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In this book John Leach seeks to answer these questions by considering the psychology of human survival; how groups and individuals behave before, during and after life threatening events.

Author: J. Leach

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230372719

Category: Psychology

Page: 220

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' should be made standard reading for those dealing with disaster/survival situations, it is also very informative in helping the general reader understand the psychology of survivors...The text makes compulsive reading and the book is hard to put down. It is worth examining, no matter where your professional interest lies.'- Duncan MacPaul, Nursing Times. Why do so many people die without need? How can an exceptional few survive extraordinarily harsh conditions sometimes after months or years of deprivation? Recent years have seen remarkable improvements in survival training and technology, yet most people still perish quickly in the face of adversity. In this book John Leach seeks to answer these questions by considering the psychology of human survival; how groups and individuals behave before, during and after life threatening events. Both short and long-term survival are addressed as well as the psychological consequences of hunger, thirst, cold, heat, crowding, isolation, fatigue and sleep deprivation. The essence of this work is distilled into a set of principles for psychological first-aid for use in the field.
1994-09-05 By J. Leach

Squire, L.R. (1986). Mechanisms of memory. Science, 232, 1612-1619 • Storaska, F. (1975). How to say no to a rapist- and survive. Random House, New York. • Stromeyer, C.F., III (1970, November), Eidetikers. Psychology Today, pp.76-80.

Author: Kevin Vandeyck Ph.D


ISBN: 9781365884986

Category: Self-Help

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A psychological approach to rape prevention. This book goes in depth into how to adopt the mindset to prevent sexual assault, as well as looking at the profiled behaviours of rapists. There are no physical techniques within the book, it's all about the mental aspects of avoidance, control and dealing with aggression. Through detailed research I present a different look at sexual assault prevention, by focusing on the mind rather than the body.
2017-04-12 By Kevin Vandeyck Ph.D

However, there is little so far about the nuts-and-bolts practical side of the profession—what school psychologists experience once they are in the field. There is a growing need for a survival guide for navigating the day-to-day ...

Author: Rebecca Branstetter

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118218570

Category: Education

Page: 240

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A practical and accessible guide for helping school psychologists meet their everyday challenges In this newest addition to the Jossey-Bass "Survival Guide" series, popular blogger Rebecca Branstetter offers help for school psychologists who must often travel to multiple school sites, deal with students with severe disabilities, meet with concerned parents, and manage school crises. The book is filled with practical advice, proven strategies, and useful tools, complete with reproducible forms, letters, and checklists for busy professionals. Filled with the tools, strategies, and ideas for school psychologists who must deal with the myriad challenges of working with a diverse group of students, often in multiple locations Another book in the popular Jossey-Bass "Survival Guide" Series Rebecca Branstetter is an experienced school psychologist and popular blogger ("Notes from the School Psychologist": This vital resource offers a down-to-earth guide for both novice and seasoned school psychologists.
2012-03-23 By Rebecca Branstetter

C H A P 'l' E R 9 'I PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVAL It takes much more than the knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food, make fires, and travel without the aid of standard navigational devices to live successfully through a survival ...

Author: Department of the Army

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781599217260

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 392

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As a soldier, you can be sent anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Whether in a temperate, tropical, arctic, or subarctic region, you might find yourself alone in a remote area with little or no personal gear. This thoroughly revised new edition of the classic U.S. Army Survival Handbook provides the information you need to survive. Widely recognized as the finest single source on the subject, it is standard issue for U.S. Special Operations Forces and pilots, and has been used by foreign militaries the world over. An essential resource not just for soldiers but for all outdoorspeople—including campers, hunters, hikers, and anglers—the U.S. Army Survival Handbook is a comprehensive volume replete with user-friendly illustrations.
2008-12-30 By Department of the Army

example, a survivor might retain most of her antemortem memories or maybe very few of them. ... Accordingly, we can conceive of various hypotheses of psychological survival that occupy a position on a fairly broad continuum, ...

Author: Michael Sudduth

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137440945

Category: Philosophy

Page: 336

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Sudduth provides a critical exploration of classical empirical arguments for survival arguments that purport to show that data collected from ostensibly paranormal phenomena constitute good evidence for the survival of the self after death. Utilizing the conceptual tools of formal epistemology, he argues that classical arguments are unsuccessful.
2016-01-26 By Michael Sudduth

... Massive Psychic Trauma (New York: International Universities Press, 1968); Elmer Luchterhand, “Early and Late Effects of Imprisonment in Nazi Concentration Camps: Conflicting Interpretations in Survivor Research," Social Psychology ...

Author: Christopher Lasch

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393348361

Category: Psychology

Page: 320

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"Even more valuable than its widely praised predecessor, The Culture of Narcissism." —John W. Aldridge Faced with an escalating arms race, rising crime and terrorism, environmental deterioration, and long-term economic decline, people have retreated from commitments that presuppose a secure and orderly world. In his latest book, Christopher Lasch, the renowned historian and social critic, powerfully argues that self-concern, so characteristic of our time, has become a search for psychic survival.
1985-10-17 By Christopher Lasch

Psychology. of. Survival. It takes much more than the knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food, make fires, and travel without the aid of standard navigational devices to live successfully through a survival situation.

Author: Department of the Army

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781628733174

Category: Self-Help

Page: 963

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The US Army’s most comprehensive survival guide covers everything from medical care to combat skills, improvised shelters, and much more. Here for the first time in one place is everything you will ever need to know in order to survive just about any difficult or dangerous situation. Drawing from dozens of the U.S. Army’s official field manuals, editor Jay McCullough has culled a thousand pages of the most useful and curious tidbits for the would-be soldier, survivalist, or outdoorsman. This comprehensive guide includes techniques on first aid; survival in the hottest or coldest of climates; finding or building life-saving shelters; surviving nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks; physical and mental fitness; and how to find food and water anywhere, anytime. With hundreds of photographs and illustrations showing everything from edible plants to rare skin diseases of the jungle, every page reveals how useful Army knowledge can be.
2007-08-01 By Department of the Army

PART ONE EXPAND YOUR COMFORT ZONE You know your current comfort zone,. SEAL Mindset and Survival Psychology SEALs say: “The only easy day—was yesterday.” (Because yesterday is. Part One: SEAL Mindset and Survival Psychology.

Author: Cade Courtley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451690309

Category: Reference

Page: 368

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Think and act like a Navy SEAL and you can survive anything. You can live scared—or be prepared. “We never thought it would happen to us.” From random shootings to deadly wildfires to terrorist attacks, the reality is that modern life is unpredictable and dangerous. Don’t live in fear or rely on luck. Learn the SEAL mindset: Be prepared, feel confident, step up, and know exactly how to survive any life-threatening situation. Former Navy SEAL and preeminent American survivalist Cade Courtley delivers step-by-step instructions anyone can master in this illustrated, user-friendly guide. You’ll learn to think like a SEAL and how to: improvise weapons from everyday items * pack a go bag* escape mass-shootings * treat injuries at the scene* subdue a hijacker * survive extreme climates * travel safely abroad* defend against animal attacks * survive pandemic * and much more Don’t be taken by surprise. Don’t be a target. Fight back, protect yourself, and beat the odds with the essential manual no one in the twenty-first century should be without. BE A SURVIVOR, NOT A STATISTIC!
2012-12-04 By Cade Courtley

A healthy mind and positive attitude is essential in preparing to survive a crisis. Crisis. Situations. Crisis. Survival. Psychology. W. hatever preparedleastexpect your for them. the personal unexpected. The better circumstances ...

Author: Alexander Stilwell

Publisher: Amber Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781908696069

Category: Travel

Page: 320

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What do you do if your aircraft ditches at sea? Or your building is on fire? Or you are the victim of a terrorist attack? Would you make the right decision to save yourself and the lives of others? Crisis Survival is a complete handbook to any crisis that may suddenly arise, from food or water shortages, to natural disasters, to plane crashes and hostage situations. A crisis might last a few hours, days, or even years – with this book you can be ready for any eventuality. With easy-to-follow illustrations and handy lists of key information, Crisis Survival is the definitive crisis survival guide for anyone wanting to be ready for anything – it could literally save your life.
2012-05-25 By Alexander Stilwell

PSYCHOLOGY. OF. SURVIVAL. It takes much more than the knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food, make fires, and travel without the aid of standard navigational devices to live successfully through a survival situation.

Author: Department of the Army

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781629143170

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 432

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Whether you’re gearing up for a backcountry trek, preparing for the worst that nature or man can offer, or just want to have a great resource at your fingertips, you need this comprehensive, full-color new edition of the U.S. Army Survival Manual, thoroughly revised by Colonel Peter T. Underwood, USMC (Ret.). Ideal for military personnel, outdoors enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to be ready for anything, this is a thorough road map for all areas of wilderness survival, including: Erecting shelters and protecting yourself from the elements Making weapons and utensils Fashioning traps for wildlife wrangling Preparing food from wild plants Identifying poisonous snakes and lizards, edible mushrooms, and cloud formations From basic first aid to in-depth, step-by-step instructions on overcoming major obstacles and handling emergencies, this guide clarifies all aspects of survival using tactics derived from those whose lives depend on it.
2013-09-03 By Department of the Army