. 'Tourism in South and South East Asia' is the first tourism book to deal comprehensively with the implications of the Asian economic crisis for tourism. With South and South East Asia set to be the fastest growing area of tourism activity in the world well into the next century, 'Tourism in South and South East Asia' is an essential text for students both within and outside of this region. Dealing with concepts, themes and issues which are pertinent to tourism development, planning, marketing and management; these two internationally known authors have produced an authoritative text that covers all aspects of this topic through the use of illustrative and relevant case studies.
2012-10-12 By C. Michael Hall